Humble Appearance

This Saturday Justine and I are headed to Humble, Texas for Teen Lit Fest! For all of you who live near Houston, please come and say hi.

We’ll be in the illustrious company of Chris Crutcher, Gail Giles, Benjamin Alíre Sáenz, and Chris Yambar. Chris is giving the keynote speech. We saw him in NYC last year, and he is nine kinds of awesome.

Here’s the facts:

Saturday, 24 February, 2007
Humble ISD Libraries’ Teen Lit Festival 07

Guests are: Chris Crutcher, Gail Giles,
Justine Larbalestier, Benjamin Alíre Sáenz,
Scott Westerfeld and Chris Yambar
Atascocita High School Campus
Humble, Texas

It starts at 8:30AM, Chris’s keynote is at 9:40, and Justine and I both have (separate) sessions at 10:45 and 12:15. All the authors will be signing books from about 1:00 to 2:00.

The event is open to the public and free of charge!

Instructions for getting there can be found here.

This appearance is the whole reason that Justine and I have faced the snowy northern hemisphere so early this year. My uncle is a principal at one of the Humble schools, and is retiring after 23 years. We just couldn’t say no.

But going to Houston after two decades in New York is very nervous-making. You see, being from Texas, it took me about ten years to start pronouncing the name of Houston Street six blocks from me in the NYC way, which is very different from the Texas way.

But that means that at some point this Saturday, I’m very likely to say, “Thanks for having me here in How-ston.”

And as a former Texan, that will be very, very bad.

Hope to see you there.

Update We’ll also be in Texas in mid-April. So we’ll probably do a signing in Austin and or San Antonio!

55 thoughts on “Humble Appearance

  1. Oooh, first comment! Too bad I don’t live in Texas… darn.
    My friend always pronounces things wrong! She can not say “poems”. No matter how hard she tries, it sounds like “poms”.
    Must go back to school work, seeing as I’m at school…

  2. Dang. I don’t live in Texas. Ever considered doing a signing in the WONDERFUL (Okay. It’s pretty rainy and yucky here at the moment.) Pacific Northwest?

  3. My friends think that it’s funny that I say Colorado Callderado. That’s how I learned it on the East Coast where Des Moines wasn’t pronounced De Moine and Oregon was pronounced Oreegon.

  4. That’s almost a five hour drive from DFW; damn you! Or four plus. I don’t know. I try to stay away from the Houston area. I really don’t need to do homework, right? It’s only grad school…

  5. Well, Alabama is pretty far away from Houston…maybe if I had one of those nifty hoverboards you thought up, Scott. oh well, i guess I’ll just have to wait…:(

  6. You should come to Austin because they have the best bookstore ever. It’s an independent store called BookPeople. I practically live there.

    How-ston? You’ve got to be joking. I never had a clue. But then, I didn’t know that Humble was pronounced UM-ble until last week. Can’t wait to see you!!
    😀 😀

  7. I’m coming! For the first time in a long time, a band/author/actor is coming to my hometown.


    I can’t wait.

  8. Aw, you suck…hmm…every think of coming to Denver, Colorado? I would be much happier…atleast I’d be able to make my mom, dad, or one of my friends drive me over…How-ston? lol, that is funny…oh, and since my freakin’ email isn’t working, I think you should write a fourth book for the Midnighters…make a happier ending…

  9. M (who posted waaay above this), Scott was in Seattle last October! So sorry you missed it (if you did)! We bombarded him with comments to have a signing. And since he was there for a convention we won. Thank the internets, we WON! Alright then. But he was here, and it was fun.

  10. I hadn’t read any of Scotts books in October. Around November was the time that I started reading Uglies and couldn’t stop at just one of his books. 😀 I LOVE Cal!! Such a beautiful school that signing’ll be held in.

  11. I’ll be there 😀 (wish i had a copy of evolution’s darling) but me = kitty ears 😀

    pS I look up to you. I hope that someday I will write something as great as one of your novels… so far i cant write anything longer than about 5 pages. got plenty of ideas though. *sigh* just have to find the right voice…

  12. “Former” Texan? You’re funny, Scott. Even though I only lived in California for 8 weeks after I was born there and I now live in the UK, I am still a Californian.

    (And speaking of UK, you should come back here soon. *hinthintHINT*)

  13. Glad you’re coming back this way soon, because Humble isn’t too far from here, but I am sick as a dog, and you don’t want these germs. So, see you in a couple of months!

  14. omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did i just read that right?!?!?!?! you are going to be in NEW JERSEY ON THE 14 th?????????????? omg!!!!!!!!!!!! im am so there. tell me now!!!!!! where what time???????????? omg!!!! my parents wouldnt take me to ny but philly is so close to NJ!!!!!!!!!! aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH im flipping out here!!!!!!!!!! i think i just died!!!!!!!

  15. noooooooooo scott!!!!!!!! how could u?????? i was so excited. and then i realized that the 14th is wednesday. 🙁 i am very sad now. 🙁 🙁 🙁 so sad-making. i hope its a night or something like that so i can come. cause if its during the day im gonna die during school going nooooooooooooooooooooooo i could be with scott right now. nooooooooooooooooo. stupid school. what time r u gonna be in NJ?

  16. can you at least come somewhere near me when im NOT BEING IN SCHOOL DYING OF JELOUSY FOR ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE THERE?!?!?!?!

  17. and why wasnt that on ur appearance page? i wouldnt have bugged u so much if i knew you’d be comming somewhere near me. i would have been getting very happy and dancing around hte room for a long time.

  18. Hey it would be nice if you could make an appearance in Columbus, GA at Barnes and Nobles. OH that would be great you should you really do that.

