Midnighters Spoiler Zone!

Okay, some people want to comment about the ending of the Midnighters trilogy, but they feel bad about spoiling the ending for others.

So I am decreeing this post to be the Blue Noon spoiler zone!

unless you have already read all three Midnighters books.

So how does it end? He dies on the bus!

No, wait. That’s Midnight Cowboy, which is totally different.

Heh, heh.

But seriously, click on comments and let the spoilage begin!

UPDATE: Most of the conversations here have moved over to westerboard.com, the forum for all things westerfeldian.

2,049 thoughts on “Midnighters Spoiler Zone!

  1. just because i haven’t written ihere n months doesn’t mean i don’t want a fourth book anymore….

    i still cry every time i read the last book… 🙁

  2. hehehe…i found a stainless steel mini steak knife.
    it has writing on it.
    and guess how many letters are in this writing?
    that’s right. thirty-nine.
    i named it perfectionist.

  3. He DID say he was lurking….but that was what? A million-bajillion years ago? I totally hope he can imagine our desperation!!

    HEY SCOTT! If you’re reading this, then think of your FAVORITE series (that has not ended) and picture it ending in a cliffie! A cliffie that just needs another book to tie loose ends! A cliffie that needs another book do THE FANS WILL BE HAPPY…and, um…stop telling you to continue for this reason.

  4. I’m just gonna clue you in, I am a seventeen-year-old-senior and I just read Blue Noon and at the end I was extremely depressed. Not only did Jessica get trapped in the blue hour but most of the Darklings are dead. I was very sad about Jessica because she is now going to still be young when Jonathon is old and dying. Plus throughout the books I always felt bad for the Darklings. They ran and hid in the secret hour to get AWAY from us destructive humans but then Jessica ends up destroying them. I always wanted it to end with the Darklings and the midnighters getting along and Rex being a kind of ambassador or something. But instead you went a completely different way and made me sad. 🙁 I know you keep hearing it but PLEASE OH PLEASE write another book and get Jessica OUT of the secret hour. Its such sad ending. You could even write another chapter with a happy ending and post it online and then we could all be happy. Even with the sad ending it was a very good book. 🙂

  5. He! I just finished Blue Noon yesterday. I think it would be totally fawesome if you would just please, please, please write a fourth book. The ending was so sad that i almost cried. I didn’t though.

    In the meantime, I guess I’ll just live through my fandom by naming electronic gadgets with tridecalogisms. (My cellphone is now “Communication”, Graphing Calculator = “Extraodinary Unconquerable Mathematican”.

    Or maybe you could just write a guide book on Dessometrics… Kind of like in Bogus to Bubbly?

  6. I felt so sad at the end of the seiries. I felt bad that jessica couldnt spend alot of time with johnathan

    I feel so bad for bess cause she doesnt have a partner
    you would think she would get lonely
    she kinda is like me
    im a math nard also lol brand-la and molly-wa no that : )
    lol just obviously not to that extreem


    I can’t believe scott actually came to Toronto a few weeks ago and i missed him. i absolutely hate myself. what if i convinced him…:(

  8. The third book was so sad and yet complete. i want more books but if it ends there then i wouldnt complain. but still, i desperately want to read more midnighters. i like how scott let it remain a secret. i know some people saw midnight come, but many more were skeptical. sigh, i wish i had a real midnight. also i was reading that last book during physics (i was supposed to be doing a lab). anyways, we had to drop this metal ball so we can prove that it falls at an acceleration of -9.8 m/s. lol, i was so bored that i found myself secretly whispering animilization to the ball.

    also, i started reading the first book on the first day i started physics, and im glad that i wasnt the only one struggling!

  9. i dont want there to be a fourth book. i wouldnt mind westerfeild rewriting the end of the boook , but i dont think it should go on

  10. omg i love these books!!! i had to leave class to go to the restroom so nobody would see me crying 🙁 poor poor beth and her parents.. and rex!! not getting to see melissa anymore omg!! plzzz write a fourth!! and i want more details on jessica’s new power!!

  11. Ok… Scott I LOVE the Books I seriously think that you should write another one!! It would be awesome!!!! Oh and to whoever wrote Midnighters 4 I Love YOU!! That was amazing you should totally become a writer.. and possibly help Scott write the real 4th Midnighters!!!

  12. Scott might not even read these blogs. So sadly all of our fantastic points on why there should be another Midnighters are lost! I’m debating on whether to write him a very persuasive essay! :'( I think I will just pretend that the series ended with Touching Darkness(even though I absolutely love all the Rex/Melissa stuff in Blue Noon.) Now I need a new series to read since I have reread Midnighters 10+ times. Any suggestions?

