Specials Spoiler Zone

Zane or David? Ugly or pretty? Wild or city?
Special or sane?

How does it all end?

Well, the final volume of the Uglies trilogy is available now, and this is the place to discuss it. That’s right, it’s the Specials . . .

WARNING: Do not read the comments of this post
until you have read all three Uglies books.

Unless you really want to know about Dr. Cable dying on page 596.
(No, wait . . . that’s Dumbledore.*)

Let the spoilage begin!

*I slay me.

UPDATE: Most of the conversations here have moved over to westerboard.com, the forum for all things westerfeldian.

2,743 thoughts on “Specials Spoiler Zone

  1. yeah ive been looking for the alternate ending also and i cant find it. i hope zane doesnt die in that one!! :[

  2. What alternate ending? ‘Course I didn’t read Specials until recently, so it might have been taken down. Not that I’m a Zane fan, {not a huge David fan either} but I keep hearing people talking about this ending, and I want to see what it says. =/

  3. When I read specials I got my copy at the library and once i finished it i was dying for something to do with tally and extras was on hold so i saw in the the back go see the alternate ending at: ( sorry can;t rember name but some thing like authers unvealed or coolplace) so i went there and all i could find was the last chapter of specials with comentary from scott westerfeld, very aggrevating :^(

  4. For me,,,,,hmmmm….
    definitly david(been with him since the beggining. im like in love<3
    ugly(who wants to look like every one else even if you are beatiful,even though i would defintitly get some major surgel like snake fingernails. awsome!!!!)
    wild is so much cooler and more interesting. its prettty without trying. so bubbly-making!
    id want to be sane, although special is pretty cool. to bad i already have a bad temper as it is. hahahaha

  5. -sniff- zane is dead -carrie in background- “YAY!! he’s dead!!” carrie never like zane… (personally not one of my favorites…but i never hated him) BUT HE’S DEAD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? and in such a descriptive (or however you spell it) way!!! still love ya’ though!

  6. im still upset zane is dead its so unhappy making now im going to start crying again who brought this upanyway

  7. So my grandma’s dying the same way Zane did right now. It’s really sad. She went without air for too long and her brain swelled up. They unplugged all the machines a few hours ago and so now it’s only a matter of time until she’s gone.


    I hated pretties (no offense, scott! thats just my opinion) especially the ending, because I hate Zane with all my heart, and I’m totally in love with David. So when Zane died in Specials I pumped a fist and screamed, “Yes!” I’m glad you killed him. XD THANK YOU SO MUCH!! He was REALLY bugging me.

    I love Tally as a Special best…she has awesome senses and reflexes, and I think she’s the smartest! Plus, she’s more mature than she was when she was ugly.

    And I LOVED THE ENDING!! It was the best ending out of all four endings, I think. I like how it gives you an idea of what Tally and David are going to spend the next few years doing, but also is a bit mysterious, so it leaves the rest up to your imagination. (my own imagination was fantasizing about tally and david getting together again…)

    So thanks again, Scott, for the best book of the series! 😉

  9. Oh yes and to answer your original questions…

    1. DAVID!!! DAVID ALL THE WAY!! I’M HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH HIM!! And I HATE Zane (as you probably already know)

    2. Definitely Ugly. Because nobody REALLY is ugly (I think that Aya is extremely pretty on the extras cover, and same with tally on the uglies cover) plus, why would I want to be a bubblehead? even if it was during the extras time and the lesions were cured, I’d still want to keep the face I was born with. I hate plastic surgery.

    3. Wild!! Wild rocks!! I love nature!! XD

    4. And 100% Special!! THEY ROCK!! And I could rewire myself so my thoughts aren’t all messed up. XD

  10. Oh and if you’re wondering WHY I hate Zane, these are my reasons:

    1. David was there first. When Tally and David were together in Uglies, I thought they were perfect for each other, and I never wanted them to break up…David is a better guy- he’s so sweet and brave and kind, and he saw straight past Tally’s ugly face into her soul…Zane and pretty surgery came and ruined that. 🙁

    2. The only reason Tally fell in love with Zane was because the pretty surgery erased all her memories, so she forgot about David- she didn’t know what she used to have, that she used to be in love. And when her memories DID come back and she saw David again, she only chose Zane because her lesions made her see David as ugly!! Zane was just there because her mind was messed up.