  19. GAH! Houston, so close, yet so far. My uncle lives in Houston, or rather, lives there part time. Since he works in Dallas, he’s bunking with another pair of relatives. I happen to know for a fact that he goes back to Houston on the weekends to visit his family. If only my parents would let me go, maybe I can smuggle myself into a suitcase. Curse my horrible luck. Just a few hundred miles north and I might actually have gotten to go. Well, I wish you the best of luck in your pronunciation troubles.

  20. Hey Scott!!! You know from my other blog comments (savannah) but anyways. Me and my friend roxi here! And we just wanted to express to you how PISSED we were that you are coming tomrro and there is noway we can get to Humble from Dallas that soon with out limited resources. So you definatly need to come to dallas SOON!!! We started a fan club for you at our school that are totally desperate to meet you!!!!! I just might cry if you dont come visit us up here!!! Trust me, you would have a total BALL with us if only because we love so so much.

  21. You have to be in Houston or Dallas during the summer because I go stay with my relative there! Today Steven Layne came to our school, if anyone’s ever heard of him. He’s only written two young adult books and they’re pretty new. Anyways..Scott should seriously consider coming somewhere in Nebraska! I should ask my aunt who’s in optometry school in Houston right now to go get a book signed for me!

  22. i go to dallas ft.worth before i haed out on my missions trips. but thats not untill july. darn…oh well. i know you cant be everywhere at once( but if you could it would be REALLY cool)

  23. when will you awnser the e-mail i sent you!!! Im doing a really really really BIG project for school and i need help with a few details!! For the project im supposed to dress up as you!! WOW!! I could of chosen a girl to dress up as but since i admire you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much i picked you!! OMG!and im a girl… IM NOT KIDDING!!! WRITE BACK PLEASE!!! I just need to know what you ussually wear, Ps im not some obssesed stalker

  24. hey scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k well im roxi, savannahs friend and i LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your books!!! but im really bumbed out that your not comming to dallas!!! you NEED to come here sometime really soon!!!!!!! theres soooooo many people that live here that wanna meet you!!!!!!!!! and like savannah (davidfan) said we might just cry if you dont come up here to visit!!!!!! so you need to come here soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hiya there! I actually have just gotten home from the Lit Fest and you were great. If your memory serves you I approached you twice, once at the morning session about Twilight Zone and then you signed my books and exclaimed that you bought Diamond Dogs by David Bowie the day it came out! Woohoo! Just stopping in to say hello and bookmarking your site for future reference :D. Great meeting you today!


  26. Dang! I wish I was in Texas today…but it did get my hair done. (Ok. I just sounded like a total Pretty.) Speaking of which! I just finished it! (I know, I know, I’m a little late, but my town sucks! I had to wait a week or two AFTER the the book was due for my school library, and publik library only has Uglies. I don’t think they even have another SW book. I have no idea how I’ll get my hands on Specials. Twitch.)

  27. I was at the Humble Teen Lit thing yesterday (Saturday), and I want to commend you on being a fantastic guest. I’m one of your older adult fans (Woot! Risen Empire!), and I was simply stunned at just how widespread your popularity was among the younger crowd. It wasn’t until my son brought home a school newsletter announcing your appearance at this festival that I even knew you wrote YA stuff.

    But seeing that line stretch around the cafeteria, on a rainy Saturday afternoon gave me some hope that this generation of kids hasn’t abandoned the printed word.

    On a side note, I felt kinda bad for some of the other authors who didn’t have QUITE the line you did (I’m being generous). What is it like having a short line when other authors have fans lined up around the block? (this is assuming you have ever had to suffer through being in that position).

    Anyway, thanks again for being such an entertaining and gracious guest at this event. My son goes to your uncle’s school, and he’s also been great the few times I’ve had to speak with him. I’ll be sorry to see him retire.

  28. I’d be happy if you came anywhere in kansas, oklahoma, colorado, missouri, or heck even nebraska. Only author who’s ever come close to where I live was Meg Cabot, but I found out about it a week later and I spent another week kicking myself :(. And it’s kind of sad that this response column has almost become a ton of people standing up on there chairs screaming “PICK ME” “COME HERE”. Odd image.

  29. Yeah, I barely made it, but I got to Humble 15 minutes before the signings started. And I am SO glad I started out in your line. I’m with Victor, you were kind of hogging all the book signings, and there were other authors I just walked up to. I was amazed at the massively long line when I was leaving. I hope they let you go before dinner.

  30. Oh, and I got to go because I had to go to Houston yesterday as well. It just worked out well, otherwise I’d just be seeing you in Austin. Are you going to be at Book People?

  31. Are you coming to Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or maybe even Nevada any time soon? I know I’m just one of the many people asking for you to visit around where they live, but think of it this way, I’m not the only one asking for the Colorado area.

  32. Hey, Scott yesterday waz the best day of my life i got to get your autograph & take a picture with u!!!!!! OH by the way when will u post the picture with all of our hands raised at the teen lit fest?

  33. Not to be one of those people who leave like, 50 comments, but if you’re coming to NJ, come to South Jersey dood. North Jersey steals all of our tax money– you don’t want to be associating with them (cough).

    No offense to North New Jerseyans, but we’re just plain cooler anyways.

  34. HAHA Katerate. I’m in central, so no offense taken. But…[coughnorthjerseydoessuckcough]. I’m already planning the group that I’ll be taking with me. w00t. I have something to live for now. This signing and all the crapload of books coming out in October/November.

  35. Are you going to come back to Washington any time soon…please, cause if you do I’ll probably come five hours early again -if you rember last time, hin, hint-

  36. Ahhh man you were in humble saturday.I live like 15 minutes outside Humble! that sux i always miss the good stuff!

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