Midnighters on TV

Okay, so this is NOT a done deal, but . . .

According to Sci Fi Wire, the chances of a Midnighters TV show have gone up a notch or two. Because of the success of Supernatural last Fall, they’ve ordered a pilot script for Midnighters. See here:

Now all this means is that a writer (a guy called Darren Lemke) has been paid to write a script. If the WB like his work and see a future in the series, it is possible there’ll be a Midnighters TV pilot in Fall of 2006. (Or 2007?)

This would be a gas. I’ve always thought that Midnighters was the most TV-friendly of my series. I just hope they do a good job . . .

By the way, I got this link from Jonathan’s fan site, midnighters.org. Midnighters fan sites seem to be proliferating, as witnessed by Morgan’s site, from which the excellent comics of my last post came.

Anyway, watch this space, and Jonathan’s and Morgan’s sites, for news about this possible series.

But when it comes to Hollywood, never, ever hold your breath.

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  1. sounds cool very cool. i cant wait, but i wont hold my breath(dont worry). i dont know how long i had to wait for lost to come on i had waited forever. well here’s to hoping(hopeing?? i dont know.

  2. That’s great! I can’t wait for a Midnighters’ series!
    It’ll give me another reason to turn on channel 11, which I usually only do for supernatural-which is also another great show

    gilmore girls, smallville, one tree hill, seventh heaven, and all of the WB’s other dramas have gone way downhill

    A midnighters’ series would spruce it up

  3. I’m really looking foward to the prospective of Midnighters as a TV show. I need more shows to watch on TV. Having no cable, I watch Desperate Housewives and Reba if I’m home, usually not. This Friday I had a study part (CATALYST, athamus nepheles phrixus helle INO (Jason and the Goldren Fleece) hahaha good times) Well Gilmore Girls kind of went down the bowl, so I’m hoping for Midnighters…

  4. Ahh! I watched Boogeyman and it wasn’t scary at all! It was quite boring. I hope Darren Lemke does a way better job on Midnighters! I didnt read the Midnighters series (my fave is still the Uglies/Pretties series), but Scott Westerfeld’s works deserves a good job!

  5. That is so awesome! I have to admit that I’m not a big TV watcher, but this would definitely count as a good reason to pop the TV on some nights.

  6. While I haven’t seen Boogeyman, Darren Lemke is also credited for writing for the show Lost, which has been a huge hit, perhaps even the biggest show right now in America.

  7. Jonathan- I thought that he was a Lost writer too, but it turns out that Lemke’s Lost was a 2004 made-for-TV movie. But I’ve seen some good things about it.

    Corn- I haven’t seen Boogeyman, and I’ve heard mixed reactions. We shall see.

  8. …Hmm…I’m not so sure. o_O I absolutely LOVED Midnighters and I’d just hate for someone to ruin it and make it all…lame. Especially if they got some crappy actors/actresses in it. If they crap it up I’m gonna have to go over there with a baseball bat…..a really big and hard one! And they’ll be all “Nooo, don’t hurt us! All we did was ruin a great book!”

  9. Ok, Gilmore Girls is still great, so all of you shut up!
    And if you want to talk about shows going down hill, how about Lost?Although Mr. Eko is pretty damn fantastic….

  10. hey bailey, before you go, call me im coming. yeah the books are ALWAYS better that the movie. like LOTR, chronicles of narnia(which was really good anyway) harry potter, so i hope they dont mess this up (or so yeserday). and yeah lost is getting REALLY far feched, its like their on the last leg, throwing in crap in hope of saving it. but that dosnt mean i dont watch channel 7 at 9 every wendsay.

  11. Whoa! Lost is the best show ever and you know it. Sure they keep killing people off, but that’s bound to stop soon. I’d be way excited about Midnighters. I don’t watch hardly anything on the WB ’cause I just got for like a year (it just started to come in or something. I don’t have cable. it was weird) I would spare an hour a night for Midnighters for sure! Please don’t be on a busy night for me. That would suck up the wazoo. But of course, no false hopes.

  12. Lost won a golden globe for best drama

    Even though I would’ve prefer Prison Break win…maybe I’m a little biased cuz I think Wentworth Miller’s a Pretty

    And I stopped watching Gilmore girls ever since Logan appeared. My heart was always with Dean!(at least until he got married but he divorced her, started dating a chick named Jessica, and now he’s on a road trip with Jensen Ackles)

    Hollywood has had a few bad experiences with movie adaptations (HARRY POTTER!!!) but NARNIA was greatly done, so there shouldn’t be any worries about Midnighters’ being run over by a TV series, especially cuz it’s a TV series. It’s not being condensed into a 2 hr time limit, which leaves room for imagination-just hopefully not too much imagination

    Maybe they can make Beth less annoying

    And give Dess a bigger role. I heart Dess

  13. Shaz–Sorry I missed your post. That was probably when I was in SPECIALS hell. But yeah, it’s semi-old news.

    Fiona–Yes, more Dess!

