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Thanks to Tara-wa’s brilliant cheating in comment #38 of my last post, the entire image has been uncovered:

Yes, this is Aya, the protagonist of Extras. This is the cover shot.

And no, that pattern in her eye is not regular cosmetic surge, because Aya is only 15. It’s something called an “eyescreen,” which allows constant access to the city interface.

Anyway, I’ll be showing the real cover here soon.

Enjoy! And thanks for all the guesses.

Random Update

In largely unrelated news, there’s an article in NEA Today about the Indiana One Book/One School program for Uglies. You may remember it from this post, and because they made an awesome uglies cake. The article mentions me on page 2, and—ego flare-up warning!—uses the term “rock star.”


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  1. Actually i’m not a fan of the new Pretties cover I definitely like the one i have better. That cover doesn’t even straight away connect to the book and all of the other covers have faces on them people from the book and this one doesn’t it doesn’t match i need consistancy and that my friends is NOT consistant. Plus Pretties gave you an idea of what shay and zane looked like that gives you an idea of how big a barbie dolls waist is. I think i’ve proven my point.

  2. I think it is better with the faces… i mean when i first saw the cover of Uglies it threw me because i was thinking this chick isn’t ugly i mean how the book keeps calling us meaning what the majority of what people look like now ugly i didn’t catch that completely until i looked at the cover and thought this chick is NOT ugly and then when i saw pretties i had an idea of what a pretty would look like that extreme so pretty almost scary look and i realized that i’ve met one person in my life that is technically by the books standards pretty and it is weird the way…it is just weird. But anyway i’m done rambling.

  3. well i think that the UK covers are kind of idk just a little weird!!! hehe… and like bnicki was saying the pic of the face gives you an idea about how the people look… even tho the book tells you how the people look. i also kind of like the book not have a pic of a face on it only because then it is up to you and the descriptions in the book to decide how the person is to look. thats what reading is to explore your imagination!!
    xoxo alexa

  4. Aya – thats a good name! That seriously was one of my ideas for “Uglies” names in a post on the Westerboard. How crazy! I feel really smart now ^^

    I really want to see what the whole cover looks like! But it really needs to have a tagline.

    Hey my mom gets copies of NEA today I think. I should go find that article….

  5. Nice job scott! The cover is totaly pretty-making! I love it! I can’t wait until Extras comes out! Do you have any idea on the release date?:-D.

    *has been waiting forever*
    my friends (who are all asian ((not that i’m racist or anything…)) are going to FREAK! (of course, that’s if they haven’t already read ur blog…)

    reminds me of Ayame from fruits basket.. but that’s another story.

    So, they came up with the cover before you actually wrote the whole book? o.O I have yet to understand the publishing process…which i’ll have to be PRETTY familiar with if i’m going to be a famous writer like you *smiles*

  7. Hm..is she an Ugly?
    she doesn’t really look normal..she looks like one of those japanese/korean models/actresses…
    and all of those people are Pretties..
    (almost all of them have plastic surgery)

  8. heh. 50 thousand words..that’s not bad.
    that’s a WHOLE LOT MORE than my current slowly growing 10 pg novel…
    Once I filled up a whole notebook..but that’s yet another story.

  9. “And yes, all credit to Nona and Stephanie for being clever! (Though it was Tara-wa who forced me to post the whole image.)”

    Thanks, lol…what can we say…those books of yours have helped increase our slyness. ;]

    I like the cover because of Aya’s daring expression and windblown hair; a perfect set-up for a book like Extras. Its also cool she’s Asian.

  10. Dude, she’s like pretty! and she doesnt need the surge! wow..i NEVER would have guessed that..i serioulsy thought it was Dr. C! I really think its a good pic for the cover..you can totally tell she’s a Tally-wa, daring, tricks up her sleeve. This is soo exciting! Is she really supposed to be an Ugly? Cuz she’s definatly different, the eye is soo cool! What does that do? any kind of special power of some sort? well ya..u said something like that in ur post..so i guess so! this ends my sadly long comment, thats supposed to be short! lol! very cool Scott!

  11. Aya is a GREAT name.

    I don’t think she’s a natural pretty thought because I thought the Pretty Comittee didn’t let you have black hair and Zane had to dye his with caligoraphy ink. Although, her face looks pretty symetrical…

    Anyway, good name, gladn your so far in the story, can’t wait for the book!

  12. Ahahahahahaha, I can’t wait to buyyyy!
    And, to those who are saying you can’t have black hair being a natural pretty, remember – Westerfeld told us the book took place in Japan, and if you look closer you can tell she’s Japanese. Therefore, black hair comes naturally.

