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Yes, I’m still writing a post about Uglies character names. It will be here soon, but I’m trying to be detailed, which means Actual Work.

But in the meantime, fresh from the Australian cover mines, here’s the Oz version of The Last Days!

It’s another excellent Aussie adaptation, with the same flair and energy as the Australian cover of Peeps.

It has more “band book” elements than the US cover, with stagelights in the upper right and a girl (Minerva?) who’s clearly rocking out, but it’s not too obvious. Also, this cover links all three books for my “New York trilogy”: It has the street signs used on the So Yesterday cover and in the Australian chapter heads, and the night skyline from the Aussie Peeps cover. I also like that it includes my fave NYC building, the Empire State.*

Cool, huh?

*Flame away, Chrysler-lovers! The CB is nice, but too decorative for me. Plus: shorter. Nyah, nyah.

UPDATE: The Australian edition comes out in April 2007.

45 thoughts on “The Last Days OZ Cover

  1. You are SO very wrong about the Chrysler building. During the day when the sunlight hits the chrome—ain’t nothing more beautiful than that.

    The Empire State Building does win at night though. Pretty lights!

  2. wow, I LOVE those covers, actually better than the U.S. ones, or at least the Last Days, can’t say that I really loved that one… these look cool in a sort of sleek dark way, I like that

  3. those aussie covers are *amazing*. i will own them both someday. but i’m going to wait until the last days is out in australia so i can get them both at the same time (hopefully shipping will cost less…)

    when *is* the last days out in australia? you’ve probably already answered this question somewhere, but i can’t recall..

    (a side cat is being all peepish at the moment. she keeps coming right up to my face, nose to nose with me, and breathing in my face. lol)

  4. I really like the Aussie covers! Much better than the US ones in fact Though I did like the eyes on the back of The Last Days, very creepy.

  5. OMG!!!!! why are the Oz covers so much better than the US covers? *cries cause will not be in Australia until college* I WANT THEM!!!! It’s fawesome. To say the fecking least.

    (Plus, Fawesome is a word i’ve been using for years, so it’s fecking fawesome you put it in a book.)

    And when i found it in the airport bookstore i like, devoured it. On a 3 and a half hour plane ride i finished the ENTIRE thing. And i read it again in the car after that. seriously, the second time only took me an hour.

  6. Fawsome cover dude………but I have to admit, there has been a worry at the back of my brain.

    Once you finish your NY trilogy…….whats next?

  7. I have a question, i know this sounds stupid but please awnser…what books consist of your new york trilogy?

  8. Sorry. I meant LOL. But seriously, could you please anwser…i’m dumbfounded…Dylan, a fan of the Uglies and Midnighters Trilogy

  9. Hmmm…Those covers are so much better! I still love the ‘old’ Peeps cover (I have the eye-ball covered one, an ARC) but I like the cool Aussie cover. And Scott? After doing the Uglies names, can you do Peep/TLD names? Where DID you get the idea for Moz???

    Hee-hee, until next time!

  10. OMG, I LOVE the TLD cover. (And by the squeels from my friend next to me, I’m pretty sure she does too.) Though honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until next year. It’ll probably be worth it for such a pretty cover though.XD

  11. dude. the best building in nyc is the tb hospital on roosevelt island. they light it up at night, supposedly to keep boats from hitting it, but i like to think it’s because it just looks so super awesome.

  12. The New York trilogy is So Yesterday, Peeps, and The Last Days. Only the last two are connected plot-wise, but they’re all related.

    1) They’re all set in NYC.
    2) All are written in the first person.
    3) All of them have a certain info-dump tendency.
    4) They are all about viruses: musical, marketing, or biological—about how things spread.
    5) All were published by Penguin Razorbill, and Pengun Oz.

    And all of them came about because I moved to Australia, then came back to New York wtih fresh eyes. That’s what made them what they were: sort of a love song to the city.

    See what I mean?

  13. I FINALLY Got my hands on a copy of TLD! Spent the last of my money on it, but it’s worth it. Yeah, sure, they save the cool covers for Austratlia lol. I hate to say it, but I don’t really like the N. American cover. That and the matching one for Peeps are kind of plain, don’t catch nearly as much attention as they should. And nothing about the TLD cover really says “music”, which I think it should have. I like the original cover for Peeps, though. And I REALLY liked the one they were considering for TLD, with the vampire girl holding the guitar, that was so cool.

  14. I love the Aussie peeps cover. Peeps was the first SW book i read and it totally won me over. partly cause it is an awesome book and the cover is really awesome.

