The Last Days Spoiler Thread

If you take a look at the now musty and ancient Specials Spoiler Thread, you will find this little quote:

oh god, i read the spoiler section before i read the book. i would have read the book by now but the bookstore doesn’t have it in yet! i got the first two before the sale date. why can’t i do that now!? crap i can’t believe i read the spoiler section…crap

Ah, yes. A tragic tale of woeful tragedy. Apparently, some of us don’t have spoilage willpower. And to them I say, “Beware the evil eye!”

Because this is the official The Last Days spoiler thread, reserved for those of you who’ve already read the book. Who lives? Who dies? All will be revealed . . .

Of course, these days most discussion of my books winds up over at westerboard, where they’ve already got a Peeps/TLD Section, including a spoiler area. Rock on, westerboard, and all who run ye!

But seriously, if you haven’t read the book yet, there are plenty of other ways to waste time on the internets. Check out Kitten War or something.

(Or better yet, go buy the book.)

And now . . . let the spoilage begin!

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  1. There was this whole big deal with stupid betrayals and crying of friends and much ignoring of calls. I feel like I live in a frickin teenage soap opera. Basically, she told something about my friend that she really trusted her not to tell, and then she acted like it was no big deal and went on like nothing happened and told MORE people after my friend told her off, and then she tried to blame it on me, when I’ve never told anything in my life and they all know that. And she’s insistant that it was ME who told and my friend of whom she told about was CRYING. I seriously thought that she was incapable of crying. I’ve never seen her cry ever. And she did. Cuz of her, and just that in itself made me SO MAD. And so we were at the homecoming game yesterday(cheering for the other team of course and getting candy thrown at our heads and trying to forget about it) and I swear, she called 23 times. TWENTY THREE TIMES. And everytime we ignored it. And she kept texting saying she didn’t know why we were mad at her and I had a major headache from all this. And then, the guy that I was gushing about before, apparently likes this other girl that I know, and she likes him back. One of my friends told me, when the backstabber friend was there. I was like, Oh Okay that’s cool. cuz I’m so not gonna get jealous and b-*-t-c-h-y over that, cuz that’s just not how I am. Things happen, oh well. But she kept ASKING me about it and talking about it, stupid questions like Oh My Gosh, don’t you think they’d make a cute couple though?! That’s so cool! And that bugged me. You’d think she’d have the common sense to at least ASK if I was okay with it. I mean I was okay with it until she wouldn’t shut up. And before all this, she went up to him, and is all “This is totally random, but what’s your name?” And now EVERY day, even in front of me, she talks to him. And flirts with him. And I told her I was uncomfortable with that and she’s always talking about how AWESOME and COOL he is and, AH. And she’s seriously creeping him out, cuz she hasn’t introduced herself even, so this random chick comes up to him and starts talking like she’s known him forever, cuz that’s not weird AT ALL. And I mean, it’s not like I control them, so I was all “Whatever. Talk to him. I DON’T CARE ANYMORE!” and she’s like “Okay, I will.” and now she keeps reminding me, “Even if he’s gonna be with some other girl I’m still gonna talk to him! He’s so cool, I know we’re gonna be like best friends!” HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HER. Gosh. And so it was that, on top of the problem with my friend, and lots of angriness over the years built up, about ready to make my head explode. And now, since it was WAY too much drama for me to handle, I answered her text messages and told her Whatever, I don’t give a care anymore. I’m sick of all this, it’s not me you have to apologize to. Go talk to *insert hurt friend’s name here* and she’s all I’m SOOOOOO sorry, I can’t believe I did that! I was horrible. And I’m all Yeah. You should feel sorry, and you were horrible. And now I am sick of being pissed so I just decided to forgive her cuz my other friend did, but let’s just say she won’t be trusted anymore, ever. And that was a REALLY LONG stupid rant that felt extremely good.

  2. Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here, a lot of shit’s been happening in my life.
    Sorry about you and your friends Tally & Zane. It’s not really my place to say anything, kind of lost that when I stopped commenting. But I’m really sorry anyways, things like that shouldn’t happen to people.
    I can’t believe how much I missed this thread…..

  3. Well, apparently I was wrong above, because I’m now totally home sick and miserable. Stupid sore throat.

    And hey katie, you’re welcome anytime! Of course you’ve got a place here, even if it’s been awhile.

