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I’m still at ALA, and let me tell you that librarians rawk! We’re having a great time and meeting lots of excellent people. More about them later.

Because, of course, while I’m here away from computer and internet connections, The Big News has finally appeared!

From this week’s Variety:

As they prepare “Eragon” for a Dec. 15 release, 20th Century Fox and producer John Davis have bought into another young adult fantasy book series with “Uglies,” the Scott Westerfeld novel that hatches a trilogy.

Davis will produce with his wife, Jordan. Futuristic tale taps into teen angst over conformity and acceptance. Kids are called “Uglies” until they reach 16 and get surgically transformed into the attractive “Pretties,” who move to the glamorous part of town. A precocious teen is threatened with being denied the procedure unless she spies on a pal who skipped the operation and joined a rebellious group. Studio has bought the three-book series for a potential franchise. The second novel, “Pretties,” is near the top of the young adult bestseller lists; the IPG-repped Westerfeld’s third installment, “Specials,” was also released this year.

The producers were plugged into the tale by their daughter, who read the book in school. Studio has begun the search for a scribe to adapt.

Okay, actually, that’s only part of The Big News . . . more later, when I get back to my own computer!

Cool how the producers were clued into the books by their daughter. See? Word of mouth works!

Update: My agent has hard copy of the issue of Variety in hand, and it turns out the article was on page one. This is ego-boosting if nothing else.

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  1. Are there going to be open auditions? PLEASE SAY YES! I would really love it because I am an aspiring actress and would really love the chance to play Tally or Shay. Oh, CONGRATS!!!!!!

  2. !!! are you serious! i cant wait! i am in love with the Uglies trilogy!! did they already start filming?! do they know when its going to come out??

  3. hi um also if you were looking for someone to play a part in the movie that would be soooo cool to play Tally or Shay!! I am an aspiring actress and would love! to have a role in this new movie!

  4. here is a casting call….hmm… see what people think!

    Tally: Natalie Portman
    Shay: Angelina Jolie
    Dr. Cable: either Tyra Banks or Nicole Kidman
    Zane: Tom Welling
    David: elijah Wood or someone …

    I know i know i know…they are all like 15 years older than the characters…. it would be cool anyway.

  5. I think the woman from “The Devil Wears Prada” should play Dr. Cable (can’t remember her name) and while I’m thinking about that movie, I suppose Anne Hathaway could play Tally.

  6. That is so cool scott if you can make a movie about all of the uglie books books than i will most sertainly bye them. Peace

  7. I really hope they pick people who actually potray scotts characters well.I always wondered what the characters that were not on the covers looked like.

  8. If they screw up this story Im gonna go commando on their butts!!!!!! God, this is my favorite book EVER! No joke, and if they mess it all up and change it I will hunt them down and kill them all!!!!!!! Also, I hope they pick good actors and actresses. People who get the charcters and portray them right! I also hope to god that they dont get anyone very famous for any of the roles AT ALL! Except maybe Dr. Cable just because I can think of a bunch of old actresses that could do her really well I think.
    *sigh* I so so so so so so so excited, but Im also really worried!!!

    I love this!! When Im so suprised that I cant even freak out!

  9. this is EXTREMELY happy-making, scott.
    i got done with the trilogy a couple weeks ago. i was thinking it should be made into a movie halfway through Uglies. tho i’ve heard books made into movies sometimes suck, i’m extremely excited about this.

  10. Oh MY God. That is so cool. It’s great how the daughter sparked the idea. And only part of the Big News. Oooohh. Scott, you are sogreat at cliffhangers.

  11. i’m so excited about the movie!! and your coming to austin!! i got my friend hooked on the books, we both addicted!!!

  12. im a big FALL OUT BOY fan and i just finished reading PRETTIES and there’s this song called OF ALL THE GIN JOINTS IN THE WORLD!!!! by fall out boy and it goes perfectly with the part were Zane gets the headaches.

    So i think it would be TOTALY COOL if you put that song in the MOVIE!!!!!

  13. OF ALL THE JOINTS IN THE WORLD also reminds me of when Tally and Zane have to stay quite and cant really talk to each other!!!!!!!

  14. Oh my gosh. I am so happy. I can’t wait till the movie comes out. These books are so cool. I am also so happy about EXTRAS and I hope that there is a sequel to that.

  15. I teach 7th grade and read Uglies as a read-aloud to my class. They insisted I read Pretties and Specials. We will finish Specials this week. One of my students told me yesterday that he had heard it was going to be a movie. We can’t wait to see Uglies on the big screen.

  16. WOW!!! That would be totally happy-making!!! Althoug, I must admit, I’m a little nervous about this turning into a movie. I’ve seen so many good books turned into, dare I say, crummy movies. Plus, I think there are many scenes in which they could totally screw up. Like the roller-coaster scene, the Rusties. My sister and I are both sort of…eh about this. But if they do it right I’m all for it.