    3. The first time they kissed, Zane was just using Tally for information, and to get bubbly. He’s always just using her.

    There’s a lot more, but you get the point. Boo Zane. Go David.

  11. okay i loved this book like crazy but i am the only one who wishes that the new smoke would of lost and be capsured …. or myab ei’m just being too mean but when i was rereading specials today i was like man why did they just louse and then idk but i was toattly mad when zane died but sadly no tears not even on the second go around and trust me i was very very sad i had this disspessing song in my head and yea not got for that part but then it just went away

    and is any other person’s favoite charcter Dr. Cable ?? i think i’m aloen on that too

  12. I LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEE Zane!!!!!!! Zane lives! Oh wait. NVM. Zane is so daring, and he died taking the risk with tally! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo romantic! But not like Romeo and Juliet. I didn’t like it that much. I agree with Edward (Twiight) when I say Romeo is a butthead! :big:

  13. Okay, to start i was lending my copies of your wonderful uglies series to my older brother’s girlfriend and my friend. As i was getting each of the books back i was reading my favoirte parts–which is, for the record, a lot of parts–but i have been wanting to know what happens to David and Tally when they are in the wild, and how Shay and everyone else meets up again for Extras. like what happens. I don’t like it how the story ends at that letter thing to shay and the others. i personally think you need to write another book of what happens to David and Tally in the wild and Shay and the other crims–new smokies–or whatever they are called..i forgot. Thank you by the way. Love you books..they are great! Hope you write more.

  14. Hey what’s peeps. Well how is it going? I know i havnt kbeeh on in a long time but with any luck my mom will get our new computer soon.

    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  15. Firstoff, I have to say, I love Uglies and Pretties, but I just bought Specials and finished reading it, and I’m horrified! It all feels like a terrible nightmare…PLz ppl! Don’t freak on me, I’m not trying to bash the book, because it’s still awesome and I couldn’t put it down! Some of the ideas really got me upset though, and worried. My family has alot of issues with depressive disorders, most of my dad’s side stuggles, including me, and I admit I’ve had my own experience with cutting, as a way of trying to relieve the emotional pain. Thankfully I’ve had some really good friends who’ve helped me stop, but reading the book, I can’t help but be screaming in my head at you Scott!!! You make cutting sound so tempting and romanticized! Like if you cut all the complications and uncertainty and self-esteem issues will be cut away and leave you feeling clear-headed and icy. And you’re writing to teenagers – who have the most complicated, uncertain, messed-up lives already and would love a solution to escaping all crap we’re going through. I mean, seriously! Yeah, it’s fiction, yeah if we’re sane we’re not gonna do everything that we read about in books, but you’ve got Tally set up as this girl that ppl see as heroic, smart, finding a way to be herself no matter what…and she needs to cut herself to be icy, to get clear-headed. I’m 16, I haven’t even gotten to most of the major problems in my life and I still wouldn’t turn down a way to clear my head, get a rush of icy clarity once in a while. Great, explore the issue in your book, but inform your reader more! Tell them cutting won’t actually do that for you. That it’s going to make everything much more complicated because now you have the guilt of doing it, the scars to hide, and you can’t even feel normal anymore unless you cut again. It doesn’t give you super clarity, it just gives you a bit of endorphines that don’t last long enough and leave you even worse off feeling than before. I hate to say it because you’re so my favourite author and I can’t get enough of your books, I love your writing style, and everything else about the book was unbelieveably awesome, but I feel so betrayed by your lack of consideration, it was flat-out irresponsible. Kudos on trying to explore a controvercial topic that teens face, and as an added bonus, if parents and critics protest (like they did with the whole witchcraft-Harry Potter thing) it will just make the book more popular in infamy, but how hard did you think about the consequences of what you did and didn’t write? Ok, now that i’ve said what I needed, I just want to add that it is so cool that the original smoke was in Canada, possibly BC where I live! Yay!!

