Hey, some quick news for those of you who haven’t noticed recent updates on my Appearances page. I’m going to be reading at the Jefferson Market Branch of the NYPL this Wednesday.

That’s in three days! And with many other excellent authors.

The details:

Wednesday, 4 October 2006, 6:00PM sharp
(Come early to get a seat!)

Teen Author Reading Night!
Coe Booth, Daniel Ehrenhaft, John Green, David Levithan,
Carolyn MacCullough, Leslie Margolis, Scott Westerfeld

Jefferson Market branch of the NYPL
425 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue)
6th Avenue and 10th Street
New York, NY

And the very next night, I’ll be appearing at Books of Wonder with anoter mob of fabulous authors. No, really:

Thursday, October 5, 2006, 5PM-7PM

Susan Cooper, Ellen Kushner, Gail Carson Levine,
Celia Rees, Delia Sherman and Scott Westerfeld

Books of Wonder
18 W. 18th St
New York, NY

And . . . there’s one last thing you can help me out with. What movie does the plot of So Yesterday remind you of? Like, what’s a hip, urban adventure to compare it too? Maybe a missing person caper of some kind.

I need to know!

58 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. sounds exciting…i’ll come early for Books of Wonder…Perfect…after i get out of school i’ll have time to jet home and then jet over to the book store..perfect..wil you be sining?
    And So Yesterday seems like a modern ugh…Oddesy? I seriously don’t know…Sorry…Dylan, loved the Uglies Trilogy and the Last Days

  2. scott, will you talk to susan cooper for me and report on every precious, mythic word in your blog? “the dark is rising” was my all-time favorite when i was a kid.

    so yesterday reminds me of the maltese falcon for some strange reason. macguffins, you know.

  3. The only movie I can think of offhand is Go (which I like very much) but I’m not sure if that was successful enough for your likely purposes. I also think that people who liked Slacker and Before Sunrise would like it, though the tones are very different.

  4. Hey, this is a little random, but Eoin Colfer made an appearance (oh I CAN tie to the subject!) in St. Paul today, where I live… (he said my name was beautiful, he used it in one of his books once, oh yeah!) but anyway: Scott: COME TO MINNESOTA! lol, please?

  5. Okay, this is funny because I know a movie that reminds me CREEPILY of So Yesterday. When I saw it that was the first thing I thought.

    It’s called Elizabethtowne. It stars Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. In it Orlando’s character is SHOE DESIGNER for a company that’s never named but likes swooshes and was founded in Oregon. (I actually know the great grandson of the FOUNDER of Nike. Like the guy who actually put the shoe tread on the waffle iron, no joke.) Anyway, something is terribly wrong with the shoe and it gets recalled and he loses the company a billion dollars. After that the similiarities kind of end except that his character reminds me a lot of Hunter. Random tid-bits of information, and of course, the un-named shoe company fiasco. It’s a great movie. Someone watch it and tell me if I’m crazy or does it totally strike you as VERY much like So Yesterday?

    I wish you would come to Oregon, Scott. We’re very cool here. Or at least California. Are you ever going to come to the west coast at all?

  6. Scott, would you ever come to Canada???
    I wish I lived in NYC. If only.
    Please??? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
    Canadians are uber cool. And nice. And we read.
    And we do NOT live in igloos, or have beavers have pets. Don’t believe whatever you heard about us. Really.

    Hmm…maybe I should cast a magic spell to make you come to Toronto.

  7. Mabye you should do your own Heartland tour.

    (Sorry this is in two bits, I am only creative in short bursts.)

  8. Maybe… So Yesterday could be like a Finding Nemo set in NY. Except that there are people, not fish. And everything is high-tech and cool!
    Ah, okay, thats porbably the worst comparison I’ve ever come up with.

    So, on that Appearances page it says you’re going to be in Seattle in a few weeks. Are you just going to the library people’s thing, or maybe would you do some book signing things around there?

  9. You’re a teen author? Dude, you look like you’re at least in your twenties! Bummer!

    BTW, if you go to Oklahoma, the coffee is great at Nordaggio’s.

  10. Seattle, Seattle, Seattle, Seattle. There. Scott, your fans are calling. (And they’re saying SEATTLE! And Oklahoma and Canada. Whatever.)
    Hmmmm, a movie? I don’t really watch movies that are hip. Or cool. Or So Yesterday-like. But So Yesterday is my favorite book and I’ll watch any movie that is like it (except The Maltese Falcon because that is Evil in its purest form).