    And T&Z-la. That sucks. Really. I hate all that drama stuff, which is why I try to avoid it as much as possible, but high school? Neverending pile of suckage.
    But really, nothing feels better than a stupid rant sometimes. Saying it out loud (or typed out, or however) kind of just makes you feel better, I think, like it empties it out, even if you’re not talking to the person you’re talking about.

    THIS SORE THROAT IS KILLING ME. I HATE having sore throats. They’re so obnoxius! Every time I swallow! Ugh! We don’t even have orange juice!

  4. For sore throats, hot tea and a shit load of water and mouth wash. It really works.
    I’d vent and tell you all everything that’s happened since I stopped commenting, but too much has. But, do you guys remember Codie? Well, he broke up with me for his friend Amanda, she’s been fucking people behind his back (mainly the guy Jess likes, DJ one of her ex’s, and she knows this) and I’ve started to have feelings for Codie’s 18 year old friend. And I’m 14. There’s other things too, but it’s not all my story.

  5. *is still totally sick, though not with a sore throat anymore, just annoyingly persistant cough*

    Wow, katie. That sounds like…many levels of suckishness and confusion. Oh, drama. *shakes head*

  6. The part that bothers me most is I’m watching everyone I care about suffer. I hate that. Things are happening to me personally, but it bothers me more that people I care about are suffering. It was bad when Jess’s best friend Alyssa had someone really close to her die, he was only 16, and then another person even closer almost committed suicide, Jess was a mess, and I had to watch all that.

    I’m just getting over a cold after two weeks. My colds last a while because I’m borderline insomniac and I hate water. Lol, those don’t help.

  7. I’m so sick of drama. Drama is a beeeeeooooottttcccchhhhh. Seriously. So is insomnia and being sick. Ughness. Oh well, I’m trying to avoid all three of those at all costs. So far it is NOT working. Tis a shame…lol.

  8. Yeah, insomia does suck, but I’m generally okay with it. If I sleep more then four hours a night I’m dead in the morning, and then all day. So it’s nice when I can stay up texting. But I have to sneak my phone because my dad likes to take it a lot. For no reason. Lol. I just laugh at him when he yells at me now because it’s usually about something stupid. Like not having the lights turned on when its not that dark. But it sucks because I really like to sleep, and I LOVE my dreams. Jasmine (I don’t know if any of you remember her) helps me figure out what they mean. You should try it. You automatically know when you’ve stumbled upon the right answer. And it’s actually quite the stress outlet.
    I’m okay with drama, I’ve come to realize that it’s a part of life that everyone’s got to deal with, so why complain. But it really irritates me when people start it for no reason other than to start it. Enough will happen naturally, why start more? It’s easy to say that it’s one of the reasons TWLOHA had a mission at all.

  9. See, school has so totally drained my soul I pass out really early and am tired all day. But I’m also the complete same way—over like four hours or so of sleep, and I’m tired all day. Very little sleep and I’m alert and awake.

    Watching other people suffer sucks. It makes you feel so helpless.

    Yeah, that’s the thing about drama. It’s just so pointless sometimes. EVERYBODY CHILL OUT. Feels like some people actually like it or something.

  10. So true, and Katie, I’ve been seeing TONS of people wearing TWLOHA shirts around school! It’s really cool. I’m ordering one for my bday, which is in like 10 days. And it’s OFFICIAL that I’m going to a PATD concert. *has excited spaz attack and dies but comes back to life* I can NOT wait! Eeeeeeepppp.

  11. Er, this may be a stupid question but, PATD?
    And Hot Topic sells the TWLOHA shirts now, some of them anyways, so it’s easier to get them. They only sell the pink one for girls, and the story on the inside had be changed because it had to do with religion and god, and it’s a policy for the store to not have things like that. I would byt it from the website because of that though. Then you pick the one you want, and you get the original story printed on the inside.
    I think some people DO like drama. But my guess is the only way they get drama, is if they make it. I think I used to be like that, always looking for some form of excitment, but then drama came naturally, and I was already tired of it because of the petty reasons it had started from before.
    So, does ahyone remember me ranting about dance, and how I’ve always wanted to do Evanescence? Well, I got my wish. Yay! We are doing Lithium, just Jess and I in a duet we decided to do. Lithium wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it has the right sound for a dance, and how everything dramatically changes. It’s pretty cool.

  12. PATD= Panic at the Disco.
    Yeah, I didn’t get it at hot topic for that reason. I don’t particularily like going into that store a lot…the people working in there creep me out cuz they always give me death stares…it’s disturbing. LoL. So, I’m just gonna have my ‘rents order it for me online.

