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So Justine and I are headed to Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow morning for Wiscon, the world’s premier feminist science fiction convention. Here’s the schedule:

Wednesday: Justine’s doing this. I’m just hanging out.

Thursday: Having lunch with the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, Wisconsin’s elite strike force for keeping books from being banned in schools and libraries.

Friday: Seeing X-Men, yo.

Saturday: Justine has many panels. I’m just hanging out again.

1:00PM Reading with Chris Rowe, Gavin Grant, and Richard Butner.
2:30PM On a panel called “The Death of the Panel.” (how meta, dude)

Monday: Signing at the Big Sign Out, Madison Concourse Hotel.

Tuesday: Coming home. Sleeping, even though I won’t really be that tired.

As you can see, this isn’t a super exhausting convention for me. It’s mostly to see my writer pals and talk about writerly and science fictional stuff. Plus free food. Also, really cool people will be there: Nalo Hopkinson, Ursula K. Le Guin, Jane Yolen, and all these people too. Yikes, what a list!

Note: These aren’t really public events. You must be a member of the con to come to the panels and readings, and it’s all sold out.

97 thoughts on “Wiscon Schedule

  1. Dude! This sounds totally awesome! Too bad I’m in a land down under, and that it’s not even public! Justine seems really busy though, good luck to her. And tell us how X-Men is, I really want to watch it. But I’m watching Da Vinci Code first.
    Good luck to you too, I’m sure you’ll be exhausted from signing and talking (…). Lol, just kidding.
    Have heaps of fun!

  2. Also, can anyone recommend books for a girl at about Year 5 reading standard? NOT fantasy or sci-fi though. Thanks if you can.

  3. I here you on the x-men thing, I’m leaving school directly after my last final on friday and kicking my summer off with an awesome movie (I hope and pray). Still, I hope you have fun in Wisconsin. (You know, you’re going to be only a few hours away from Chi-town….wink wink).

  4. How did I not know you were in Wisconsin… haven’t been paying attention… *grumbles* One state over… *sighs*
    hehe “World’s Leading Science Fiction Convention. 30 Years of Feminism.”
    YEAH! Vive la feminism! 😀
    *eek* I havent’ seen Da Vinci Code yet… and I need to see X-Men… man, X-Men, Da Vinci, X-Men, Da Vinci….. nooooo….

  5. Dude, why don’t they have cool stuff like this in Texas? Okay, maybe in Austin there are book conventions. One, that I’ve heard of.

    Ditto X-Men. But I haven’t seen Da Vinci Code yet either. Nor have I read the book. Nor am I inclined to read the book. I’m totally not in the mood. Angels and Demons was okay, but the two books start out in almost exactly the same manner, so much so that for a minute I got confused and thought I’d picked up A&D by mistake. But I hadn’t. And ever since, I’ve felt less than motivated to start reading it again.

    Why must all the cool books be coming out in September?

  6. OH MY GOD you’re in Wisconsin!!! I only live in Minneapolis, I should so totally drive over and see you. It’s only… uh… 7 hours.

    The Da Vinci Code = Brilliant book = terrible movie.

  7. That really sucks cause I live in Brookfield Wisonsin about 45 min from Madison and every Saturday there is a huge farmers market on the square and sometimes we go. It would be awsome to see you to bad its not public. Someday come back and come to a Schwartz book store. That were all the authors come to.

    P.S. In Madiosn check out Sate Street and the campus. Its really cool. Very hippieish 🙂

  8. OMG YOUR ONLY GOING TO BE AN HOUR AWAY! OMG! i so want to see you guys! i will have to convince mom we need to go! 😀

  9. except for the fact that these things aren’t really public (ok i only saw you were going to be in madtown when i left that other comment so now that i have read the whole thing….lol) so it would be incredably cool if you guys did a PUBLIC signing! BOTH of you. around madtown :D:D:D:D pretty please…..?


  10. You have a busy schedule, Scott. I do too—-doing finals and projects the whole week…………….i can’t believe how lucky you are too…..Ursula K. Le Guin has written some books i like and would like to meet her one day…..

  11. Ursla K Le Guin! JANE YOLEN! Wow, some of my favorites… Especially Jane, Armageddon Summer was my first book in 6th grade to read.

  12. Aww…Wisconsin…You should stop on the west coast :] But that looks fun. Free food, talking with writers, and seeing movies is a great schedule. have fun!

  13. Yeah really want to watch x-men and da vinci code, plus Pirates of the carribean 2 and some other sequel coming out this summer.

