The Last Days Spoiler Thread

If you take a look at the now musty and ancient Specials Spoiler Thread, you will find this little quote:

oh god, i read the spoiler section before i read the book. i would have read the book by now but the bookstore doesn’t have it in yet! i got the first two before the sale date. why can’t i do that now!? crap i can’t believe i read the spoiler section…crap

Ah, yes. A tragic tale of woeful tragedy. Apparently, some of us don’t have spoilage willpower. And to them I say, “Beware the evil eye!”

Because this is the official The Last Days spoiler thread, reserved for those of you who’ve already read the book. Who lives? Who dies? All will be revealed . . .

Of course, these days most discussion of my books winds up over at westerboard, where they’ve already got a Peeps/TLD Section, including a spoiler area. Rock on, westerboard, and all who run ye!

But seriously, if you haven’t read the book yet, there are plenty of other ways to waste time on the internets. Check out Kitten War or something.

(Or better yet, go buy the book.)

And now . . . let the spoilage begin!

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  1. Happy birthday! (belatedly, several days ago)

    That stuff does sound like fun, but I’d never actually do that. I like other kinds of mall mayhem, usually by freaking out employees.

    And wow, judgemental much? That sucks, katie. Because everyone knows people are defined completely by their hair color. Yeah, maybe this is a sore spot, right? In the last three years I’ve had red (like red red, not haircolor red), purple, and pink hair, plus all variations of the three.
    Tonight, I’m dying my hair again…BROWN. Back to my natural color basically, because it’s gotten all bleached-out and blond. Then tomorrow I’m putting purple streaks in.

    I hate depressing movies.

  2. oh wow…i’ve dyed my hair before, and recently i dyed it darker…used to be blonde, now it’s a dark brownish redish color…and yeah, my church is REALLY layed back….people wear jeans to church and lots of people don’t have their natural haircolor….it’s fun….

  3. My church is laid back and all. It’s not the Church. (Well, I actually don’t go to Church anymore, but it’s laid back as long as the preist we have now is there. Lol) It’s just that particular sister that decided to tell us that we are disappointments. She doesn’t even KNOW us then. She should. She taught us for three years. Whatever, I can be a disappointment to her if she wants me to be. I’m not sure I even believe in God anymore, I wonder what she’d say about THAT.

    That sounds really cool. I want to dye my hair purple, but I’m not allowed. Dark brown is as far as I’m allowed to go. But naturally, I’m a blonde that should be brunette. I look better with brown hair than blonde. People can’t tell that I’ve ever been anything but brown hair if they’ve never seen me before I did it. And then my sister Ashley is naturally a really golden color. And she’s small and looks like a ten year old with blue eyes and I have green, so no one even guesses that she’s my sister. It’s so funny. But sometimes I get really mad when I get mistaken as being Jess. And not because someone thinks I am Jess, that I actually take as a compliment most of the time. What pisses me off is once they realize I’m not Jess, they walk away. You JUST mistook me as being my sister, you could at least stay for some conversation. Not that many people talk to me, so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could. Sorry, this is a touchy spot. i just don’t understand what’s wring with ME. No one likes me. I’m not abitch like my sister, if I care about you, I’d do anything for you. I would do anything for you anyways, even if I don’t like you. But I’d die for the people I care about. And yet, I don’t have any friends. One of my “friends” I think is only my friend because I have unlimited texting that I don’t even get to use because she’s on my phone whenever I’m with her. It’s the first thing she asks for when she sees me. She has it ALL DAY at school. When she gets caught my dad won’t give it back to me. She has her friends in my contact list. Jess was using my phone a bit while hers was gone and started talking to them on it. What’s so wrong with me? Can’t people be my friend and actually care about me? I’m tired of being the only one caring. This weekend one of my closest friends was on the verge of suicide, and I was so scared because if I had said one wrong thing he could have done it, and I would have lost him. I really love him. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Sorry didn’t mean to rant so much but I’m seriously exploding. These past few weekends have been somewhat… messy. I’m really scared right now for the people around me. Someone just pointed out to me that you can see depression in just about everyone’s eyes. Very few over the age of 13 are stranger to it these days. It’s really sad.