    And everyone has to be very careful not to put any Lost spoilers on this site. Justine and I are in Australia and we’re half a season behind! (So far, no one’s spilled any beans, but please be careful.)

  14. There are aren’t alot of supernatural based shows these days. Buffy’s gone , Angel’s gone, “Charmed” is going off the air this year and I dont really like “Supernatural”, I hope Midnighters does become a series so I have something to watch that involves the paranormal.

  15. plus, I like the book series. I know this might be a dumb question to ask Mr. Westerfeld but does a Midnighter ever loose their power? I was just qurious?

  16. Shaz I doubt scott is going to answer that question since it would be giving to much of the third book away, thats the type of thing people dont want to know about so when they read the book they will be all the more surprized. And also, If there is going to be a midnighters TV show, they wouldn’t be able to give Dess a bigger role anyway if they are going to film it based on the book. I think all of the midnighters have a pretty equal amount of space in the books.

  17. AHHHH!!! my reply disappeared :'( Anyway i was trying to say that i love this series and that this has helped me keep concentrated while i write my own fictional book 😀 Good work Mr. Westerfeld ^_^

  18. mindy – hold your comments – here is aus we have to be behind so we don’t wast our time with crappy shows getting shown on our tv – you’re our test audience – ….hahah – if only that were true 😉

  19. It’s too bad that Joss Whedon isn’t friends with the WB anymore (or TV, for that matter) , he’d do the Midnighters proud. and, I agree with Fiona, Wentworth Miller is totally a Pretty!

  20. HEY!!! scott i cant believe you said specials hell!! i love the trilogy, dont bag on it. try to persuade someone to make an uglies movie, i’ll camp out for that one!! anywho…..i hope they dont mess up dess, shes my favourite character, make sure they get her right scott. So, on the dess blog thing-y, they had the thing about visa. it was relly funny, i laughed really hard. so i printed it out and put it on my folder. after my friends read it, they laughed……at ME. they said i was a loser. but my math teacher laughed. so i guess you have to be smart to get it.

    thats all…….the end……..bye

  21. Uh, ditto on the Wentworth Miller thing. I’m so sorry scott! I didn’t mean to give anything away, but I only said as much as you will see in previews anywho. I totally respect the Lost thing of no spoiling. So no worries. Anyways, Happy Belated Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

  22. Does anyone else feel like they need to get a life, or is it just me? We’re all just sitting here talking about TV shows that have gone lame. And we keep posting and posting. Like we have absolutely nothing else to do. Yeah. I feel retarded right about now.

  23. yes, but kinda no. i mean this is a BOOK website, most non-intelligent people dont read that much. so im ok knowing that one day i will be rich while the non-book-reading people are not. not to be mean, i feel like i seem mean alot. do i??? hmmmmmm.

  24. Just finished The Secret Hour. Really awesome thanks so much Scott! I can’t wait to request Touching Darkness from the library. I’ve been on the Midnighters site – the Crew page was soo cool. I even went to the official Bixby website lol! Hey did you know that if you add the phone and fax nos of The City of Bixby (all 10 digits including the area code), you get a multiple of 13?

  25. Sorry this post is again sorta not related to TV shows but I just woke up (it’s 1:32 am on my watch) and realised that the sum of The City of Bixby’s phone and fax nos is also a multiple of 12! omggg
    9183664430 + 9183666373 = 18367330803 (multiple of 13 and 12) which coincides with the time of my watch too…

  26. oh i saw boogeyman:) it wasnt scary….no….not a bit…..but u gotta admit dead children, not very kute, but i thought Darren Lemke was ok in it….but wtvr……i wont hold my breath but i REALLY do hope the show makes it on air, that would rok!

  27. It’s not lame to be online here and post stuff. I mean, how long does it take really, to go online to this website and post a comment about a great book series? Not long at all. But how long does it take to figure out that the fax and phone number of Bixby is both a mutilple of 13 and 12? I wonder. hmmmmmmm. Just kidding. That’s really not lame at all. In fact I find it halarious that you woke up in the middle of the night just to figure out if the number was also a mutilple of twelve. I wonder how Dess interprets this. Mysterious.

  28. Yea Breta it’s really mysterious lol. Just took the ‘Which Midnighter are You?’ quiz from this cool fansite: http://www.geocities.com/thesecrethour/
    It turns out I’m a Polymath type like Dess. I really love the character of Dess. I still remember the time when she finds out the day was related to the number 12 and she says, “Oh, crap”. I nearly lost my balance because I laughed so much! I can really relate to her. I wonder what type of Midnighter Scott is?

  29. Kelvin: That is high-larious that you added up those phone numbers. I didn’t find the Bixby website until after I’d written the first book, and was amused to see how close their population is to 13,000. I wonder how many other clues there are in the Bixby stats.

