Darkling-Slaying Crop Circle

On the vast Midnighters spoiler comment thread, someone was asking what a tridecagram (a 13-pointed darkling-slaying star) looked like. So I was poking around on Google and discovered this:

That’s a thirteen-pointed crop circle! That’s right, even aliens are into darkling protection. (Aliens with lots of spare time, anyway.)

Here are some more crop circles, including the one above. They’re really quite beautiful. And frankly, they’re a lot cooler if mischevious humans make them by stomping around with compasses than if aliens whip them into existence with their stalk-cracking ion drives.

Or maybe midnighters make them, under the strict instructions of polymaths.

That would explain why they just appear in the middle of the night, after all.

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  1. Omg i would love to help dess make a tridecacrop circle (or crop star)! Thanks sooo much for posting the 13 pointed star, i will try and make it and put it in my totally awsome tridecapainting (that is wat im callin it now, but im trying to find a 13 letter word for it, but oh well) but only if i can do it justice, cause im not that great with angles, lol. So yea thanks alot for posting that, its perfect!

  2. Hey Scott, i know i already asked you about the 13 pointed star, but i have yet another question for my tridecapainting. You created Dess, so you invented her mathiness, so maybe you can figure this out. What about the numbers 156, 312, 468, 624, ect. That are muliples of 12 and 13, like 156 is 12×13. and 312 is 24×13. Are they pro or anti darkling numbers? cause im wondering weather i should include angles and things with those numbers in the painting. Please, if you get the chance, answer that question, cause it would totally rock! Thanks!

  3. My brother was making crop circles once.
    Not nearly as cool as those, but it was pretty interesting.
    Yeah, those things are cool. B-)
    I read Touching Darkness a week or two ago, and I must say, bravo.
    Yep. Definitely gonna have to get Blue Noon before the paperback comes out.

  4. I was wondering what it looked like myself!!!! and what an intresting form to find it in…good job scott..yay for crop circles

  5. I was on google looking for pictures of a tridecagram and it said that they didn’t have any! I looked up thirteen-pointed star, and they had some pictures. Weird. Btw, way cool crop circle. May I just say that aliens are very creative and artistic.

  6. That one’s very cool, but some of those on that site! O.O They’re absolutely gorgeous! And I agree, it’s so much cooler if these works of stalky, planty art could be attributed to humans. Sort of like Stonehenge. It’s so much cooler if we accept that people back then could do that.

  7. Hey Korbe, I drew a tridecagram and made a few pendants with the design. There’s a picture of one on Morgan’s midnighters website under fan art. They’re not all that hard, just draw a circle, section the circumferance(I probably spelled that wrong) into thirteen and draw points over each section. See, easy, even someone as hopeless at math as me can do it.

  8. Kinda funny, I was able to immediatly picture the 13 pointed star.
    Haha, and it looked something like that in my head.
    Yeah, I don’t believe in aliens, but them there crop circles are cool. I know how to make them. (As I said, my brother made a few.)
    No wait, I do believe in aliens. Illegal aliens, that is. 😛

  9. dude that is awesome!!!! Also what about my comment on the spoilers page??? !3 pointed neclaces we can buy off the site???? wouldn’t that rock?

  10. Also just like Dess Im about to get into welding and the first thing I thought to make (that actually doesn’t involve looking like a cat through up metal) is a 13 pointed star. I have the tourch but I just have to find it and some totally clean **hint** **hint** metal.

  11. ok check this out, if midnight goes around the earth, like night and day then jessica, melissa, and jonathan would be able to stay in midnight for longer. If they continued to travel (and melissa got over her hand holding thing) and they only went into daylight to sleep and stuff (you cant expect all them to stay awake forever). Then they would be able to stay in midnight for longer periods of time. Cause midnight sweeps over the globe, like the light from the sun does. So if they continued to move in the direction of the sweep, and went fast enough, they could stay in midnight longer, Which would allow them to travel alot farther! Does that make sense?

  12. Yes! I can’t wait to see if scott comes up with an excuse for that, or what his comment is. And when does Jessica sleep? She just disappears when midnight ends, right? Wouldn’t that be different from the way darklings sleep, since they don’t “fold up” into space, they just freeze. Say something if I remembered wrong, I’m not thinking too clearly at the moment due to lack of sleep.