  4. Oh gosh, Katie thats horrible. That person doesn’t sound like a very good friend. And I’m sorry about your other friend! Stuff like that’s tough, I totally wouldn’t know what to say. Life’s been crap lately. My computer crashed, and I just got a new one set up today. Hence the me, leaving without word, and just randomly coming back now. I had to put my dog down, she had a stroke. She’s been in my family for like 7 years, so it totally sucked. The worst thing that happened though, one of my best friends was diagnosed with brain cancer. She’s been having really bad headaches and migranes, and she went to the doctor to check it out, and they found a tumor in her brain and the tests for cancer came back positive. They said that they found it soon enough that there’s a chance she can be okay though. She’s gonna be starting radiation treatment soon. It’s weird. It’s like one of those things that you hear about, and you never think it’s gonna happen to somebody you know and care about, and when it does, it feels like some weird nightmarish state that you feel like you should wake up soon. Its like a daze.

  5. This is how sad the world is. It’s not right. Although I don’t know how you feel with your friend being sick like that, I am really really sorry that is happening to her. It’s not right, not at all. I’m really sorry. I can’t do anything for you, or your friend. BUt if I could, I’d give you both hugs right now.
    This week TOO many kids died by accidents involving cars. More than I can count. An eleven year old got run over by his bus, and his mom wtached it happen. Some kids got into a car accident and died, a couple more of the same factor. Across the country (from where I am) I lady was walking with her kid (I think only two years old) and a car swerved up and killed the little boy. And a friend of my sister’s, and a friend of one of my new friends (the good ones-she hasn’t been mentioned, but her name is Shakti) died this past week also. He was skateboarding with some friends and got hit by a car. I think he was only 14, but I’m not positive. August 30th this year Stefen died of a brain anyerism (not sure how to spell that) and he was only 16.
    What kind of world are we living in?
    But I think it’s going to get better soon. We are never left in the darkness with out a shine of light. Whoever shines it, I don’t know. BUt still.

  6. That’s all horrible. Life is totally suckage right now. Before, for me at least, it was pretty good. I guess it’s a long fall from the top of the mountain, but I, and the rest of the world, can’t be too far from hitting rock bottom, can we? Cuz once we reach that, we can start climbing again…I put on a happy face though…

  7. My life has been….decent. I can’t compete with anything bad, but it’s not like it’s been great. I’m kinda almost failing social studies, and my brother is being very annoying, but otherwise, life is good. Better than i coulda hoped for and most definetly better than i deserve. So yeah. But just wait, I’m sure that my life will start to suck soon…I mean, my parents are trying to find my blog, so that’s gonna suck if they do….

  8. I LOVED IT.
    It was great, but no competition to Peeps.
    There’s no way to describe how much I missed Cal and all the parasite descriptions. -sigh-
    I did learn to love the new characters, though, especially Alana Ray.
    Moz was awesome, too, though I wish we got more from his POV after he became infected.
    Once again, you created a whole new world with whole new things and made them completely believable. Absolutely fawesome.

  9. It’s terrible when people go through a bunch of crap, and I hate that anyone does. But it really peevs me when someone says, “I don’t need this shit.” Because, no one needs the shit that they get, we just deal with it. End of story. If your’re frustrated, ask for help.
    One of the girls in the Junior Academy at my highschool was just diagnosed with leukimia. Not sure I spelled that right. But, that’s horrible. She’s only in the eigth grade. Why does it seem as if everyone is dying now?

  10. Wow, I haven’t been on here in forever.

    And wow. That’s awful. So many deaths and tragedies… much sympathy and positive vibes.
    There’ve been a weird number of kids with leukemia in my town…about three I know of who’re around the same age. Cancer…it’s so horrible and so unavoidable and just so scary.
    *sigh* The world is sharp and awful sometimes.

  11. It seems like everyone’s suddenly dying now…but…I think we’ve all been dying from the beginning, we just haven’t realised it yet. Now, we’re starting to see it more. For all I know, I could be dying right now. Maybe life’s just one big prelude to death, that’s why I’m not so afraid.

  12. That is majorly intense and… very true. It’s like people always try to forget that death’s this big part of life—hell, death is the point of life. Not that it makes it any more welcome, of course, and sure, I’d prefer no one I knew died but…it’s gotta happen.
    Sympathy and good wishes for the dead either way. They deserve it.
    *deep breath* Heavy thoughts man, heavy. Anyone got any good news to share?

