New Look

No, you’re not going insane . . . This is my blog’s amazing new look!

Because we all know that the old look was lame. It was one of those generic WordPress templates, which somehow seemed cool back in the ancient days of last year when I picked it. But it was lame and blue and not befitting.

This new template rocks, though. (Thanks, Justine!)

But what is that image at the top? Well, it’s a tiny fraction of the new cover for Peeps. You see, when Peeps comes out in paperback, it’s going to be wearing a new look too. One that goes better with the semi-secret The Last Days cover that you haven’t seen yet.

It’s all very complicated. Just repeat after me: “Everything’s getting slightly better all the time.”

And speaking of The Last Days, you can order it right now on Amazon. You will receive it September 7, or perhaps sooner in that myserious way of book release dates.

That’s it, except that Specials is holding at number 9 on the NYT Children’s Chapterbook list. Let the w00ting continue!

I know it’s a bit shakey and uneven right now, but it will be lovely soon.

97 thoughts on “New Look

  1. i’m very glad to know i’m not going crazy. 😀

    i like it a lot! the eyes are wonderfully creepy……

  2. COOL!AWESOME new look Scott, I think orangedragonfly could have done with a warning though 😉 heheh… HEY, Last Days comes out in September?! YEAH!!! long time, but less time than I thought, so YEAH!

  3. much better – wow justine has a sence of design – who would have thought 😉 – need to fix up the book images over lapping the border

  4. september 7, just before my birthday. i’ll pre-order it as a birthday present to myself. 😀 i’m so so so excited that that there is a sequal (or companion or whatever) to peeps. yay!! i can’t wait to see what the cover art looks like……….

  5. ‘Tis good, methinks. I gonna need to buy the paperback, my copy exploded on a school trip. It fell in a lake.

  6. Niki: I still have no design skills. I simply found a template (or rather had Chris McLaren find one for me) that I could figure out how to tweak. This one is called Relaxation 3 and is by Clemens Orth. Thank you, Chris (and Clemens)!

    I’m too tired to do anymore tweaking. The book images will just have to keep overlapping for awhile.

  7. Hey, great new look. It’s killing me that not only do we have to wait till September for Last Days (c’mon Scott, you really could have pulled that graduation sneak peek through for me…) but we don’t know what the cover looks like either! Do we have to wait until that fateful September morning to know more?


  8. I seriously thought I had the wrong site. Woah, it’s so different… and yeah. It’s awesome though, just going to be an adjustment.

  9. I totally love the new look!

    Seriously, i was hating that you are such a great writer with such an unorignal blog face. That and standard templates suck.

    Much better now.


    p.s. i just finished specials and it rocked!

  10. Ohhh I’m really glad there’s going to be a sequel to Peeps. You kinda just left us hanging. And I really liked the book and wanted to find out what was going to happen with the “new” strand of virus. Love the layout by the way.


  11. Layout is amazing, thanks Justine for fixing your husbands lame layout *sorry scott, its the truth that none of us wanted to tell you* its true, behind every great man there is an even greater woman saving their sorry behind! lol sorry scott, us women have to stay together, no matter how awsome you are. ^.^

  12. Breana: Actually it’s not really a sequel, from the way Scott’s described it, it’s more of a…companion prequel sort of book. Zombie apocalypse, all that good stuff.

  13. w00ting still going on, and still waiting on the news and W0W nice flippin page now. I like the change. I feel like i want to pay attention and post more now for some odd reason?

  14. rob, it’s those freaky eyes at the top of the page. they’re actually hypnotizing you, saying over and over in your brain “post more, post more, post more…”

    hee hee

  15. can’t wait to see the whole cover. and the last days, too! argh, i’m not good at waiting.

  16. i love those eyes they are magnetic, they kinda hypnotize me……whoa. that is sooo cool. i think the brown eye is my fav

  17. “Everything’s getting slightly better all the time.”
    That really helped. 😀

    I like this new look. ‘Tis good.

  18. Or are you going to take it down after everyone has said how much they like it and then be like “What new look? I think you guys are going crazy…”

  19. Hey scott, did u know that if you go on google, and search for scott westerfeld that on the first page there is a picture of you “flipping the bird”? lol, i know its random, but i just thought u should know if you didnt. lol. ^.^

  20. o and if u search for justine her pic is on the second page of google (again, flipping off the camera) what was happening at that convention? lol

  21. Glad you guys like the look. Thanks again to Justine.

    Ah yes, the fanous bird-flipping event. It was the 2003 World Science Convention in Toronto, and it was a bit late and we’d all been schmoozing at the bar. Scott Edelman (a guy) foolishly handed his camera to his boss while he stepped away to make a phone call. So in highly mature and writerly fashion, his boss took pictures of numerous sf writers, editors, and publishers doing what you see in these pictures:

    Let this be a lesson to you all: The internet never forgets!

