Galapagos Reading

In all my perterbations about Pluto, I almost forgot about an appearance I’m doing tomorrow night as part of The Last Days month!

Here’s the scoop about the event, a night of strange and varied entertainments celebrating the release of Jeff VanderMeer’s new novel Shriek: An Afterword.

It’s a big multimedia extravaganza that includes my pals Ellen Kusher and Delia Sherman. But the big event is a screening of “Shriek: The Movie,” a short film based on the novel, directed by Juha Lindroos and with an original soundtrack by legendary art-rock band The Church.

I’ll be reading from The Last Days for the first time ever.

Here’s an important note for young fans: Galapagos is a bar, and you have to be 21 to get in. (Sorry.)

It’s $7, and here’s where it is.

The Last Days is a sequel to Peeps, comes out September 7, and can be pre-ordered now.

16 thoughts on “Galapagos Reading

  1. Wow 1st post.

    All I can say is lucky lucky lucky people who get to be there. If your going transcribe it! Joking.

  2. man! why do they do good stuff like that in bars? i mean they want youth to read more but then they hold stuff where you cant get in untill…well, you aren’t a youth anymore. how lame is that. any who…i cant wait for the boook to come out. i ahve been waiting for-ev-er(sorry i just watched the sandlot and that was on my mind). well good luck scott. have fun, and god bless!

  3. Why can’t you read it somewhere in Australia?? Aww….. I want to listen i am so excited for The Last Days.

  4. i agree with hezaa, i cant even drive yet, what good is holding a YA book reading in bar?!? makes me !@#$% angry

  5. Hey, Amy, I got your Sandlots reference. Dude, scott, did you just refer to yourself as non adultey? ROCK ON!

  6. Hey, thanks to all you who came. It was good to have book-reading types there to support me. (I had to follow a very funny rapper, which is never easy when you aren’t rhyming, particularly.

    And yes, Jackie, Maureen is a very funny woman.

  7. u rock i love your books ive read peeps and im on the last days i read the uglys trilogy ( which i loved and think u shoud make a fourth one ) im reading midnighters and im going to get so yesterday. soooooo ttyl
    your biggest fan
    katie harris ( your biggest fan )

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