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An interview with me has just hit SFF World.

Rob Bedford: To start off, can you give us the TV Guide version of Scott Westerfeld, the man and writer, as well as The Last Days?

Scott Westerfeld: The Last Days is about five teenagers trying to start a band during a zombie/vampire apocalypse. Old-school SF readers may detect an homage to Robert Silverberg’s “When We Went to See the End of the World,” about a bunch of upper-middle-class folks who don’t see the world ending around them. My teens aren’t nearly as clueless as Silverberg’s adults—because teens never are—but their single-minded focus on musical success as society crumbles around them is going for a similar comic irony. In a way, “getting famous” is their response to catastrophe; the twist is that they have exactly the right idea.

RB: It seems that, especially with The Last Days, music is a big influence on your work and part of your life . . .

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If you do, you will learn a new secret Big Thing.

28 thoughts on “SFF World Interview

  1. wow wow wow! i just reread peeps (again)…i love it more every time i read it. i think it would translate *so well* onto the big screen. i just hope the fantastic parasite bits are fit in!

  2. I think it would be a close second on mine. Sorry, but Dragonheart is the best. Though, if Peeps becomes a film I’d go to Borders and dance there — just to annoy them. But possibly my local bookstore because that’s right next to a theater…

  3. Woot!!! Another Westermovie!!! I’m currently re-reading Peeps in preperation for TLD, and I realize that I’d forgotten how awesome it was!!!

  4. This day just keeps on getting better and better.
    Firt I recieve my report card (which, might I point out, is perfect straight As)
    and now this!
    If it really gets turned into a movie, I’ll be the first in line with a huge bucket of popcorn.

  5. My bird is here with me and says he will always love Peeps the best. When and if I see the movie I will have to sneak him in with me… Or I could just rent it if/when I can. :>

  6. Wow. A movie! That’d be awesome. I hope they do a good job. Not like the butchering of the Harry Potter books. But somehow I doubt you’d allow that! Will there still be all the little parasite facts? It’d be neat if they could work that in there somehow. I was telling my mum all about Trematodes just this morning! She was thouroughly grossed out. Which was, of course, the desired effect.

    And I am getting my copy of TLD on the fifth or sixth according to the bookstore. YAY!

  7. Peeps was a great book and would make a great movie. Reading it turned me into an annoying third grader who’s just done a science project: “Aaand there are these parasites? Aaand they live in a cat’s stomach? …”

  8. That is true. Science teacher’s everywhere are raising their glasses to a toast and saying in hushed voices, “To Scott Westerfeld, the boy-who-lived….that wasn’t right, was it?”

  9. YES! A Peeps movie! But… wouldn’t the science ‘tidbits’ interrupt the flow of the movie? queries the movie experts and SW fans. I have no idea, replies Scott Westerfeld. No clue.

    Woah, that was weird. up there ^^

  10. if they DO make a movie out of peeps, u cant let them do what they did to the harry potter movies! and they would have to find a way to weave some important parasite info into the story w/o ruining the flow

  11. This seems completely off subect, but today my English teacher almost stole The Last Days from me — just because it had a band. I had to run away and into my next class to escape.

  12. I conducted the interview with Scott, thanks for all the great feedback folks! Thanks to Scott as well for posting the link here. I’m not sure what is going on with our (sffworld) server, but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

    When sffworld comes back up, I’ll drop a note here. Also, don’t hesitate to jump in and join our forums either!

    If my review of these two books wasn’t clear enough, these were two of the most fun reading experiences for me this year!

  13. Uglies Trilogy + Movie =…….*is struck dumb with joy* Where are the auditions being held?!

    Just kidding…I think…XD

  14. my freind despertly wants to know when uglies audtions will be held
    can u tell me so she will stop asking to find it

  15. Hey Just to let you know that I just got done reading peeps. .(Ahem Loved it!!) It’s my first book I’ve read by you and I promise it wont be my last! I’m having trouble understanding which ones to read next and stuff though, I’m bound to figure that out

  16. Yay, Peeps movie! Scott, I know everybody tells you this, but DON’T LET THEM BUTCHER IT! Otherwise it will be like Harry Potter, with a vast database of fans that will never read the book.

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