Blue Noon in Paperback

Two quick things:

Blue Noon, the last book of the Midnighters series, is out in paperback at last. Now you can own all three for about $20.

Also, Justine is reading here in New York on Wednesday night!

Wednesday, March 7
6:00 to 8:00PM

Tompkins Square branch of the New York Public Library
331 E. 10th Street (west of Ave. B)

Erin Downing (Prom Crashers)
Maryrose Wood (Why I Let My Hair Grow Out)
Justine Larbalestier (MagicÒ€ℒs Child)
Leslie Margolis (Price of Admission)
Eireann Corrigan (Ordinary Ghosts)
Daniel Ehrenhaft and Adrienne Maria Vrettos (reading from 21 Proms)

See you there!

35 thoughts on “Blue Noon in Paperback

  1. oooooh am i the first comment?? anyways, thats AWESOME!! im reading blue noon LITERALY RIGHT NOW!!! its AMAZING!! i love all of your books scott!!!! there just… well AMAZING!! πŸ™‚

  2. Cool. But I couldn’t wait for it to become a paper back. Why must the publishers wait a whole year before the newest book becomes less than $20. I think it’s a conspiracy.

    Good luck to Justine though.

  3. YAY!!! I always have to borrow the books from my friend to read them but I cant own them untill there paperback cause well… it cost too much. So finally I can own Blue Noon And read it over and over like I did the other two!!!!!!!!

  4. Any chance either of you will be appearing in New York somewhere around… March 23rdish? Or that week? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I’m going to New York for my birthday….

  5. Oh! I havent posted on her in ages…sad i know.

    I am so excited of extras haha. I wish I oculd go to that ^…I am going to new york city at the end of the month =] to bad nothing is going on. haah.

    news! westerboard spam is finally taken care of..for not at least. haha

  6. I love that book! But Blue Noon is so [SPOILER] …I think you should write a fourth book…like, about the next generation, and have the Midnighters find a way to [SPOILER, SPOILER, SPOILER]…

  7. Slow today…coming to Colorado anytime soon? Maybe to Denver, Boulder, Littleton, Estes Park…

  8. Yeah! Even though I don’t own any version of BLUE NOON and have already read it, it makes me happy that it is now in paperback–so all those who (somehow) managed to wait for it in paperback can read it!

  9. I agree with Shelby-wa. If you can continue the Uglies series, you should TOTALLY continue the Midnighter’s series. Especially the way it ended. YAY for all of them on paperback, though!

  10. Hey everybody you will not believe what i get to do today ……………….i get to get my permitt isnt that so cool even though my grandma sayse everybody needs to watch out when i drive and im a better driver that she is oh well i have to go ttyl

  11. Midnighters Fans! Scott can not continue the Midnighters series until he buys the rights from the publisher! Therefore, though he may/may not want to, he has no choice but to wait, gather up his moneys, and then (if he so chooses) make his move. And if/when he does, I’m sure you will all lift your arms up high and sing his praises while doing some sort of dance. Or, you know, just smile and explode with happiness inside, if that’s your cup of tea.

  12. If there is a fourth Midnighters book, I will throw a party. The Midnighters series needs another book!! We need to find out what happens to …(rambles about spoilers)… and everything!

    Maybe I should go buy the paperback Blue Noon just so the books would all look uniform on my shelf. But then I would have two copies. And I like my hardcover copy.

  13. Oh my god. After reading Uglies i was totally hooked on your books. Like literally. I think that everytime i grabbed a new book or series i wouldnt leave my room untill i FINISHED IT.

    which i why im saying that a 4th midnighters should totally be in the future..

    Its not fair!!!! I mean jessica was my favorite character!!!!!!! All along i was thinking that something bad was going to happen as soon as a read the part were jess feels like she has to make choice but doesnt know what to do..

    IT IS NOT FAIR… total cliffhanger for poor jess.

  14. omg scott i love ur midnighter books!!!!!!!!plzplzplzplzplz right a fourth!!!!!!!!! please jessica cant live like that forever!!!

  15. I HAVE ALL THREE BOOKS! I LUV THEM! tho the last one did make me go into depression mode for a whole day and a half, i couldn’t even start a new book! ='[ its sad! but they r really good…i’d luv 2 c a 4th 1!!! U cant jst leave us hangin like this man! *gives a sigh of frustration* arrrrgggggg!!! these r my fav books i’ve read in my life! I thought nothing in the whole wide world could top Uglies! but this one, this one is amazing!!!!!

  16. Okay, So I am allmost done with Blue Noon, and I keep wondering if anyone can answer this question.
    Okay, so say Melissa (choose her because she’s my favorite) is flying to California or somwhere. The place where she is going isn’t important. But her flight takes off at 11:45 PM. When she is in the air at 12:00 am, would everything freeze, or would the secret hour pass? And, oh I forgot. She is in Bixby still. Just like, not on the ground.
    If anyone can answer that, it would be a big help! I have just been wondering that lately, so uh THANKS!!
    ~Yours truely,
    (122 days until Extras come out.)

  17. Uh oh, I forgot the Blue Noon at school, and I really want to finish the book, but now what others have been saying…I’m scared. kidding lol. I am still going to finish them, I will just be living in denial like I was with the Specials at the end. Lol kidding again. But I really want to read it. Darn. Stupid school lockers that won’t open on a Friday afternoon. Oh, but if somone can read my question, because I am still wondering. even though it’s only been a few minutes…
    Yours truely,
    (122 days until Extras come out)

  18. Geesh! No one answered my comment. Bummer. I still can’t answer that question. Can anyone else give me their oppinion? Thanks!


  19. Kadie – about the Melissa thing, the secret hour would pass, because its only in Bixby they get the secret hour. so, yeah. but, if she was in Bixby, then yes, her plane would freeze…which would be FAWSOME!!!!!! lol

  20. I just got done reading Blue Noon. It can’t end like that! So sad it’s all over:( Boo Hoo. Ok I’m over it and onto the next books I am so addicted i finished Blue Noon one night Uglies the next and I’m working on Pretties. Keep it up Scott!

  21. Hey thanks Shan! I’m glad that somone got the question. I think that it would be so cool too, if the plane completely stopped!! I am so mad that the 25th hour isn’t real…or is it? If only I was born at 12. Bummer. *sigh*

  22. Oh, and by the way 112 days until Extras. didn’t feel like finding the hours and minutes and stuff…

  23. Okay, so I finished Blue Noon, and I don’t get why people were saying it was a sad ending. It was a little, but I thought that it was great! I mean, I liked Jess, but just think how much help she can be now! (Notice that I didn’t spoil. Did I? Hmm..sorry if I did)
    102 Days until Extras. I posted somwhere else today the hours and minutes and stuff.

  24. Wow, that post was nearly three weeks ago! Or was it three weeks ago? Idk, it’s summer vacation, and I don’t wanna do math! lol.


  25. i just finished blue noon…i’ve been reading it since about 11 pm yesterday and now i’m done!!!…the book was BRILLIANT but i feel like depressed now that it’s over!!!…then again i feel that way every time i read the last book of a series…and the whole thing with jessica…ah well…i’ll have to get over it hehe…but it’d be awesome if there was a fourth book!!!

  26. i just finished reading the series this weekend, and it was amazing!!! there just has to be another book coming out… specials was supposed to be the last book, yet he put out extras after that, so why cant there be another midnighters book? doesn’t everyone know that when people say a trilogy, they really mean AT LEAST three books, which means there is no reason why it can’t be more than three books…;)

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