  13. Lol, I love the people in Hot Topic, mine anyways. there’s only one guy in there that intimidates me. He’s a complete ass. He probably doesn’t make any sells for that reason.
    Yeah, I wanted to order one from their web site too, but I never have the money. I’m paying for too many things. Lol. Not too much actually, their just expensive things, like dance and my phone. Lol.
    Okay, got it. I’ve never seen/heard it reffered to as PATD. What ever happened to the “!” though?

  14. Oh, yeah…*grumbles*, they took the ! out of their name. I still Love them though. Humdedumdedum, yes there’s a ton of stuff to pay for, argh. That’s what birthdays are for! Lmao, jkjk. Dude, but seriously, this girl working at Hot Topic was putting stuff out and I accidently bumped into her (being the clumsy person that I am) and she dropped what she was carrying.I helped her pick them up but she cussed at me and now they all hate me! I swear, you piss one of them off, you piss them all off! LoL, it’s kinda hilarious actually…

  15. Lol, wow. Yeah, I’ve never pissed anyone off at Hot Topic before.
    Was there a reason they took the ! out of their name?
    It really bugs me when people are like “Ugh, my parents wont by me____ or _____” and I’m sitting there like “BUY IT YOURSELF!” It actually feels good to buy your own things. Then it feels like it’s yours. My parents still don’t hesitate to take anything that’s technically MINE, but still, it’s mine and not theirs.

  16. I’m not really sure…some people say that it’s cuz their new cd is called Pretty. Odd. and they thought it was
    “too many” punctuation marks…lol, I don’t know for sure though. Yeah! I know what you mean! Except I don’t get allowance or have any kind of job, except for during the summer, so the only money I get that’s mine is then. And if I try to spend it, then my parents say “No, you should save it.” *hands me money* LoL. I don’t get stuff taken away though, I try not to do anything that would result in that…I’m the good one of my family, now my brother on the other hand….not so much. LoL.

  17. I never go to Hot Topic… too many poseurs. I buy all my clothes on the internet!

    Also, that’s AWESOME, T&Z-la! Hope you have fun.
    In tangentially related news, I’m going to see Death Cab For Cutie MONDAY AFTER NEXT! WOOT!

    *shakes head* I liked the exclamation point. They shoulda kept it. Forget the periods in Pretty. Odd.
    Actually, I saw a video where they talked about it, and thier official reason was because it’d “never been there in the first place.” Umm, yeah, it was just on your ALBUM COVER. Whatever.

    Yeah, I’m almost out of birthday money. Christmas so far away… I suppose I could get a job, but, ummm, there’s no place good to work in this town. Plus I’m still sort of young. I want to work at this record store. That’d be a badass job.

  18. *jumps up and down!* Eeeeeeeeeeppppppppp. I can NOT wait. Ah! And Death Cab’s cool! Have fun! My birthday is in 9 days, so bday money hasn’t come yet. LoL. The only reason I had a “job” was cuz it was working for my parents. Argh. Me and my friends are debating whether or not we wanna work at Borders or F.Y.E….but that’s not for another couple years.

  19. Yeah, problem is a lot of cool places won’t hire til you’re eighteen. You can get working papers at 14 though, but most places don’t hire til 16. I’ll be 16 in July so might get a job this summer….

    Oh yeah, Death Cab is going to be AWESOME. We have great seats, not that there’s really bad seats at Radio City. I need to listen to all thier stuff some more.

    Yeah, as I said before my birthday’s in July so I kind of blew all my money on t-shirts already. *sigh*

  20. What a world, what a world.Lol. My throat is killing me, and I just had to take this horrid cough medicine…ugh…*coughs*. I’ve only heard a couple Death Cab songs…but I think they’re pretty good. I am gonna go crazy when the Panic tickets come in the mail. I can’t let my friend get a hold of them though! She’ll like start cuddling them, rofl. I’m reallllllyyyyyyyyy excited. I’d be screaming happily right now but that would thrash my throat even more…I think I’ll go make some tea…

  21. Yeah, they’re pretty awesome. Crooked Teeth is like, aural crack in catchy baseline form, and I Will Follow You Into The Dark may be the Sweetest Most Morbid love song of all time and one of my favorite songs of all time, and their new album’s got some cool stuff too, I Will Possess Your Heart, the psycho-ist 8 minute single ever.

