Specials Spoiler Zone

Zane or David? Ugly or pretty? Wild or city?
Special or sane?

How does it all end?

Well, the final volume of the Uglies trilogy is available now, and this is the place to discuss it. That’s right, it’s the Specials . . .

WARNING: Do not read the comments of this post
until you have read all three Uglies books.

Unless you really want to know about Dr. Cable dying on page 596.
(No, wait . . . that’s Dumbledore.*)

Let the spoilage begin!

*I slay me.

UPDATE: Most of the conversations here have moved over to westerboard.com, the forum for all things westerfeldian.

2,743 thoughts on “Specials Spoiler Zone

  1. i luved Specials!!!!i actually wasn’t that sad when Zane died, i was like oh well, whatever, mainly because i don’t really like Zane!!!my favorite part of the whole book was on page 316-323, you know the section called David!!!!<3! well it almost made my cry how much David luvs Tally!!!!i wished i Tally so much that i was almost as jealous as Shay!!!LOL i also luved how it ended!!!!

  2. UH…..N.O. here is why i don’t like zane, 1.all he was, was just a replacement 4 David!!!! 2.he made Tally yell @David in the end of Pretties!!!!TEAM DAVID

  3. true, but zane was awsome, he wuld do anything 4 tally, and his kiss is wat got tally 2 cure herself…. AND THEN HE DIED 4 HER!!!!!!! now if thats hnot love i dont no wat love is! GO TEAM ZANE!!!!

  4. tally ruinedthe place where David lives and had lived all his life and pretty much killed his dad, then tried 2 catch him again in Specials…..but David doesn’t blame Tally 4 any of it!!!!(unlike his mom) He also loves her 4 what’s o the inside, and liked her even as an ugly, but Zane never saw her as an ugly, only as a pretty!!!

  5. I really really really really really liked the ending. It was perfect. It left me satisfied. Most of the time when I finish a good series I can’t wait for the next book. But this one just made me sit an think. Amazing. (I still am happy that you wrote another one though, [Extras])
    I was reading Fahrenhight 451 for school at around the same time and I kept thinking how similar they are!

  6. if they would ever make a movie out of this series i would seriously go watch it XD
    i wonder who would play the roles of Tally and Shay and all of them…

  7. i really and truely think that you should write another book after extras that focuses a lot on tally and david. the end of extras was making me cry picturing david and tally together. i really love zane and david so much and if i put myself in that position to chose it is extremely difficult. but i really do love that david and tally are together. zane was great and i loved him but the hard thing to face is that hes gone. as devistating as it is. i am really really counting on a 5th book and i know that millions of other people are dying for another one too.

  8. wow have some respect for the people who actually visit this sight for a reason. there is no need to put disguisting things like that up on a book sight were young children and young adults go onto,

  9. peggy, i 100% totally agree!!! that is very immature& inapropriot of them!!!!! a message 2 those who like naked pictures FIND A NEW WEBSITE PUH-LEASE!!!!!! have any of u ever even heard of the Uglies series let alone READ it!!!!

  10. why r there numbers here? yay a companion (spelling( probably)) its like you know posters what they are called um cop shot? *you get a number to help protect your identity.* COoL

  11. I was shock and I cried when Zane died. All I wanted was for Tally to end up with him and have their happy ending. David is fine but I loovvveee Zane much much more.

    But at the end of Specials, David and Tally werent a couple right? I havent read Extras yet… but I dont want Tally to end up with anyone else besides Zane, even though David was her first love. I just wish that Scott never killed Zane’s character. But I’m glad that Tally made that choice to stay with Zane (pretties book). At least even though Zane died, it was clarified that Tally chose him, and that she loves him.

  12. i can’t believe zane died
    it makes me so sad
    he was my favorite character :[
    i loved him!
    i liked the specials but zane dying totally killed it for me
    i wish he had lived and tally and zane lived happily ever after
    but i guess that’s too predictable.
    oh well :[
    i still love zane

  13. Specials used to be my favorite until Saturday when I decided to read them all over again. Pretties has more Zane, and he doesn’t die in Pretties, so why would Specials be my favorite?

    Tally + Zane = Pretties, which = me liking Pretties lol

    I kinda got mad when David was waiting for her at the Rusty Ruins….I hoped she would like go off with Shay or somebody lol

  14. Specials is offically my favorite book of all four. Extras was too weird and pretties was too slow for me and Uglies was pretty good but I hated how she got caught in the end anyway. Ugh. although i figured out that they knew where she was after she threw the locket into the fire and it flashed. **SIGH**

  15. ok, so i read Specials for a school project, BEFORE i read the first 2, thinking that i wasnt goingo to like it, but i did(im about to read pretties, and then im going to read specials again just to clarify things).

    in Uglies i hate how Tally didnt tell them the truth why she was there, and also how Shay got turned pretty and Davids dad died *tear* but then again it made the book make more sense. so, Good Job! ๐Ÿ˜€

    i have not read Pretties ๐Ÿ˜

    in Specials, i dont really like the ending, i think it couldve been better… but then again i really dont know how. and i cried when Zane died ๐Ÿ™ because it seemed like Tally really loved him. and also because of my immatureness i couldnt help but laugh everytime i read the word “crippled”.

    this was the best series ive read. i cannot believe people in my school would rather read lame Twilight. i read the first chapter and wanted to kill myself.
    I รขโ„ขยฅ Uglies :DDDDD

  16. When I read about Zane, this is what happened:

    First, I threw the book across the room.
    Second, I put my head down and cried for a good 5 minutes.
    Third, I proceeded to call my friend who had read the book already and vent to her about how much I hated it!