  13. Hi! I haven’t been on in like FOREVER, but it is good to be back. lol. I just finished the Midnighters series AGAIN. I LOVE them!!! Why do I feel like it is going to be an annual thing now? lol. Even though I knew what was going to happen at the end, I still cried. Poor Jonathan!! He’s awesome, and Jessica (which also happens to be my name *and probably half of the worlds population lol* by the way. lolz) is stuck in the blue time 🙁 But like Dess said at the end, Jess won’t age very fast because she only lives one hour a day now 🙁 And Jonathan will age normally. I wonder how that would affect their relationship :/. But Jonathan was so depressed. I feel SO sorry for him!! I probably shouldn’t be SO concerned with a book, but I can’t help it. I’m a hopeless romantic. ahaha

  14. OH!! And no to mention Rex and Melissa. I can’t believe that she is leaving him in Bixby. What is he going to do now??? All he has in Bixby is Dess and Madeline, and he has to take care of his dad too, but still. He should be with Melissa!!! But that’s just my viewpoint. lol

  15. OK, Scott, just because it’s been years, doesn’t mean that this subject is over!
    This message must be proof that you need to write a 4th Midnighters book because, after YEARS, people are still writing you, and they still want another book.
    I have had a almost non-stop stomach ache over the end of Midnighters that is going to turn into an Ulcer.
    Really. Seriously.
    And, I’m 13, I don’t need an Ulcer.
    I NEED a 4th Midnighters.
    Will please help?

  16. I think there needs to be a 4th, too. At least a spin off (Is that what they’re called?), like The Last Days, and Extras.

    By the way I love the covers.

  17. i read on your blog that the CW might make the midnighters an actual tv show!! it was sort of old news, but i was wondering if there was a chance that it still might happen. and i agree with you, they should not bump up their ages, thats just stupid. but even if they did, i would still watch it. lol. please tell us as soon as possible.

  18. okay, connection with extras and midnighters! in extras, one of the chapters is ‘conflagration’ a tridecalogism!
    love the books scott!
    yeah Midnighters! yeah uglies!
    by the way, i’m a writer too! … well, my book isn’t published yet. and the cool thing, in my book, it includes all fantasies (non human) so i can stick in slithers and Darklings!
    oh yeah, back to the point. do you have any tips for me? (author tips, of course)

  19. You SO need a fourth Midnighters book. OMG. See, I obsess over books easily, so I was absolutely in LOVE with the Midnighters series (and I see, on here, that I am not the only one). When I found out what happened to Jessica… wow. I cried so hard. I just finished the book a few hours ago, actually. I’m trying not to think about it much because every time I do I get ready to cry. I feel so bad for her parents, Beth, and Jonathan. They’ll get old and die and she’ll still be a teen. :\
    And then Melissa leaving Rex…. 🙁

  20. I so think there NEEDS to be a fourth book. Honestly, They could go out and try to find others stuck in the blue hour. Or try to get her out of it. ANYTHING. Gah. I finished the series quite awhile ago and from time to time I think about how Scott should make it four books like he did with Uglies.

  21. Scott Westerfeld, you are the most amazing author in all of the world, and i love you.

    Will you PLEASE write another book?

    If not, could you just write like, one paragraph explaining how it eventually all turned out? …Or a whole chapter? Preferably with Melissa/Rex involved…

    Scott, you would be my hero for my whole entire life. (even though you already are)


  22. I was reading the first posts on this and Scott said their might be a fourth book! but that was two years ago and no news on it :[[[[
    They need to make a medication for midnighters adiction…

  23. Scott, if it helps…Midnighters actually tops Harry Potter and all other books on my favourites list…and i read A LOT.

    BUT I NEED A FOURTH BOOK!!! pleaseeeeeeee

  24. so i finished the last midnight book today (i know I’m really late) but i thought the end was so sad, and so good at the same time! it must have been good if it got me writing here, this is the first time i am writing and i never thought i would. The ending was so good because i actually felt bad for the characters, and i usually don’t get THAT upset over them. of course i get into books and love the main characters, but this was so different because there were SO many main characters and SO many peoples heads to get into that it was sadness times 5! but it was good because i realized how much i actually love the characters i was a little iffy on. i mean everyone was together for 3 books, and it was over in a chapter. it’s crazy! But a thing to think about is: the blue time brought them all together, and the blue time is what also brought them apart. Without the blue time, no relationships would have happened and they would have probably never even met each other! It’s kinda ironic… in a weird way. And the thing i liked about the ending was that it was so unexpected! the 1st and 2nd book ended on similar notes, they defeated the darklings and it didn’t coast them anything. i was expecting the same kind of ending, but this time defeating them and saving people came at a price. The whole book is just action packed and mind blowing craziness, that when the end came, it was so different.

    by the way, my favorite part of the book is toward the end when Johnathan and Jessica are flying together and the darklings tap into his nightmare and it’s him dropping her. they just made the ending even sadder because it shows that losing Jessica was his worst nightmare, but it came true!

