The Last Days OUT NOW!

WHAT are you doing reading this? You could be reading The Last Days!

Which is out now, by the way. Today.

Brilliantly timed to coincide with the release, there’s a long profile of me by David Hiltbrand in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

My fave quote:

His new book, The Last Days, is certainly vampire-enhanced. Set in a spooky modern-day Manhattan, it tells a story as old as time: five kids form a band, wanting only to become rock stars before the apocalypse arrives.

Hah! In addition to his dry sense of humor, Hiltbrand has also written the most complete profile of me in the public record. Even those of you who’ve scanned my Scott Facts page may discover some new biographical goodies. And ego-boost-wise, fantabulous author John Green says nice things about me, as does Philly teen librarian Sandie Farrell. Thanks to them, and to David, for a lovely article.

(Hmm, now how do I find a physical copy?)

Okay, now I’m off to spam everyone on my mailing list. But once more, just so you remember what TLD and the new Peeps paperback look like:

What? You’re still sitting there?

52 thoughts on “The Last Days OUT NOW!

  1. Hey, Scott, I had to wait for my paycheck before I could order the book from Amazon. However, even without your blog reminders, my son reminded me last night and this morning to order it, so it should arrive in our rural Colorado town in 3 or 4 days. He insists he can’t complete his reading requirements for school without this book.

  2. I snatched up a book before it even hit the shelves! A very kind bookseller snagged a copy for me from receiving.

  3. argh. i preordered from *weeks* ago…but it still isn’t here!!! i am not-very-patiently waiting.

    someday soon…..

  4. “WHAT are you doing reading this? You could be reading The Last Days!”

    According to my Amazon package tracking thingywhatsit it’s….DELIVERED?!?!?!?!

  5. Maybe I’m a loser for not knowing that it’s out now (I’ve been very lazy with these things lately), but I can’t wait to read it!!!

  6. Got it, read it, liked it, bought the T-shirt.

    Okay, all of that is true except for the last part – but I did see a teenager wearing a shirt with the (in)famous yellow marshmallows and the slogan, “Where My Peeps At?”

  7. Jude: Your son rocks! (And he’s right. His education is at stake.)

    Tim: That’s the spirit!

    Sahara: Crikey! How did you miss TLD *month*?

    Monica, Dragonfly, Rebecca, Jez: Don’t worry, I’m giving Amazon a call RIGHT NOW. They cannot withstand my pique!

    Willow: Mmm, marshmallows.

    David: It comes out from Penguin Oz in April 2007, and with a different cover that I haven’t seen yet. Will be blogging that cover when it appears . . .

  8. I have mine actually. I got if from B&N yesterday. I was able to snag a copy before they put them out on the shelves.

  9. talk about annoying. and angry-making. here’s a bit of the email i got from barnes & noble about my copy of the last days…

    “We regret to inform you that our supplier has changed the release date on the pre-ordered merchandise listed below. We expect to ship the item(s) soon and will send you an email when it is ready to leave our warehouse. If we cannot acquire the merchandise within 30 days, we will notify you by email.”

    great. thank you very much.

  10. Orangedragon, I know the feeling. I am officially going on strike of Barnes and Noble AND…after I get my book, of course.

    So a week ago I bounce into my local B&N, a bright shiny smile on my face and cheerfully chirp to the help desk person,

    “Hi, I was wondering if you’re going to have a book in stock by THE DAY IT IS OUT or if I should order it online?”

    At first she tells me yes, so I reserve a copy. Then a few days later I bounce in again just to CHECK (I’m obsessed). This time they tell me no, they won’t have it till the TENTH!

    So I get all frusterated and order it off Now, for some reason I was under the impression that when you PREORDER a book from you get it the day it comes out. Apparently not. But I SHOULD get it today. I hope.

    Oh, and yesterday evening B&N called to say that nevermind, they actually do have TLD in. Of course I’d already paid for the overnight shipping from Amazon.


  11. Squee! Awesome!

    *finished it last Monday*

    It was very, very good. And I bought the paperback Peeps a few days ago, too. Weeeee..

  12. Scott,
    I have the section of the Philly Inq with the article, if you’d still like a hardcopy of it.
    Can’t wait to read Last Days!

  13. OMG!!!! i haven’t been here in awhile i just read that it came out today nd i started screaming and scared the crap out of my dog and now i’m making a mad dash to the bookstore……they better have it or someone’s gonna die…

  14. YAY! I already have it and will finish tonight (if Algebra is ever done bashing my brain…) and I bought PEEPS two days ago and toted it around school (mostly to prove to my English teacher that it is a real book) (he said it still isn’t and that it was a hallucination)( he also laughed at it). Yeah. Then my science teacher pestered me about parasites and I had to sit in a corner out off sight to get any reading of TLD done. My school is out to get me.

  15. I picked up my copy of each today. I’m actually re-reading Peeps first, just to get preped for TLD. 🙂

    And guess who checked me out at the register?

    Yep. My good buddy Matt who catches me singing. Quite funny. Knows his way around the store. Doesn’t usually work register, but he was a good pal today.

  16. Yay, Amazon came through for me and delivered it around noon. I just finished it…definitely FEXCELLENT! I won’t say anymore until the spoiler thread, but so, so good! (There will be a spoiler thread, right?)

  17. If there is not a spoiler thread my head will blow up from the TLD pressure.
    Lenny, I hope you weren’t singing when you bought the books… that would have been strange. I danced into the store when I was picking up my copy of PEEPS and the old lady at the counter laughed (but no threats, thank goodness).