    Slightly over-reactive? NOT! Zane was the best character in the series. Since then, the book has been sitting under my bed cause I haven’t been able to continue with it. Tally can rot in a hole for all I care, since the whole thing was her fault.

    And I never really liked David anyway, so he can rot with Tally in the hole.

  17. specials was definitely THE best. I couldnt put the book down! i cried so hard when zane died, and i was extremely happy when cable gave up. she didnt die on page 596. she just caved and got really old in a matter of like 2.5 seconds. lol ^^
    I hate that Tally killed zane. she should’ve known better!!! if therea re two pills there, OBVIOUSLY you’re suppsoed to take BOTH of them!!!!!!! stupid tally. zane-la was my favorite! i wanted him to br MY boyfriend! :,(
    when he died in the hospital, i cried for what seemed like forever. i had to take a walk to calm myself down. i still cant beleive tally.
    she was so STUPID! two pills. dont split them. how hard is that? zane even TOLD her that it was a bad idea! does she listen? of course not.
    so what does she do? she pouts about it and rund away as if shay and the rest didnt lose someone too. they were all in the crims, and they all knew him. she was such a dramatic baby about everything.
    then david! she joins up with DAVID at the end?!?!?! david remeinds me of my ex boyfriend. he was such a creepy stalker who was obsessed with me and nature and loved to manipulate people. david is the same way. even after everything that happened, he had the audacity to not only talk to her again, but pair up with her as a team!
    it was sick.
    i just wanna punch david in the face. ugh.

    meh. im done.

  18. btw, i HATE how extras isnt even about tally!!! shes just the famous superhero whos only in like 3 chapters!!! i really hate that part.
    and frizz just makes it more annoying. radical honesty. how pathetic.

  19. I read ugles and pretties loved them but hate how pretties ended with her yelling at david to get his ugly face out of here because i love david and zane. i read this cause i needed to no if tally really ended up with david or not and i needed to no if she ened up with dr.cables mind or ended up like shay who i love/hate at the same time. anyways thanks for the spoilers im going to read the book now but its not going to be as great cause i decided to cheat hehe oh well i still love the books. =)

  20. I love the books and I love Scott! =^] He has inspired me to read books and to write my own book. He is my FAVORITE author. I’ve read all of his books and I’m reading BLUE NOON right now!! (BTW the guy on the front cover of BLUE NOON is SO hot!!!! And I fully want his number. =^D) But anyways, I think that the UGLIES should be made into a movie. So many people would go to see it and I think that it would sell better than TWILIGHT did (even though I love that too)!! So many people are fans of these books that there is no way it wouldn’t make a killing. But if they do decide to make it into a movie I pray that they will stay in close proximity to the book or else the movie will suck. =^[ BUT MAKE THE BOOKS INTO MOVIES PLEASE!!!!! I swear it will be worth it. =^)

  21. Oh my gosh! Those were the official best books of life! These better be made into movies. For the last two books i felt like Tally did when she found the new smoke and she had to chose between David and Zane!!!! I loved both of them so much but there was always a part of me that loved David since they first met in the old smoke. You should still write a 5th book cause im dying to know how David got his scar!Plus you promised. ^_^

  22. OMG. I loved Specials! It was very icy-making, tearing all the relationships into different things. Like, her thoughts about how people look, and how she should act are so confused, that’s kinda bubbleheaded almost, how they keep brainwashing her. I was very confused throughout the whole book, because she kept trying to be loyal, and unloyal to Special Circumstances. . . But her thoughts were very icy. I was sad that Zane died, but I was glad she still ended up in the company of David. Zane was awesome, and very bubbly-making, but, he wasn’t David. You know- I usually ship the original ships that the author introduces, except those brain-missing crushes that the main characters have when they’re young (like Harry and Cho in Harry Potter. Eeeew. I hope she ends up with Draco Malfoy. They’d make a very pretty-making couple. . . I digress.) Anyways, I’ve got to read Extra’s next, though I’ve read Bogus to Bubbly. Anyone know where I can find a map of Tally’s city? Someone is borrowing my copy of Bogus to Bubbly.

  23. I just finished Specials after a year intermission. I hate it so much that Zane died and Tally was such a wimp during the entire book. I loved her in the past two books, but in this one she just made me mad. I love Scott’s work but I was a little disappointed with the end of specials

  24. I think that the ending of specails is so great though. Ellie-wa:I little mad at David? Ha ha I hate David’s mom though I hust want to kill her.

  25. Omg. Why? Why? Why? Why did Zane die, I loved how he made Tally so bubbly and the way he took the pills with Tally in Pretties. I just dont get why Zane had to go. But then again I think I do. I really dont know. I think Tally is really happy when shes with David but also with Zane. He made her sooo bubbly which made me happy but David kinda seems like a better person for Tally. He told her she was beautiful when she was ugly and it made me so happy that they fell in love. Well I’m off topic now so I’m going to go now


  26. This was my favorite book in the series!!! OH WOW IT WAS JUST PERFECT!!!!! YEAH! I so happy. The Zane part was a little sad, though, no I didn’t cry. I never much liked Zane. He was a bit creepy… I dunno that’s just how he came across, but OH MY! THAT IS THE BEST ENDING OF ANY BOOK I’VE EVER READ!!! I read it over and and over and over and over… Also the part when she’s in the hospital. So funny to hear what the doctors were saying… I’m glad she didn’t get cured, I wasn’t at first… but now I like it!

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