Extras Cover

The Extras cover has gone in a new direction, which I think is pretty cool. I never was quite down with the first version.

Let me know what you think!

Update: This comment thread is full of massive Specials spoilers. Be warned!

Update 2: Extras is available now for pre order!

Update 3: This cover is an April Fool’s joke, people. The art is from a quick sketch by Katerate, more of whose fan art can be found here.

270 thoughts on “Extras Cover

  1. Kayla-wa :ha thats really funny!!!i hate the lidrary!!!
    ImInLoveWithJonathan!:i think i might read it!

  2. yeah, well they shuld understand that we need books!!! and fast. how far are you into Peeps? tell me!!! (me pg. 131)

  3. ok here is a list of books you have to go read:
    1) everything Scott WEsterfeld (duh thats a no brainer)
    2) Looking for Alaska- John Green
    3) 13 little blue envelopes- Maureen Johnson
    4) Devilish- Maureen Johnson (reading it now)
    5) Blue Bloods- Melissa De La Something(dont remember the last part of her name oops)
    6) Twilight and nex moon- stephenie meyer
    7) Tithe, Valient, and soon to be ironsid(april 14th!)- Holly Black

  4. Ok, i will try to read them all!!!! i already said i would read Looking For Alaska. i was already thinking of reading Devilish and 13 Blue Envolopes. i havn’t heard of 5 and 7. and a lot of people say Twilight and New Moon are good!!!! LOTS of readin to do, and i still have to finish Peeps!

  5. here is my list of books im getting this fall (cant wait!)
    1)Specials- well duh scott
    2)eclipse- stephenie meyer
    3)the sweet far thing- libba bray (who has a glass eye)
    4)hp and the deathly hallows
    5)pendragon 8: the pilgrims of rayne- dj machale
    6)leviathan- scott’s new trilogy
    7)Mascarade- Melissa De La Somthing-or-another
    wow i could go on forever but 7 is enough for now.

  6. I like the little phraze and it makes me think that Zane is coming back to life and going to like try to get with Tally while she’s with david or somethin. and then haunts cause he thought she loved him. i am crzy I kno. But I think the picture looks like a horror book!! eek!!!

  7. Lauren-wa:o.k that cover has been up for a very long time i can not believe that you just got that!

  8. (OMG! I LUVED PEEPS and The Last Days!) And i think I’minlovewithjonathon means Extras…not Specials..yes? Teehee! I’ve got so many books i wanna read this summer! its gonna be totally fawsome! Eclipse, Georgia N book, Extras, oh i cannot think rit now! but i’ve got about 40 books on my book list that i want to read..i’m sure there’ll be more coming! lol! Lauren-wa..Zane cannot come back..sorry..that makes me so sad..but its true. ='(

  9. Dingalingaling! omg..i jst realized that was ZANE! HAHAHA! That took me forever! Blonde moment!!! lolol! rotflmao

  10. So funny! freaked me out for a moment.So..is Zane really coming back? I didn’t really like zane that much. I’m glad tally and david are together.

  11. i got peeps i’m sooooo happy i’m on chp.3 because i skiped the crazy lesson on chapter 2!!!!I LOVE PEEPS SO FAR!!!!!!

  12. Shan
    god for you i just started it so i don’t know much about the book!don’t tell me though!!

  13. almost done Potato!!!!!!!!!!!!! well actually, 100 pages. been a VERY slow reader lately. dont you think its awesome?!?!? Shan, i guess we are b/c im still postin!!

  14. Kayla-wa i’m on like page 30 or 40 something and i’m skipping the perisite chapter and i will probubly read them latter!

  15. Lol Potato: trust me, i wont….but SOMETHING might just sllipp..jk!
    Kayla: lol, wow, i finished Peeps in like two days..and Uglies and Pretties and SPecials and Twilight and New Moon…and umm.yeah…anywho, umm..idk..

  16. Shan: i’ll read them latter i just don’t want to loose what had just happened in that last chapter!!!
    Kayla-wa; lucky i’m croosing in the book though so i should hopefully be done by sunday but my goal is friday!!!

  17. well you have 4 days!!! then you can tell me wat you thought of it!!! Midnghters comes in next week so im just gonna get Last Days 2morro hopefully.

  18. Kayla-wa
    good luck on that at my library you have to order every book you want and then they get it from a diferent book they only have like 2 books of scott’s on the shelf right now!

  19. i hope you guys like peeps and the last days. i know i did. im in computer class procrastinating doing my assignment. we have to do this payroll thinger. i had to come up with 21 employees so they are all westerfeldian people pretty much. we have every person i could think of from the midnighters, tally and peris, zahler and minerva. ok guess i should get back to class related stuff

  20. Potato: yea i probably have to order Last Days too since it’s Scott’s newest book (i think?) but surprisingly they have the Midnighters 1&2, the Uglis trilogy, Peeps, and So Yesterday! ill be askin bout Peeps tomorro!!

    ImInLoveWithJonathan: thats cool. yea & i did like Peeps alot!!! some parts got confusin but it was good! im still on vacation. when im in English class i usually come on this.

  21. ImInLoveWithJonathan!: sounds like fun!

    Kayla-wa : not in that sence i ment like from the catalog on the internet i have to look it up on there and then wait for it to come to my library.

  22. This so scared me at first. I thought that it was really Zane comming back. Is it? I am so confused!! lol

  23. Well, chhya..but..he could..Scott can do anything he wants in a book..its not real life ya know

  24. woah, that’s way different. um, i liked the first one better? and that cover is kind of creepy. ahha.

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