  16. When i first started reading the uglies i was completely hooked on the book from start to finish. I loved how the ending leaves u hanging in suspense. And I have to say one of my favourite characters is David. I totally love David!!! Even if he’s described as ugly with imperfections and a crooked smile, I always imagine him to be super hot. After I finished reading the uglies I couldn’t wait to read the next two books! The pretties wasn’t as exciting as the uglies but it still OK. Finally, when I got to read the specials it was kind of predictable. Everytime Tally bumped into some one unknown i figured out who it was before I even read it. But near the very end when it was Dr.Cable that set her free i was so… surprised! When i was reading those pages I was thinking “Omgosh! It’s David, he’s going to save Tally” But it turned out to be Dr.Cable. I was so relieved that David didn’t leave her in the ruins in the end and they stayed together after everything they’ve gone through. I always knew they would be together in the end. It would have been totally upsetting if Zane and Tally were together in the end leaving David with no one.

  17. Mr. Westerfeld…may I call you Scott? Scott it is!!!

    well I just finished Specials and I must say, I am a very happy person, except the fact that now I need to go back to barnes and noble to get MORE BOOKS.

    oh and one question…did you base any characters after real ppl? I hear a lot of authors say that they base characters off of ppl in real life, so…in that case can i marry david??? please??????

    ok *rant over* but i loved how Dr. Cable was cured and how Tally saw her as a crumbly…and the fact that maddy liked Tally again (yay!!! happy dance!!!) and how you….ok i could go on forever, but I’ll save you from that 🙂 Long story short…I LOVED ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! k im gonna go get more of your books now! bye!
    *runs out of room into car to barnes and noble*

  18. Ooh, look at that, haven’t written here in sooo long. So… Anywaysss… You know, extras left that hollow “i want a fifth book badly” feeling in me… What if… SPOILER IF YOU HAVE NOT READ EXTRAS DO NOT READ OR YOU SHALT BE BLINDED MOMENTARILY UNTIL YOU EXIT THE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!
    What if Tally had…a fight… with David after Aya-la saw them in the garden-thingie below…. And… OMG WHYYYY.

    Why Did You Have To Die, Zane-La?!?! WE LOVED YOU!!!!!!!!
    T_T Now i’m all sad.
    Oh yeah…. HIIIII ALL YOU PEOPLESSSS!!!!! I SEE NEW PEOPLESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3 You ALL, Joanie-wa(Jo-la), Hypermatic Pretty Special Ugly At Your Service!!!!!!! (CAMP ZANE & CAMP EDWARD HOO-RAH!)

  19. Oh yeah, and dudes, if you scroll down all the way on this page…(dunno about the other pages) on the bottom left hand, try searching for something… Bet you’ll find it (if you haven’t already 😉 ) SCHMOOPIES!!!!!!!!!!!

    <3, Joanie-wa (Jo-la) , Hypermatic Pretty Special Ugly At Your Service! ( WHOOO GO CAMPS ZANE AND EDWARD!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! )

  20. i am such a fan of all four books! i just want to know one thing why did scott write a 4th book? i am happy he did but why

    xoxo “zane why did u leave us and Tally, with razor sharp nails”

  21. Having just finished the three books I must say how much I enjoyed them. Some questions and comments:

    Was it deliberate that it was almost impossible to determine where this story was set until mention was made of “Death Valley”? Except for the possible hint of the observatory at the end of Pretties, the story seemed to be set almost anyplace.

    Tally’s parents appear momentarily in Uglies, and I appreciated that – while I recognize the need for an independent protagonist, I despair that they never have any family. But then never return. Along with David’s scar, was this another unfulfilled plot thread? In retrospect would you have left them out, or did they serve some purpose I can’t fathom? Did Tally have any siblings? Is it safe to assume that she could return home to visit her family anytime she chose to, given her abilities?

