Last 100 Hours

In one hundred hours, I have to turn in the first draft of Extras. In the unlikely event that this fact slips my mind, this piece of paper on my wall will remind me:

Note the word counts scrawled (by a madman, apparently) at the bottom of every day. As you can see, Extras has already surpassed Pretties (81,250 words) and Specials (77,500 words) in length. It may even reach the brick-like thickness of Uglies (87,625)!

But things are getting tight on the time front. For this reason, I have taken to writing in strange new environments. Including this hotel room:

Clockwise from far right: me, Lauren McLaughlin, Maureen Johnson, and John Green. Justine is being the hovercam.

Why this hotel? Well, a small collective of us have been writing together, I found a random deal on a suite, and decided that a new spot might be stimulating. The views were cool.

John Green, who makes a video for his brother every other day, documented the event. You can watch that here. It shows you exactly what a writer’s life is like. (No, really.)

For more evidence of my deadline insanity, here’s Maureen’s interview with me while I’m trying to write.

I think I’m the only one still writing. The others just blog about writing. It’s all very self-referential.

If you’ve written me fanmail in the last few months, this approaching deadline is why you haven’t heard anything. I’m sorry!

In 100 hours I will be free . . .

134 thoughts on “Last 100 Hours

  1. ImInLoveWithJonthan! said “erm… i’d like to see someone dance with a pot on their head and write at the same time.”

    When you become a professional writer it’s one of the first things they teach you. After the secret handshake.

  2. Haha yall are funny! Are yall still in the same hotel room as on the video? Justine I hope your enjoying the snow because I know how much you LOVE snow! hehe 😉 I wish it will snow here but its only 53 Farenheit 🙁

  3. Heh heh… ‘insects dancing in the hem of the floodlight’s skirt.’ Had you said you needed the bugs, the first thing I would do when I get Extras would be look for that line.

  4. so THAT’S why you haven’t been answering my emails….
    Well, if it’s for Extras-la I can’t complain. 😀
    Keep up the hard work!

  5. Scott you are dancing with a pot on your head….ummm…Scott did you do some pot before you put the pot on your head?lol. Kidding kidding. Oh and Maureen i would love for you to do an interview that would be awesome. And i have to ask Maureen does Keith go with Ginny back to America well never mind silly question if so i think you would have mentioned something like that in the end ok well anyway. Good luck again and keep dancing Scott!

  6. Scott– WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!!! FAster faster faster FASTER!!!!!

    By the way, send some pictures of you dancing. that would make my day. really

  7. i still want to see scott with a pot on his head dancing. 🙁 im sad there was no video made of that. or was there? Justine, Maureen, John, Lauren was ther by any chance a video of this dancing escapade we could watch? hehehehe scott dancing with a pot on his head. 🙂

  8. wow im excited!!!!!!!!!! like a WAY lot!!! hehe and that does sound pretty funny… scott dancing with a pot on his head??!! well if you didnt get a video of that then you should re-an-act it so we can all see it!! that would really make my day!!!! hehe

  9. I have a few things to say.

    Firstly; that video is awesome. Though maybe, if you only have 100 hours left, you shouldn’t be talking about the skirts of floodlights. But it was funny and entertaining (while it lasted). You have some weird friends.

    Secondly; the interview is even more awesome. Just remember to get her back when SHE is 100 hours away from a deadline 🙂

    And, lastly, you probably shouldn’t be reading this if you only have 100 hours left. Not that I’m telling you what to do or anything.

    Can’t wait to read Extras!!!!

  10. poor scott only a few hours lefy. 🙁 good luck. but well if u are reading this you probally already finished writing Extras. so i guess i mean good luck editing, i think. make sure Extras kicks butt!

  11. Tori-wa sounds better. But that’s just me.

    Hey, Scott, on Easter do you take an Extras-break for chocolate?

  12. i like anna-la… but thats just me!! lol and i think i might get my first cavity this year
    🙁 but hey I LOVE CANDY!!!!!!!!! and now im going to ask… Alexa-wa or Alexa-la??
    hehe i just had to ask… but i do want to know and go scott!!! 🙂
    xoxo Alexa

  13. I like Kiersten-wa! and i think i like wa…
    🙂 alexa-la is cool! it would be so awesome if they did another interview…the first one CRACKED me up!!!!! 😀

  14. cool thanks iminLoveWithJonathan… and Anna-Wa!! and i think that we can just make one up for kiersten… right?? like Kiersten-ra?? idk… is it ok with scott? i hope so hehe jk!! i kind of got the last days for easter to!! well kind of because it isnt here yet… but my mom did order it!! yeppe!
    xoxo alexa-la

  15. i just finished it. it was so good. well actually i finished it about an hour ago but close enough. sooooooo good. only it didnt have te bio lesson on parasites every other chapter. it just jumped point of veiws a lot. and every chapter is named after a band. scott wrote a bio for every band name he used at the end of the book.

  16. Yeah, I missed the parasite chapters. But there was the Night Mayor tapes, so it all evened out.

    Tess-la or Tess-wa?

  17. um… tess-la deff!!

    and i cant wait but hey thats a cool way to name the chapters… i would never be able to cuz i such at band names!! teehee and i think my book come in on the 11 or something like that…
    xoxo Alexa-la

  18. SCOTT! IS EXTRAS DONE YET?????? WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 🙂 im happy. lets see. you posted that it was due in 100 hours at 9:54 AM on April 6th. 100 hours from then is… 4 days and 17 hours so… your deadline is april 10th at 9:54 PM. i think.

  19. go scott!!!!!!!! whooooooooooooo! 🙂 only a few more hours! only lets see…46 min till the 10th then 17 hours and 54 min until 9:54 PM on the 10th. so 18 hours and 11 min from when i started writing this comment!

  20. you can’t just be excited for this you have to be EXTATIC and OVER THE TOP HAPPY!!!!!!!! does any one know how much longer?!!?!?!?!!?!?

  21. EXTRAS IS A TV SHOW IN ENGLAND. ITS ALREADY SHOWING. Sorry, i just had to do that. when i saw it on the tv guide, i was like, no way, it isnt even finished yet, but due to time travel…

    no, there is a tv show called Extras, but its about extras in films and TV shows, not whatever Extras is about.

  22. so wait, if the dragt is being handed in in a few days (or less, keep going Scott!) when will Extras come out, because its going to sit on someones desk, be read, be edited, you ‘might’, but probably not, have to change something, then it needs to be printed, shipped out to bookstores, and sold. When is that? and will there be an English version?

  23. i marked the date on my calender… i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!! and i like in Dover, Delaware… its really boring thier is nothing and i mean NOTHING cool/fun to do here!!!!!!!
    but hey extras comes out in october so im really happy!!!!!!

  24. oops typo… i meant i LIVE** in Dover, Delaware… not “like in Dover, Delaware”!!! teehee

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