    Ha…we’ve got a cabinet in my house where there’s a whole pile of tickets cuz, umm, my family goes to concerts a lot. I’ve started taping up all the stubs (not that you get stubs now, cuz they just scan your ticket and don’t even bother ripping it anymore, even though they still make them perforated) on the back of my door with all my other random stuff.

    Sore throats suck. I’m so glad mine’s feeling better, hope everyone else is too/will be soon.

    Man, I should probably go to sleep. -looks at clock, decides 12:30 isn’t really late, continues on internet-

  22. Yeah, I only have I Will Follow You into the Dark. I was tempted to get I will Posess your Heart, but the 8 minutes kinda threw me off. I figured, with my short attention span, I’d get bored after about half way through…This’ll be like my second concert. The first one I’ve actually WANTED to go to. My rents made me stay home from school today, cuz I had a fever when I woke up.

  23. Grrr… I’m behind….. Sorry, things happened and computer time started slipping. 🙁 But I have some thoughts anyways, so even though the conversation had been dropped, I’m going to say them. Or it’ll bug me.
    I have a job at my grandparents, I’m getting a babysitting job, and i might be getting a job at my dance studio (but that might not pay off any tuition for another year or two. Since more than 11 years at the studio, with other family members there before me, isn’t enough to get me up the ladder, I got to work volunteerily before I can get the money off that I actually need.) I don’t get birthday money that much either. Occasionally a 20 or something from my grandparents, but they’re paying me enough now. But I hate my birthday. It actually depresses me. Anyone else feel that way?
    By the way, what do you guys think of the word “posers?” I personally think it’s another label, and I really don’t care for labels. And I really don’t care for the people who are always saying, “Don’t judge me. I’m just me.” Because ‘just me” has become another label. The best way is to just not mention it. Labels are pointless anyways. They aren’t going to get you anywhere in life.
    I can’t wait for Evanescence to come back! *does little dance* Lol. I’ve never heard Death Cab for Cutie I don’t think. Well, I have. But not seriously. I was just standing behind my sister and it was playing. I wasn’t paying any attention to it. And I don’t like Panic At the Disco all that much. They don’t suck, they’re pretty good, they just haven’t made it to my iPod. For some reason acid rap (psychpathic rap) is becoming some of my new favorites. Evanescence is always my top, but ICP and Twiztid are way up there. Along with Zug Izland and Dark lotus. I don’t know all the songs and stuff, just some of them, but what I’ve heard, I love. :]

  24. gr, I hate how the yellow face comes up when you do “: (” There I put some spaces in between it so that it shouldn’t. They’re so much cuter when they aren’t yellow………
    Gr, my dad took my phone. AGAIN! And he might be shuttingoff the texting service. (which really sucks because I pay for that. And I still quite a few months left, and he won’t give me back my money.) And what sucks even more. I DON’T EVEN GET IN TROUBLE! I’m basically a good kid. I do risky things, and I have fun. I do things I know I’m not allowed/shouldn’t do. But I don’t get caught. So what they punish me for is basically stupid, and makes me look like a better kid than I am. XD

  25. Okay, this has to be addressed first. He’s shutting off your texting?! *le gasp!* I’d die. Seriously. I have such an addiction to texting it’s not even funny. I’ve used over 6,500 text messages this month alone. I have unlimited though, so it’s good.
    I like worship Panic at the Disco. LoVe Themmmmmm. I haven’t ever heard of any of the others you mentioned though.

  26. I text a fair amount, but nowhere near that much. I do have unlimited though. But that totally sucks that you’re getting it taken away, especially if you’re the one paying for it.

    Yeah, the problem with the label ‘poseurs’ is that it’s one of those ones that everyone can just throw at everyone else, and it’s kind of meaningless. Umm, I still use it though. Rather often. *shrug*
    “Sometimes it’s true” probably isn’t the best defense, but whatever.
    Labels are just ridiculous. It’s all ridiculous. I try to ignore it.

    Yeah, Panic! are a band I don’t like, love, but don’t hate. There’s like, four or five songs of theirs on my mp3 player, but they’re not in my top artists, even though I’m kind of obsessed with that song Camisado this week.

    Don’t fear the 8 minute intro! (possibly because I grew up with parents who were into 15 and 30 minute songs, that doesn’t seem that long to me). Well, actually the whole song is 8 minutes, total. So at least three of those have words!

