Goodbye, and Thanks for All the Ice

Before I head off to Worldcon 2006, three bits of news:

1. There’s a profile/interview with me in Publisher’s Weely about The Last Days. The interesting thing is, it ran in the Religion Bookline section.

Basically, reporter (and religious scholar) Donna Freitas and I sat down for lunch the other day, and talked about apocalypses. See what you think.

2. Peeps has been short-listed for the Queensland Premier’s Award for best YA novel of 2005. Yay, me, and ongoing yays to Penguin Australia for giving my books a home in my adopted country.

Yay also to my fellow shortlistees! (Having trouble with the Queensland site right now. Will have to explore this when I get back from CA.)

3. Pluto = toast.

Yeah, that’s right. I knew that 12-planet thang was gonna fall apart. (In fact, I had dinner with reknowned sf writer Samuel R. Delany the other night, and was glad to hear that he was anti-Pluto as well.)

So goodbye Pluto, and thanks for all the ice.

I’m out the door to California to conventionize and talk to the screenwriter who’s working on Peeps and The Last Days movie(s). More on that later.

Ciao for now.

40 thoughts on “Goodbye, and Thanks for All the Ice

  1. You won. Pluto is no longer a planet. Now my song about the planets isn’t accurate anymore. Are you happy? 🙁 Just kidding. I really didn’t care one way or the other.

  2. Ha ha Ha!! I got in an arguement with my Latin Teacher last Friday because she said that they would never get rid of Pluto’s planet status, cguess she was wrong.

  3. Yay, you. Queensland this year. The Northern Territories next!

    And now I’m going to shed a quiet tear for Pluto.

  4. Yay-la.
    okay, I wish I had been younger when Pluto was demoted so it wouldnt be as weird, but whatever.
    Hello, Scott–apocalypses??? my dating system??? 🙂 1 month and 5 days….I swear, someone will release a toxin that poisons all the oil *shiver*.

  5. My little saying for planet order ‘Maybe Vena Ate Many Juicy Snakes Under Nancy’s Porch’ just turned into ‘Maybe Vena Ate Many Juicy Snakes Under Nancy.’ Um. It’s a lot more interesting now, at least.

  6. I never knew the planet song/order thing. So I’m cool with Pluto going bye bye. I thought they just bought the film rights for Uglies, but hadn’t actually decided to make it into a movie yet?

    GO SCOTT! Peeps totally ROXX. lol.

  7. Or Oregon. Hint. And you should do birthday parties. We could hire you and Justine to just…talk and be amusing as you always are. Hmmm…I’m seeing money making possibilities….

  8. thanks, scott. all weekend i’ve been singing “so long and thanks for all the fish” in my head.


    (makes me want to read hitchhikers again…)

  9. ha i laughed at all my friends faces when they cried in distress about pluto not being a planet 😛 lol

  10. But think how cool we are now. We can hobble around and tell long winded stories about how “Back in MY day people walked five miles barefoot to get to school, and this you’ll never guess, but back then, why, Pluto was a PLANET.” And then we’ll astound everyone with our ignorance.

    Scott, I don’t wanna wait till the fifth! Has anyone seen any sneaky TLD’s on the shelves yet? I suppose it’s still a little early, but I intend to haunt the bookstore until I find it!

  11. Aw, I’ll miss Pluto. I even named my first pet after the planet.

    Hello, Capt. Cockatiel!!!

  12. I re-read Pretties(for the 100th time) and I was wondering if you could specify the ending for me please. Does Tally love David or will they just be friends. It’s kinda been bugging me.


    P.S: Your books rock, dude!!

  13. Topaz Jaguar also named their second pet Mars, and is probably wondering is Mars will soon be demoted. Stop worrying, it probably will never happen. You cat is safe for now.
    I like that shirt!!

  14. you have a penchant for pessimism! and here we are thinking what bright rays of sunshine you are. no, seriously.

  15. Hey, i just wanted to let you know that we have to do an independent reading program at my school and I chose to do Uglies. Thanks for writing such great books!!

    P.S. Oh yeah and that is such crap that pluto is not a planet anymore!

  16. I love that shirt!!! I am soooooo going to buy it!

    No, I don’t think Mars is going to be booted out yet, but poor Pluto. I will miss it.


  17. Pluto was kind of…interesting, but note how no one took any real interest in it till it was deplanetized. Not a big deal, people!

  18. i luv scott westerfeld books, me and my twin sister(who i call tallY) are ADDICTED TO THEMmm!!!!!!

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