  11. CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!
    you can go surfin now
    every body surfin now…
    but yeah
    you should come to cali…
    meet some stars…
    or at least abunch of crazy fans who WOULD dress up like stars for you!

    i love the finding nemo comparision.

  12. man, i wish i could think of something. you know what movie i think of, american psycho. even though it was totally -awful-. only because they had to somehow work in the random chapters where bateman was talking about bands and stuffs. but also because it was first person, which is hard to move to film.

  13. dude, scott, if you dont come to colorado i swear i will cry. seriously. that is sooo not fair! i love you and john green!! no one ever comes here…. *tear*

  14. YA FLORENCE! Come to Canada! If oyu have time ot be travelling that is. We want you to be writing books.

    Movie… thinking but so far I have zip.

  15. omigosh! Scott Westerfeld (which would be you wouldn’t it!? haha) has a blog!! Well duh I’m commenting on it right now. How come authors never come to St. Louis or Missouri in general?! NEVER! Is it just too centerally located for everyone?! Movie…well there was a CSI: NY episode on last season about trendsetters and all that jazz. OH!!!! And Josie and the Pussy Cats!!! Please, tell me if I’m crazy but when I read So yesterday I had to like watch that movie again just to make sure I’m wasn’t going crazy! okay, so the role of Jen and Hunter are turned around but it’s got the romance dealio, the bringing down of the system…or the wish to bring it down and just the existance of a system to set trends. Okay so maybe Josie is a little more…excentric then So Yesterday but it fits! At least I think.

    just wanted to let everyone know that this is now open for registration!!!
    for those of you who don’t know what it is, its a write-a-novel in one month website. Its really cool, a bunch of people sign up and all through November people race to complete a novel in 30 days. So check it out!

  17. I agree with Maggie. If you can travel half way around the world twice a year, surely you can come half way across the nation.

  18. Seattle. My mom works at a hospital here and says that she hopes that Scott gets in an accident and then comes to her hospital and then she will meet him/you. I laughed, then told her not to think such evil thoughts!

  19. I count two for Oklahoma.

    C’mon. You’ve written books placed in Oklahoma. I’m SURE that Uglies takes place here. There are roller-coasters. And rivers! So… HA!

  20. scott, you really should come to Washington D.C.! I live in northern virginia (really close to washington) and i have seen lots of people reading your books. They’re always checked out at the library! please come to D.C.!

  21. Okay, Scott, I GET that you updated your appearences and everything but HELLO? WE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT SEATTLE! It says you have a convention, but nothing about if you are signing books!

    US SEATTLE-ITES ARE CALLING! ALL THREE OF US (plus others I don’t know)

    🙂 I am soooo glad you are coming this month, but to where? I couldn’t find anything about it!?

    So yeah.

    OH! And So Yesterday reminded me of Zoolander, for some weird reason. Whatever. Hope it helped.


  22. According to the appearances page, Scott is going to a school librarians-type convention. Hmm.

    Not only are the Seattle-ites calling, but people-who-would-drive-to-seattle-to-go-to-a-book-signing-ites are out there too :p

  23. Yes! Join us, Lauren-la! Scott, when you come to Seattle you may get our famous Seattle rain, which really isn’t that amazing. We are in what I have dubbed the “rainy season”, but if you really wanted our beautiful Washington rain you would probably have to travel to Forks (which is sorta Stephenie Meyer’s territoty, if anyone knows what I mean). But please, tell us all you can! School Library conventions sound like fun to me, if they involve good authors. TELL US!!

  24. Sadness! I wish I was in NY, but I am not there until the end of this month. Sadness for me. I feel I should cry, but not enough to actually cry. I have standards!! Some anyway, etiquette-wise!!

    Wow… I am rambling. Anyway I haven’t read your book yet, but I can relate anything to Barbie stories and Alice in Wonderland, or at least a screwed up version of Wonderland, whether or not Alice has to be there. So I could possibly conclude that your book would remind me of that.

    If you have anything goin on in NY at the end of this month, post, post, POST!!!!!!

  25. I had a dream that I was un blockbuster and so yesterday came out on dvd. And by the way, since the WB in now the CW, are they still considering midnighters? Upn 45 wouldnt be bad either, they took buffy after the WB couldnt afford them anymore.

  26. Whoa. That is so cool! But wouldn’t making the characters older ruin a lot of the plot? That seems weird to me. Isn’t there, like, a point to them being in highschool? Personally, I think making them older would ruin the whole thing.

    Oh, and what’s going on with SEATTLE, Scott??!!