    Hmmm. Yeah, I can’t say I’ve heard of any of the others. My wide-ranging music knowledge is ashamed.

  27. 15 TO 30 MINUTES! Whoa! I’ve had ten minute songs before, but whoazers! (Since when do I say that?)
    I’ve got a rather…. large range of music. Like, I don’t listen to that much, and I haven’t heard a lot. But in terms of genres, I’ve got gothic/classic/classically influenced rock/rock/gothic rock/alternative (All wraped up in Evanescence genres) Acid rap, some screamo stuff, and then those weird genres you’ve never heard of but show up because of some reason. I listen to Evanescence, ICP, Twiztid, Dark Lotus, Zug Izland, Godsmack, Slipknot, Chiodos, and then sometimes a Fall Out Boy or other band song. Only Evanescence am I like, a hardcore fan of. Like, I’m no lette or anything (anyone know what a lette/lo/hoe is besides me?).
    They haven’t cancelled texting yet, just said that they are going to. I think they’ll wait till December so they don’t have to give us our money back, and then just shut it off. I had over 3,000 last month, Jess had over 6,600. My parents….ugh…… I know I sound like a bratty fourteen year old, which I guess I kind of am. But seriously? They step over the lines. A LOT. They don’t know what to leave alone. One day they’ll learn more than they want to, and learn when to just stay out.

  28. Wooooooooooooooooooow. That is a LONG song. Just wow. I LOVE Fall Out Boy! All the genres on my iPod are Alternative, Pop, Rock & Classical. My favorites are, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Academy is…, All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, The Cab, Green Day, Linkin Park, Paramore, We the Kings, & 30 Seconds to Mars.
    I got my tickets in the mail today! HeHe. So happy.

  29. I saw Fall Out Boy live. Jess saw The Academy Is… at Warped. I hope they don’t take the three dots out of their name……..!
    I don’t listen to that kind of stuff much anymore. I like the darker stuff. And as for the psychopathic rap, I love the family/love going around there. Here’s a link to Homies. Watch the video if you can/want. It’s good.

    They can occasionally get…. violent. Well, a lot. But they’re still good. Twiztid flows better.

  30. Oh wow. Um…yeah. Hummmmm….let’s just say, I was like pulling my hair out in the first 5 seconds of that video just now. No offense completely though! That kinda music is just really not my thing. That’s cool that you saw FOB live! My friend would like kill to see them. (Not really though, lol.) But, She’s completely obsessed!

  31. Lol, it’s okay. You really need a taste for the music to like it at all. It’s one of those love it or hate it, nothing in between. Well, maybe in between, but to be in between that just means you don’t just listen to that. But you can’t be indifferant to the actual music. Am I making sense? Because I really confused myself. Lol.

    Yeah, Fall Out Boy wasn’t bad, but my dad wouldn’t let us get floor tickets, so we had seats. I don’t recomend that. Not enough room to dance and theres people around you, and it’s really peeving when the person in front of you is SITTING DOWN. You should always stand unless you are physically unable to. But not getting to dance and getting seats was a bit of a bummer. I’m fighting for floor when I go to Evanescence. I wonder what a mosh pit will be like for Evanescence……..

  32. Lol, yeah. Mosh pits are amazingggg……. But I can’t be in them. 🙁 I’m not rough enough. You really have to be able to hold your own. Unless it’s a pathetic mosh. Then it’s just, well, not a good mosh pit. Hehe.

    Anyone here a Nightmare Before Christmas fan? I liked the movie, but it’s not my favorite. I think it’s only so popular because of “scene” kids, and Hot Topic. But, I like the album “Nightmare Revisited.” The song “Sally’s Song” was covered by Amy lee. I think it’s beautiful. Here’s a link with lyrics in the side.

  33. I saw Fall Out Boy at MSG, that was pretty good, with Gym Class Heroes and Plain White Ts. We had seats, but I don’t mind. Not a mosh person myself.

    I was addicted to that The Cab song, One of Those Nights, when I was writing the climax to my werewolf story last week. Sort of hated it but listened to it over and over and over and over and over.

    On my mp3 player, genres go like this: Alternative, Rock, Alternative & Punk, Unknown, Pop.
    And the only thing under Pop is Foo Fighters. Which has always struck me as quite strange.

