Midnighters Round-Up

I haven’t posted anything for Midnighters fans in a while, so here are a couple of bits of fannish art and one document for obsessed scholars.

But first, the event at Kinokuniya was a blast. Our thanks to all of those who came, especially fan-mail deliverers and shameless flatterers Steph, Jaimee, and Christina/Mikey! Fun was had by all.

So, a few days ago I got this present from Kallie, my own anti-darkling coffee mug!

In addition to this triple-decker tridecalogism, the other side has stuff too intricate for my still-life photography skillz to capture. It features thirteen 13s in Phoenician numerals and the five midnighter talent symbols. Kewl.

Now here’s something for your CafePress pleasure. The tridecashirt!

Yes, it’s amazing how much free time I used to have. But what is this for? Well, I hereby give you all the right to copy, re-mix, and promulgate this image in all media in existence or yet to be invented, forever and throughout the known universe.

In other words, steal it to make t-shirts if you want. Or coffee mugs.

Click here for a much bigger file, and here if you want a vast Photoshop doc without the white background. (‘Save As’ under File after it loads, then open in Photoshop.)

And finally, for the truly Midnighters obsessed, here’s the chronology of events for whole series, from September 1 to October 31. Funny how October 6 in Blue Noon takes 100 pages to unfold!

I apologize for the formatting, but this is the stuff of novelist’s working documents. Page numbers refer to the hardbacks, btw, and may have shifted slightly since page proofs.

Massive Spoilers Warning!

Chronology, Book 1

p. 1 first day of school at Bixby High (Sep 1) Rex sees that Jessica has Focus; Jessica meets Dess in trig
p.17 that Thurs. (Sep. 4) Jessica’s first week of school almost over, she has first midnight experience with frozen rain
p.21 next day (Fri., Sept. 5) Jessica has lunch with Jonathan; midnight with cat, snakes, and panther
p.100 next day (Sat., Sept. 6) Jessica at Clovis Museum; midnight with Jonathan, flying, attack by slithers and darklings, busted by Sheriff St. Claire
p.177 next day (Sun., Sept. 7) Rex and Dess tell Jess at midnight about lore site
p.189 next day (Mon., Sept. 8,) Constanza invites Jess to party at Rustle’s Bottom on Fri.
p.201 next Wed. (Sept. 10) during midnight hour Melissa changes Jess’s parents’ minds about grounding
p.211 next day (Thurs., Sept. 11) Jess ungrounded, kisses Jonathan on top of Pegasus sign
p.231 next day (Fri., Sept. 12) party at Rustle’s Bottom, Jess discovers talent of flame-bringer
p.302 two midnights later (midnight of Sun., Sept. 14) right after midnight time, Melissa picks up on human thought threat to Jessica

Chronology, Book 2

p.4 Sat. night (Sept. 20) Jessica goes out at midnight although still grounded for another two weeks, Jessica has been in secret hour two weeks, two weeks later bruises from letting go of Jonathan’s hand just fading, Jessica has physics test on Mon., Jessica and Jonathan spot stalker with camera, Dess awakes early Sun. morning from dream, takes dad’s GPS
p.30 next day (Sun. Sept 21) Jessica had only felt secure in Bixby for a week before cameraman danger started, she and Jonathan visit Rex, Rex and Melissa touch, a week since drive back from Rustle’s Bottom; at midnight Rex and Melissa find Darkling Manor, see halfling
p.89 next day (Mon. Sept 22) Rex and Melissa skip school, ten days since Dess led Rex and Melissa across desert to snake pit, weekend before last found out Jessica was flame-bringer, Jonathan and Dess go back to Los Colonias, visit Darkling Manor, find bill for Ernesto Grayfoot, Jessica locks Beth in closet while out with Jonathan
p.157 next day (Tues. Sept 23) Dess finds Madeleine, Melissa and Rex go to Constanza’s house at midnight, Melissa finds out Ernesto is Constanza’s cousin, Madeleine puts directions to Constanza’s in Jessica and Jonathan’s heads, fight with darklings
p.206 next day (Wed. Sept 24) plan to meet at Constanza’s house on Friday, Beth resumes Beth Spaghetti night
p.235 next day (Thurs. Sept 25) at Madeleine’s, Dess realizes that runway is where halflings created
p.248 next day (Fri. Sept 26) Rex kidnapped, changed into darkling, Anathea released but dies, Jessica burns Rex back into human form
p.328 next day (Sat., Sept. 27) midnight hour, Jonathan meets Beth in Jessica’s bedroom, Dess, Melissa, and Rex at Madeleine’s