    Well, if Kelvin can take all the trouble to add up those phone numbers, I can take Morgan’s test. It turns out I’m 100% Dess and 75% Jonathan. The Dess part I would have guessed, but Flyboy? Hmm, I do have flying dreams . . .

    But you should all take the test, it’s really cool:

  30. I love Dess, but it seems like everyone’s hooked up with someone except her. Jessica has Jonathan and ***SPOILER***
    Melissa has Rex (just a precaution for people who didn’t see that one coming after reading The Secret Hour) but that makes Dess seem like a stronger character somehow-that she can hold her own

    Speaking of poor shows, I was very tolerant of Charmed even after Prue was killed off the show, and stayed with it until this season, when they introduced the teenie witchie wannabe who suddenly seems more powerful that the charmed ones, and now it’s not phoebe’s who’s hogging the spotlight anymore, it’s Billie!! No wonder it’s leaving the air…

  31. I agree with Fiona. What makes Dess so cool is that she doesn’t been to hook up. She’s cool on her own. It does make her a stronger character! Sometimes I get sick of everyone hooking up all the time. Your friends are WAY more important than who ever you’re hooking with. Honest. It’s great that Dess knows that.

    I just did the test. Oh no! I’m a 100% Jessica! That’s terrible. She’s sooooo boring!

  32. yeha im 100% dess and 75% jessica. kind what i thought. i didnt think scott would be like fly-boy tho, kinda odd…..

  33. Sounds interesting, I would have to see the TV series if it comes out; even though I like imagining the characters better. A TV series would be very nice though.

    I tried to get into lost but I when I first started watching it I missed a lot of episodes, so I just never ended up getting into it. I want to though.

    Oh yeah the quiz;

    Percent Rank Item
    (100%) 1: Melissa the Mindcaster
    (79%) 2: Dess the Polymath
    (53%) 3: Jonathan the Acrobat
    (41%) 4: Rex the Seer
    (35%) 5: Jessica the Flame-bringer

    Dess and Melissa are my favorite characters 🙂

  34. I’m 100% Jonathan apparently. It’s just that I’ve always wanted to FLY. I stopped loving school right around the middle of my sophomore year (the work part anyway…also the part where we sit in class when we could be FLYING) and my new math teacher-the hardest one in the school-has DEFINITELY made me love numbers. Especially the number 65.

    I’ve been afraid of spiders since I saw Arachnophobia-NOT a movie for people with plumbing systems and showers-but that’s human nature, not Rex-nature.

    I still love Dess anyway, but flying is more fun than numbers, especially when we have TI-89 calculators

  35. NO WAY numers are great. i love math, science, stuff like that. logic puzzles are cool too! but i did always want to fly(not in an airplane after being in a plane for 13 hours straight, you NEVER want to fly again- but they do have good movies somtimes). i have a question for you all, if you dont mind me asking. how old (or young) are you, i have a feeling that most of you are older that me (im 14 by the way).

  36. (100%) 1: Melissa the Mindcaster
    (95%) 2: Dess the Polymath
    (86%) 3: Rex the Seer
    (82%) 4: Jonathan the Acrobat
    (78%) 5: Jessica the Flame-bringer

    I wish “long haired and black” was on the cat one. Haha. I have 7 cats….and my favorite one is long haired and black. His name is Spooky. Spooky is awesome. He has huge fangs. 😀

  37. (100%) 1: Jonathan the Acrobat
    (66%) 2: Jessica the Flame-bringer
    (55%) 3: Rex the Seer
    (33%) 4: Dess the Polymath
    (28%) 5: Melissa the Mindcaster

    HaHa! That’s awesome! I totally like that results. Don’t get me wrong, I still like Dess a lot, I just don’t depend on numbers. One’s got to be open minded. Hence the reason I love Peter Pan story.

  38. Hi, I’m 17. These were the results:

    (100%) 1: Dess the Polymath
    (46%) 2: Rex the Seer
    (44%) 3: Jessica the Flame-bringer
    (40%) 4: Jonathan the Acrobat
    (35%) 5: Melissa the Mindcaster

    That’s cool because I can really relate with Dess – but I also love all the other chars. Wish I could fly like Jonathan! Hey Amy, I really like math, science, and logic stuff etc. too!

    Hey Scott it wasn’t too much trouble only 2 numbers:
    9183664430 and 9183666373

    The City of Bixby
    P.O. Box 70
    Bixby, OK 74008
    (918) 366-4430 phone
    (918) 366-6373 fax

    Last night, I was just browsing the Bixby website when I saw the 2 numbers and I just knew that they had something to do with the no. 13. So I added them up and what do u know… The strangest thing is I woke up later with this huge brain blast that it must also be a multiple of 12. You should have seen the look on my face when I tested it and it was also a multiple of 12! I think I yelled too but can’t really remember now. And Scott, I have flying dreams too except I often end up falling. Maybe the moon was setting. 😉

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