Die Midnighter!

Not “die” as in “expire,” of course. “Die” as in “the.”

That’s right, the Midnighters series is now in German! And the new website for the series is far cooler than anything in English.

Like check this out:

Because, you see, German midnighters have entirely different symbols! (It’s a teutonic thing; you wouldn’t understand.)

There are pages and pages of fun to be had, including many screensavers like the one above. But the funkiest thing is the Tridecalogism-Generator, which looks like this.

Okay, if anyone knows what “abschicken” means, do tell. Is that like a dude who’s afraid to take his shirt off in public?

Go here to check out the generator.

These are the German midnighter desktops, like the one above.

And here’s the mighty home page.

Thank you, Kosmos, for a very cool site.

This just in: Justine also got some cool downloads today, including a Magic or Madness screen saver that rocks out loud. Here’s her post linking to the screensaver.

98 thoughts on “Die Midnighter!

  1. Oooh I’m jeolous of the German symbols!
    Ha ha ha: ‘If it are exactly born around midnight, could belong to it to us.’
    Oh, and LIES!
    ‘The clock on http://www.5midnighters.de always indicates the current Bixby time to you’. First of all: why did that make sense? I put it through an online translater. Second of all: didn’t touching darkness say that Bixby and Chicago have the same time zone? Because I live in Naperville (Chicago suburb) and it’s exactly two hours behind to the second.
    Is this time zone screwiness or what? Because that doesn’t make any sense, if the point is to show them what time it is in Bixby.

  2. I may not be the first to comment, but I am certainly close! But this sounds awesome! I will now go and see this German site, and then I’ll probably come back here and gush about how awesome it is.

  3. Oooo. That’s extremly cool! Congrats! Oooo(again) I’m the third to leave a comment:P. That’s the closest to #1 I’ve ever been. Lol. Anyways, the midnighters website is definatly cool:).

  4. Thats awesome! Um…today’s the 12th of march where i live. I tried finding out what abschicken meant, i can’t find it anywhere!!!

  5. Uh . . . you peoples should think about context – you know what that is right?

    “abschicken” is being used as a button on a Tridecalogism generator – more specifically the button that generates Tridecalogisms. which means that “abschicken” is most likely another word for “generate” that isn’t too common.

    I said most likely – not absolutely. I’ll ask Thomas later.

  6. I should get my brother to read it for me. He speaks German, luckily. Or unluckily, when he prances around shouting “I am a jelly donut!” But in German.
    Very pretty… mesmerizing.

  7. The symbols are really cool!!
    Soon enough, MIdnighters and all your other books will be in like….a million languages!! (aren’t there like…126+ languages ot something? Lol…)

  8. ‘Schicken’ means ‘to send’, and the prefix ‘ab’ I think is ‘off’… So all together it means ‘send off!’ Yaaaaay Deutschklasse!

    But that’s super cool it’s in German.

  9. There is a quiz! In German! I took it, guessing at the questions, and the answers. I guess it was for what character I am most like? The result, after all, was “Dess(28.8%)” which I take to mean that I am like Dess. Which is a lie, but whatever.

  10. I totally found all 13 pieces of metal, that was so much fun. unfortunately i dont live in Germany or i could win an ipod nano.. oh well. but that site is severely awesome, and thanks to free online translators i could actually read some of it, even though it was very scrambled! that was definitely awesome Scott, thanks!

  11. that is one amazing site. my computer has been westerlestier-ified. mormo on my screensaver, midnighters on my desktop.

  12. yeah, i started translating the quiz, i got as far as A on the first question. what color best describes you? A jet black, and thats when i gave up >.

  13. abschicken is German for “post” as in you should abschicken a new blog every day πŸ˜‰

  14. that is so cool… to bad i cant read it. first i downloaded the magic or madnessness screan save i love it then i went to the website and got the pretty symbol background…in suck a nerd

  15. oooh! kinda related, but look what just came to my inbox from Word-a-Day:

    “This week’s theme: words related to the number 13 to mark the
    anniversary of Wordsmith.org.

    triskaidekaphobia (tris-ky-dek-uh-FO-bee-uh) noun

    Fear of the number 13.”

    Guess that would be what the darklings have. πŸ˜€

  16. hey hey scott.
    lol you’re just getting way too popular now aren’t you?
    i mean, you probably dont even read our comments any more πŸ™

  17. Thanks! Great that you like the site, and “abschicken” means “to send” your generated tridecalogisms to us so we collect them for the German Specials site. So you all are welcome to join with your English tridecalogism creations.



  18. Jess, Justine is lying! I never read the comments.
    Well, except HER comments, when she lies,
    because a little ping goes off in my brain!

    And speaking of EXTRAS, it’s at 57,339 words!
    The Uglies books tend to be around 85,000.
    Must. Finish. Soon.

  19. HA! I KNEW IT! I was close with my awesome guessing!

    Well at least I tried to guess anyways . . .

    I noticed that no one else seemed to dare to post their guess before confirming it.

