We Are in the Times

News Alert: Blogsnake swallows own tail! World to end soon.

In other words, remember our discussion about Naomi Wolf’s article about Gossip Girl? Well, the NY Times just ran a round-up of blog responses to said article, and we were included. In fact, quotes from us consumed half the word count and therefore we are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers, etc.

Oh, wait, do you guys know that song? I’m old.

Special congrats to Lenny and Momgeek for being quoted. And thanks to you all for getting me mentioned as the novelist who “maintains a running conversation with teens on his blog.” I maintain nothing! You guys do 93% of the work in making this blog interesting. And that reminds me, I was really blown away by the depth and thoughtfulness of that comment thread.

Yay, you.

And if you just came here from that link in the Times, sorry if this has been kind of circular. But what did you expect? Content?

Dude, I’ve got books to write.

64 thoughts on “We Are in the Times

  1. There are times when my dog assumes that exact same position.

    I can say, with all certainty, that the end of the world has no dignity. And looks bloody silly.

  2. We may be younglings, but not so young that we haven’t heard that movie played over and over in multiple hockey/basketball/soccer movies, I’m afraid.

    Sir Tessa: You made me laugh quite hard. That’s going to be a favorite quote of mine now. “I can say, with all certainty, that the end of the world has no dignity. And looks bloody silly.” That made me laugh. Cheers for that.

    And yes, write more books! Now, go!


  3. I’m pretty sure that a majority of us know that song from school sports games and the dreaded pep-rallies (sp?). So don’t consider you self too old. Now finish those books so we can make more comments on them! 😉

  4. Queen is the best. Queen is the best. Queen is the best. I’m 17 and I said it; therefore, you are not old.

    Besides, anyone who’s seen the Mighty Ducks movies knows that song.

  5. Mighty Ducks? Someone worte the script for a movie called Mighty Ducks? I really hop eits about a sports team or a cleaning product and not the Anatidae family.

  6. Wow, so many links all leading in one gigantic loop…. I think that a rip just opened in the time-space continuum. In other news: Queen is ageless.

  7. In completely unrelated news, this whole hard-cover Specials thing has definitley put a damper in my plans. I NEED to read the book the instant it comes out, but even if I can scrounge up $14 (The Amazon price, + s/h) , the hardcover would look AWFUL on the shelf next to the two soft covers. The only solution I can think of is begging my librarian sister to buy the book, reading it, giving it back, and then buying the book when it hits softcover…. but that is so much work! Grrr. Simon Pulse has made me rageful.

  8. Yep, I’ve been reading other books that were in paperback for the first two then the annoying publishers decided to make the third book hardcover too. Seems to be a trend. Altough I haven’t been reading Uglies and Specials in hardcover or soft, but the wierd library version.

  9. And come on, who hasn’t heard of the Mighty Ducks! I mean it’s not like the story was great, but those three movies were pretty good, especially compared to some of the movies/sequels that have been coming out lately. It’s a hockey movie, and the NFL team was actually named after the movie! Or so I’m told.

  10. Now is the time
    This is the place
    Dr. Pep – No, I don’t drink soda, so I won’t finish that.

    I did, however, go to school with a boy whose last name was Pepper and whose father was a doctor. No joke.

    Very neat that you are in the NYT and we who commented are thereby in it by proxy. (I just got to use a bunch of my favorite phrases there. Yum. SHINY.)

  11. Wow, New York Times. Fancy. Haha.

    Mmm, 80’s music. I’ve been in a real 80’s kick lately. The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, Echo & the Bunnymen, Erasure…and a bunch of other stuff.
    Got-ta love it.
    I don’t like Sandra Bullock…Haha, my dad just said she could pass for Jeff Gordon in drag. Sorry, that had nothing to do with anything. But I’m bored, and so I am rambling in your blog. So sorry, dear sir.

