Halloween Plans?

Hey, we’re headed out of town in an hour, and blogging may be sketchy, but to keep you guys entertained . . .

Is anyone planning any Westerfeldian Halloween costumes? Specials? Pretties? Midnighters? Peeps? Or just plain old zombies?

Let me know, and maybe we can put together a photo gallery in early November.

And to fill your swag bags with more than teeth-ruining candy, Penguin is running a bookclub sweepstakes! Enter to win up to ten copies of six books, including my latest, The Last Days. Basically, that’s one copy of each book for all of your bookclub members!

Spread the word.

Ciao till next week!

64 thoughts on “Halloween Plans?

  1. Hmm… I was going to be a newsie, but it should be easy to put together a Westerfeldian costume… Though I don’t know how many people would recognize me. 🙁

  2. Ooooh! A Westerfeldian costume? That’s an fabulous idea! I’m headed out to the Party Store today! I’ll see what I can find….

  3. i wanted to be melissa really badly but i settled for alice in wonderland. it’s an awesome costume 🙂 but not quite a scool as anything westerfeldian

  4. Haha! Guess what–I am being Shay-la, Capt. is being a Peep and Piffs is being Des! It is going to be awesome (we just need a Hunter…)

    My costume is sh-weet! I am wearing a long dress and drawing tattoos all over me (to bad I don’t have spinner tattoos). I am trying to copy the cover of the book the best I can.

    And guess what!? E-Bay dosn’t even sell Hoverboards 🙁

    Lol! Okay, see ya!

  5. I just got back from the store and picked up some costume stuff! I thought I’d go as a Peep (Minerva?), but it looks a tad more like a zombie…
    Oh well. It’s going to be fun all the same!

    Aww…. No hoverboards on eBay…. 🙁
    I dreamt I had a hoverboad one time!

  6. Yep, I’m going to grace my school’s dance as a peep. It will be fun! Though I don’t want any pictures…

  7. Oh yes, and would Justine be open to answering some questions for my school’s paper? Please let me know, Scott, so I don’t pester her with millions of emails and such. That reminds me of something I’ve done recently… hee hee.

  8. My friends and I are being Midnighters. We’re planning on wearing black (obviously) and are goign to go out to a hardwear store or something and find as much metal that can be turned into jewlery as possible.

  9. Your school has a Halloween dance? Mine doesn’t. Well, at least not that I know of. =(
    However, I will get to fluant my b-e-a-utiful costume at my church’s halloween carnival!

  10. I’ve been going through my Peeps and TLD books and I was wondering, if anybody had any ideas. What types of accessories should I get for a peep costume? I mean, what visual characteristics define a peep? Any ideas?


  11. well…im doing not that much. im not a haloween person really. me and my friend might be salt and pepper shakers! (you know we are gangsta)

  12. Gosh, I just finished reading Pretties, and now it’s too late to dress up like Tally-wa! That would have been so freaking oober cool. I guess there’s always next year. Wish I would have though of it earlier though.
    I might have to draw a fake flash tattoo on my face for the halloween dance though! =D

  13. I’m going as a Catholic school girl, only because I used to be one and therefore have a ready-made costume. I’m going authentic, rather than Britney Spears style (ugh). Maybe next year I’ll have time to think up an imaginite Westerfeldian costume. *sigh* I can’t wait to see the pix!

  14. I’m going as a dumb blond in a tenis outfit, I think its a very scary thing. Might I add I am the complet opposite of that, so you get the idea. I usually look like mellisa everyday, so if i stayed normal, one might assume i was going as her.

  15. yes!! my friend and i are being peris and fausto as pretties going to the party at Valentino….i shall take many pictures

  16. Topaz — consider using grey and black ‘tattoos’ overlapping each other. That way, when you move, it will look like they are shifting around. (At least, they will if the light isn’t too bright.) I did that by accident once, when I put on a temporary tattoo, then pulled it off to soon, and put it back on, but crooked. I wound up with a light version and a dark version overlapping and, as I said, they seemed to shift when I moved.

    Has anyone considered cosmetic contact lenses? My first thought was to use black contacts to make my eyes look like Tally’s special-eyes. I talked to my optometrist, and she said it’s perfectly safe. But I decided not to, ‘cus I got queasy when I watched her put a contact in to show me. I could NEVER touch my eye like that…

    But maybe someone else would like to? I saw lots of Peeps-type eyes in the contacts catalog…

  17. Oh, I forgot to mention that I signed up for that bookclub books sweepstakes. Thanks for sharing that, Scott, that is so cool!!


  18. I would dress up like something Westerfeldian, but you have a distinct shortage of blonde characters (aside from Hunter). As a matter of fact, if you can think of any blonde characters in your books who would make good costumes, could you tell me?

  19. Teehee. Scott, you have your very own flamers! That’s something to be proud of. Everyone should get some at some point. Bet they’re middle schoolers. Heh. Don’t worry Scott, you don’t want them as fans, they can’t even spell correctly.