  13. Ummm…no…not really…Wait! Um…Yeah, not much. I’ve been like a frickin zombie lately. Haven’t been sleeping lots, but I’ve been getting A LOT of writing done, which is good.

  14. death is the point of life. just like life is the point of death, because neither could exist without each other. but it’s sad when people die, especially when they have their whole lives ahead of them.

    is everyone doing NaNoWriMo? i can’t because of stupid exams!!

  15. I’ve been stuck with piles of Chem stuff, which is like death and hell and I am TOTALLY FAILING because my teacher is awful. Also, i’ve apparently become whiny.
    This is possibly because I am indeed doing NaNo.
    And have not been getting much sleep either.

    Death just seems like a waste sometimes. It’s scary, because it makes you realize that the universe really is so f***ing random sometimes….guess you gotta live your life while you can.

  16. Finally finished last days…but I liked peeps more.

    I tried to do NaNoWriMo, but i started 11 days late and went “whatever” and just decided to write a novel that i will finish..eventually…maybe. probably not. Can’t ever seem to finish a story…
    i wish i had a writing class at my school…i had one at my homeschooling program, but my high school doesn’t have any fun writing classes. maybe I’ll do one at the city college.

  17. oh-my-gee ii just got Peeps and it was really good ii read it in like 3 days ii couldn’t put it down the whole time………i might get Last Days this weekend……sooo bubbly-makin…..(prettey talk rules!!!!!!!!).

  18. Wow.
    I really need to reread TLD. I totally forgot about everything.
    I had no clue what people were talking about.
    But it’s never at the library. I’m going to buy it.

    I can’t wait for Leviathan. 😀 I read the excerpt in Bogus to Bubbly.

  19. ^_^ I loved reading The Last Days! I got it as a christmas pressie (I was so happy because I live in rural NSW and between Tamworth library and a few others there’s only one copy of Scott’s books) and wasn’t able to put it down…Now I’ve got most of my friends reading Peeps and The Last Days…I also got Bogus to Bubbly…It’d be interesting if Scott wrote a book like that for Peeps/The Last days…But anyways I’m looking forward to Leviathan X3

  20. I cannot believe the peeps saga is done. If you Could think of anything, Scott, Please make another one.

  21. K at the end does Pearl jst giv up on her crush for Moz? Or does she still lik him. Cause earlier on u said “Im other words there friends”… or sumthin lik tht. Any way luv ur books <3

  22. Oh and btw at the end when Moz said Thanx to tht 1 woman for bringin thm togethr, ws it jst me or did ws he flirtin?

  23. your a horrible person you know that?
    Reason one: i re-read peeps recently and the night i finish we had red meat for tea… unfortunately for me it was a little pink… cooked, but pinkish. i had some great thoughts about parasites that night.
    Reason two: i ALMOST cried when i realize my library didn’t own a copy of the last days…. i’m now a little poorer cause i just had to read it!( then again i probably would have brought a copy anyway!)
    Reason three: i just keep wanting more of your books!

  24. I love Minerva! She’s the best character. Also if you go to the giant microbes site theysell giant stuffed microbes(I have 21) and one of them is toxoplasmosis!

  25. I love Peeps, its like my favorite book ! I just don’t understand what happens to Morgan. At the end of Peeps I had so many questions. Some where answerd in The Last Days but not all. I think there should be another book after the Last Days with peeps in it. Like they said at the end, the next problem is going to be in hundreds of years. So the next book should be like Uglies, in the future! How awesome would that be?!

  26. Finished and i don’t know if you intended for this but i really hate minerva she annoys me a lot and when i heard Lace’s and Cal’s names i shouted YES! and my walls are so freakin thin so everybody in my house heard and told me to be quite ANYWAY, awesome book! Did you get the music part from experiences and the NIGHT MAYOR TAPES are fawesome

  27. Êîãäà Âîâî÷êó ñïðîñèëè, ìîæåò ëè îí íàçâàòü ïÿòü ñàìûõ
    ñ÷àñòëèâûõ ëåò â ñâîåé æèçíè, îí îòâåòèë:
    – Êîíå÷íî, ýòî êîãäà ÿ ó÷èëñÿ â ïåðâîì êëàññå.

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