Extras Cover Image

Thanks to Tara-wa’s brilliant cheating in comment #38 of my last post, the entire image has been uncovered:

Yes, this is Aya, the protagonist of Extras. This is the cover shot.

And no, that pattern in her eye is not regular cosmetic surge, because Aya is only 15. It’s something called an “eyescreen,” which allows constant access to the city interface.

Anyway, I’ll be showing the real cover here soon.

Enjoy! And thanks for all the guesses.

Random Update

In largely unrelated news, there’s an article in NEA Today about the Indiana One Book/One School program for Uglies. You may remember it from this post, and because they made an awesome uglies cake. The article mentions me on page 2, and—ego flare-up warning!—uses the term “rock star.”


110 thoughts on “Extras Cover Image

  1. This cover is so cool! I cannot wait for October 2, when Extras comes out! I’m so excited.

  2. I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD to read Extras, like right now. If I dont get it soon, my best friend Randi is going to go nuts because I, like other people am starting to talk like a pretty. And I think its bogus how long we have to wait for the 4th book!!! Will we ever see tally again????? and whats up with the april fools joke????? does that mean anything about zane??? will he come back?????

  3. I think it’s pretty!! oh and by the way i agree with Chelsea, u gotsssss toooo puuuut my Zane back in!!!!!!!!!! i fell in love with his character and now he’s been in all my dreams since i read that he died…or did he….hmm.. PLEASE TELL ME HE’S NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR ME SAKE, FOR TALLY’S SAKE, FOR CHELSEA’S SAKE!!!! I NEED MY ZANE-LA!!!!!!!!!!!! *TEARS RISING* not again… *TEARS COMING* no!!!!! bring back me Zane!!!!!!!! *TEARS ROLLING DOWN FACE* i need Zane!!!!! and i almost threw my book out the window when he died and Tally couldn’t cry…*sadness* but i didn’t cuz i didn’t want to pay for a broken window so i threw it at the wall on the other end of the room…anyway….please please please please bring Zane back!!!!!!!!

  4. OMG i am at the beginning of Specials and it looks awesome so far!!!!
    I still don’t know what is gonna happen with Zane- but all i know is I WANT HIM BACK WITH TALLY-WA!!!!!!!!!

  5. hey can u please get a picture of Dr.Cable…?
    cuz i am really curious to see what you would imagine her as…
    even though i have an image in my mind…
    So thank you if it is possible i will be VERY happy!

  6. yeah i knew it was Aya but then again i have already read the book oh oh im the one who posted as jessica thats just my nickname this is my real name
    p.s. i love ur books are you going to write a 5th????

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