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  1. lol but thier is just one little problem she hasnt read midnighters yet… i keep telling her i have this whole list of books… but she just laughts in my face :S lol

    and get this she lives in DOVER (5 letters) DELAWARE (7 letters) and that is totally darkling!! ewwww lol someone PLEASE talk to me im sooo bord and right now im eating spagetii!! lol yummy

  2. opps that little :S thing was to see if it would make a smily face with a weird look on his face but it didnt so sorry

  3. ps – I finished Midnighters, i cried, it’s saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Alexa – Umm, there is a post on Extras done, Jamie wrote it. its IMPORTANT 🙂

  4. im still in the middle of the third midnighters…. im trying to read a little bit slower cuz my mom says that if i read to fast then i will have nothing else to read lol and she is going to stop buying me books soon… i think she already has

    and shan… was the IMPORTANT post jamies email??? and if it is i dont now if i should email her cuz i didnt really have like a conversation wiht her that much and shell porbally be like what the heack!! 🙂 lol but i guess i will and when i do im gunna give her my s/n and ask for yours to!! 🙂 lol

  5. Ok! foolio!! 🙂 Oh, and here are the 13 13 lettered words:
    ~Personalities – Specilization – Computational – Comprehension – Technological – Communication – Spontainiously – Exploitations – Sterilization – Civilization – Organization..yeah, :P!

  6. i dunno it was the first thing that poped into my mind i guess. I had just finished LOOKING at my sisters copy of The Cell

  7. man… i was looking at the pic on my computer and thier is this pic of me and my friend jemma when my girl scout troop went on a cruze and we were at some dance clube thing for teens and our eyes are really really really red and the bad thing is i like that pic the pose was cute

    and any way i was gunna post that pic cuz i guess im a vampire with by red red eyes lol heh but they were the redist eyes uv ever seen im telling u it was crazy!! hehe 😛

  8. and shan can u just give me ur s/n cuz jamie hasnt emaild me back yet lol and im getting kind of impationt!! lol

  9. lol i now i got it and i added you to my buddy list… nad were do you live cuz i wonder if thier is a time difference i like in delaware and right now it is 6:54

  10. I tried it. Once. Turns out I really, really suck, and I ended up bopping this one guy on the head with the ball. End of volley ball career.

    Okay, I’m a downer. Sorry.

  11. Sorry for the double post.

    This is random, but Scott, do you read our comments anymore? You haven’t intervened in a really long time. Probably, though, you were working really hard on Extras, so that was sort of okay. But still.

    This is equally random, but we have to do this report on somebody or other, and I asked my teacher if I could do you, and he said no because -get this- you aren’t dead yet. So I chose Ada Lovelace instead so I could still work in Midnighters. Did you know they mention Dess in the Ada Lovelace entry on Wikipedia?

  12. um natalie… for the smilys just do : that thing and then ) that or P if you what his tong to stike out or ( if he is frowning and thats how you do smilys hehe

    just put them toghter and they end up like this 🙂 😛 🙁 hehe

  13. lol this is nothing for not posting…. remember 100 hours left that was a long time for not posting!! hehe any way im really really bord… were are you shan??

  14. that was pretty cool. i play basketball but im just not into sports books. i couldnt even tell that was you writing that, creeeppy. but i guess thats the piont of ghost writing. i wonder if the mysterious celebrity found out you posted part of thier book if they’d be mad. but i guess its not really he/she’s book because im guessing they didnt fully pay you. but then if thats true and its rightfully your book then it wouldnt hurt to tell who the mystery celeb is. even if they dont want anyone to know its not like they would find out. plus we can keep a secret. yet, then agian none of us want scott in jail if there was a contract signed so im just going to shut up now.

  15. You’re going to LOVE Midnighters. I thought nothing could top Uglies, but they did. And Touching Darkness is reallyreally fawesome.

  16. lol no problem natalie…. well im really really slow sometimes to so dont feel bad…. goin the club!! hehe jk

    and indigoeyes is toughting darkness the 2 or 1 book?? i cant remember… right now im in the middle of blue noon!! its pretty good so far but i liked the 2 book the best so far but thats just me 🙂 hehe

  17. I’m gonna guess…Jada Pinkett Smith. She’s already doing the children’s book thing…you know she would want some girl power in the book. Am I right, am I?

  18. wow scott is going to paris!! thats soo fawsome!!!!!!! and i hope i get to go their cuz this summer im going to europe…. but i dont now were in europe!! lol i now it should be fun tho i cant wait when r u going to paris??

  19. lol i cant belive that we have only posted 83 coments in 6 days lol wow im really really bord so i keep posting and have nothing to say!! hehe 🙂

  20. lol that is a lot of comments. and Alexa-la: Touching Darkness is the 2nd book; The Secret Hour is the 1st 🙂

  21. ugh, double posting.

    scott, i was just wondering why the date is a day fast, its onlythe 29th here, but im sure there’s a perfectly logical reason and im just being an idiot and missing it

  22. I think he must be in Australia or something. Thats the only reason the date would be off. But of course I really don’t know, just guessing! 🙂

  23. He’s in New York right now and he’s going to Paris tomorrow..(I’m getting this info from Justine’s blog, I’m not his stalker or anyhting haha)

  24. Topaz, i thought it was more last days with the ppl coming out at night and all …. and eating eachother. cell that is. but do you know why it has a date at the end that confused me. goory goory poor clay

    ally, creepy salker of maried authors that should be a book generic but an ok book if it was…

    glad your not a salker

  25. Alexa – ESTA AQUI (RIGHT HERE) LOL! i’ve been…busy…yeah…busy!
    Kaya- finish Midnighters yet???
    I get to go to Ireland this summer!!! yay!

  26. alexa, touching darkness is the 2nd book in the midnighters series….also, I CANT WAIT 4 SPIDERMAN 3 either!!!!! 🙂

  27. Scott, I don’t know whether or not you read comments, but I’d really appreciate it if you read this one and got back to me on it [faerie.nights@yahoo.com]. When was the secret hour created in the Midnighters? According to science about 500,000,000 years ago days were only 12 hours long. Also humans just came into the picture within the last billion years. I’m sure the hours of the day didn’t just jump from 12 to 24, we slowly got to there within the last half a billion years [ex. 13 hour days, 14 hour days, et cetera]. We learned in Biology that this is because the universe is expanding making us slow down. I’m not sure when we started getting 24 hour days, but my question is when was the 25th hour made in the Midnighters? Because if it’s supposed to be a looooong time ago then it may be scientifically incorrect [but, hey, I’m just a sophomore (wise fool)]. Please e-mail me if you read this!

  28. I liked it (even though I don’t like basketball) I could tell it was you. But, sorry, I don’t like the name Jason. There was a Jason in my third grade english class who was a bully and called people names and punched me in the eye so I don’t like the name Jason.

    Oh, Kell: according to The Secret Hour darklings created the Blue Time 10,000 years ago. I don’t know how long days really were then but I’m pretty sure there were human beings.

  29. Shan yea i finished midnighters a while ago!!!!! SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIVE WAT HAPPENED!!!!!!i cried:( i said this in the crash of 07 comment thread. but i saw Spiderman 3 last nite!!!! it was sooooo awesome…i luved it!!!

  30. i know! i cried too! it was like 1:30 in the morn and i was like sitting in bed silently crying to myself!

  31. there should really be a 4th book to tell what Jessica, Jonathan, &Melissa did trying to find all the other Midnighters & what Rex & Dess did in Bixby!!!!!!! with an ending like that, Scott has tooo!!!! im getting TLD next week.

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