We Are in the Times

News Alert: Blogsnake swallows own tail! World to end soon.

In other words, remember our discussion about Naomi Wolf’s article about Gossip Girl? Well, the NY Times just ran a round-up of blog responses to said article, and we were included. In fact, quotes from us consumed half the word count and therefore we are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers, etc.

Oh, wait, do you guys know that song? I’m old.

Special congrats to Lenny and Momgeek for being quoted. And thanks to you all for getting me mentioned as the novelist who “maintains a running conversation with teens on his blog.” I maintain nothing! You guys do 93% of the work in making this blog interesting. And that reminds me, I was really blown away by the depth and thoughtfulness of that comment thread.

Yay, you.

And if you just came here from that link in the Times, sorry if this has been kind of circular. But what did you expect? Content?

Dude, I’ve got books to write.

64 thoughts on “We Are in the Times

  1. The joys of having so much free time you can hav fun with the word ‘dude’.
    I think ‘random’ is a contagious word. It started in yr 6, and it’s become my word for everything. ANYTHING can be random, really. And I mean, REALLY.
    Ha, I’m aussie, but I say dude. Dude!
    Mate is just waaay too Aussie. :]

  2. There’s always citizenship papers to tear up, mate. They keep ’em hidden in a vault. Yours is dust now, missy. Niki’s, too. Dust, I tell you!

    Jess: Nothing is way too Aussie! Nothing!

    Niki: don’t you have wrinkles to remove?! Day to turn into night? You lazy bugger!

  3. Viva la Americanisims!

    Though, I want to move to Australia. I don’t like all the tensoin. Bad vibes and such.

    Plus I love Austrailian words.

    …Um, has anyone read the ‘Tomorrow’ Series?

  4. Dude, i like that word, and there is nothing wrong with an Aussie saying ‘dude’ although seeing as im American born and bred you might not care what i say. so ya dude

    Justine your posting more on Scott’s blog than he is. i find that totally funny dude

    AHHHH i now have word DUDE stuck n my head!!!Its addicting

  5. Now that you have succeeded in getting “We Are The Champions” stuck in my head, I think I’ll go do some reading, because its friday night and- duh-I have nothing better to do.

    And just for the sake of it–

  6. Scott don’t worry QUEEN is my favorite band ever and I knbow Im younger than you so don’t worry dude people know it.

  7. yeah im only 13 so dude don’t worry (how can people not say dude its the best word ever I’ve been calling people dude sine like 4th grade.)

  8. by the way QUEEN KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (notice 13 exclamation points yes i used my amazing dess like addition skills) (is dess like hyphenated?)

  9. I just stumbled across this website and I am a bit blown away. The comments I read were brilliant fun, insightful, creative. Conversations certainly rival some I have had with people at my University! Good on you guys and congrats on the NYT article. Teens get a bad rap in the media…prove them wrong!

  10. I know that song. We are the champions by queen. They rock out loud. I like Killer Queen (also by queen). And I’m only **. My age involves a 1 and a 3. I could be thirteen or thirty-one. You’ll never know. HEE HEE! Anyway as soon as my mom (or is it husband???) get home I’m going to beg her (or him) to get Specials for me!!!!!!LOVE your books Scott!

  11. Ok fine I’m 13. Did you guess? I hope I don’t have to beg my husband for books. And Queen still ROCKS OUT LOUD. Scott, your not old. Since Queen will always rock, maybe you’ll always be young. Hmmmm?

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