World Tour!

Justine and I are only three weeks away to heading off on what we’ve been calling the “round-the-world jaunt that ate March.” This trip may kill us, but for those of you who live in Brisbane, San Francisco, NYC, or Bologna, it will mean a chance to say hi and get books signed.

Here’s our appearance schedule, starting with a trip up the east coast of Australia:

Saturday 25 February 2006
Aurealis Awards Ceremony
Brisbane, Qld

First a short hop up to Bris-Vegas for the Aurealis Award Ceremony. We’re both up for best Young Adult SF or Fantasy novel of 2005! Me for Uglies and Peeps, Justine for Magic or Madness. (I hope she wins, so I don’t have to make a speech.)

A little more than a week later, we fly across the Big Pond to California. We’ll be staying with friends, doing an interview with Locus Magazine, and doing two appearances:

Tuesday 7 March 2006, 7PM
Borderland Books
866 Valencia St
San Francisco, California

I’ll be sitting next to a big stack of Midnighters 3: Blue Noon and Justine will be signing her sequel, Magic Lessons.

And the very next night, doing the same thing, except here:

Wednesday 8 March 2006, 6PM
Books Inc.
Laurel Village
3515 California St
San Francisco

Then it’s off to New York for two weeks of hanging out with friends and making sure the NYC apartment hasn’t burned down, exploded, or become infested with parasites of some kind. For those of you within spitting distance of Manhattah, there’s one public appearance (so far):

Saturday 18 March 2006, 12-2PM
Books of Wonder
18 W 18th Street
New York City

But you aren’t allowed to actually spit on us. It’s just a figure of speech.

Finally in late March, we fly over to Italy for two things in Bologna:

25-26 March, 2006
SCBWI Before Bologna Conference

SCBWI is the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Justine and I are teaching three workshops together about writing for kids. One about synopses, one about slang, and one about regional voices. (Hey, if you want to enroll, it’s cheaper if you do it before February 15.)

And then the Fair itself starts:

27-30 March, 2006
Bologna Children’s Book Fair
Bologna Fair Centre – Piazza Costituzione Entrance

This is an annual event where pretty much every publisher in the young readers’ world comes together to schmooze, eat, drink, schmooze, and buy foreign rights. Justine and I will get to meet all the cool people who’ve translated our works into Italian, German, Japanese, Thai, Swedish, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Finnish, Hebrew, Spanish, and Slovene*. It promises to be full of multi-lingual conversations and good meals, because you can’t beat Italian cities with food named after them. (And that’s no baloney. Hah! . . . sort of.)

And at last there’s the mega-flight from Bologna, to Frankfurt, to Singapore, to Sydney. Followed by sweet, sweet death. (By which I mean, of course, sleep.)

*By the way, did I mention that So Yesterday sold in Slovene? You know, the language of Slovenia. The country Slovenia, next to Italy and stuff . . . Hey, Slovene is the new black, dude.

20 thoughts on “World Tour!

  1. My mom subscribes to some SCBWI thing. She writes childrens books. Hasn’t gotten anything published yet, because publishers can be dirty rotten basta-…am I allowed to finish that word? o_O Ah well, moving on…
    I would totally go stalk you guys in New York, but I can’t get there. Now if you were in Vermont (You wouldn’t like it…snowy cold place this time of year. It’s like a frozen Hell) then I could come see you guys, and hang out, and try and get you’s to buy me things…:)
    Ah well, I’ll use my super trusty throwing arm to toss a book or two to New York and you can sign it and toss it back with a little note.

  2. Oh my god. I live like 30 miles away from SF. I need to ask my mom if I can go, but she is totally going to let me because she isn’t some evil person who hates her daughter. Could I possibly bring any other SW books with me and get them signed? That would be so incredibly cool. Now all I’ve gotta do is read the Midnighters series…

  3. Ahh! SF! My grandma lives so near there. Damnit. Come to Oregon some time, ‘kay? We’re a very cool state. Although I’m beginning to think I’m the only one in it that actually reads by choice…

    Maybe I’ll beg my way to SF in time.

    (Oh, just finished So Yesterday for the third time, is there going to be a sequel? This is probably old news but I can’t find the answer anywhere!)

  4. I can’t believe it! Your hitting the west coast and the east coast and completely blowing of the midwest!! Come on, can’t you arrange a layover in Chicago? You could hold a book-signing in Midway or O’Hare…. I’d go.

  5. Sorry we’re not coming to Vermont. Or Canada or Oregon or Chicago. This just started out as a trip to Italy, then we realized that round-the-world tickets were cheaper and started adding stuff. We will be in Madison in May and New Orleans in June, so we aren’t completely anti-noncoastal.

    Hannah: There’s no sequel to SO YESTERDAY, although if the movie goes ahead, I’m thinking of writing a book about the making of the movie, but from Hunter’s point of view instead of mine. Called SO HOLLYWOOD or something.

    Just a crazy thought.

  6. Rock on, Scott. I live in So. Cal, so I’m too far off to just make a run up to SF, lol. But I think it’s wicked cool that you’re doing the tour.

    The movie would be awesome and I’d drag all of my friends to it. 😀

    Be well all.

  7. Hey, if you visit New Orleans, maybe..

    Of course I live in Tampa, FL, so it’d still take a drive of some length.. Hmm.. Parents were talking about wanting to visit..

  8. Uh, i was just wonering if there was a chance you could find the time to come to Arizona! Its really nice in the winter and spring! Please! If you do find the time, dont come in the summer, you are just asking for heat stroke, lol. But i know alot of kids here that love you books. So next tour maybe! B^)

  9. awww…COME ON scott, none of these places are close to where I live, If you get a chance then come to one of these cities which is closer to where I live. Garden Grove, Fountain Valley, Aniheim, Aniheim Hills, Westminster, Huntington Beach and yah…one of those places.

  10. Preface to this story: I work at a retail bookstore. Hi. I’m Little Willow. *waves*

    A few weeks ago, a woman in her thirties walked up to my register with a copy of Pretties, among other things. She had a little boy around 7 years of age with her. I asked, “Have you read Uglies?” She hadn’t. She said she had noticed Pretties on a table, picked it up, read the back, and thought it sounded interesting. I made sure that she purchased both Uglies and Pretties that night.

    Last night, she came up to my register again. She smiled and immediately told me how grateful she was for my recommendation of Uglies and Pretties. “Who CARES that they are called teen books? Those were GOOD!” she declared. When I told her the third book, Specials, was due out soon, she interrupted with the EXACT RELEASE DATE.

    She asked if I was an actress. I jokingly replied, “How can you tell?” She went on to say she could see me playing Tally in the movie or TV version of the series. I raised my arms to the skies and said, “That would be fantastic! I’m not pretty! I have brown hair! BRING IT ON!”

    End scene.


  11. that sounds cool. yeah i hate it when ‘older’ people say they are to old to read teen books. but even c.s.lewis said that if a book isn’t worth reading when your old and young, its not worth reading at all.

  12. You’d better make a So Yesterday movie! That book would make like the best movie ever. But people might think that you made a movie based on a Hilary Duff song. Who cares, make the movie. For me?

  13. what song? but i thought you were thinking about making a movie. but i have to say that an uglies/pretties movie would be WAY better.

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