    Oh yeah, my dog does that thing too. And a few of my cats…

  12. Scott do you think you will ever write dark sci/if for adults? Or paranoramal sci/fi for adults?

  13. Ok, Im 13, and i love queen! in fact, im watching the Queen on fire live at the dome DVD as we speak (or as i type, same difference right?). So do not think you are old, like 100 is old, so chill. and scott, i had to take the time to register so that i could read that article, and it was good. I did my little happy dance that we were mentioned, cause this blog deserves alot more respect from the rest of the daylight crowd, how else are we going to spread Westerfeld around the world? (see midnighters spoiler zone if confused) So yea, that was really cool that the new york times mentioned ur blog, congrats to u, and also congrats to those mentioned in the article, you have now had your 15 minutes of cyberfame! lol.

  14. Queen is awesome! However, Queen is nothing without Freddie Mercury. ‘Tis a shame he died the year I was born…

  15. “Believe it or not, Bailey, but “We Will Rock You” is actually a 70s song. I’m pretty sure it came out in 1977. So it is a very very very old song.”

    Yeah, I had a feeling. I wasn’t sure though, and I love me some 80’s stuff, so I just said it anyway. ^_^’ Haha.
    I like music from the 50’s onward though, so…heh heh.

  16. Hey, did anyone catch Oprah today? Naomi Wolf was on, talking about how dangerous the Gossip Girls books are.

  17. Naomi Wolf was on Oprah today!
    Dang! I missed it!
    Too bad, so sad, because I adore Naomi Wolf.

  18. forcher, hey, whats not dark about Midnighters? They do have ‘Dark’lings after all.

    That’s supposed to be funny, but oh well.

    I really don’t like it when people tell me what books I should and shouldn’t read. Mabye it was a BAD thing Naomi said your book was good, or it was good, because it has right-wing values, or is that a good thing at all?

    Exit, stage left.

  19. Uhh, I stopped reading the spoiler thread after a couple days, was too busy to keep up. And Sandra Bullock is a good actress! Give me some examples of better ones so I can see if they’re funny. I’ve been reading too many posts on internet movie database.com (imdb) and believing people when they say movies that were horrible were good. I still don’t get why some 80’s movies are considered so good, especially some brat pack ones.

  20. Yeah, totally random movie thing. Anyone like Huey Louis and the News? Or Chicago? For some reason I like the former, and haven’t heard much about the latter. I love those words, former and latter, and there are never enough reasons to use them!

  21. the uglies series reminds me of a mix of the movie “logan’s run” and the twilight zone episode “number 12 looks just like you” awesome series me and my buds are hooked on your books! unfourtunatley our library doesn’t have all of them so we must search for them elsewhere.

  22. HEy scott don’t worry u r not old, im 13 and ive known that song since i was little.

    ok random thing but out of curiousity which do u people think will happen first
    1. we run out of natural resources and die out from starvation and thirst
    2. the world’s major countries nuke each other to smithereens

    I thought of that by seeing the end of world Picture.

  23. Damn, so many comments, so little time.
    First of all, Mighty Ducks.
    2nd: Queen! Yay, Queen. We watched a Queen video in music… woo!
    Third: I think the end of the world is a bit to morbid to talk about, no? Anyway Aly, you forgot to include Judgement Day in your options.
    4th – Kool to those ppl who are in the NY Times! Ha, your opinions are famous, you are immortal. Lol.

    Does anyone say ‘w00t’ here, cuz I find it SO ANNOYING.

  24. I finally got the third Midnighters… I know it was a bit late, but I’m planning to read it tonight… So much for my original plans of getting it when it came out… oh well… btw Could you remind us when Specials and Last Day come out…?

  25. Justine, ‘dude’ is about the only contagious word in the world. Once caught, it can never be lost. Dude.

    If it helps, I say ‘bloody’ far too much as well.

  26. who?? what??? i am easily confused. i say ‘dude’ too much also. i hate that word, but it’s a habbit. and ‘bloody’ was in my vocab for like a year. then people started looking at me wierd here, so i stopped that. why do people always thing you are wierd when you use a different vocabulary??