  13. Alright, so I’ve posted a million times already today, but whatever, I just remembered something.
    I rememebered I drew a picture once upon a time, back when I had juuuust turned fifteen. Lol yeah, a whole eight or so months ago.
    Well, while I was drawing, I realized that this girl that I put together in my head sort of resembled who I thought Shay would look like as Special (looking to it now, she looks softer than s Special, so this would probably be after she was de-specialized).
    Well, I can’t post pictures in here, so I scanned the picture and posted it in my Live Journal *the link is at the end of this comment*
    When I re-read the series, I realized that in Uglies, at one point, Tally convinced Shay to use the wallscreen and make how she wants to be pretty. Shay ended up picking short, black hair, or something similar to the effect?
    Right, so after subconsciously tucking this away, I ended up drawing that some months later. Of course, I forgot about how Pretties couldn’t get black hair, but whatever.
    P.s. It’s hard to see, but Shay DOES have her clock-eyes there.
    Hope you guys like it! Sorry if it’s not what you envisioned, Mister Westerfeld!
    By the way, feel free to comment (on my LJ), everybody!
    Hope you like my icon!

    Picture of Shay can be found on my Live Journal at:

  14. Boy, you won’t believe this.
    That last comment had the wrong link in it XD
    Well, if you go to my past posts, just a page back and a few posts down in my LJ, you’ll see the post I was talking about.

  15. i’m way excited about Extras. wayyy excited.

    oh yeah,
    and i have to make a graphic novel for my english class. i chose to base mine on the Uglies series. it’s kind of a flashback. it starts out with Tally on the outskirts of her old town watching the mingling Pretties and Uglies and those who opted against the operation, remaining ugly forever and she begins to think about what it was like before the New System.
    I’ll be sure to send a copy your way when it’s finished.

  16. please scott hurry. i have alreadt read specials about 10 times. i go through books fast.there is like 5-7 books that i want that are coming out this year. and this is one of them

  17. yay!
    asian main character! i’ve been waiting for so long for a good book with an asian hero(ine)

    and please hurry with the book!

    i’m so excited!

  18. OMG!!!!!!! i can NOT wait for Extras to come out!!!!!

    and with an asian heroine??? that is just SO awesome. Been waiting for one to come out with my culture.
    and is there gonna be a movie??? that better come out fast too!!!!

    Ive read evry book of yours (currently working on Midnighters)
    and i just recently finished a author study on you. Shuld come to newport, RI and look at it.j/k

  19. it took me three days to read the trilogy. i must say i am completely impressed by your creativity and style of writing. im very much looking forward to extra’s.
    i do have another idea for you if you ever find yourself needing a good book idea or two.
    it is based on the trilogy, i dont have a plot but.. well its hard to explain.
    if your interested, let me know.
    i’d love to share.
    awesome job on the picture,
    cant wait til extras comes out.

  20. Hurry up and write the book! We need to have Extras! I love this series and can not wait any longer. give us some hint about it at least?!?!?!

  21. hmmm…..
    love the image but doubt it will be the cover for the British version 🙁
    –the covers 4 the otha books aren’t
    loved the uglies trilogy btw n cant wait 4 extras!!!!!!!

  22. o my gosh!!!!! i loved this triology! i read the whole thing twice! are you going to be putting out a summary of extras so i can get a glimps of what the book is going to be like? i cant wait for it to come out!!!!!

  23. Scott I loved all of your books there totaly great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but I can’t wait untill Extras comes out !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give me a hint about what goes on in Extras! Like if it is another book from the Uglies trilogy What are Tally, Shay, David and all of the other Crims doing out there? And what will happen about Zane? Will Tally ever forget him or will she end up ike him? Please give me some clues! i can’t wait untill october!!!!!!!!!

  24. OH Ya, do you think ,well, when the Extras comes out, you could maybe, um, come to GA for like a book signing or somthing? please me and all of my friends love your writing. and you said that Extras is comming out in october, right? Well thats the mounth of my B-Day. So Please! Prety Please!

  25. OMG!!! I love the work that you do i really do. I cant wait for [EXTRAS] to come out i just cant wait!!! I read the books over and over their that great. You are so talented how do you come up with the tittles and the name.Will you pleasssssssssss give us some details about the book????

  26. i cant believe its not about tally!!!i cant wait for the extras, but im going to miss tally. i really enjoyed the trilogy, and i hope movies are made and do the books justice unlike eragon. looking forward to your future works.

  27. Im so confused, how can there be a fourth book to a trilogy? anyways I LOVE the cover it looks cool totally !pretty-making!

  28. To clear things up – Aya’s hair isn’t surged black, she’s Japanese, meaning it’s naturally black. =D And Miche-wa, it’s not part of the Uglies, Pretties, Specials trilogy, which basically revolves around the “evolution of Tally.” This is a new character, new time, etc. But it does take place in the “Uglies” world.

  29. Scott, you ruined the images for me. I hope you’re happy! I usually like to think up what I think the characters would look like, and now you’ve just gone and shown us a picture?!

  30. I shouldn’t really be talking about this cover, it’s just going to be changed in britain

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