And the Kitties Shall End the World

A very quick post for Peeps fans.

It seems that cats are possible bird flu vectors, providing the vital link between birds and people.

“Cats eat birds and therefore can become infected by this virus and help it to mutate and adapt” to mammals, said Andrew Jeremijenko, who headed an influenza surveillance project for the Naval American Medical Research Unit in Indonesia until last March. “Maybe there is a role that cats are playing and we don’t understand it yet.”

Sound familiar?

I love it when life imitates art.

Image stolen from Funny Cat Pictures.

41 thoughts on “And the Kitties Shall End the World

  1. This, you see, is why I do not have a cat. The bird flu (and toxoplasma gondii) would just be too close for comfort. Though I do have a bird, which may cancel this out…

  2. Thsi is one of THE freakiest cat pictures I have ever seen. Which is a problem because I likee cats!

  3. That is absolutely hilarious! i don’t have a cat because my mom is allergic, but my friend has three, so I’ll make sure she knows. I absolutely love little things like this. thanks for the info.

  4. i have three cats as well, and plans for a fourth (though not in the same house as the other three). eh well, i wrote myself off when i heard about the toxoplasma.* what’s one more disease added to the queue?

    *interesting side note: when i told my mom about toxoplasma, she told me i was no longer allowed to change the litter box. hehe.

  5. That’s creepy and really awesome, Scott. I mean, not awesome that cats can get people sick, but the Peeps connection is too funny to just be coincidental. GASP. Scott, did you plant the Peeps virus into birds and cats? It’s all one huge conspiracy…

  6. hahaha i love this! that picture is so funny. the thing about the bird flu although is a little… scary… i have two cats but o well. i love it!! thanks for this!!! 🙂

  7. Oh my god!!! Okay, get this. After I read PEEPS, I took my cat, which we call Alkida Kitty, and put her in the bathroom with the lights off. I shined a flashlight in her eyes and what color did the flash? RED!!!! SHES A PEEP!!

  8. ….. As if I wasn’t already avoiding my cat like the PLAGUE.

    I don’t let him sleep in my room anymore, Scott. Srsly. CUT ME SOME SLACK, BIRD FLU, COMEON.

    Savannah? Must do that now. I’m scared. *twitch*

  9. I just found a cat outside my window a couple weeks ago, and we decided to keep it… now im kind of scared… *runs for flashlight and begins calling kitty*

  10. yeah my dads really paranoid, coz now my cat is only allowed 2 eat fish cat food. but shes 2 fat 2 catch anything. maybe we should all live in bunkers and wear biosuits (just like the plague axis. Yay plagues!!!!)

  11. WOW thats really cool… after i read peeps i wasnt all that scard, i thought it would be cool to have super type powers and stuff. And i only have one cat… but i have a bird to!!! but my cat is not the hunting kind of cat so i dont have to worrie… and my bird well idk?? lol but i still love him, even if he does have the bird flu, or is really loud, and poops on my FAV sweeter!!! so any way that is just too cool!!!!
    xoxo alexa

  12. Sweet. But now I’m gonna be paranoid about cats! And I like cats too. Sigh. Oh well, at least my cat doesn’t leave the house so I supose I’m safe for now. But yeah, that does sound familiar. Lol.
    P.S. I love peeps! It’s an amazing book!

  13. So, does this mean the cure for bird flu is going to involve garlic?
    Or having to get rid of cats?

    I hope not. I don’t like garlic, but I love my kitty.

  14. …. Or maybe bird flu victims have an anathema or something? Anyone test out that hypothesis?

    I just discovered this morning that my mom finds dead, cat-killed birds on my porch. Frequently.


  15. how about we get rid of the cats. sounds like a plan, simple, easy to remember. i prefer dogs, though my friend would probably die if the cats would somehow mysterioulsy disappear.

    that is a creepy (yet funny) picture. hahaha

    that sounds like peeps. i love that book a lot. i found it extremely interesting. i read it in a day.


  16. whoa…C-R-E-E-P-Y that’s just plain weird..and scareeeyy (i know thats not how u spell it, i was trying to stress the ee) that is really freaky, yet very funny…lol!! Thats y i luuv puppies! i prefer them better. I just finished Peeps a while ago..took me 2 days. its kinda gross cuz of all the parasytes..tho it was interesting to think about that the parasites are real. *shudder* It would be SOO AWSOME to have powers! i absolutly luv your books! keep going! =]

  17. I love parasites. I will always see pictures in books and exclaim: “Look! A tapeworm! It’s sooo cool!” or something similar, depending on the parasite. They amaze me.

  18. There was another article about how cats -and their parisitic friend Toxoplasma Gondii (Yeah, I’ve got the Gondii part committed to memory. Now, I totally want to be a parasitologist.)- may cause schizophrenia. I’ll post a link to the article in a minute.

  19. HA! Just wait until I tell my friend this. For some strange reason, she seems to think that cats are better than dogs. Hehe, and I’ll be certain to remind her of the many times her cat has bitten her.

  20. I want that cat. It would amuse my minions and terrify all the people who stand in my way. Unless it has bird flu.

  21. The studys linking toxo to schizophrenia have yet to prove conclusiviely that there is a conection. Not to menton i think the last figure i read said that some odd 60% of the worlds population of toxplasma positive.Far less then 60% of the worls population has schizophrenia, so i think your all safe. The behavioral changes thought to be linked to toxoplasma are intrigueing though. infact some day when i make it to graduate school i’d like to do research on toxoplasma relation to the furry subculture. Any way.. if you think about it.. just not changeing the litter box would keep you safe.. your cat is licking it’s self all the time. I have had cats my whole life, and have always adopted strays. If i had to guess id say im probably toxoplasma positive.. and im sane for the most part..

    It all comes down to the face that if you keep your kitty inside where it’s safe and you don’t have to worry about them giveing you the bird flu.

    Oh and i think that kitten is adorable.

  22. i was telling my friend about the cats in peeps. she just thinks i am telling her this because her cat is annoying.
    i always knew i threw a sock at that cat for some reason…

  23. Capt. Cocktail: How do you LIKE parasites, its nasty. no offense..i mean i can watch other gross things..idk..its so weird..i’m very selective on my grossness level and scary!

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    **thank’s for writing good books!**

    Alexandra Price

  25. I cried too, i think we all did..when Zane died. and i seriously hate Shay, she’s such a **********. lol

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