  27. Scott you would be a bad author if you let them up their ages to their 20’s!!!! That would take everything we love away from midnighters. If you wanted it to be that way, thats how you would have written it. Plus I don’t have cable, and sci-fi is only used with people who do have cable. I bet less than half of midnighters readers would watch if it got changed around that drastically.

  28. Yeah, I mean come on! MID to LATE 20s??? I can’t see Jess floating around with her boyfriend when she almost thirty! So weird. And Avant Garde, most of the time the authors don’t have a choice about what happens in their TV show or movie 🙁

    But 20???

    And Scott, I DAMAND you tell us if you are signing books in Seattle! My friends want to go in the lobby and stalk you (Me:???). My idea was to kidnap you and force you to sign our books but for some strange reason, the idea was veto-ed. My dad thinks I should just write you and wait for a reply before I get rash, but you havn’t written back! ARG!

    Frustrated and anxious,

    P.S. No one is really going to stalk you or kidnap you. I swear. Us Seattleites are very welcoming.

    P.P.S. But if you don’t sign books, you’ll force us to leave our nice homes and move to NY.

    P.P.P.S. And if I am correct, NYC doesn’t have special Washington rain.

  29. So, wait. You want me to sign in Seattle?
    Hmm . . . okay.

    I’m calling all my librarian friends (and yes, I have MANY librarian friends) and getting something together.

    How could I say no to all of you?

  30. You can’t. That’s the point. We would only accept it as your delusional rantings and wait for the REAL answer (which, by the way, would be yes). YAY! We have been answered!!

  31. You can’t say no to us, we are your fans. 😀 But see, you should stop in Minnesota on your way to Seattle… St. Paul specifically…. 😀

  32. Frankly, I think you should just make it a road trip to Seattle, and on the way, you could spend a day in CHICAGO!! I mean, it’s one of the largest cities in the USA, why do you aviod it like the plague???!!!

  33. It reminds me a little of Blade Runner; you know, beautiful young people chasing the truth in garbage-strewn, futuristic urban landscapes.(Even though So Yesterday is not supposed to be set in the far future.) The whole theme of planned obsolescence.

    I am one of your grown-up fans, a 45-year-old grad student in library school at Rutgers. I discovered your work last year in a class on materials for young adult and I’m just thrilled that you are so prolific.

    I even turned my husband onto you. He’s a 50-year-old shrink and he especially liked the way you intertwined parasitology and fiction in Peeps.

    Keep writing, Scott! You’re wonderful!

  34. Any word on the signing in Seattle yet, Scott? We’re just drooling over here, waiting to know.

  35. Yes, yes, yes. Drooooolllliiinngggg…

    How could you NOT obay us? Me and a TON of friends are coming! You’re here from the 12-15th, right?


    -Topaz (now very, very happy!)

  36. WHAT? I mean yay for all the Seattle but you can’t come to Canada? Toronto is WAY closer to New York than Seattle.

  37. Yes, Toronto may be closer but:
    1) Scott is on Seattle for a convention-thing anyways. And
    2) Seattle has special Seattle rain, and Toronto does not. But Canada is way cooler than the U.S. I must admit. Though not cooler than the Seattle rain (…or the 1984 silver-plated nail clippers…)

  38. GAH! replying to the Midnighter’s show thing: THEY NEED TO BE TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Scott, can you talk about your new Airship trilogy?

  39. Ariel Cooke,

    Blade Runner! I love that movie, and your right, it does have certain sembalences to So Yesterday. It’s more like a mix of So Yesterday and Peeps combined, maybe a little bit of the Uglies trilogy, too.

    Hmmm…I need to get that movie again.

  40. OH God…..i found out about your book reading just now and now i’m three days too late, Scott. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!!!!!!!
    The worst part is that even if i had found out about it earlier, i might not have been able too go:( after school volleyball practice wouldn’t let me!!!!!!!!!!!
    please keep posting up appeareances. One of these days, i will be able to go……..

  41. Well, you know we’re doing two more in NYC soon:

    Monday, October 16, 6:30PM,
    Signing at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble
    Justine Larbalestier & Scott Westerfeld
    267 Seventh Avenue,
    Park Slope, Brooklyn

    Wednesday, October 18, 7:00PM
    Siginging at Kips Bay Borders
    Justine Larbalestier & Scott Westerfeld
    576 2nd Ave (at 32nd Street)

  42. Oh yeah. The only movie that I know of that is So Yesterday-like is this crazy book-promtion on YouTube for So Yesterday. It cracks me up.

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