Midnighters Comics 2

First off, the signings went well, and were blogged by Alia-Cat and Claire. Unfortunately, Justine was a bit sick, but she soldiered bravely on. (And is much better now, thank you.)

When we got back to NYC, what should be waiting in my electronic mailbox but more of Brianne K’s excellent Midnighters comics, which you may remember from this post. How happy-making!

These comics are based on Blue Noon, but they don’t give any of the plot away. Click here for the big version.

Brianne’s comics have a cool way of reflecting the books without lifting any actual scenes or dialog. It’s sort of like she’s drawing the stuff that happens between the chapters, during all those times when the Story isn’t in motion. As a writer, that’s a pretty cool thing to see. It’s sort of like my characters are really alive, and doing stuff without me.

Which is, I guess, what having readers is all about: making the world real enough to exist in someone else’s brain.

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  1. I like the exsisting without the writer thing. It must be fun when the characters start to take on a life of there own.

  2. I think the Midnighters pilot will get made. If it does i think they will make up more shadow creatures. For some reason I keep imagining them just having Rex, Dess, Melissa and Jonothan through most of the season and then them bringing in Jessica during the season finale like a cliffhanger or something with them wondering who this new girl is and then the second season would be them finding out her powers and stuff and the seson finale could be Rex getting kidnapped. Let me shut up.

  3. Yo. Logan and I massively enjoyed ourselves at the book signing. I chewed through Pretties that night and the second midnighters book (I read fast- I saw one of your adult scifi books yesterday and considered getting it, but it was the second in a trilogy, which is always frustrating).

    So Log and I were having a talk yesterday, and came up with something we thought was funny. Both of us have read the second midnighter book(haven’t looked at the third yet), and were thinking about this: Wouldn’t it be neat if the world stopped-yet-kept-going the same way it did at 12 Noon. And what if the nooners (lame name.) appeared as darklings to the midnighters, and the midnighters appeared as darklings(or…lightlings?) to the midnighters and the two had been fighting each other without knowing for 10,000 some odd years.

    Of course, this theory completely disregards the darklings origins as explained in the book, but it was still fun to think about.

    Meh. Back to work.

  4. But, as we know, not all fanfiction is good. Remember what happens if no more Midnighters comes out…

  5. Well, this is related to Ambereyes’ pwnsomeness picture of Special Tally. I took it upon myself to compile a list of all suggested taglines for book #3 of Tally’s Trilogy:

    • Specials…the dominating breed of people.
    • What happens when you’re something you hate?
    • How does it feel to be better than the best?
    • What else is left when you’re better than the best?
    • Can a person be too Special?
    • How does it feel to become something you hate?
    • How much can you hate yourself?
    • Looking in the mirror is just a small reflection of who I (truly) am.
    • What happens when paperback isn’t good enough? {{ xD }}
    • How does it feel to become a machine?
    • When everyone around you is the same, how does it feel to be Special?
    • Can someone else really make you special?
    • What happens when you’re better than the best?
    • How does it feel to be Special?
    • Face it, Tally-wa, you’re Special.
    • Searching for a cure…
    • Are you truly happy?
    • Being Special isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
    • Why be pretty when you can be Special?
    • Sometimes Special doesn’t technically mean good.
    • If you’re forced to be Special, are you still Special?
    • Special Circumstances don’t always apply.
    • When Circumstances don’t always apply, How does it fell to be Special?
    • What happens when perfection becomes inhuman?
    • If you’re not with them… they’ll get you.
    • Beauty can be cruel…
    • Special Circumstances…we are the cure.
    • How do you beat something flawless?
    • If normal is Ugly, and stunning is merely Pretty, then what is Special?
    • Can you defeat the enemy–once you become one?
    • They look and move extraordinarily, and have the potential to destroy anything.
    • What you see isn’t always what you get…

    Whew! Jeez, I should get some credit just for listing ’em all here! xD
    And while I’m on the subject, could you get them to erase that awful “Final novel in the Uglies trilogy” thing from the cover?

  6. Shaz: I was thinking of them doing one season per book. But you’re probably right: It wouldn’t fit that neatly.

    Carly: Argh! That is a really mind-bending idea. Of course, there would be some time-travel paradox problems, especially if the darklings and lightlings ever met each other at school.

    Ambereyes: Cool Tally drawing. Kind of elf-ish. It’s got the big eyes and symmetry going.

    Keely: Hey, thanks for that. Alas, I think the tagline will be the “Final Novel” one. (Publishers don’t always listen to me.)

  7. Thankyou, Scott.
    Oh well ’bout the tagline. But the tagline dosn’t matter that much. Can’t wait ’till May 9th.

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