Best Week Ever

And it’s only Wednesday.

Actually the good stuff started on the weekend, when Justine and I went to the Humble Teen Lit Fest, as mentioned in my last post. It was awesome. We had about 1,000 attendees, the organization was smooth as silk, and all the guests were a blast.

After Chris Crutcher’s moving keynote address, I took over the gym for my two sessions—though, alas, I was not allowed to take control of the scoreboard. I got to talk to about 500 kids altogether, including one girl wearing painful-looking Peeps contact lenses. Thanks to everyone who asked questions. Without you question-askers I am a very boring man.

Then came two solid hours of signing, one of the more fun hand-cramps I’ve ever experienced. Everyone was just so enthusiastic. After that, Justine and I went out with a passle of librarians and my uncle (a principal in the district) for Mexican food. It was a splendid day. Many thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Here’s Justine’s version.

And the week has stayed wonderful. Today my pals at Simon & Schuster messengered over this little artifact:

Yes, that’s the Japanese cover for Uglies. And it’s so. Very. Cool.

But the coolness doesn’t stop on the outside. Observe the inside flap:

That’s the traditional meet-the-characters spread. Luckily, I have a micro-smattering of Japanese from college days. Rightmost is, of course, Tally. On the left-hand page are:

upper right: Peris
upper left: David
lower right: Shay
lower left: Dr. Cable

If you want to decode the katakana yourself, use this table to work out the names are pronounced in Japanese. I must admit that the romanization of “David” is freaking me out.

UPDATE: From the way this post was written, it must have looked like this is a manga version of Uglies. But it’s just a novel with a few illustrations. Like these:

Here’s the party scene, with Peris in his tux and Tally clutching a pig mask and looking crumpled.

And here’s the all-important hoverboard shot!

This is just so cool, I can die now. (Well, maybe after a manga version gets created and translated.)

Thanks to Angharad Kowal at S&S foreign rights for selling it, Sony Magazines for buying it, Ken Tanizaki for translating it, and KAZUAKI for adding the visuals.

Update 2: Here’s a link to, for those of you mad enough to buy a book you can’t read for four or five cool illustrations.

89 thoughts on “Best Week Ever

  1. Ooh, am I the first comment? Nice.
    I’d have to say, the picture of David looks very wrong to me. But the Shay and hoverboards are prefect, so I can deal with it. That looks … so cool! If I knew any Japanese, I would totally find some way to get that version of Uglies.

    You know what would be cool? Owning Uglies in every language. It doesn’t matter that I only know English and very limited French. That would be awesomely bubbly anyway!

    That is just so cool …!

  2. Hmm…the cover and other stuff are ok, but I never imagined any of the characters would look like that…always thought they’d look different…oh well, that’s just my opinion…anyways, the hover board scene is bubbly…good enough for me…

  3. That is pretty cool, but the illustrations kinda throw me off. I like the words-only version of books better because it lets me formulate my own version of the characters. But that’s just me, I know some of y’all like the visual.

  4. Lookng back, Paris and shay look right, but animeified(is theat a word? Oh well, it is now!) I thought Tally’s hair would be longer, and Dr. Cable isn’t creepy anough. ofr me anyway. Ok, gotta go eat’s leftovers night, so if you don’t hear fromm me soon you’ll know why…

  5. ok i have to admit, even though i was never a huge fan of anime, i love this! the drawings are pretty good. peris is great and shay, but david is not as…rugged as i pictured. and tally needs longer hair.i love the hoverboard! thats exactly how i pictured it!

  6. Totally and completely bubbly, ten fold.
    Love it beyond the edge of the world.
    Can’t wait to buy.

  7. Oh wow I can’t wait for it to be translated! That’s just too cool, the combination of two loves? Great! Glad you had a good time here in Humble! Come again won’t you? =)

  8. David = Teuitudo? Uhhh. Is that a common name in Japan, maybe? The rest are pretty good– Tari, Berisu, Sei.
    Ah, this is so exciting! When (if?) they translate it, I’ll buy it :D. Very cool. I’m not sure how well the anime style’s gonna work for this though… Because everyone in anime is pretty– like, most of the faces are the same (unless we’re talking about Miyazaki or something, but even then most anime is stylized to the point of no real facial differences)…so what will truly distinguish the Uglies from the Pretties, man?! Hmmm. They have some differences in facial structure, but damn, they’re still all very pretty. Maybe they’ll just get some lipstick and longer eyelashes?
    I am a loon about these kinds of things (I am silently crying “Aaagggh, don’t hate me!” In my head. I am very art opinionated at times.). I want too much. Your books are just so good though!

    Even though the anime style bothers me in this setting, it is still super duper awesome and I love their hoverboard designs (which I suck at, hah) and I will buy it with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. And those two panels with Tally and Peris in the elevator– character designs aside, it’s what I had in my head for that scene.

    They’re probably gonna do proper justice to Zane, dood. He’s like bishounen times 10,000.

  9. I actually agree with you, katerate. I do think that in manga’s the characters generally are all drawn with wide eyes and similar features. I think its mostly just the style of drawing but either way it’s still a great idea that could accurately portray the story!

