Midnighters Spoiler Zone!

Okay, some people want to comment about the ending of the Midnighters trilogy, but they feel bad about spoiling the ending for others.

So I am decreeing this post to be the Blue Noon spoiler zone!

unless you have already read all three Midnighters books.

So how does it end? He dies on the bus!

No, wait. That’s Midnight Cowboy, which is totally different.

Heh, heh.

But seriously, click on comments and let the spoilage begin!

UPDATE: Most of the conversations here have moved over to westerboard.com, the forum for all things westerfeldian.

2,049 thoughts on “Midnighters Spoiler Zone!

  1. i have myspace


    OMG i need a fourth book im dying without it… why do authors always do this… jk rowling did it with harry potter too… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a fourth book so that all our questions are answered. Jess just has to be free, its not fair, the main character has to have a happy ending… please… give jessica the chance to live her life normally

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write a fourth book


  2. WRITE A 4TH BOOK SCOTT!!!!! please??????! ……hey this is completely(good, its not a darkling word[i had 2 chek]) random, but hav u guys evr dun the big red button? type it on google, its hilarious!!!!!!!!! yaaaaay!!! i can’t wait!! my school’s bandchoir&orchestra (i’m in band cuz its fawsomely the best) is going to Splashtown this Friday!!!! 🙂 🙂 😀 😀 i finally git to wear a bikini & mine’s reallyreallyreallyreally cute!!! its all colors like a rainbow, which is suiting since im the rainbow ninja!!! the most powerful ninja!!! go ninjas!!!

    ……k that is getting WAY off subject, SO not midnighters spoilers.

    is anybody else here a ninja???? i think im going to start my own website for ninjas only(no pirates allowed, even if captain jack sparrow is waaaaay hot) so yea… but thatd be way awesome!

    hey scott, about that new book, ….wen’s it coming out??? (hint, hint…) lol 🙂 bye guys

  3. SCOTT!!!!! SCOTT!!!!! SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!! SCOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! you mispelled tridecalogism on the midnighters website!!!! it says tridecologism archive!!!!!!!! nnnooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how could you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ….j/k, j/k, still luv u scott, but u did spell it rong!!!

  4. Maybe he never responds because he is busy writing a fourth book…..*hopes that that is why*

  5. i am going to write a tridecalogism on my arm and wear it to skewl tomorrow. i wrote love and my arm today. me and some other ppl on here did anyways…………

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  8. it really pissed me off that that happened to jessics i think there should be another book about how to get her out and all of the new found midnights


  9. okay i know that yall were talking abboutbringing johnathan in to the cecret hour with jessica and i think it is highly possible perhaps she could hold on to him and when she fold he will too it is unpredictable but very possible its is a very interesting concept i wish scott would write another book im so bored here but i think if johnathan went with her it wouldnt be so freagin depressing i wish he would have gone with her or some how she bring him with her perhaps even melissa with them and rex to help figure things out and lets not forget Dess the awsome polymath the only one i can really understand because i m very good i math and such i really wanted a different ending or another book *wink wink cough cough* Please!!!!!!


  11. the end made me cry 2!

    there should be another book! i want to see them training the other midnighters!

  12. Ahhh! I cannot believe Jess and Jonathan got seperated! How is this possible?? No way. Another book PLEASE. PLEASE.PLEASE. And this time explain how jess will get out of the secret hour. She has to. She needs to! There is no possible way she is trapped. No. No No No No No No!!!!

  13. I just finished reading the third book and I’m so upset… I don’t think that should have happened to Jess… There needs to be a fourth book!!

  14. ok well i hated the endding. how could he make her only be able to live in the blue time. and then alll of the midnighters expept Rex and jess left ahhhhhhhhh how could he do that .there needs to be a fourth book.

  15. i know this is delayed, but I HATED THE ENDING!!
    ok i needed to get that outta my system.

  16. good book but I agree I cried FOREVER when I finished it, Jess and Jonathan can’t be together any more and neither can Rex and Melissa, so sad-making! plus Beth can’t see her sister anymore!! midnighters needs an “extras” (a delayed 4th book)

  17. the ending waz so depressing i didnt even wanna finsh the book but i did i wanna another book more like an explination but its unfair that jessica saved the world and in return gets stuck in the blue time
    PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER BOOK EVERY 1 WANTS 1 u gotta admit to that u owe every 1 an explination

  18. okeyy i like this series but i DO NOT like the ending at all. There needs to be a third book where Jess gets out. Its not fair at all and you have to admit that almost everyone wants another book! i mean the ending was so dissatisfying. I want a fourth book. The third one made me so MAD!!You have to write a fourth book or i will be officially angry at you=)

  19. i was kind of sad that jessica was sent to the secret hour (cuz im a freak and forget what the secret hour was really called). but, she will get to live to meet tally-wa (and live pretty [no pun…ish intended] long…)! my friend, carrie, thinks as soon as they leave bixby that jessica will be out of the secret hour and resume living their lives… poor beth (and her spaghetti night)!

