Command Performance

In response to your many requests and pleadings, I will be doing a reading and signing in Seattle. Do you see the power of the Internets!

Here is when:

Saturday, October 14

And here is where:

Lake Hills Library
15228 Lake Hills Blvd.
Bellevue, WA 98007

Now, I’m sure some of you in non-Seattle places will use this comment thread to plead for non-Seattle readings. Alas, that will not be possible in the forseeable future. Justine and I are traveling like MAD for the next few months (London! Thailand! Sydney!) and need our writing time.

But thanks for asking.

Also: If you’re coming, please post and say so! I need to see if we have enough people to interest a bookseller.

And tell your friends. Your Seattlite friends, anyway.

Thanks again for asking, and see (some of you) next Saturday.

93 thoughts on “Command Performance

  1. Hey, first comment, gotta be a record… Too bad it isn’t a day earlier, or it could be on friday the thirteenth lol. I’d come if I could, but I know my parents would never give me the money to go to Seattle, even if it’s not too far from here, I already have them paying for too many martial arts tournaments this month lol.

  2. Well, i won’t be there because i live in Ny……but that’s kool how your daughter has chinese classes, Edd. I also took Chinese last year as a freshman in high school. Is it mandarin or chinese? Zai jian

  3. would be better if you come to elmira, ny for the weekend and sign @ barne and noble. if weekday, rochester, ny, after school.

  4. YAY!!! “*dances around computer room* I will be there with at least 1 friend (maybe 2 or 3) and my other friend’s books (she has Girl Scout Camp and is angry). I can’t wait! My English teacher was flabbergasted that you are coming, Scott, he always makes fun of Peeps. Ha, this’ll teach him!


    Thanks so much for coming! There should be a ton of us there (and we’ll be sure to tell you who we are!)

    It will be awesome! Thanks sooooo much!!!!


  6. My dad thinks I’m insane (for dancing around and smiling hugely). And that library looks like a prison. Seriously, it’s very univiting.

  7. i wanna go to thailand so badly!! you are so fricken lucky that you get to travel so much, scott! i get to go to greece! im uber excited about that… sorry, rambling. anyway, for the fortieth time you need to do a reading/signing in colorado!! pleeease!! it would rock my world

  8. I’ll definitely be there, dragging as many people as I can. Though Bellevue is so not Seattle. 🙂

    Have you talked to Duane, the SF guy at the University Bookstore? He might well be an interested bookseller.

  9. Boston! Boston! When are you coming to Boston?! Sure there ain’t no Angel Share, but there *is* whiskey, and I’m sure I could find an icepick! 😉

  10. Man, I live in Seattle, but I can’t even go! Soccer game… damn my commitments. Hope you enjoy the city though!

  11. Yeah, i was wondering if you could be in the Barnes and nobles in Staten Island. It’s just a boat ride away and i knowwww how many fans you have here. Nobody ever stops in Staten Island………:(

  12. Scott, in order to prepare you for Seattle, here are a few things you should know…

    -Us Seattlites loooove coffee, so if you see nine Starbucks on the same street, don’t be surprised.

    -Many big things have started in Seattle (Pearl Jam, Boeing, US Nintindo headquarters, Jimi Hendrix, Starbucks…) So a lot of people will be in suits. Hmmm…

    -We have a ton of traffic here (like third or fourth worst in the country) but our cities and towns are relitivly clean! 😀

    -The Lake Hills Libary DOES look a little…dark and uninviting. The type of place a Peep would hang out at (unless they had loved books before…)

    Hope it helped 😉 enjoy our wonderful city!


  13. I’ll be there, and I’ve posted to my LJ and hopefully a few of my local friends will be coming along. The poster above saying that Duane from UBooks has a good point, but you might also look into All for Kids, a local independent children’s bookseller.They’re a great little shop and would probably love to work with you.

  14. Are you ever coming to Ohio? that’s where I live but I doubt you’d have any reason to come cuz it’s such a boring state. *Sigh* wish I lived in Seattle.