    As soon as I become fluent in German, I am TOTALLY getting the German Midnighters . . .

    –looks at German Uglies–

    Skip you! =P jk – I’m just more into Midnighters.

    –stares at Scott because I KNOW you read all these– Oh and Sam says that Specials SUCKED! It was very depressing in the end – and not because [spoiler removal] the only depressing thing about that was it was near the end and there wasn’t enough bloodshed in it . . .

    But yeah. And she agrees with me that you shouldn’t have TOTALLY KILLED DR. CABLE!

    Sam has no more favorite characters in the Uglies Trilogy anymore because of you killed all her favorite characters – not literally but, you know . . .

  20. Oh god. You did not just say Specials sucked. I’ma come at you and hit you. Multiple times.

    “The depressing thing is that near the end there wasn’t enough bloodshed…” which is like saying there weren’t enough people hurt or there weren’t enough people dead. Whaaaaaat. This depresses you? Well then.

    I thought a nice amount of people died (if there can even be considered a ‘nice amount’). A some on the good side, a some on the bad. Nice balance.

    D: And Zane’s my homeboy, dood.

  21. I have no idea why I put A’s in front of the words ‘some’. Uhhhh. I guess I could cover it up and say that it’s my southern twang.

  22. πŸ™ Poor Zane…I liked him…why does it seem that Scott likes to torture us by also ending his trilogys with sad things? Zane died, Jess got stuck in the blue time (spoiler), and I don’t know what other books you’ve written that are sad…is Extras like a sequel to Uglies, Pretties, and Specials??? Psh, it’s not nice not to read comments…I luff the site, I just used worldlingo.com, although that didn’t work all to well…you should write another Midnighters book…wow, the longest post here…anyways, where was I? Ok, I’m brain dead…CSAP testing messes me up…and now I’m ay off topic o_0

  23. That is totally FAWSOME!!! I love it! I think I get which symbol is for who though, lets see if I can get this right.

    Started from the left, The first one is The Flame Bringer. The second is The Acrobat. The third is The Mindcaster. The fourth is The Seer. And the fifth is The Polymath. Please teel me Im right!

  24. “Rather have Dr. Cable killed than ZaneÒ€¦he was niceÒ€¦”

    NO WAY! Dr. Cable ROX! She was my FAVORITE character!

    I think Tally should have died . . . That would have been awesome ^^

  25. aw thats so sweet scott! you read comments you like out loud to justine? that makes me feel loved, even if you didnt read any posts by me, it still makes me feel loved. Oh and congrats on Midnighters in German. And i never knew that was how you spelled teutonic.

  26. Interesting, I’m Jonathan, according to the test…it took me about half an hour to take it…

    “NO WAY! Dr. Cable ROX! She was my FAVORITE character!

    I think Tally should have died . . . That would have been awesome ^^”

    Zane was my favorite character…and Dr. Cable deserved to die!!! Her fault Zane died πŸ™

    Ok, so, Jonathan is my favorite character from Midnighters, and Zane is my favorite from Uglies…and Hunter from SY, and…well, I haven’t read the other books yet…

  27. wow, this has gotten waaay off topic, awsome! haha. anyways, that site is really really cool Scott, thanks for posting it. and Justine, you are amazing, i love how you totally call Scott out on his lies, very nice. sorry scott, you know we love you, but still, gotta hand it to justine! ^.^

  28. so does scott read them or not. i’m curious. so if i ask a question, will i get a response, or will i wait hopelessly at the computer day and night waiting, waiting, waiting…..for something that will never come!!!

    okay, i have one

    what is your favortie color??

    if someone knows, don’t tell me, i want to see if scott will answer when his readers asks.

    πŸ™‚ haha!!!

  29. gabby im sure scott checks these once in a while but he’s probably not always on waiting for people to ask him questions. but if you happen to be reading this right now scott, would you mind if put qoutes and such from the midnighters on my website? ill make sure to put that its yours and nobody can steal it and all that stuff but i want t omake a page dedicated to the midnighters and i wanted to put some cool quotes on there. thanks if you do respond. if you dont ill be sitting here… waiting… for you to answer me. so please answer soon because im tired.

  30. I checked out the website…very,very cool, even though I couldn’t actually read it. I took the quiz totally randomly and got Melissa, which is what I get whenever I take a real Midnighters personality quiz. Cool. Oh,and Scott, when you posted the Uglies German thing (like, two years ago) you used ‘Die Uglies’. Are you going to do that every time one of your books gets published in German? Cause that will get very old after a while.

  31. I should’ve payed more attention during elementry school when they taught German. Then maybe I could understand the site.
    “Irgendwas an Dir ist so …11:59.”
    Hey, if I can memorize that, then I can tell people they are so 11:59 in German! Or something like that.

    Whoa, I took the quiz and I’m “Dess (48.5%)”. Thats pretty good for not really understanding the questions!

  32. “Jonathan ist Akrobat, und das ist absolut megacool”

    Ha ha. Am I right in thinking that this says “Johnothan is an Acrobat, and that is absolutely megacool” ?

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