  22. Is it sad that I feel like buying the paperback Peeps, even though I already have the hardback, just so that I can have that picture?

    More importantly, do I care if it’s sad?

  23. Did you ever get the feeling that you were being watched? 🙂 Excellent new layout. That does Peeps justice. I like the cat-esque blue eye on the left the best.

    I received a text message from a friend and, based on the content, knew immediately that he was done reading BLUE NOON. (Aw, he cried.)

  24. Wow, yes, very awesome new layout! Though I didn’t really mind the unoriginal one either, it was just kind of “you”. Good job to Justine and “helpers” for making it.

    Well, as for Specials, I’m not surprised. It’s been a very anticipated book, after all.

  25. Wow.
    the layout is so different!! but i totally love the eyes at the top, and i agree, the blue eyes are the best!! and i am sooo ordering the last days.
    btw, is it like another one in new york, or is it like actaully a sequel to peeps with the same characters and parasite positive people??

    either way i now it will rock so yah

  26. i really like it, but i keep jumping when i load the blog, im soooo used to the other type, lol. but erally i think its awsome.

  27. “Did you ever get the feeling that you were being watched?” -Little Willow, heheh, I think Scott has a thing with trying to make you feel like you’re being watched, I had to take my Specials cover because Tally was staring at me while I read. And I think Tally’s eye is on the spine of Uglies too… so it peeks out at me from my bookshelf lol.
    And uh, “someone”, Specials is already out, and it ROCKED, best of the three

  28. mi gusta!
    i like how there are little numbers on the comment boxes.
    very snart kuje!

    to someone: its already out! yaya!!!

    also just finished specials,
    took me a few hours in which i laughed and cried. extremely icy scott!!!
    oh and to just let you know,
    you were my first entry in my book lust! yay!
    And if you don’t know,
    book lust is this nitto (who says that anymore?) little journal about books.
    you should totally get one, only $2.98!
    ^go there!

  29. rhe face on the cover for peeps looks awesome….it has a sense of mystery in it…..

  30. WHOA! It changed magically before my eyes! The image at the top is definitely my favorite part. I really want to go buy the paperback copy now.

    “it’s those freaky eyes at the top of the page. they’re actually hypnotizing you, saying over and over in your brain ‘post more, post more, post more…'”
    Hahahahahahaha, like I needed that….

    “Let this be a lesson to you all: The internet never forgets!”
    Oh. That kind of flipping the bird. As opposed to the other kind. Dude, that is so going in my bookmarks for whenever I need a good laugh.

    “I had to take my Specials cover because Tally was staring at me while I read.”
    Yeah, me too. Because her other eye was staring at me from the inside flap while I read and I kept getting startled. 😛

  31. That Book Lust thing looks kinda cool, I have sooooooooo many books I haven’t finished, usually feel sad when I finish a book too, don’t usually think to write about that though *shrugs* might be a good idea though. Just finished a book by Isabel Allede, Daughter of Fortune, and now I keep on going up to my room looking for it thinking “I have to finish this” but of course, I’ve already finished it, weird… 🙁
    heh, did I mention I like the eye coloring of the Peeps people? Because everything else is kinda brown in the pictures, but the eyes are bright, I like that kinda stuff, even though it’s kind of a creepy little girl in red Shindler’s List kinda thing… still cool though lol

  32. Pretty! I love the new look. The eyes are so cool…Except for when I first saw them and was like “what?! what is this?!” and then I saw the words “new look” and understood. Then I decided I wanted eyes like the brown ones. They are awesome! The new cover of Peeps looks really cool, I bet.

    “I had to take my Specials cover because Tally was staring at me while I read.”
    – Yes, that was kind of strange. I kept the cover on because I was afraid I’d loose it. But my friend saw the cover-flap as I was reading and was like “that is weird. that eye is weird. is that supposed to be tally? thats werid…” She thought the whole eye was black, because the pages covered up the non-iris part of the eye.

    “Specials is holding at number 9 on the NYT Children’s Chapterbook list. Let the w00ting continue!”
    – woot! :] Yay Specials!

  33. i like book lists. or books lusts. whatever. whenever i run out of new books to read and mom wont me take me to the library i either play the sims for several hours or look at lists of books and write down ones i want to read later. right now i’m reading the rather disturbing biography of Jack the Ripper (serial killer in the late 1800’s). its called..Portrait of a Killer, by Patricia Cornwell. sometimes its nice to take a step out of my usual genre. ilove sf and fantasy best, i think i always will, but i read a lot of different stuff. i think everyone should, youd be surprised how much interesting stuff is out there.

  34. WOW! mucho better! i like it alot. thing are getting better all the time. and school is almost out ( for me) only 12 more days. thank god. freshman year sucked!

  35. huh, does anyone think this looks kinda Halloweenish? just thought of that… (sorry if I ruined the look, but it’s a GOOD thing! Like Samhain… ha, like in Midnighters!)

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