Hardest Game Ever

Guess who this is . . .

(Okay, not the hardest game ever, but so much easier than writing a post.)

81 thoughts on “Hardest Game Ever

  1. ummmm yeah, who is that person. ( i havent read uglies, but as soon as my sisters done with it i will have.)

  2. i dont know who it is im reading specials right now but i cant figure it out…Shay? maybe

  3. i think its shay cause it kinda looks like it has an s in the eye and plus shay liked all those crazy surge things.

  4. i agree w/ max i…personally… think its Dr. C! heehee. that’s pretty bubbly. I want them!! gimmie gimmie gimmie!! (yea, i know I’m greedy) is that how they r gonna make the eye’s for the Specials in the movie?

  5. I’m definatly gonna have to say Shay. Its the only person I can think of that would have those kinda eyes. Unless theres some freaky freak in So Yesterday which I haven’t read yet, Im gonna start it on Friday when Barnes and Noble gets my order in!

  6. I am also going to guess main character from Extras. Could this possibly be a sliver from the cover? Perchance?
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Sorry, im on my friends computer, savannah said that. But Roxi was the one who actually said Shay so she TOTALLY agrees and actually gave me the idea :]]

  8. what is that design? is like an eye mouse? what ever it is its insanely icy. I say shay, tally, Dr.Cable, or the new unnamed perspective from Extras. but thats basically what everyone else is saying, i just felt like making a list. maybe it could even be one of the cutters? who knows. well, we know who knows, but hes not telling as of right now! haha!

  9. Both of us would also like to point out the tiny S in the center of the eye. S if for SHAY!!!!!! NOT Dr. Cable Little Willow.

  10. Well, it is a girl, since she has on eyeliner, and mascara too. Um… I’m gonna guess that it’s the new cover for Extras, or if it’s fan art (done by someone who is much more computer savvy than I) I’ll say it’s Tally as a special.

    That thing is hypnotizing though. What is left of my mind from your previous post (scrotum!!) might just be gone now.

    Thank you, Scott.

  11. yeah im going with character from extras (which i am excited x120 about xD) or a robot..it looks kinda roboty. tehe

  12. It’s definitely Shay. Remember in Pretties how she had that clock surged on to her eye? That counted time backwards???

  13. Uh, yeah. I’m with Alex.

    Does nobody remember the surge Shay got — the ruby pieces…and for somereason a backwards clock? And Tally expressed her concern that perhaps Shay was getting TOO MANY surges?….

  14. wait, will you ever tell us who it is, or will you not. because that wouldn’t be fun. but the picture is pretty dang cool. πŸ™‚

  15. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s Shay! I sooooo good. It took me awhile because I didn’t picture her eye surg like that. I surprise not that many people got it.

  16. k i just read all of them and wow some people do not remember pretties like I do.


    May I ask were u got that picture, scott?

  17. I think its the Extras Cover. I guessed that first but when I rightclixked on PROPERTIES and looked at the location, the pic is named Extracover. I’m such a cheater. ALthough, I could be wrong…

  18. It’s definently Shay. That’s what I thought when I first saw it and after reading the other posts I still agree.
    Where did you get the great picture, Scott?

  19. ooh… extras cover, eh?

    That’d be cool,
    I can’t wait for it to come out. :3


    I was going to write a report on you for english,
    but I couldn’t find “three reliable sources”, so my teacher is making me choose a new author.

    anyways, maybe you should do an autobiography…?
    just a though ;3

  20. Dr. Cable, for sure. It’s like a readout, and who in Pretty-town would need a readout of any kind but her.

  21. I believe it is Tally.

    Yes, Shay had the eye-surge. But Tally also got the exact same surge later in Pretties. Anyone remember?
    Also, if it is the cover or Extras, then it is Tally. She is the only one left special. Shay is no longer “special.”
    Just my thoughts.

    Awesome picture, by the way! I give whole Helens to whoever came up with it!


  22. I say either Shay or Tally. Just because Shay isn’t Special anymore doesn’t meant that they took away her eye surge.

  23. Berkeley, yes Tally got the eye surge too, but I would like to point out, yet again, that there is a small S in the eye. S stands for Shay, right? And besides, Shay still looks special in every way, she just has her Ugly sanity back. No more Special-mindedness for her!

  24. extrascover02.jpg. that’s the name of the picture. cheaters rule! i think it is the sadly un-named pov character for extras. is the character a guy or a girl? if the eye belongs the pov character, i’m guessing they’re a girl. i’m confused. oh, uh, s could stand for….uh……okay i don’t know. maybe the pov character?

  25. thats not fair the computers at my skool wont let me rite ckick so theres no way i couldve cheated oh well it was a good guess for me

  26. well, now that theres a picture of who it is on the blog, i know who it is. but wouldnt have ever guessed

  27. It Ava I think the new character in the book it’s a pretty icy pic I might add I totally Γ’β„’Β₯it

  28. thats ones messed up surge I don’t think I’m in favour of it that much, but what does my opinion matter.

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