Fan Art Friday

Here’s some fan art to amuse you all, perhaps making up for my lack of postage.

But first a little news: Specials and Pretties have appeared on the NYT bestseller list! Specials has re-listed at #7 on the chapterbook list, and Pretties debuts at #8 on the paperback list.

The crazy thing is that Pretties has been out for more than a year. So the book’s appearance on a bestseller list means that you guys have been talking it up! And I mean that: At this point the only marketing is word of mouth. (And slipcases! Someone give me slipcases!)

So onward to the fan art . . . Here’s happy Tally celebrating the news. Dance, Tally, dance!

Animated gif by Breca H.

And here’s a vision of New pretty Town from the UK.

Picture by Joanna L., who’s working on a university design project based on Uglies.

And finally, an entry in the long-awaited Halloween costume ball, Dess with Purposelessly Hyperinflated Individuality!

Costume designed and worn by Kallie P., plus Psychokitty!

Send any more costume shots to my fan mail address. To do that, here and click “contact” in the upper right corner. Then replace the “at” with the “@”. Why is this so hard? To make spambots choke on their own bile, that’s why.

(I will keep your names secret, of course.)

And again, thanks for getting me on the list. Without you guys, I’m a crazy guy saying “bubbly” way too much.

56 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday

  1. bubbly sweet i was read ing preties and why is every thing so bubbly what is it any way,i felt like the midnighters at a peprally it was like the anti bubbly (simular to the anticrist)

  2. Oooh, fun-ness. My power has returned! And so I came here, to the wonderful world of Westerblog to spend my time.
    My lights, electrical appliances and other warm-making things were rendered useless for two days! And most people still don’t have theirs back… yes, we on the East Side (of Washington State) had bad luck. Stupid Seattleites with their big city and no-tree-ness! Most of THEM didn’t lose power.
    Anyway, this post is too long, so congrats!

  3. Oh, and what ever happened to the names thing? I have been waiting for So Yesterday for, what? Months? Weeks? I don’t even know. Though I guess it would be hard to do them while writing a book and all.

  4. Congrats Scott! That’s very happy-making! I read Specials in three hours yesterday. I’ve been hooked on your series since my little sister brought it home from her middle school book fair! Again congrats and I hope your success is perpetual!

  5. Congratulations! That’s really neat!

    Yahhh! The power has finally been returned to my house! We still don’t have school though… Which means this day off will be coming out of my summer vacation. 🙁

  6. Poor summer vacation — being cut down for us without power. Less time to get in my minimum of 24 books!

  7. yay scott! mucho congrats.
    and of course we’ve been talking about it, i got eighteen people to buy your book didn’t i?
    anyway congrats…and i’ll send you pictures as soon as my math teacher hands them over

  8. good job! i am amazed that even tho we read the same book our imagination can go in 2 totally different direction-that is not even close to what i pictured new pretty town like. ah, well now i must go finish my report on Julius Caesar(the play), not very fun!

  9. thats cool that you are on the best seller list. congrats! I asked for uglies for Christmas, and i already have the other two. Im making my little sister read uglies, but so far she has barely read any. she’s probably only at the beginning of tally’s trip to the smoke!:0 I can’t wait for Christmas!(sorry, a little off topic)

  10. dess-ish that should be a word Dess-ish-(VERB)gothic,hater of phycokitty enjoyer of stianless steal and math: The girl at midnight looked so dess-ish.

  11. WHOA Tally moves!! That is really insane/awesome! And I’d have to say that the Midnighters costume is way better then the one I wore.
    Yay for Pretties and Specials being bestsellers!

    Hey, I had power out for 4 days. Stupid windstorms. But most of the people in Seattle I know lost their power …How does Seattle not have trees? It’s in Washington! Washington is made of trees! Okay, anyway …

  12. so, whatever happened to the explanation of names from the “Uglies” I was really looking forward to it. 🙁

  13. Seattle is all “We’re a big, urban, silver-colored city. Make way for buildings, get rid of those treeeees!” That’s how most of Seattle doesn’t have trees. I mean, it’s not a baren wasteland or anything, but it’s not forests, either. It’s a city. And the buildings are not carved out of trees. Or something like that. So, yeah. And Washington is not made of trees. But we do have them…

  14. “Buildings carved out of trees”
    I think I’d actually like to see someone try that! But good point about cities not having trees. The fact that big trees can’t just grow out of the sidewalk kinda slipped out of my mind for a second. Oops …

  15. Everyone cool lives in Washington. No offense, all of you who aren’t Washingtonians. But Washington is just where the cool people are. I mean, we started Starbucks, and Microsoft and Pearl Jam. We’re cool. Plus, us Seattlites know how to convince authors to do signings (see comments from October, hee hee).

  16. Hey, not just Seattlites. The people who live in the capital of Washington are pretty darn cool, as well as aouthor-convincing. And the capital is -not- Seattle, just in case anyone had any doubts :]
    YUM starbucks is good. I love their vanilla lattes!

  17. I have never been to Starbucks. And I live in Seattle. Does that have some secret meaning? Most likely. I have only been to Olympia once, and it was not for very long. Just this random trip we all took without my mom.

  18. I don’t get hyper. I’m a calm person. So whenever I start eating chocolate or something at night my friends are all “Nooo! You’ll go insane and ccrazy and HYPER!” But I eat the chocolate. And nothing happens.
    And what would be the point of going to Starbucks if I did not get something coffee-oriented? There wouldn’t be one.

  19. Same with me. Nut we can’t all think the same. (ah! Big Brother returns with his silver-plated nail clippers!)

  20. *Nut* I meant ‘but’. The ‘n’ and ‘b’ are right next to each other, so don’t look at me that way!

  21. Me too. But we cannot overthrow minds to make everything what we want, can we now? Though that would be nice… and a little Big Brother-ish at the same time.

  22. Well, it doesn’t really look like anything, right? It’s not real. It’s our imaginations taking the description and turning it into a picture. In our heads. Not… on the earth.

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