Many years ago, I saw an electric-powered skateboard in a sporting good store. I never saw such a thing again, but the image stuck in the back of my brain. Maybe it was still there when I dreamed up the hoverboards in Uglies.

I’d actually forgotten all about it, until I ran into this:

The company is called E-Glide, and it makes powered skateboards with the following specs:

0-20MPH in 4 seconds
10-15 mile range
about $500
about 40 pounds (18KG)
wired remote control
California attitude

So should I get one?

Would look like this video (warning: turn volume down if in school)
Save money on cabs
Save environment
Live life to fullest
Would write hoverboard scenes better
I need it

Probably illegal in New York
Hard to bring on plane
Would have to grow soul patch
Last skateboard owned decades ago
Probable death

Please tell me what to do.

73 thoughts on “Hoverboard-esque

  1. If it runs on electricity and not oil or hydrogen, Bush will cry. Then I’d laugh. ‘Cause I’m an awsome democrat.. Wait… Should I have capitalized democrat? Oh well.

    Sorry if any of you are republicans (Republicans? I’m gonna need to figure this out). To each his own.

  2. I think the whoel point of a skateboard is to move it on your own. Electric powered kind of defeats the purpose.

    I now need to get one of these after watching the video.

    Go for it, definitely.
    Just like, sell your soul or something for the money.

    Who needs a soul anyway?

  4. Dude. Expensive much? But, it would totally be worth it. Think of the petroleum you’re not using with one of those! It’s like a bike, only with less wetsuit-esque clothing! And there’s no excercise involved! You will be the hip-hoppin’-est, fo’ shizzlest, skaterest author ALIVE!

    But, no soul patch. Some skate shoes and dreads should suffice. XDD

  5. Okay so I know this is completely random but I really wanted you to know how great this trilogy was! I was kind of weary about reading it because I wasn’t sure I liked the style but after reading Midnighters I just had to buy Uglies. After reading these books (3 books in 2 days, i have a habit of reading) it really made me sit down and think. I don’t know if you meant for some messages between the lines or what but I found so many inspirations just out of your books in the trilogy of Uglies. I posted a bulletin on Myspace.com to all my friends telling them to read these books and I thought I would share with you what the bulletin said…


    ive come to some conclusions about life…these books were about the author challenging the preconceived notions of beauty…Uglies Pretties and the specials…everyone underwent surgery once they turned 16 to become ‘pretty’ and in this book pretty meant looking and acting just like everyone else…i mean yea apparently they reshaped bones and really made an ‘ugly’ look amazing but at what cost…at what cost do we decide to change our appearances so much that we lose ourselves in the process…man is willing to starve themselves to death for the notion of beauty that was instilled in our brains since early childhood…these books also brought to life the issue of how Rusties (which in the book means man/humanity as it is now because the whole setting takes place THREE CENTURIES from now) destroy the earth because we are greedy and hungry. okay seriously i will be the first to admit that i’m FAR from an environmentalist, thats not what this is about…these books just make you think…can i think for myself? can i rewire myself to believe that i don’t have to be beautiful according to the notion we are force fed as littlies (littlies=children *again another phrase from these books) is it possible for us not to depend so much on oil/natural resources? let me explain to you that in this trilogy, rusties (us) destroy themselves because of their dependency on oil…someone released a strain of bacterium that interacted with the oil creating flammability as soon as the oil hit air…their whole lives wiped out because they wanted to drive around all the time…again i’m the farthest person that should be talking about driving too much cuz i drive everywhere but these books really make you think…they also bring to light how easy it is to betray a friend…how easy we are minipulated. because lets face it…if you and your best friend shared a secret that no one knew, for instance in this story a girls best friend runs away because she doesn’t want to go through with the operation that will make her pretty AND airheaded…but you stay because you WANT to be that person becuase thats what youve always wanted…what if someone said to you ‘give up your friend or you will never be pretty..” what would you do.? would you be the best friend that keeps your mouth shut and lets your friend live the life she always wanted, or will you be the person to betray her and give her away just so you can be a pretty airhead. i know that most of my friends don’t read…especially not half as much as i do but you should REALLY check these books out because it will give you a different perspective on life…granted its pretty farfetched because there are things like ‘hoverboards’ and rooms that give you everything you want…but the messages between the lines really say something…you just have to really read them.

    Much love and respect,

  6. YES!!!! I wan’t one too! Now all I need is $500… Well, I can dream about getting one. But you should definetly get one! That would be awesomer than awesome! Yes, Yes!

  7. i say go for it! as for the probable death, wear a helmet 🙂 bit pricey but if it helps the writing process im sure its worth it. but isnt the series over now? hmm…anyways i love your books. ive read so yesterday, peeps, and uglies. in order. im going to have to get to a walmart to get pretties next.
    much love and keep up with the awesome writing
    maybe a soul patch would make you look a bit like enrique iglesias…?

  8. GET IT! Live life to the fullest, it’s the closest to hoverboarding you’ll get in the near future. But if you die, we shall all be horribley mad at you becuase we want Levithan, and all the other ownderful books you have yet to write.

  9. you HAVE to get one. i am married to a skater. he’s been skating since the 70s, and he is a much happier man when he’s been in the pipe. treat yourself. you deserve it!

  10. maybe instead you want something else. i was cruising the internet when i saw this futurestic type skatebaord thing called a scarpar, an all terrain motorized board at a website called TechEBlog under 10 strangest gadgets of the future, #8

  11. Scott you have to buy it how else will you make another awesome book with awesome hoverboard sequences if you don’t know some experience of how it may feel? You are going to continue on after Specials right? I mean come on you can’t just end it like that we all need to know if Tally makes a difference in the world or not!!!!!

  12. p.s. you did say write more hoverboard scenes so this means there are going to be more books!!! Scott don’t disappoint your fans!!

  13. i’m going to have to give this one a thumbs down to me it just looks like a more expensive version of a skate board for people who can’t skate. but thats just my opinion

  14. Oooh, get one. But you have to send in pictures of yourself skating. (Or your arrest forms if it turns out those really ARE illegal in New York.

  15. definately get one!!!!! they’re soooooooooooooooooooooo flawsem!i want one!but dont die. that would be terrible. death isnt good i like hezaa’s idea– lots of safety stuff!

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