Chronology, Book 3

p.4 (Mon., Oct. 6) a month ago beginning-of-football-season pep rally, TEN DAYS ago Melissa invaded Dess’s mind to save Rex, blue time falls just after nine a.m., TEN DAYS since Rex’s transformation, Jessica’s grounding to end, a month from when police brought her home, Jessica’s last night of grounding, Dess at Maddy’s figures out Cassie captured by darklings, midnighters rescue Cassie
p.104 next day (Tues., Oct. 7) Rex found lore signs in kitchen this morning, at midnight Melissa mindcasts Cassie to make her forget
p.123 next day (Wed., Oct. 8,) Constanza tells group in a couple of weeks moving to LA with grandfather, Halloween MORE THAN three weeks away, another eclipse during lunch, Rex meets that night with Angie, then with ancient darklings, refuses their offer to join hunt
p.199 next Wed. (Oct. 15) Beth Spaghetti Night, Beth has Cassie over for dinner
p.210 that same night (Wed., Oct. 15) Samhain is SIXTEEN days away, Madeleine, Melissa, and Rex meld with old mindcasters, find out what darklings put in Rex’s mind about Samhain
p.224 next day (Thurs., Oct. 16) midnighters meet at Madeleine’s at night, to meet for experiments on Sat. morning
p.237 next day (Sat., Oct. 18) another eclipse, Rex does experiment with Caddy, ten days to Halloween
p.255 a week later: (Sat., Oct. 25) Halloween is SIX days away, Constanza to fly to LA day after tomorrow for a week
Samhain (FRIDAY., Oct. 31) Jessica stops rip by putting hand in frozen lightning on Mobile building
p.336 two weeks later (mid-Nov.) Beth taken by midnighters to remains of rip, meets Jessica

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  1. Oh um…The Prophecy of the Stones by Flavia Bujor is good. Its genre is more fantasy than science fiction. The author is like high school aged. It made me cry at the end..yeah, I know, very pathetic. But then, Specials made me cry at the end too.

  2. the city of ember, the people of sparks, the prophet of yonwood, all by jeanne duprau all but the last one is set in the futer where the world died. they are alot like The Giver

  3. I did not cry at the end of The Prophecy of the Stones, nor at the end of Specials. I’ve never cried at the end of a book or movie. People will be crying around me (during a movie) and yet I am not sad at all. It’s kind of strange.
    Hope you enjoy the books, Amy!

  4. Well, I usually don’t cry..well just not a lot..well ok, if it’s sad then I’ll cry..but other than that I usually don’t cry!..ha so yeah I almost died tonight! I had basketball practice and there’s this really BIG girl on my team and she almost drove me into the floor..ha! So are any of you guys Grey’s Anatomy watchers?..where are you all even from anyways?..I’m from Nebraska! Dear old Nebraska!

  5. Grey’s Anatomy?! I am a House fan. House is the only medical show that I watch. House. House. House. House. Sorry.
    I am from the Pacific Northwest. Nowhere special… but we have special rain. It has author-attracting abilities. Sort of.

  6. Where’s the Pacific Northwest and what’s house all about? My friend was tellin’ me about it, but I haven’t tuned into it yet. If it’s about medical stuff, then it’ll probably be good cause I’m into that kinda stuff.

