Magic’s Child Is Out!

The big news around Casa Larbfeld is that Magic’s Child, the third book in Justine‘s Magic or Madness trilogy, is out today!

At last, the adventures of Reason Cansino are complete. And with pretty-making covers, too . . .

Magic’s Child has already gotten tons of good reviews and blurbs, like:

“Full of unexpected turns and surprises. An amazing conclusion to a wonderful series.” —Holly Black

“[A] crackling blend of fantastic adventure and soap-opera angst with vivid splashes of Aussie and American slang. . . readers will be left pondering their own hard choices.” —Kirkus

Magic’s Child is a thrilling, heartrending, and thoroughly satisfying conclusion to the best fantasy trilogy I’ve read in years.” —John Green

And there’s tons more.

In celebration, Penguin have made some excellent Magic’s Child screen savers. Click either mac or pc to get yours.

Have a good weekend! Ours is starting . . . now.

Update: Because so many of you have asked:

Book 1 is Magic or Madness, available in hardback or paper.
Book 2 is Magic Lessons, also available in hardback or paper.
And of course Magic’s Child is book 3, out now in hardback.

53 thoughts on “Magic’s Child Is Out!

  1. I loved magic or madness! i havent read magic lessons or magic’s child yet, but i cant wait to! congratulations Justine! that is so amazing!

  2. Thats so awsome!!! After I read all Scott’s books I’m planning on reading all of Justine’s. But, I still have 6 or 7 Westerfeld books to read…

  3. OO I have a question for Scott concerning how Im reading all his books. See, my friend and I are reading them together. We just finished So Yesterday and next we were going to do Polymorph. But, somehow my friend has gotten the idea in her head the Fine Prey in the sequel to Polymorph. Is this correct? Cause if so then I need to go to the book store…

  4. Thanks everyone! You’ve made my day!

    Sorry about the confusing backwards graphic. It is indeed Magic or Madness first, Magic Lessons second, and then, last but not least, Magic’s Child

  5. Hey Scott! you should check the Special Spoilers if you have time because you havn’t been there in a while..I LOVE the Uglies trilogy by the way!

  6. I went to Barnes and Noble this morning to look for Polymorph (which I didnt finf -__-) and I saw Magic’s Child on a podium thingy. I saw it and Im like “Hey! Thats Scotts Wife! Shes fawsome!” Then I looked at the pretty podium. But, yeah. I also called my friend, since she’s as obsessed with Justine as I am with Scott! Then she ruined my fun and told me that she had already bought it and finished it…

  7. hehe. Im commenting too much but I keep forgeting to say things. She I just talked to her, and she said for me to tell Justine that the book was totally the most amazing thing ever tand that she loves her. So,

    Justine: My friends thinks Magic’s Child is totally the most amazing thing ever and she totally LOVES you!!!!

  8. That sounds cool. I will consider gettiing those the next time I stop by the book store… they look cool

  9. Go Justine! I’m glad your book is out and that it’s getting such good reviews!

    and hi to Scott too, since it is his blog:)

  10. Cool! I haven’t read Justine’s books yet, but I definitely will. They sound good, and I won’t be able to get any new Scott books till Extras comes out.

  11. Yes! I love these books! I have been waiting ever so (im)patiently since July for this one.
    Initially, I started the holds list at my local library. But I was (rudely) booted from my “1 of 9 holds” spot to #2. How cruel. And annoying. But soon it shall be miiiine!

  12. Scott, do you like photography because I was looking around on here and there are alot of pictures? I love photography! I actually used Specials in a picture and it looked so FAWESOME!
    Well, I just was curious. Bye!
    (See more in the Specials Spoilers Zone!)

  13. wow justine… you must feel REALLY special!!! hehe and your books look pretty AWESOME!! I cant wait to read them!! But im sorry… im in the middle of 2 books right now and i still have 2 more to read after that!!! but your book is next in line!!!
    P.S. What other books did you write? im gunna have to look into them!! tee hee

  14. hmmmm….. maybe i should get one of your books, Justine. I am going to BArnes and Noble today but i am totally confused on which book to get first. Im thinking i should read them in the order they came out. Like the whole star wars thing. rite?

  15. Just so you know:

    Magic or Madness is book 1.
    Magic Lessons is book 2.
    Magic’s Child is book 3.

    But that is made clear on the covers too.

  16. Nooooo my library doesn’t have a copy yet for me to check out (or even put a hold on…). And I’m too broke to buy any new books.
    Why can’t my parents buy me books? I mean, books are good for you! They make you smarter!

    Anyway. The cover of Magic’s Child is amazingly pretty! It’s definetly my favorite out of the three. I can’t wait to read it! I loved the first two :]

  17. ImInLoveWithJonathan, as a Scott-obsessed person you probably will like these. I had seen MorM for years at the bookstore and I always thought “Gee, that sounds interesting, maybe I’ll read it.” And alas, I never did. Until I found out that Justine is Scott’s wife. Promptly I ordered the first one and read it in a day. And they are very funny and interesting.

  18. Curious how to contact the writer….posting to his latest blog….I’ve read the Uglies series a ton of times and am obsessed with it to the point im trying to recreate it in a game called second life (

    Or if anyone knows where I could find an illustration of one of the cities I’d be greatful….not getting a clear picture of teh city is putting a major dent in my building x.x

    *shuffles off shyly*

  19. All of you wanting to know the nature of these books should pop over to Justine’s website. I would tell you myself, but I don’t feel like writing a large post. Which I tend to do often.
    Or, you know, look up reviews of them. Or something. But they’re fantstic books, so do whatever you must to find out about them. And once you have, read them.

  20. I’m never broke…and my mom got me a barnes and noble gift card…but anyways, maybe I should try them…

  21. Ok ill do what i can to get those books if i find them in a library b-4 i have enuff mony i will rent them!!!

  22. yay! i have been waiting for that book for awhile…its not at BN yet. DARN. oh well, i have to read wuthering heights anyway-its really boring, never read it if you can avoid it!

  23. Congrats on the new book!

    though the name made me giggle a little as my cat had 4 kittens a week ago sunday and her name is magick.

    She is the proud mama Of Macchi( short for macchiato.), Moxie, Mini ( short for minerva) and Moz. ( yeah im a giant dork)

  24. If anybody is good at giving advice please speek now!!!!!
    I have a problem I like this boy and he is my boyfriend ok. Well I like this other boy and he barly knows I exist but alot of times I see him looking at me I dont look at him that much because im scared he dosnt like me. Pluss I have a Boyfriend but I dont feel so much for him a I do this other boy what should I do.

  25. Oh! By the way Justine I defiantly plan on reading your books soon! They sound very interesting..And crongratulations on everything also!

  26. You’re not THAT much of a dork, Anathema. After all, my hamsters are Magnetosphere and Daguerreotype, after Rex’s dog and cat. Nobody can pronounce either name except me, and my friends think I am insane.

  27. I hope that I can get to BN soon. I got a gift certificate there and I need so new books. My library sucks. 🙂

  28. Gah, my copy of Magic’s Child isn’t coming till Friday! It’s killin me here. But free shipping and a cheap price prevailed. Tell Justine that we love her.

  29. OMG guess what?? tuesday was my birthday!!!! and i only got 2 books… and some other stuff… but i plan on getting “The last days” i really really want to read it!!!

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