  15. Scott, I am terribly sorry, but this week is supposed to be SUNNY in Seattle. Well, we’re still cool. Maybe it will rain this weekend. Another thing that Seattle has (which Topaz forgot to mention) is that our weathermen are evil and lie to us ALL the time. So maybe it will rain. That would be so cool. Except, not really.

  16. Go where the sun don’t shine.


    Unlike here in Oklahoma. Out waving wheat is very sweet smelling.

  17. woooo i’m coming (with topaz and Capt. cockatiel) i got out of my girlscouty thing (i think) so now i can come and topaz will not have to bring my books. Topaz is write about seattlites lovvvinngg coffee thier are probly about 20 starbucks just in kirkland not mentioning downtown seattle. do not get your hopes up though about getting to expiriance the famouse seattle rain though becouse its suppose to be sunny all week but hey maby if you’re lucky it will rain just for you.

  18. Topaz and Cockatielio are write Parkplace book store Rocks it is in downtown kirkland in this shopping center called Park place it is really near lake washington and the people who work thier are sper freindly.

  19. Woo! That’s even closer to me than I expected. Sorry if you don’t get any patented Seattle rain-most miserable in the world, guaranteed. It’s also too bad you didn’t come this weekend: You could have gone to Salmon Days! (It’s this awesome festival in Issaquah, really near Bellevue) Yes, we have a festival celebrating salmon. …No comment…

    I must try to be there! And drag friends!

  20. Hey Scott,
    Paul and I will plan on being there–hopefully to finally meet you and see Justine at long last! I’d highly recommend University Books in Seattle–they have a terrific sf buyer who does a lot of ya stuff. Delia & Ellen read there recently to a good sized crowd.
    Bellevue is not actually Seattle by the way, it’s east of Lake Washington so you’ll be driving across a floating bridge to get there if you’re staying in Seattle. I’ve sent phone numbers via the Mrs. Let us know if you have time for a meal.
    Shelly Rae

  21. Kelly & Topaz,
    I’ll be at Salmon days on Sunday–we’re running the 10K before we watch the salmon swimming upstream. See, by running the 10k I can eat as many grilled salmon sandwiches as I want! muahaha!

  22. Gah! I will be in Seattle on the 20th to catch a flight! I’m so mad. If I wasn’t going to have to be there so soon, I would drive up to Seattle in a heartbeat. How long are you going to be out of the country? Are you and Justine going back to sunny Sydney soon?

    I’m so sad I can’t come. Someone give me a full report of how it goes.

  23. Wait wait wait…. London? Does that mean you’re going to come and see your rabid British fans or is all the traveling strictly personal? *crosses fingers*

  24. I have always dissmissed Salmon Days as crazy and have never been.
    I have convinced two other friends to come to the signing, Scott. Though one has never read your books. Oh well, maybe you can convince him.

  25. Oh, Scott have you been to Seattle before? Because Topaz makes the city sound amazing, but really it’smoggy and dirty and grey. Some parts are nice, but basically we’re just pretty darn plain.

  26. Salmon Days _is_ crazy, and I speak from experience, having been in the parade three times. 😉

    (I made the mistake of trying to get into Issaquah last weekend, forgetting what was going on. Oops….)

    Anyway — shall definitely be there! Exciting. I even used to work at Lake Hills… nice flashback there!

  27. I really don’t see Utah happening…hmmm…especially since I work in the library and all Scott Westerfeld books are pristine and new. If only Utahnians enjoyed parasite positives, uglies, and midnighters…lameness.

  28. Hey, thanks for all your excitement!

    And Kallie, I think I’ll be doing some appearances in London, but I’m not sure yet.

    Kenzie- You may bring all the books you own.

  29. I have 6 books… Scott, you’re hand will probably cramp from signing all of our books. This is going to be so fun. I can not wait. I am at school now, so goodbye!!

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