  20. Yes, flamers, but not very original. (And now gone.)

    capt. cockatiel, Justine would be happy to answer quessies for your school paper. You can go to her blog and hit “contact.” (And replace the “at” with
    an @.)

    Mary, cool idea. That SOUNDS like it might work.

  21. I’d aim to be a peep…only walking around in tattered rags on a tuesday night isn’t completely appealing.

    As far as the midnighters, they dress like us….and Pretties….I’ll try that sometime.

  22. Scott, where can I find the Phoenician numerals for my Midnighter weapons? I’ve been googling for them for a while, but all that I’ve found is the alphabet.

  23. ooooooo. I didn’t even think about that. Sweet! I could be Melissa or Dess…thanks for the awesome idea!!!!

  24. I’ve already planned to go as roadkill, but I could always make improvements as the more threatening “anti-darkling roadkill”.

  25. I was going to have yellow peep eyes, but it was vetoed by the parental units. Darn. Well, my costume was pretty good, but no pictures. Sorry. Piffs had a hubcap for her Dess costume and wrote Hypochondriac on it for authenticity. It was all quite a blast. Yeah… Thanks Scott and Justine!

  26. My Shay-la costume turned out well. I was Shay in her party-crashing-cutter-stage and I drew tatoos all over myself (to bad I can’t make spinner tattoos…)

    My teacher saw one of a sun on my shoulder and thought it was real! She told me I couldn’t get a tatoo until I was eighteen without my parents consent. It was funny, because it was (obviously) fake.

    Can’t wait until I can wear it again for Halloween night!!!

    Piffs costume WAS pretty fawesome. She wore a dress too (she was Dess) and taped blue glowsticks to the back of the Ford hubcap we found on the side of the road. It looked like it was glowing, or like she had hit a darkling with it 🙂

    Capt: Looking forward to the artical in our newspaper!


  27. I was thinking of using those contacts… because I use contacts sometimes anyways, so it wouldn’t make much of a difference because I know how to do it… but I’m still thinking about it. I actually have to dress up this year because my bro-in-law did his house this year and is holding something there. 🙂

    and yeah… I write all over myself all the time. freakied my teacher out. she thought I was all tat’ed up too. haha.

  28. At the school dance my teacher called me ‘Peeps’ the whole time. It got annoying quite fast, I have to say.
    Topaz, the tatoo mistake was really funny, especially since it really didn’t look real. It was sad. Yes, very sad.
    Laine-wa, bngee jackets look like bungee jackets. You can’t discribe them… it’s practically impossible. Couldn’t you just google bungee jackets??
    I’m happy because Justine emailed me back…

    Later folks!

  29. hmm… I’m going as a Pretty Zombie. I’m going to get all prettied and then add some gross things to make me look dead. But I’ll still be a rusty… *sigh*

  30. I’m still not sure what other accessories I should get for a Peep costume…. My mom says no contacts. Darn…

  31. I agree, Kenzie, how can we REALLY dress up as peeps without the eyes? Wwe are doomed into non-peepness for life.

  32. I love Halloween. Its a soecial day 4 spooking people. This year 4 HAllween I’m gonna be the tooth fairy. SPOOKY!!!!! I love trick-or -treating because I get lots of candy. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! Watch out this year 4 the tooth fairy or else lose your teeth SUCKA

  33. J.K. Rowling rocks baby. But you rock even more Scott Westerfeld. I love your books even more than the HArry Potter series. You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m planning on reading all the books you have written over this school year. It’s gonna be great.

  34. Last year I didn’t go trick-or-treating because
    1) I wasn’t allowed to (???)
    nad 2) I ended up finishing So Yesterday that night and that made me happy. I love that book sooooo much. Hunter can kick Harry Potter’s butt! Yeah… So Yesterday is cool, bow before its awesomeness…

  35. I’ve wanted to be a greaser for like years now.
    i was telling my brother,
    and he was all “Be a dead greaser!!!”
    SO, i’m going to be dead Johnny Cade.
    from the outsiders…

  36. Hmm. I like the idea of being a smokie, but I can’t find the wool sweater that would have worked perfectly. Probably it was too small and I just forgot that I’d grown out of it. Oh well, it was quite itchy. Not really the ideal halloween costume. I guess I could be a pretty, but that would be boring. All I’d wear is my homecoming dress. Nothing really special about that.
    Dressing like Uglies/Pretties/Smokies is just hard since they are so much like us. I think I’ll go as a Midnighter!
    Plus the Midnighters books are easier to explain when eveyone asks “so, what are you?”

  37. I would be the anti-Hunter. People say I look kind of like him, but I’m out of time and $2000 suits…

  38. I took my bird to the vet today and since everyone was speaking of peep-ish eye contacts (okay, not EVERYONE) I thought I would share my strange experience. I hadn’t been to this vet before, so I didn’t know the guy at all. I saw his eye at this weird angle through his glasses and was like “Hmm, that looked like a yellow eye with a slit pupil, maybe his glasses are just thick and did some strange glasses-angle thing.” But no. He had these weird snake/cat eye things going on and it was SCARY. I had to talk to him for 2 hours and look at his freaky eyes. Just thought I’d share.

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