  20. what time zone is this set to it says 6:03 a.m july 15th but at my house it’s 12:05 p.m. july 14th

    im confusm

  21. man that was a really sad ending!! i mean like y did jess get sucked into the blue time? that was SO sad! y couldnt the darklings just go away and never come back and every ones happy? i almosted cried! i read the whole seires from june 2 july and wasnt expecting a sad ending!! ok ok ill stop ranting about the end. the other books r great write a 4th book piz all the midnighters r very well written all the secrets that revolve around them its awesome wat really happened 2 maddy? i didnt get enough info or i just didnt c it 🙂 i LUV ur books 2. rex is all freaked out in blue noon its weird y do u make all these horrible things happen 2 them? i knew that beth would end up in the blue time nice forshadowing (yea im an english freak and i dont think i spelled that rite:) ) will rex and melissa get 2gether? yea they already r but shes LEAVING 🙁 ill shut up now

  22. scott r u gonna write another midnighters? CUZ U TOTALLY SHOULD!! im already making up possible things that could happen in the 4th book piz piz PIZ write a 4th book (and maybe a 6th 7th and 8th….) :))

  23. HEY 100% MIDNIGHTER i just jioned like yesterday and i just read that little midnighter story that u think might happen or should… but watever ur really good do u like 2 write? well u should of explained more of wat rex did 2 jess all i got wuz that rex went all darkling and jess screamed and felw into the lake!!well heres a bit of MY ideas enjoy! they flew across bixby for the last time. johnathan was leaving with melissa the next day and jessica was trapped in the secret hour suddenly jess heard a voice in her head “guys get outta there a old one is comming ur way!” said melissa “ok” jess thought but it was too late the huge sinaster form of a darkling hung above their heads jess screamed and johnathan yelled “jump!!” the darkling moved to stop themthen without warning,jessica brandished her gold sparkling hand the braclet johnathan had given her glowed bright blue. the darklings tenticals wrapped around each of them filling them with a icy feeling of hate dread and fear. ‘dont fear me human.’ ‘why shoudent i?’ jess was paralyzed with fear ‘u want out dont u human?’ ‘i.. i ..yes.’ jess answered ‘AH MINDCASTER’ the darkling said they heard a loud bloodcurdlering scream ‘melissa!!’ ‘the mindcaster is fine human.’ ‘soo… uh nice darkling..how do we .. uh help jess?’johnathan asked ‘well you need to either give up ur death hand or choose a different power’ ‘y r u helping me?’ asked jess ‘because we’re not a darkling’ ‘wat do u mean we’re not a darkling? johnathans face a mix of fear and confusion. the grayfoots didnt get rid of us as they thought the darklings attacked us and the magnet pulled us all into the darkling eventually our minds all meshed together elimanating the darkling brain’ jess gasped ‘ur the midnighters from the past! omg rex would die for this!’ come here tomarrow with the rest and we will save u human.’ the hour drew to a close the darkling let its cold ink black shadow tentical warth entered jess es and johnathans body immedilety for jess it was short thr blue time ended and jess dissapeared

    well yea i cant spell i kno that so piz dont comment on my spelling mistakes no matter how stupid

  24. does ANYONE use this thread any more? im tired of talking to no one!!!!!im sad 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  25. Scott, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE write another midnighters book PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!! Oh, wait. I haven’t read them Sorry everyone else was asking so i wanted to too. anyways, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!!!

  26. What is wrong with Melissa’s face on the cover on the 2nd one (even though havn’t read them) Priya-la wnts to say something…

    yeah, she looks like a less scary special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and shes a little to ugly to be a special. no offense if the model sees this….. yeah bye. and now back with lydia-wa

    yeah what she said completely and totally… SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!

  27. (com. hogrs) Well I have accualy read the books i love them!!!!!!!!!! they are making an Uglies MOVIE!!!!

    *Priya-la steals keyboard*
    Shut UP Dana!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows that, God!!!!

    *Dana-la steals it back*

    well probably not every1… *priya and lydia go into other room to watch tv* ok shes gone now so… i LOVE Scott Westerfeld’s books I hav red the Uglies

  28. i was wondering just now…
    why aren’t there midnighter animals? what if an animals gets born at the stroke of midnight? there are no mentions of animals in the blue time in any of the books, i don’t think…
    maybe humans just lost the “don’t get born at midnight” instinct that animals have…:-P i don’t know.

  29. haha, i just had a very amusing image of an acrobat penguin flying across the ice in the blue time…hehe…i’ve gone crazy

  30. Just read the Midnighters series recently. Love it! I would really like to see what happens after the ending, find out how much of the world wound up in the blue time.

    And DESS! More Dess please!

    Lol… midnighter animals would be cool.

  31. Omg! I just finished the midnightera series and loooooved it. How could jess be stucj there. That is sooo unfair.

    My friend told me not to go here but it’s toatally midnihgt. You know. Any way.
    Im really obsessed with this book. I need more!!!!!!!!!!! Please write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I just finished the books and the last one made me cry…..I hope there is a fourth one on the way or at least being thought about…..Jessica stuck in blue time forever and Rex without Melissa 🙁 I hope scott still reads these comments and at least thinks about it….

    Now back to finishing Specials

  33. Kay so I just finished the third book.
    and i practically cried.
    please please please write another one!!
    You know, we didn’t really need Extra’s, but we got it anyway(and it was amazing!!). But we need a fourth midnighters, so why don’t we get one?? They need to get Jessica out of the midnight hour, and Mellisa and Rex need to get back together!!!(well i guess they never really broke up but whatever). =( so pretty please with sugar on top, write another one…

  34. guess what???
    i was walking to 7/11 from my house, and i saw a pink car which totally matched Rex’s mom’s car.
    Pink with Mary Kay printed on the side.
    it was awesome.

  35. It was so sad with Jess stuck in the blue time, and Melissa leaving Rex. It was so beautiful when Rex said “Because Bixby isn’t special anymore.”

    Also, you have two Maddies in Uglies & Midnighters? Do you have a thing with the name ‘Maddy’, Scott-La?

  36. YYYAAAAAYYYY!!!! ppl r posting again!!! yay omg my computer is like messed up lol bout acrobat penguins wat bout a flame bringer tiger? it can have fried antalope 4 dinner lol woah woah jessdaylite no no NO no 1 stuck in blue time if scott write another book get jess out and eneryones happy

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