  27. Yes! I read all my comments. I haven’t been responding, because I’ve been in a writing bog lately. Like, it’s been hard.

    Plus, you guys were talking about The Mighty Ducks. Like, how did that happen?

    A few questions answered at random:

    Kayla: Specials May 9. The Last Days late August.

    forcher: I’ve written five novels for adults. I don’t know if they’re “dark” or not.

    Aly: I think the next disastery thing to happen will be a massive spike in the price of oil, resulting in the restructuring of the economy and society. (It will make it much harder to live in small towns and rural areas.)

    amy: I always had that people-thinking-I-was weird trouble when I tried out new words too. I’m not sure what it is, but ALL smart people are always trying out new words, phrases, and slang, so I think it’s an anti-smart thing.

  28. Mighty Ducks = Awesome. It was filmed in Minnesota, don’t ‘cha know.

    I say “dude” waaaaay too much. It’s interesting, because I HATE when other people say it, but I say it all the time.

  29. Uhoh. I’ve caught the dude desease (or is it a parasite?). I hate it when people start saying other people’s words. It’s like following a trend. Or at least that’s what it seems like to me. It’s the same with the Gossip Girl/Clique/A-list/we’re-popular-and-cool books. One author had an idea to write a book from the mean, popular girls point of view, it sold well, and the rest are jumping abord. The clique/a-list authors were like cool hunters, kinda.

  30. I dunno, after I passed Uglies and Pretties around my school, there was this month and a half period where we all said “Bubbly.” It was all sorts of Awesomeness.

    BTW, I’ve read the A-List books, and although they aren’t exactly Hemingway, they’re a decent sort. Can’t speak for the Gossip Girls or Clique books.

  31. to continue the “dude” topic of earlier….when i was about 12 i went through a year-year and a half where every other word was “dude” i would say it like 20 times in one sentence…my parent’s got so sick of it…lol. Really it seems “dude” is the only word in the english language that can be used to show nearly every emotion…depending on how u say it….a surprised “DUDE!!” a depressed “duuude” say it while laughing, confused, angry….anyway….

    Scott-i definitely think it’s the coolest thing that you actually do keep in contact, and carry on conversations with your fans. A great way to get direct feedback instead of “well the book sold alot of copies so the kids must like it.” now you can actually hear from the kids themselves. I only recently “discovered” your books. I read “uglies” but my local library didn’t have a copy of “pretties” so i had to order it from another library but i just couldn’t wait for it to come in so i just went out and bought it….lol. Now i’m waiting for “specials”….i can’t wait to see what happens. I’m in the process of reading “so yesterday” now, And trying to get my hands on your other books as well.

  32. ” …It will make it much harder to live in small towns and rural areas.”

    And L.A ! How can this city exist with out PB ?!?!? How did that happen ???? … yes yes I know how it happened I just can’t believe people let it happen….

  33. The Mighty Ducks employed Joshua Jackson, who is neat. (No, I am not a Dawson’s Creek fan, but I think he is a more than decent actor, and I’d love to work with him, if ever given the opportunity.)

    For those who were talking about The Twilight Zone and “Number 12…” — Make sure that you see the episode “Eye of the Beholder.” Now THAT rocks. And Tally would be interested.

  34. At least LA’s urban! things are close together! Out in suburbia, all there is are houses. And when you’re not too deep in, you can get to a few grocery stores, wal-mart (the place of evil) but no bookstores. Or libraries. Which sucks.

  35. It works just as well this way:

    “Maaate, I am so not wrong. I mean, mate, maate. Seriously, mate.”

    Better, even, on account of the excellent long a sound.

    This is the sounds of me tearing up your Australian citizenship. And yours is gone and all, Niki!

  36. bludger, struth, gag me with a spoon – what the hell are you doing stufin around on scotts blog when you should be writting !! – get back to work DUDE !

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