  10. As I just updated, this is a novel version of Uglies, not a manga. It just has a few interior illustrations.

    But I can see how this post was misleading. Most pages are just non-graphic lines of Japanese characters.

    But like I said, maybe one day . . .

  11. Oh. Dude.
    You have rocked the kazbar so hard with this one, you can only go down from here. Alas, poor Scott! He peaked too soon! Woe, woe!

    (Any word on an english translation of the japanese translation of your book?)

  12. Ahhh, okay, I see. Dude, you probably will get your own manga soon. They did a volume for Darren Shan, I think (for his Cirque du Freak).

  13. I am SO jealous!

    If they didn’t give you a guide to what the cover says, under the katakana-ized “Uglies” title, it says, basically, “(This is)The day I become beautiful.”

    So cool. I’d be happy too.

  14. I love the illustrations!! I want one! I want one! I know at least 100 middle schoolers who will after today, too!

    (I love being part of a passle.)

  15. OMG! It’s awesome! I love the hoverboarding picture! It’s so cool. I don’t really like the David picture though.

  16. How long is this anime Uglies book? I mean the book is already pretty long in the first place, but when you add anime on some pages the books gonna end up super long. That does not mean I am not going to read though. If the anime verison doesnt get translated soon i moght just have to learn Japanese.

    Also can you guys like come to Boston sometime because ive been asking my mom about going to new york to see you but she has said no like a zillion times. You could also come to MAnchester,NH. I know there are a lot of your fans around here. (mostly created by me, your welcome) So like come,OK?

  17. How long is this partly anime Uglies book? I mean the book is already long as it is. Throw in some pictures on a few pages, it would get “pretty” long. But then agian it may not because like each Japanese chacacter stands for one word, right? So maybe it evens out in the end.

    Do you think you could come to Boston sometime because ive asked my mom like a zillion times to go to new york and see u but she has said no a zillion times too. You could also come to MAnchester, nh cause there are a ton of your fans around here (mostly created by me, your welcome). So please come,ok?

  18. It is a little weird to see pictures of what other people think the characters would look like. I always pictured David looking kinda how they have peris looking. You know that kinda dark haired dangerous looking you know. I’m sad they didn’t have their version of Pretties on there i’d like to see what Zane would look like. Well i don’t know dark semi-long hair i guess a little scaragly beard i have a thing for the whole scaragly beard look. I don’t know just thinking out loud. I’m glad you are having a week though.

  19. Oh my gosh that is so happy-making! I would so read that manga if there was one. I never pictured the Uglies trilogy in anime-form but it would be fawesome.
    Peris is not what I expected though, and Dr. Cable looks too normal… too young I guess. I wonder what Zane looks like…
    (note from Laine-wa: please add more scans of other drawings from the japanese version)
    ~Arby-la (and Laine-wa)

  20. wow. ive been trying to get my friend to read uglies but she doesn’t like tpo read books. now if there was a manga version… thats a different story. 🙂 i hope it comes out in a manga version so she’ll read it.

  21. Whoa, I never thought to imagine the characters as anime/manga characters. This is so cool! Although, I must agree with Katerate. The drawings all make them look beautiful, but then again, our outlook of beauty is different from those of the book. The illustrations aren’t what I imagined [except for Peris, he looks just like a Peris, if that makes any sense]. I thought Tally was suppose to have squinty eyes, and what happened to David’s lovable scar? Maybe it’s on his other eyebrow. Nevertheless, the illustrations ARE a good add.

    I wonder if the Japanese version of Uglies will have the hidden lime juice message? Hehe.

  22. AAAH! Hope they make a manga! My friend won’t read Uglies (sorry, peoples, i’m trying) but she lurves manga, and if they made one she would so read it!

  23. SO basically I’m doing a mini-report on you for school, and I came across this blog.


    (Wow, i’m strange. x3)

    But at first I thought it was a manga-version of Uglies, and so I was really excited. AND JEALOUS OF JAPAN. xDDD

    But now that I know it’s just a few illustrations, some of the jealousy has gone away. haha.

    Anways, my week has been amazing, too. It rocksface.

    I really wish they would make a manga, though!
    (But only if they promise to translate&&sell it at the nearest book store ;3)

    so yeah, I’m pretty much done ranting on.
    bye? 😀

  24. hey scott!!! those book covers are pretty awesome!!! i love it!!! i pictured the characters a little differntly but then again, everyone has a different idea about what characters in a book look like. well im glad you had fun in humble, but im just letting you know that if you were to ever come to dallas, it would be sooo much more fun!! you have ssoooo many fans here that would really enjoy meeting you! and i am just dying to get your autograph!! 😀 well thats all i have to say for now!! i love your books! there AMAZING!!

  25. that’s pretty awesome!! i love books with pictures. i can’t draw them myself, so i love it when there is a bit of art in a book (besides the cover).
    it was also awesome getting to meet you in person. 😀 thanks for coming to humble!

  26. woooaaar! i’m a huge manga freak and a great ugly freak and the combination of those will just send me to heaven. Extras will indeed be a very nice thing to give to the Japanese readers after this.

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