Extras Cover

The Extras cover has gone in a new direction, which I think is pretty cool. I never was quite down with the first version.

Let me know what you think!

Update: This comment thread is full of massive Specials spoilers. Be warned!

Update 2: Extras is available now for pre order!

Update 3: This cover is an April Fool’s joke, people. The art is from a quick sketch by Katerate, more of whose fan art can be found here.

270 thoughts on “Extras Cover

  1. Whew, Potato, mellow out man. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read the comments and get to a library ASAP. Has “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” and “Zelda: Twilight Princess” taught the world nothing about avoiding the Internet to avoid spoilers?

    Also, I’ve been meaning to compliment the artist. Katerate, that is some beautiful colored pencil work no matter how little time you spent on it. 🙂

  2. Razz:i have never read or seen ether of the books you mentioned!
    but i will get to the library ASAP unless my sis lets me barow her copie!

  3. “Zelda: Twilight Princess” is a Nintendo game that came out recently and I, alas, had the whole thing spoiled by Wikipedia. I have no one to blame but myself, though. And 98% of readers love the “Harry Potter” trilogy. Make sure you avoid looking it up on-line (especially “Half Blood Prince”) and try to read it in order (“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (or “Sorcerer’s Stone” in the USA), “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, and the final book is coming out this summer). Sorry for giving out potential “Uglies” spoilers (I was trying to be vague); you really ought to read the books. They’re incredible, and this is coming from someone who has become increasingly disenchanted with fiction as a whole over the years.

  4. Parasites disturbing? That’s like trees being disturbing. Or fish. Or dogs. Or spit. At least, in my opinion it is. It’s not like we can get rid of them with a wave of our hand.
    Potato: Long comments rock! You should embrace them and read. Besides, four lines of that one were Harry Potter book titles.

  5. hmmmm….parasites. it makes me want to read Peeps even more!!!!! & i still have to read the last Midnighters…which is STILL gone Potato!!!!
    Razz: im not a Harry Potter fan sry. and i never read the long comments agree wit Potato

    ImInLoveWithJonathan: thanks for the info. but yea we shuld start a little book sending thing that would be awesome for us select fans!!!!

  6. no!!!! but i paid for it with my money so its still very important!!! i guess im jus gonna have to get one from the library *sigh* i havnt seen all the harry p. movies but jus some parts. im not really into the whole wizard thing.

  7. that sucks that you payed for it and then it got lost!!!
    i like to whatch the movies but i don’t have a nuff atention span to read the books!

  8. You should really read the books. They are awesome. Movies never ever compare. (Except in the case of Freaky Friday. That book sucked.)

  9. i don’t want to read harry P. it sounds really dumb to me but i still like the movies!!!

  10. well im not reading them either. i can stand books in my interest that are long, but not those 600 pg. Harry P. books. i probly wuldnt even read the 1st chapter.(sorry 2 the fans that also like Scott)

  11. i read all of them multiple times but i also am in love with super long books. i just got the last days today. (sequel to peeps) its pretty good. ill tell you how good it is when im done. in a few hours at the rate im reading it.

  12. i can’t wait to read them i’m placing them on hold now!!!(my stuiped sis wont let me barrow her copy!!)

  13. yeah well tomorro take them!!! who can resist his books??? lol. and now i have to read 3 more books of his!! no wait…4 in October!! well im getting Peeps & Midnighters 3 TODAY (hopefully)

  14. Kayla-wa i placed a hold on peeps i can’t wait till it comes in!!!

    ImInLoveWithJonathan! how late is it there???

  15. same here. cept i had to go to skool. i couldn’t really tell what you were saying ImInLoveWithJonathan!! but Potato, since we are both gonna read Peeps, when we finish we can tell how much we LOVE it!!!!

  16. Alex: what scared you???
    Kayla-wa:wow that means you must have really been out of it!
    ImInLoveWithJonathan!:thats when i wake up!!!

  17. Yeah i wuz!!! and i jut got Peeps!! i started reading it a couple minutes ago. oh and did u hear Extras 1st draft is done??? YAY!!

  18. Judy: it’s a joke!!!!!
    Kayla-wa: fine but don’t give anything away got it???
    ImInLoveWithJonathan!: ROFL during easter break i slept till 8am it was awsome!!!

  19. i wont!!!! and same wit Midnighters!!! and thats not fair!!! you both had easter break and i didnt. my breaks next week and i sleep till like…noon.

  20. Kayla-wa :thats not fair that you can sleep til noon but that means you have more to look forward to!!!

  21. well i AM so excited for next week!! jus layin at home and reading Peeps….ahhh. by the way im on pg.41 (i havnt been readin much)

  22. you have to read the last days next. i read it in a day. it was so good. they didnt have the bio lesson every other chapter though. but each part started with a little thing from the night mayor tapes.

  23. Kayla-wa: ha it didn’t take me this long to read that book like a week and i was being lazy to!!!
    ImInLoveWithJonathan!: i’m going to read the last days once i get peeps(witch i can’t wait for!!!!)

  24. Wow potato, every time I scrolled down randomly with my mouse to get to the bottom of the thread there was always one or two of your comments on the screen!

  25. yea well im a little slow but i havnt gotten that deep into it to be relly interested. but dont worry i will!!!! ill tell u when im actually done. but the bio lessons are sorta freaking me out- no info there potato. and im gonna read Last Days i promise…ive set my goal to read evry book!!

  26. It’s different, but I love it! Zane must come back! He looks a little creepy, but the cover drew me in immediately!

  27. Mc:i come on every day!!!
    Kayla-wa : peeps is at my library!!!but i can’t get it yet because it’s 7:34 am and my parents can’t take me right now! 🙁
    Briana :that cover is a joke do you read the coments???

  28. darn it. i hate library hours. mine doesnt open till like 9:00 or 10:00AM then closes at 5:00AM except on mondays and thursdays, the two days no one can drive me because of my brother’s stupid baseball practice. so unfair. im reading looking for alaska by john green right now (guy with the video blog featuring scott, justine, and maureen johnson.) its a good book. you should read it. (after reading everything scott wrote of course)

  29. sure ill read it. watever you guys reccomend i will!!! i kno i h8 library hrs. too!!!!!!!!when you get to go to the library 2day Potato, tell me wat you think of peeps!! its sooooo good so far. nobody in skool culd make me put it down!!!!

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