Maureen Johnson, author of Little Blue Envelopes and the very funny The Bermudez Triangle, hung out with Justine and me last Friday, and describes our day in this VERY SILLY POST.

We had a blast, but I don’t think Maureen got all her facts straight. For one thing, I don’t remember ever calling anyone “kiddo.” And I can fly a helicopter, and read lips, or at least I assume I can.

For more of Maureen’s extreme silliness, check out here next book, Devilish, which comes out September 7. It’s about a demon who shows up in 16-year-old girl form at a Catholic high school, ready to buy some souls.

September 7 . . . That’s right! The same day as The Last Days!

So many books, so little time.

15 thoughts on “Silliness

  1. oh, that is just *too* funny!! i just re-read peeps (again), and i remember thinking it would be cool to be able to climb buildings like cal did. (actually, i’d just like to be able to walk through a room without tripping over something (or nothing)…but the climbing buildings thing would be pretty cool, too.) and to climb up a giant hershey bar…even better!!

    scott…will having pluto declared just an ice ball and not a planet somehow rescue earth from a zombie apocolypse? hmm..

  2. Only two people on this Earth are permitted to call me “kiddo.” One is my mother. She gave birth to me, and I am her kid, no matter how old I become, so that’s permitted. The other is a friend of mine – and, since my world is so very small, it just so happens to be someone Maureen and I recently talked about, but it’s not you. Sorry.

    Still, I may have to start referring to you two as Westeralestiers.

  3. Hi this is in no way related to your topic, though the cover for ‘Devilish’ does intrigue me.

    I’m trying to contact you, but the link on your website only opens up in a Word Document, and there is no specific email. I use hotmail in which case I can’t send you a personal e-mail.

    My e-mail is attached to this entry, and hopefully you can get back to me.
    Sorry for the inconvinience.
    Big fan by the way.

    Stella. xx.

  4. I was highly amused by that. Really.

    Do you really not wear jeans?

    Can’t wait for The Last Days!

  5. sierra and alicia:

    click on “scott facts” on the right edge of the page. read! especially read #6 under “six interesting facts.”


  6. You do know that “Do you really not wear jeans” is secret fan-girl code for “Do you wear any pants AT ALL?”, don’t you, Scott? Sorry, just had to clarify.

    Maureen sounds infinitely amusing, as do you and Justine. When I get published (Ha. Ha.) can I be part of your super-secret Pluto saving gang?

    PLUS: Maureen DID post a whole blogs worth of information about said Super Secret Pluto Saving Gang, does that mean she’s going to be hung from her thumbs or something infinitely evil?

  7. I took orangedragonfly’s advice and read through your faq page. Very interesting. Still you didn’t explain why you don’t wear jeans. Do you ever wear jean shorts or are they prohibited too?

  8. I just posted at Justine’s blog and let her know that I had the audience’s rapt attention yesterday when I performed monologues. (I read parts of your blog, Justine’s blog, and Maureen’s blog out loud to coworkers at lunchtime.)

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