    Ok I’m done, sorry it’s so long…

  25. Ok, I finsihed the last book like last year but, I totally think there should be a fourth, You can’t end it that way! Midnighters totally tromps Harry Potter and Twilight!!Please write a fourth book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ahaha. wow its been a couple years since i’ve been on this thing. you guys have no idea how happy this makes me that this is still going 😀

    i’m kind of reading the series for the 8th time (my annual reading of it) and i remembered this forum……..anyone know if theres any more little comics. i liked those :]

    so i was wondering….
    anyone else like melissa and rex the best? i think theyre the most interesting characters of the story. and they both change so much and i dont know i just like reading about them…although i still think its really unlikely that they would leave eachother at the end after everything. jess and jon are cute but their relationship seems kind of cliche, as if theres no depth in it, unlike rex and melissa who know eachother like better than its possible to know someone else because of the whole mindcasting thing.

    i dont know if this has already been discussed (sorry if it has but i’m seriously not about to read 2000 comments) but yeah just wondering everyone elses opinions

  27. oh and also, anyone else notice that none of the clocks on any of the covers actually say midnight? i thought it was funny. :]


    I truly hated Scott for like a week after I finished it.


  29. What can I say? I was truly utterly and impossibly heartbroken at the end of Blue Noon. Why Scott? Why would you break up Rex and Melissa? They were the bestest couple in the book! Their relationship made my top five pairings list! And then Jessica and the lightning and the trapped-ness!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am very sad. Please write a fourth book! I will be forever happy!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  30. I was utterly shocked and heartbroken at the end of this book. I could not believe the outcome of the story. It was so sad I was in tears. I couldn’t stop. Particularly when Beth saw Jess. I’d lost it at that point. The worst thing was I was reading it in the middle of class. Thank god no one saw me crying. But I must say it was one of the sadest book endings I have ever read.


  31. well i have one question well really two firstly will there be a forth book and when i was reading the third toward the end i cant remember the page but Jessica hands a road flare to dess just before see is about i touch the lighting no is it just me or when jessica gave the road flare to dess the rip wasnt up to then yet and my question is if jesica gave the falre to dess before the rip was up to them how did the flare stay alight


  33. as much as i love the books i dont have time to roleplay



  34. If the series is continued and the characters separate, I’d like them to meet again someday. For some reason, that would make me feel better. I’d also like to hear about some other talents.

  35. The ending ticked me off so much! It was such a bad ending. Well, the ending was great, the fact that its the end made it bad 😛

    The part with Jessica and Beth at the very end, having Beth cry because that would be the last time she’d see her sister, that made me sooo sad, I wouldn’t be able to stand that!

    They have to make a 4th one. I recommended these books to my friend and she’s going to start reading them after the Uglies series. She’s going to hate me XD

  36. AHHH!
    so, i just finished the last book.
    it took me an approximately four days to read all three.
    they were super good.
    but the end was fricken sad.
    i cried.
    I couldn’t believe it.

  37. I loved all three I read them about 2 months ago and I cried at the end of the secret hour because I didn’t know there were other books because my friend Andrew was reading the series before me and the person who lent us the books didn’t have them yet so we didn’t know there was a 2 and 3 book but we fell in love with the books. Andrew has a crush on Jessica I (Skylar) have a crush on Jonathon. I know probally all the fans do but I have an obsessive cursh on Jonathon.
    Please Make a 4th book!!!

  38. Scott Westerfeld, you are the greatest writer of all time.

    And I hate you.

    I just read the end of Midnighters and it made me want to cry. Actually I did cry. Then I threw the book at the wall. Then I got yelled at for throwing a book at the wall.

    But anyways, I think that sucks like freaking hell!
    Melissa and Rex being taken away from each other? Makes me mad on a scale of one to ten: 1000000 (that’s more than ten :))

    Jonathan being all depressed cuz of Jessica: 8 (Don’t care for Flyboy too much)

    Jessica stuck in the secret hour: A LOT! Cuz it started a big ol chain reaction.

    And some other stuff too. But mainly the Rex/Melissa thing. Thank God for FanFiction. ((P.S. You wrote a fourth book for Uglies that put a happier ending for the books! MIDNIGHTERS TURN!))

  39. Ok, For are schools Wax Museum we dress up from a book or from history this year I am going as Jessica and my mom got me a Bixby T-Shirt (that is XTREMELY BIG!) my friend Andrew was ‘sposed to be Rex but he changed his mind at last minute… so now he is being Paul Revere… last year I was my favorite President…Abraham Lincoln!
    P.S. Scott please make a 4th book… but I (for the Wax Museum) made my speech on the edge of your seat (at least that’s what people told me I did) and at the end I say “I am only able to be seen by the other midnighters 1 hour Midnight.”

  40. Okay, I would so love it if you wrote another book. I am a fan of the midnighter (why would I be here other wise?) Anyway, I’d love another book just to see Dess again. Also, I think you have to potiental to get lots of interesting new characters and plots into it (I’m going to be nice and say “Not me” because I would then worry that you’d make me and Dess worst enimies and then I’d have to track you down and hit you). Whatever, as long as you keep writing awesome books I’m good. (Also, any possible way you can come to Napier, New Zealand for a signing and I will bow down to you for the rest of forever).

  41. Im going to make this very clear… WRITE A FOURTH BOOK!!!!!!!
    We all wanna know what happened after Jessica,Melissa, and Jonathan when they left. What about Dess and Rex too!! what happen to them!? All i ask is for you to write another book… well not just me is asking all of these people are asking. So could you please write a fourth book.

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