    I appreciated the reluctance which the characters displayed towards killing, seemingly innocent of lethal force. The exceptions seem so stark: the murder of the old Smoky librarian, for example. But did the justice system lack any sort of mechanism for dealing with such things? One of the Specials murdered the librarian, Dr. Cable murdered David’s father, yet no penalty accrued to these people that we could see. Was justice ever meted out, or did a lot of things just fall through the cracks given all the changes?

    I noticed the fact that in the third book, two “towers” collapsed and changed the world. Since YA authors are political, what might you be trying to say inasmuch as the first tower’s collapse was an inside job?

    So do Tally and David ever have children?

    Thanks for a wonderful set of books.

  22. Oh yes, one more: any chance Shay was gay, and her mercurial relationship with Tally reflected her periodic disappointment that her affections would never be returned?

  23. hmmmm… albatross i thought about that too. actually all my friends thought Shay might be gay. im not sure. she might just be the affectionate type. also she was David’s girlfriend sooo i don’t know if she is gay unless she turned after Tally stole him from her but then why would she like Tally. it just wouldn’t make sense.

  24. I am pretty convinced that Shay is in love with Tally.

    Honestly, I like Shay/Tally. I think they’re cute together. I’ve even read Shay/Tally fanfics. As creepy as that sounds…

  25. No. That is disgusting. I thought that they didn’t have any FF archive for Uglies anyway. But they are NOT cute together.

  26. omg! this book seriously left a hole in my heart. i was sobbing when zane died because i pretty much fell in love with him. i didnt care much for david..but he was ehh. ZANE though, was addicting. my favorite parts of all the books included him. i loved the way he cared for tally and i dont know, just everything about him was so intoxicating. I HATE YOU SCOTT! all i can think about is his death, and the only thing that makes me feel better is going back to the other books and pretending he’s still alive….then again; i am constantly reminding myself that this is just a book. but come on scott! couldnt you of had him live! lol anyway your an amzing author

  27. “I am pretty convinced that Shay is in love with Tally.

    Honestly, I like Shay/Tally. I think they’re cute together. I’ve even read Shay/Tally fanfics. As creepy as that sounds…”

    Hooray! Someone else who likes Shay/Tally! I was beginning to think I was the only one…

    Where did you find the fics? I’ve never been able to find this pairing on the major fanfiction sites.

  28. I just finished Specials last night! It was sooooo good! I loved it! And I really hope that Tally and David get back together! I mean they are perfect for eachother! I’m really sad that Zane died! He was so awesome! I felt so bad for him! I’m really going to miss him! But it was a lot of Tally’s fault that he died because she freaked out over just a little trembleing of his, so he thought that he had to change himself. I cried when Tally went to go see him on the bed dying and knowing that he was dead. I wish that she could have talked to him one last time so that she could tell him how sorry she was and tell him that she loved him. But I’m still really glad that Tally and David are working together, that might start them on the road to a new relationship between the two of them! I love David! And I also love Zane too, but I love David more by like a tiny bit! Tally and David forever!!

  29. OMG I cant belive zane had to die i cried my eyes out it was so sad to read but at least she has david and will she will not be alone!

  30. I would def. choose David he also sees the real Tally no matter what the city does to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really love the ending of specials how Tally sends that repond to Maddy,Shay, and Peris!!
    Which that last page and a half like totally explains how Extras will be!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE some of the phrases Tally says in there like “You see fredom has a way of destroying things” which is cool because the rusties are gone because they went to far and when they get free they destroy things I also like”Be careful with the world or the next time we meet it might get ugly” i love that because she is just saying be careful what you use and destroy becasue David and her are watching and if you do to much they will stop you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. well i am readindg specials and i am mad that tally became a special but the i was mad when she almost got despecialized as shay put it but i am almost finished with it so i hope everything turns out ok

  32. specials was awesome. i just pray i could fit all that vast interestingness in my report today. plus i HATE public speaking. if only i were a special… then i could threaten my teacher to be quet! muhahah!

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