  17. OMG!!!is it a sure thing yet?this is like totally happy-making!cast?i cant think of anyone i want to star in the movie,except for Amber Tamblyn as tally.she doesn’t match the description,but that’s who i picture as tally!

  18. OMG!! I can’t wait for it. Once I found out about it I was wondering if Fox was going to have a casting call because I would definatly go. Even if I could just see the process that would be enough for me….I mean if I could audition that would be even better. One question: what are the characters ethnicity because if the book is placed in the future wouldn’t they be tan because the races would have mixed into one unicolor right? This whole thing is totally bubbly-making right.

  19. I hope some you will be able to see my post but if not thats ok. Could you plaese post a web site that gets the first information about this movie…unless this is the website.

  20. will there be casting calls? or open casting calls or something like that for the movie? im sure plenty of people would want to try out and i am one of those many… i love this series so much

  21. i always thought Sharone Stone would make a good Dr. Cable


  22. WOW, that’s amazing. I was reading Specials last night and I was thinking, “This series would make GREAT movies!” and I saw this and I almost screamed. Haha! Congratulations!

    As for the casting calls, I do hope they’re *open* casting calls…I noticed, when I read Uglies, that I look uncannily like Ugly!Shay’s described. O_o That and I sort of act like her…or at least like her as an Ugly, hehe.
    Of course, I’m sure every Uglies trilogy fan wants to do casting calls, I mean come on…Hoverboards, purifiers, sneak suits, the Rusty Ruins…Geniuusssss!

  23. wow i always did think the book was darn to become a movie. don’t mean to sound negative but i hope it comes out great and not some movie that can’t compare w/the book. like when i read the series of unfortunate events i thought those books were the best. but the movie changed the story a lot. and it kinda killed the whole story. i would have rather perferred no movie and leaving the characters to my imagenation so the story stayed the same way i imagen it. oh well thats just me there. but no matter what i guess to me the story will stay the same. well good luck w/your movie. best wishes.

  24. If the story continues to “Pretties” how would they ‘pretty’ the cast? I hope they do the book justice, they are amazing!

  25. When are the auditions?? I would love to play Shay or Tally!!! That would be so friggin sweet! WHEN ARE THE AUDITIONS?!!!!! OMG

  26. I am so happy about this. I would absoloutely adore ahving the chance to audition. That would make me so sad not to have the chance =( I hope the auditions are open to the public because then the producers can choose out of more people and find the perfect person!! This is amazing. I already emailed Scott and I asked him about whether there are going to be auditons still and for the public.. I just finished the 4rth book in the “triogy” (lol yea) and I loved it!

  27. Uglies Trilogy Movie…. Please help I want to know about auditions!?
    Is the Uglies trilogy movie gonna have open auditions for the part of Tally? Like auditions for people without agents? Thanks soooo much you guys ar awesome! =) Also, links would be great.. For people without agents. Thanks and I already emailed Scott Westerfeld Also, do you know websites that say if there are going to be auditions open to the public? Is there an age thing like only 14 years old or whatever? I’m not 14 but still lol.

  28. Speaking of word of mouth, a friend I met through neopets told me about the series..and so I read them, loved them more than Harry Potter..which I’m completely obsessed with, and then got so far, four people in my class reading them.

    I cannot WAIT for the auditions, but I can’t seem to find ANY info about it. =[
    But..I’m soo determined to try out, I would LOVVEEEE to be in those movies.

  29. I’m actually upset. These books are about much more than the plot and the little love story- its about the deeper meaning and the warning against our society. As if there aren’t already enough thirteen year old girls that go ‘omg weee yayy!!!1’ about these books, can you imagine what it would be like after a movie that probably won’t even be nearly as good as the books? I think the books were meant to let you put in your own views of pretty and ugly- but now, actors are going to be doing that for us.


  30. in addition:

    Now we have a bunch of girls with no agents, acting experience, or anything declaring they want to play a main part and that they look like that person, too!!

  31. HEh heh…
    The posts have numbers…hee hee…


    Well wasn’t that refreshing…
    Oh please do continue posting..

  32. okay is there going to be another book after Extras because if there is then i would love Scott Westerfeld forever these are my fav books and i wish there was a fith.

    um.. ohh and if there is another one make sumthing happen with tally and David PLEASE!!

  33. Yes everybody seems to want to try out… i honestly don’t want to play tally because its gonna be a hard role and all that stuff.
    besides my favorite character has always been shay and always will be. so please send any audition info u can for people without agents to my email

  34. ya…that would be really cool if there were open auditions for the characters.
    I love the books and if there were open auditions in the USA i would totally be there….

    anyway…. 😛

  35. I also am hoping for auditions.

    I would love to play Tally(as I’m sure millions of ppl would, but i’m still hoping something will let me and those at least try out.)

    I’ve been, looking but haven’t found anything.

    This movie is going to be great. The books are wonderful and have many deep meanings in them.

    Congrats, Scott 😀

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