Interview w/Me and Justine

As mentioned in the previous post’s comments, Little Willow just put up an extensive interview with me and Justine.

Willow’s a web designer, book reviewer, freelance publicist and journalist, and a long-time internet pal of ours. The interview is long and winding, and has many amusing details you won’t find anywhere else. Nothing too scandlous, of course, because we have no deep dark secrets. (None, I say!)

Anyway, Willow has her own comments thread, but you can talk about it here too.

22 thoughts on “Interview w/Me and Justine

  1. the interview was cool, i have flying dreams too but i always end up falling 🙁 i just finished Pretties (read it in 1 day it was so good lol) and cant wait to start reading Specials

  2. Whenever I have flying dreams, I always realize that I’m dreaming. But it’s fun, ’cause I get to go around saying stuff to people that I want to say to them in real life.

  3. That was a really cool interview. i had just watched a movie on tv that was based in ireland so i kept changing the accents as i read aloud *i do that sometimes do that to help work on my acting skills, and it makes things even more entertaining! lol*.but i really liked how justine talked about writing her sydney pages while in other places to feel at home. I did that once while i was in new york, i wrote about phoenix. well i think i have rambled on long enough…. ^.^

  4. I feel all left out.
    I never have flying dreams.
    Ah well.

    Good interview.
    I enjoyed reading it.

  5. Hey Scott I go to Keystone Online High School and I recieve newsletters from them in the mail every few months. Well this month they recomeneded your book uglies!! Just wanted to share.

  6. Fun interview, but dogs in the iron age?? like talking dogs?? hm…
    the competing scientist thing is fun, is it like good guy bad guy or like jsut both good.??
    ne ways
    the language thing is true
    we teens to like talk differnt and pick up stuff
    like chillax
    mix between chill and relax.. i think, jk
    keep writing
    can’t wait for the last days!!!

  7. “With me and Justine” agrees with the preposition, and I think it’s better than “with Justine and me.”

    “Justine and I” would only be used as the subject of a sentence: “Justine and I went to the store.” Saying “An interview with Justine and I” would be like saying, “An interview with I.”

    Or do you prefer “An interview with Justine and me”? That sounds flat to me.

  8. Justine and me. Direct object.
    muy better.
    but I am a curmudgeon 🙂 and Justine is adorable, so I say, go with what her says 🙂

  9. Yeshums! Thank you! You and Justine meating, now my report anecdote. That just saved me a whole lot of research. All from and accidentle ‘click’

  10. Bubbly interview, but it did not tellme where you get your ideas from.:( You should write about your flying dreams because they sound quite interesting.

  11. Did you inspiration for the Uglies trilogy come from your view of what society would come to be in the future? Or is it something else, like a warning of what the future will bring if everyone gets caught up in appearences, and not personialities, uniqueness, individuality, principals, and morals? If so, what are the important qualities– not appearences– that would make the future more bright?
    -Thank you for ur time.

  12. Am I the only one who doesn’t have flying dreams? Once I tried to think about Jonathan just as I was going to bed to make myself have a flying dream, but I ended up having a terrifying dream in which peeps ate me instead.:P

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