  14. hehehe, i was just surfing good ‘ol myspace (oh how i love to hate that place) and i came across a girl who’s ID name was ‘
    Jessica. is. not. a. Tridecalogism. ‘ and it made me laugh.

  15. Ooh, tell us how the movie is. Oh, and the whole convention thing too.

    (I’m such a geek. I bought Dairy Queen for the sole reason that you had a blurb on it. Even though they misspelled your name. I bet you get “Westerfield” all too often. And I got Magic or Madness too.)

  16. heyyyyy! we’re the 22nd review! yay!!!

    elizabeth: your books rock!
    rachel: i’m gonna read uglies super soon
    elizabeth: all my friends are reading your books now! yay!
    sarah: i think i’m gonna read them sometime
    kelsey: hi!!!

    oh, scott, you should watch kiki’s delivery service hahaha we’re all 13 (xcept 4 kelsey, she’s 12) but we watched it last night and its good hahaha

    gigi the cat is so cute, but just lyk my friend david (NO ENTHUSIASM!!!) well if u want 2 have a clue about what we’re talking about, watch it! (tho i know u probly won’t =’-

  17. Hey Scott, have fun in Wiscon! You lucky you, get to just chill and hang out, while we’re here having to go to school. XD It sounds like Justine will be pretty busy though. Are you going to tour Specials with book signings all around the country? I think everyone will agree that you should. *nods*

  18. hhahaha, the Back to The Future hoverboard! (insert geek comment here…)
    I’ve seen that movie waaaaaaaaaay too many times.
    Ack, Jane Yolen?? Didn’t see that! LUCKY

  19. Oh my god the Kates are multiplying and one has a name faaar too similar to my own D:.

    And that’s a pretty sweet hoverboard.

  20. Whoops…wrong hoverboard. Oh well, I know that one’s from BTTF…I accidently put the wrong link. 🙂

    The RIGHT hoverboard lifts you up just like that one does:


    But you don’t get to see it in action unless you buy this movie. Rats. The cheapest one is a couple thousand dollars, anyway.

  21. And it is upside down in the picture, obviously…and it makes A LOT OF NOISE. Actually, there are now a whole bunch of people trying to make hoverboards, entire orginizations. When will somebody invent one like in Uglies?

  22. “Katerate Says:

    Oh my god the Kates are multiplying and one has a name faaar too similar to my own D:. ”

    lol yeah i did have it as just Kate on here but someone else was also kate so i changed mine to katertater which is the name i use on the forums i talk on but now yours is so close to mine i might have to change it agian :S

  23. To make one like in Uglies, they would have to first create a superconducter that works as a tempurature higher the about -200 F. And that probably won’t happen anytime soon since there are multiple scientsts that have been working on that for a few decades, at least. Which is very sad.
    I would become a scientist if it mean I could figure out how to make a hoverboard!

  24. if you become a scientist and invent a hoverboard, i’ll buy one for you. there, now you have proof to any future bosses that this is a worthy venture, they’re a kids out there just itching to get their hands on hoverboards!

  25. has anyone seen the daVinchi code? i didn’t like it very much. well the movie was made good. but i dont like the fact that it made up alot about jesus.

  26. Amy, have you read the book? It was great, it was amazing, though Dan Brown did get a lot of his facts wrong, that was mainly the historical and artistic things. Like the Priory of Sion, it didn’t exist until the 50’s, not really anyway. And Opus Dei is way different than he made it out to be. And heh, the Madonna of the Rocks that Sophie threatens to put her knee through? It’s 100 pounds and made out of wood. And though the religious stuff IS based on many theories, Dan Brown never claims that it’s fact. He wrote the book to spark intelligent conversations and to get people to question the Church and their faith. btw, Dan Brown is Christian, just so people know… some people who are mad at him say he’s atheist…
    Sorry if I TOTALLY went off on my own little tangent… *ahem*
    Oh, and yeah, hoverboards would be SO cool, one of the best parts about the Ugly trilogy: definitely hoverboards.

  27. You’re friend Justine is very pretty!
    I think it’s very cool that you guys are doing this..
    I hope you have a lot of fun!

  28. Oh yeah, and about the DaVinci Code, I saw it and really liked it.
    Some of the things that I hear about the movie and the books tend to irk me.
    If you look for the book in a sotre or a library, isn’t it under fiction?
    Like Lyra says, (and I’m wondering if this happens to be a Lyra that I know in Virigina) Dan Brown hasn’t claimed them all true.
    I’m a christian and I love the DaVinci Code and the prequel Angels and Demons, merely for the sake of entertainment.