    I like the TLD book cover, but its not as arty and it doesn’t jump out at you like the peeps cover does. But don’t get me wrong- I LOVE IT!

    But it makes no difference. I’ll still read it anyway!!

  15. Yeah, Lalu, I am wondering the same thing!

    What book is Scott working on NOW? (You guys probably all know, and it is just me who is clueless, but could ya fill me in? Thanks!)


  16. GUESS WHAT! (sorry for posting twice but this can’t wait!!!)

    For Halloween I am being a Special, Capt. is being a Peep and our other friend is being Dess! It will be Fawesome! (Do you spell it like Awesome, with an F or just Fawsome? Hmmm…)

    -Until next time (for real!)

  17. Yes, I will grace my school’s Halloween Dance with my Scott-worship, but my peep-eyed plan has been ruined. Isn’t Scott working on that airship trilogy? Or am I just weird that way and dreaming like Topaz (who told me that there were 3 new posts and then that she dreamed them)?
    Darn. Even Scott considers the three books a trilogy, which is resulting in me crying because Hunter will have to die in a vampire apocalypse. Hopefully his purple hands can beat the worms!! Or maybe not.
    I love the covers, though. I am set on someday getting the Oz Peeps, it’s the prettiest book I’ve ever seen in my life!
    Oh, Scott do you have any more information on your coming to Seattle (e.g. can your crazed fans SEE you?)???? Are you still coming? I’m going just a bit crazy here. Thank you.

  18. And now my brother is adding F to the beginning of everything. Amusing sometimes, like when dude comes out sounding like food and sweet becomes feet, but it’s getting old fast…

  19. Yeah, Scott! Listen up! Your obsessive fans are calling!

    ARE you coming to Seattle? It said somthing about a meeting or convention but are you signing books too?


    P.S. What is the airship trilogy???


  20. Oh, and I insist that SOMEONE tell us SOMETHING about SEATTLE if it involves SCOTT WESTERFELD. I think it woul dbe best if this SOMEONE was SCOTT. Thank YOU.

    Typing like that is FUN.

  21. Egads! I’m glad I visited this site! I have a feeling that The Last Days is going to make my October! Best wishes with the writing, Mr. Westerfeld!


    Okay, now that that is out, I want to say that Scott, will you sign books in Seattle, or is it just a convention?

    Can’t wait–reply soon!

  23. you need to sign books in Colorado. pleeeeeease? *puppy eyes* it would totally rock my little ol’ world.

  24. i’m doing a book report on Dess for my enlgish class,
    and I HAVE TO KNOW
    does she have a last name?
    its never mentioned right???


  25. AAAHH! October 12th is coming and I MUST KNOW about SEATTLE — as in, will there be a SIGNING of BOOKS by SCOTT WESTERFELD. Tell us NOW.

  26. WOOT go aussie covers!!! and yeah, it totally reminded me of so yesterday. BUT, the PEEPS cover is still best. 🙂

  27. Hm, finally got Last Days..
    (Yes, I’m slow, I know..)
    had to hide the cover from my parents..
    speaking of which, i know it’s really random
    but on the U.S cover, who is the girl and guy?
    My guess would be Minerva and Moz, but I wasn’t sure.

  28. Scott, I am a big fan of yours. I have read the Uglies Trilogy and i hope to read many more.
    I have few questions for you.
    Q: Do u see are world like that in the future?
    Q:In the Specials why is it that they cut themselves?
    Q:Why did u choose to let Zane die?

    I was a little frustrated when Zane died I wanted him to live and get back with Tally. But David works to.
    The specials inspired me to do something about my life and take action against the world and not follow the rules they have given us because they are just trying to do to us what they did in Tally’s story. I know in the end they kind of gave up but they shouldn’t have even started it in the first place.
    I may have taken your book the wrong way but I thank you for writing what you have and I hope you will right more about Tally, David and Shay in the near future.

    Kc age:12

    (P.S, please Wright back it would mean the world to me if u did. I just want to see your point of view of the world.)

    Their covers are very jeolous making. Very…although the cover of peeps with Cal is awesome.
    Grr…next time my grandma goes to Australia I’ll ask her to get one of them for me (that’s right, just for the fawesome cover).
    Gaa…I don’t know what my favorite NYC building is…my parents hate cities. They love our tame little (shudders) suburban house. So I mean…I’ve been to Chicago cuz it’s close, but we’ve driven RIGHT PAST NYC WITHOUT GOING IN!

  30. Those Aussie covers are AWESOME!!!! They are really way better than the American ones, and someday I will own both, but for now I will just drool.

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