  18. “…but left before finishing his master’s thesis on Japanese all-girl garage bands.”

    Okay, I want to read this. However much of it there is at least. Amazing topic!

  19. Yes, the spoiler zone is coming. Late Sunday, I guess.

    (The delay is because I don’t want folks coming to my blog because of my promo-spam, and winding up right in the middle of all your spoilers. Because I know how willpower-lacking certain people can be. You know who you are!)

  20. No… wasn’t singing. But we had this kinda unspoken inside joke. It was more like a nod.

    Then it was allll business. I guess we get serious when it comes down to it. I’m the buyer, he’s the seller. ha. It’s all good in the… Borders. Yeah. That didn’t rhyme. I know.

  21. I am one of those lacking in will-power, I admit. I totally cheated on the Specials thread, I read it before I’d finished the book…which esentially just bummed me out.

  22. GOT IT! JUST GOT BACK FROM BARNES AND NOBELS. IT”S SO SHINY. I LIKE IT…I LIKE IT ALOT…I’m on chapter four…gotta go back to reading…hope it’s better than Peeps…Dylan

  23. AHH! I just finished The Last Days and it was awesome! Or fawesome, I guess I should say. Scott’s books always make me happy. 🙂

  24. I wish my Chapters would hurry up and get it in.
    Our conversation went like this.

    “How long does it usually take for you guys to get in books that have just been released?”
    “Um, it depends really”
    “You wouldn’t happen to have Last Days by Scott Westerfeld would you, it just came out today.”
    “Well we might have it, if you don’t find it I can look in back for you”
    “Um, yeah, I already looked, would you be able to go check in back?”
    After much waiting and pretending to look at books I really don’t give-a-damn about.
    “Oh no sorry we don’t have it.”
    “.. I’ll check back in a week.”

    Which ends up being every day or so.
    Still not in, Not impressed.
    Don’t asked me why I typed out our conversation.
    Its 2:42 am and im bored as hell.

  25. AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! i hope i get it 4 my bday!!! (oct 7! so soon im not allowed to buy anything for myself!!!)

    and btw im currently reading so yesterday =D

  26. It’s not available yet in Australia is it? No bookshops I’ve asked have any idea about it yet (the dummies!), including Gleebooks children’s, Galaxy and others.

    ME WANT!

  27. Squee!!! I bought my copy the day it came out (accidentally), as I was downtown and friends and I wanted coffee (they have good coffee at Border’s; plus it was the closest thing). So I walk in and they have it right there [under new books]. So I had to get it. =D

  28. i got it!! i got it!! it *finally* arrived at my door last night. happy birthday to me!! (literally, yesterday was my birthday) so now it’s time to read instead of posting things on the internet…

  29. You guys all have it already! 🙁 I just got mine and just started reading it. In fact, I am going to go read it now…

    P.S. If anyone was singing when they bought the book, it was Capt. Cockatiel. She sings when she buys books, you know.

    P.P.S. Just kidding (sort of…)

  30. Hey, I just found this now and that is not true! I don’t sing, ever. Seriously, I just dance. Topaz Jaguar thinks, however, that Pearl works for the peeps (I don’t understand this theory).

  31. What I lie. I asked you about it yesterday and you said “Yeah, she does. She totally works for the Peeps! SHE WORKS FOR THE PEEPS!!” Ok, maybe the screaming wasn’t involved, but too bad.

  32. i feel like a total idiot for not knowing that its out now..but i just finished the 1st one today..i read it in 4 tomorrow i’m going to get TLD!!!!!!!! can’t wait!!

  33. hi scott just wondering when it comes out in paperback. cant seem to find anything online about it sooooooo im asking u. i have this ocd about all booksin a series matcjing (that died when blue noon and specials came out. i couldnt wait) if its too long, o well im getting it in hardback and will tell my brain to shut up when i see it on the bookshelf not matching peeps

  34. Hello,

    I have a feeling this is never going to be read, but i wanted to put my comment on a post that had something to do with the book peeps.

    The whole peeps series is amazeing. I never would have found it if it were not for the this girl i work with at starbucks. She’s a middle school english teacher during the day. One day she brought in some books that she had picked up, one being peeps. I skimmed over the book discripiton. BIO PARISTE VAMPIRES. In that order my brain exploded and i asked to borrow it. Im a biology major in college, and a pariste and vampire.. enthusist? i guess thats the best way to describe it. Any way, i started reading (useing a crowbar to pull my self away and go about every day life from time to time). You did an amazeing job on this book, and i think the part that really gets me excited is the fact that it might get teens interested in science. Plus you used my favorite word in it.. Anathema. I’ve been useing Anathema as an online handle since i read the book “Good Omens” By Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet. (There are rumors of me nameing one of kids Anathema if i ever get around to haveing any.)The day before i finished peeps my friend from work told me about the last days, Which is good, because peeps was so amazeing it left me wanting more.. way more. So i now own the last days which im in the process of devouring. Do you plan on writeing any more in the peeps line? And if you do are you going to keep them isolated to new york? anyway Thanks again for writeing such an amazeing story.
    Respectfully yours,

  35. Hey Mr. Westerfeld ( P.S i feel like i am talking to my principle i go to ur uncles school) loved ur first book!!! Peeps i just found out that Last Days was out and totally thrilled! Bout to get a copy online! This was one of the only books that can keep my attention…so thanks and please keep writing!!

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