  29. Nope, sorry Chynna, not from Virginia, good old Minnesota, only hours away from Wiscon… *sighs* I still NEED to see the Da Vinci Code, but I probably won’t like it simply because it won’t be like the book. LOVED the book, loved Angels and Demons even more (I didn’t like Sophie very much, I liked Vittoria better, Sophie was wimpy) I’m not spiritually Christian, but I believe in a lot of the good things that Christians do, so it would be kind of insulting if Dan Brown spat on that, but he didn’t. He wrote a GREAT piece of fiction with cool theories, he didn’t make things up, he just dramatized the theories I guess.

  30. well i’msure the book was GREAT but i just dont agree with it, thats all. like HP i like the books, but i dont believe oin witch craft- ya know?

  31. Hey, Lyra, where in Minnesota are you from? Just curious, as I’m from the twin cities area.

    The Da Vinvi Code: The book was brilliant and had an amazing plotline. The movie was terrible though. The worst part was “It happened on the thirteenth – a friday!” “Oh no! Friday the thirteenth!” Like, is case we didn’t get it the first time, Ron Howard had to just shove it down our throats. The whole “As a child, do you remember any ancient pagan rituals you weren’t supposed to know about?” line was really bad also.

    I’m kind of irritated by people who are saying that The Da Vinci Code is like that biggest assault on Christianity ever. It’s not saying anything bad, it’s just making Jesus more human, and how is that a negative thing?

  32. Maggie, St. Paul, nearish the capitol. Mexican immigrants rally by there, oh yeah, I was there *nods head* And I know that people are mad at Da Vinci for supposedly insulting Christianity (which if you read the book and really pay attention, it doesn’t) but the Church (Catholic) is mad at Dan Brown because they think he was insulting THEM. Opus Dei is mad because they think he was insulting THEM. Even albinos have been getting mad, because Silas was creepy and kinda crazy. *shrugs* it caused people to think and to discuss ideas, it “opened the lines of communication” that was what Dan Brown wanted to do. heheh, that’s what makes it kinda sorta funny… in an ironic kinda way.

  33. Yeah, Silas was kind of creepy. Had a nice butt though. Wait, did I just say that? And in all honesty, how many other albino villians do you know? And it’s not like Langdon ever said, “Oh my god that wacky albino is out to get me!” He was just a villian who happened to be an albino. But then again, I’m not an albino, so I shouldn’t talk.

    Muhahahaha, I got to see X-Men early! I’m not saying anything about it, though…

  34. heh, I think some albinos just thought that maybe non-albinos who don’t know albinos would think that all albinos were like that or something *shrugs*
    oooooooooohhhhh *jealous* course, I’m seeing it in like an hour so… heheheh

  35. i saw and read the Davinci Code. The book- great, movie- ok. I have seen the past X-men and love them so i will defitnelty see final stand this weekend. Twelve more days of school. Yay:) Dylan

  36. forgot to mention: the link is a quiz on “Which sci-fi character are you most like” or something like that. Geeky, but that’s what we’re here for, right? Too bad characters like Tally or Dess aren’t on there hehe, that’d be cool.

  37. OH MAN, X-MEN ROCKED! SO much action, YEAH! No more “oh look, I’ve got these powers… but I don’t really use them” dude: they USED their powers, it ROCKED. Made me mad in some places, but it still ROCKED

  38. A lot of things are wrong with Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, but people believe it because on the first page (before the story starts) he claims that “all descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents… etc. are accurate.” One thing that’s wrong is the ‘hidden gospels’ in the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were actually comprised of Jewish documents. Another thing is the description of the members of the Priory of Sion. It identifies many well-known members, such as Isaac Newton, Da Vinci and Botticelli. However, that part was all a fraud. A french guy called Pierre Plantard composed the list of members himself, which established himself as the lost son of royalty. Also, he actually confessed this in court, before Dan Brown wrote his book. Another thing is that Constantine wasn’t baptised at death because he was too weak to protest. He actually converted before his death, but was only baptised at death. This was because baptism could ‘wipe away your sins’, so if you performed this before you died you would have a better chance to go to heaven. If you died suddenly, before confessing your recent sins, it was believed you would go to hell to serve these sins.
    Man, there are soo many other things historically wrong with this book, I won’t even try. But you gotta admit, it’s a good read.
    Also to Scott: sry for turning your blog into a Dan Brown forum.

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