  13. As I explained over in the massive Midnighter spoiler thread, Jessica would have to move at about 1,000 miles an hour to keep up with midnight. As Dess would no doubt be happy to explain, the world is 24,000 miles around, and she’d have to circle it every 24 hours.

    The speed gets slower as you near the poles, but it also gets really icy and bleak. Jonathan can only go 60mph, and I doubt Jessica’s flamebringer-iness could make a whole plane work.

    And when does Jessica sleep?

    Good point, I guess she just sleeps whenever, and it’s a really boring week for Jonathan. Unless she doesn’t need sleep anymore . . .

  14. anyone else wanna agree with me about buying 13 pointed stars on the sight. Hey Scott would u mind looking into that.

  15. I AGREE! LETS DO IT! I WILL HELP IF I CAN! I DOUBT I CAN! BUT I WILL TRY!!!!!!! (ok, well that was a little hysterical, but oh well, u guys should know im kinda crazy by now, but great idea jen!) ok, well if there is anything i can do to get this started, i will do my bestest! thanks guys! and i hope that happens jen!

  16. Thank You Korbe! Thats so Kind and that would kick ass. What we both really need to do is learn how to weld (like Dess). Then mabye mail them to Scott (while keeping one for our selves). But hey Scott wanna look into getting that done I know there are more people than just me and Korbe want these. I mean do you really want us defenless when midnight comes now that its everywhere lol.

  17. Yea! jen is right. But still, we have knowledge, and that is the best protection of all. Not to mention the fact that i have printed out the tridecalogism list from dess’s page. lol. So yea Scott, if i can get the hang of this tridecagram making thing, i will let you know. As of now i still cant draw one perfectly, but im getting close. And my dad has a saudering iron ( i know i spelled that wrong, but i dont know how to spell it ) and lots of tools and equipment, so maybe i could make this work. So if we figure this out, maybe we could sell them on ur site, if not, innocent lives could be at stake. lol. ^.^

  18. yeah im starting to work on drawing them and it is hard so whatever. But I just watcheda show on crop circles on national geographic (also I love discovery *wink*) and I hate that they are trying to disprove aliens doing them considering they had another show saying how aliens have a high probability of being real. But whatever back to the books: I wanna know if the whole midnighters tv series thing has progressed or not im dying to know.

  19. also i say the new tridecalogism every night at midnight if Im awake which I usually am because, of the fact I can’t sleep till around one (usually) not that Im waiting to see if i get sucked into a 2nd midnight although i can dream can’t I. Gonna go watch southpark so in the immortal words of Cartman “Screw you guys. I’m going home” or in this case to the tv.

  20. lol jen, yea i have done the midnight tridecalogism thing a few time. But im trying to stifle the obsession. I think we need to start a midnighters anonymous. I would be the first to join. “Hi, my name is Korbe” (this is where the group would say ‘hello Korbe’) ” and i am obsessed with midnighters. I know that i have a problem, and they say the first step is recognizing that you have a problem. So im wondering what step two is” (later on in the conversation i would ask what the 12th step was, and ask if i could skip it, for obvious reasons. Then i would repeat the 13th step over and over again). Yea i know, i live in my own head way too much, but its like dess, so I dont care. lol. tty all later!

  21. p.s. I was just wondering if anyone else was reading this, cause Jen and I seem to be the only ones, and if you just happen to read it, please just say here or something, that way i know im not alone here (with the exception of Jen, who is a very cool person, lol)

  22. Thank you for realizing I am cool so are you. But Yeah where is everyone else they seemed to have deserted us (twilight zone theme song here)! But Scott please tell us if this whole 13 pointed star for a neclace we can buy on the site is a good idea (because I obviosly want it same with Korbe).

  23. yeah thanks Breta finally someone agrees with us Korbe and Scott are u still reading these because Im still waiting for an answer and I’ve been waiting a while

  24. yea, i dont know either, if caveo comes back maybe we will find out, if not then we need a spanish translator in here! lol

  25. oh thats spanish???? i could just look it up then there must be some online transplater out there where u can just type it in if not were screwed until like u said there is a spanish translater on the site.

  26. but i don’t think that is because I took a bit of spanish a while ago and that doesn’t seem like it.

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