  34. Cool. I really wasn’t a fan of NightMare, but my friends really are. One of my friends claims she has an animan crush on Jack, it’s hilarious. I have that song! I think One of Those Nights sounds like it’s a buncha songs like together, it doesn’t really fit together well, but I think it’s okay. I have a feeling I would not enjoy being in a mosh pit….no, I think not…..

  35. Yeah, and the million famous guest vocalists is kind of distracting. I really like the beginning part though, and the backup vocals on the end of the first couple lines (like, “walls” and “days”) are kind of great, but overall I don’t really like the song that much. But for some reason I got addicted to it and listened to it over and over and over.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Nightmare Before Christmas all the way through, actually.

  36. Yeah, i don’t like Nightmare Before Christmas all that much. it was cute, but that’s it. I just like sally’s Song. 🙂

    I was in one mosh pit. It was fun, but hard. Like, i kept being on the inside barrier of the circle, so people were like, jumping and running on top of me. But my cousins friend Adam (who’s amazingly sexy) Was there, and was trying to keep me away from it. *sighs* he was really sexy. And then you had to be ware of beer flying places, and the bottles. But I didn’t get any on me. Jess was soaked with it though. 🙂 It was fun. I’d go back and do it again. And maybe have a bit more fun in the mosh. I’ve losened up a bit since then. Lol.

  37. Yepyepyep. And wow, def no mosh pitting for me. (That sounded weeeeiiirrrddd, lol.) Oh my Gosh. Okay so for my friend’s birthday yesterday we basically hung out and dorked off at the Mall. We had this continuous game though, where we rack up points the whole day. All you have to do is talk to a guy, and embarass the hell outta someone else. Like I walked up to this realllllllyyyyyyy hot blondie, and said, “I don’t know what you did, but it’s totally turning my friend on! I mean seriously! Look at her!” and that resulted in a point for me, and a slap from my friend. Fun stuff man, fun stuff. And then we went into F.Y.E. and she kept asking the guy at the counter for help finding Cds, and then as we were leaving she calls him over again, and is all, “The reason we’ve been asking you for help so much is cuz she thinks you smell like an angel! *points to me*” which gave her a point. And then we went bowling(which I suck at!) and there were these two guys that were cute in the lane next to us, and they got up to leave and I’m all “Hey! Are you guys leaving?” and they’re all “Uh, yeah, why?” and I’m like “Cuz I just wanted to let you know that it TOTALLY made her birthday to see you guys here!” and I got another point…..It was SO fun. So immature though, lmao. I won though! LoL.

  38. Lol, wow. That sounds like fun. Lol.

    Has anyone seen Requiem For A Dream? If you haven’t, DON’T. It was a good movie and all, but oh my god, I wanted to kill myself when it was over. It made you feel like there is absolutely no hope. None. It was so sad and depressing! But really good too. Gah! Only watch it if you are extremely happy. I don’t know why such a movie is legal………. But it is rated R. For sexual and violent content. But it was so good……. and bad…. at the same time…..

  39. HI!

    Okay, so, every freshman that comes out of my grade school always goes back to visit in the beginning of the next year. So, Jess and I did that this morning. Since we graduated from junior high, we dyed our hair darker, so obviously we got some reactions from teachers. And none of them were very good, but that was expected. But when my religion teacher (who is a sister of the highschool I go to now) saw it. She told us she was disappointed in us! I was standing there like, “Ummmm, I think you need to go back in training and learn what being a sister really means.” I didn’t saw that, but I was screaming inside. I’m still quite peeved. She doesn’t even know me! She saw the changes I’ve made, like my darker hair, and automatically assumed that I’ve become a bad person! i was so mad. I’ve had a lot of reactions like that. No one has even tried to figure out who I am, or what I stand for.

  40. That’s so messed up! Just cuz you dyed your hair??? Wow. It’s really not weird if you do that here. Like, if I went to Church with purple hair or something, my Pastor would most likely be like “Wow! That’s cool! Where’d you get it done?!” It’s really laid back. And now a days, everyone has dyed their hair, wears neon colors or like all black, and has headphones in their ears when they walk by. It’s just not questioned anymore. I guess that’s cool though. Hum. According to Australian time, it’s my bday already. *blows out metaphoric candles*

  41. Yeah, here, adults still like the old school preppy style, or anyone who dresses preppy. They don’t even mind gangsters, they’re real problem is the “goths” which I’m not, but since I like black, and wear a shit load of it, (and purple =D) they don’t like me. Or Jess, but whatever. I’m just more willing to accept other people than them. =D


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