  7. The Pacific Northwest is Oregon and Washington and Northern California. I live in Washington. Seattle. With the special rain. Though maybe you missed all of those comments by Topaz and I way back in September or October? Anyways.
    House is THE BEST doctor show ONE EARTH. House is the best character — he’s so funny, and witty and sarcastic. You must watch it! He has a cane…

  8. On the subject of books, anything from the Ender series is AWESOME, especially Speaker for the Dead. I also recommend Tithe and Valiant, both by Holly Black, anything by Piers Anthony, and A Skanner Darkly, by Philip K. Dick.

  9. i like greys anatomy and house. oh i just read these really good books called ‘blue is for nightmares”white is for magis’ and two more in the series. i reccomend them to everyone. and peepgrrl, thanks i think i have read a piers anthony book.

  10. the only book i have ever cryed at the end of was pheonix rising. that was saaddddddddddd 🙁 i loved ezra. (main character’s boyfriend) i wont tell you what happens in case you decide to read it. it was really good.

  11. Ha..I’m plannin’ to go to college in Washington for medical school, but that’s not gonna be for another eight years! Plus Washington has an awesome volleyball program. I gotta give them props for beating Nebraska in the Championships last year, but we won this year so it’s all good. Oh anyone ever heard of Cynthia Voigt? I just started reading one of her books.

  12. Yeah, I’ve heard of her, but I can’t think of anything she’s written. Anybody have any movie recommendations? It doesn’t have to be sci fi/ fantasy, just good.

  13. Oh! You have to see The Guardian..it made me cry lol. But yeah I finally got one of my friends to read one of Scott’s books for her book report. She’s readin’ Uglies and so yeah I hope she likes it. And I’m a big Will Farell fan so you have to check out Talladega Nights. It’s really dumb, but I find stuff like that funny.

  14. My favorite movie of all time is Dragonheart. But another great movie is Millions, which is based off a book. The author was originally a screenwriter, so he wrote the screenplay. It was really good, but the book is even more hilarious!

  15. wasnt cynthia voigt (or something like that) the one who wrote my sister’s keeper? i started reading that and im about half way through. that is so sad.

  16. I’m tryin’ to think of another good movie..oh! The Notebook is really good..but it’s like a chick flick, so yeah. I heard the Prestige was really good. I’m goin’ to Night at the Museum tonight with some friends and some of my other friends said it was good cause they went last night. I heard Freedom Writers was good too.

  17. I have no clue what else Cynthia wrote. But I just finished Homecoming by her, and now I’m starting on Dicey’s Song.

  18. Our school blocked that site from us. It’s so dumb, our school pretty much blocks everything on the internet, so what’s the point of gettin’ all these computers if they’re not gonna let us do anything on it.

  19. Yeah, that’s who I thought wrote it! My mom reads all books by Jodi Picoult. So I’ve seen it around the house. But I don’t really keep track of my mother’s favorite authors, unless something like this happens and I remember. So yeah.

  20. I don’t really have a “favorite” author, there’s just too many out there, and they’re all awesome! But Scott is a super awesome author..totally different category.

  21. thanks yeah i figured that out when i went up into my room and saw it on my dresser. but thanks.

  22. i know her from somewhere i just cat remember what book i read of hers. its really bothering me now.

  23. I’m confuesed about the last like 3 chapters in Midnighters:Blue Noon. What the freaking hell happened to Jessica and why is everyone leaving? HELP i need to understand or im gonna go bannanas! LOL


  24. omg scott westerfeld is like the best author in the world and he needs to write another book in the midnighters series

  25. I’m a HUGE Midnighter fan, so thanks so much for the shirt template. I also can’t wait to see the movie! The only problem with using Knightly and Swank; Tally’s only 15, not quite an adult.
    Dude, they need a midnighters movie too. When I become a famous actress, I will
    HAVE to be in that. Plus, I have so many ideas. Watch them make a movie without me, and then I’ll be pissed that it wasn’t exactly as I evisioned it, and that it didn’t star me…

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