The Real Extras Cover!


Here’s the real cover:

Thanks to Katerate for her zombie-tastic April Fool’s Day image. It was much enjoyed by all and sundry.

Extras comes out Tuesday, October 2, 2007. And yes, you can all pre-order it right now!

PS If you haven’t finished Specials yet, you probably shouldn’t read this comment thread. Or the comments on the April 1 post. Or any comments anywhere. Ever.

194 thoughts on “The Real Extras Cover!

  1. which Tally was going to take b/c Shay was a pretty-head and wouldn’t take it but then they ended up spliting..annnnd Tally wouldn’t have even known about the pills if SHAY wouldn’t have told her about the Smoke

    she would have just ended up being Pretty and going out with Zane if it wasn’t for Shay..

    Shay,Shay,Shay haha

  2. Lynda- And then he wanted to get the damaged repaired because he wanted Tally to like him again…and I know…I ust read Pretties a month ago. I can remember a books almost exact words from close to a year ago…

    Ally- Exactly…if Shay hadn’t told her about the Smoke, she wouldn’t of met David, then she wouldn’t of taken the pill with Zane, and then she wouldn’t of had to decide between David and Zane…and Zane wouldn’t of died…

  3. Yeah haha everything would be peachy keen..except for the whole lesions thing but she wouldn’t know about them

  4. Tally is not Shallow. all of those opoerations have messed with her brain and screwed her up. Zane comming back would only hurt her it was because she was made special that Tally didn’t like the way zane looked. remember that tally couldn’t stand David at first because the wasn’t pretty. and yes Ally, it is Shay’s fault. She brought Tally to the Smoke, she made Tally made and guilty for messing with her and David, and Shay made sure tally was made special.

    Sorrry this is so long 🙂

  5. Aaaah. I love the cover. Very pretty. Or, I mean, very “extra” ha ha ha.
    I must preorder it from the library… must pester them with hold requests… bwah ha ha ha!

  6. WHAT!? i have been out of the loop for too long now i guess, but is this ANOTHER book in the “uglies” series??!!! oh man i hope so. I’ve read all of your books, well almost i’m working on the midnighter series right now and i can’t seem to put them down. i love your writing style, how the book comes to life, i feel like i’m watching a movie but i’m really reading a book and i LOVE that. i think it would be awesome to have all these books made into movies or tv shows (movies would be better though). Gosh now i can’t wait until october. The first book i read of your was “So Yesterday” and i came upon that book completly be accident, i was looking for a hilary duff c-d for my 14 year old brother who is obsessed with her and i can’t remember where but it showed your book so i went to the library and checked it out a couple days later and read it that night then put a couple more books of yours on hold and have been reading them ever since i LOVE THEM! they are books you can read over and over and still enjoy them. anyways i just wanted to thank you for writing such great books that let me escape from the days stresses. I am a HUGE fan. i feel like i need to thank Hilary Duff and my brother too for helping me come across your books. Thanks again

  7. shelby- i dont think that ur becomeing a peep because u want more meat and not greens… its prolly just a craving… i have them all the time, i had one for little debbie last night!! lol

    and i think that tally just want every one to be happy kind of and to have a perfect life… i think that she secretly wants to be prettie and just for get about he whole smoke thing… but idk cuz im not tally!! hehe

  8. i think tally can be shallow at times but she isnt at other times. she wasnt being shallow when she sacraficed herself for zane, but she was kind of being shallow when she went to the smoke for the first time b/c the only reason she wanted to go was becasue she wanted to be pretty. o and if tally had never met shay then she wouldnt have known any crims so she wouldn’t have even gotten together w/ zane. but wait…wasn’t peris a crim? so he could have been able to introduce her but this is a really long post and im confusing myself so i’ll stop.

  9. Yeah, Tally can be shallow but it’s not her fault. Everyone has changed her with operations and all that stuff. We really almost never knew the real Tally except for when she “rewired” herself

  10. Amanda- you stumbled across Scott because of hillary duff? lol. i dont like her all that much and every time i think about that book or something that pertains to it that song gets stuck in my head.

  11. the only reason tally became crim though was because of the whole smoke thing. if she hadnt have gone to the smoke she might not have been accepted into the crim clique. although she was a bit of a prnakster before hand so you never know.

  12. Tally is not shallow!!!! She was brain washed with being pretty form birth and when she found out how bad it was, she tried to stop it and when she sacrificed herself so the cure could be tested, she wasn’t being shallow and when she became special it was Shay’s fult!!! now that i think about it it really was all shay’s fault to begin with!!!

    Shay Shay Shay!!!!

  13. serously amanda. very funny ablut the hilery duff thing. never would have thought that would happen.

  14. don’t worry Amanda, youre not the only one with a funny story about finding scott. i read midnighters because my sister got it from her book fair and then i read uglies becasue my friend said it was really good and i didn’t realize they were both by scott until i looked at them at the same time for some reason
    *slaps self for being so stupid*

  15. Cait-wa yes she was a prankster she was the one who always snuck out and tricked the minders and tricked the hover boards. the thing to new pretty place obviously wasnt the first time she snuck over because the book said she and peris had gone numerous times.

  16. i started reading scott’s books because my friend erin forcibly made me read twilight by stephenie meyer and i loved it. so i asked her what else i should read while waiting for new moon to come out and she suggested the midnighters. thank you erin! 🙂

  17. I started reading Scott’s books with a book club that my mom forced me into. I started with so yesterday. Really good. I was hooked. by the way sorry about the tally paris mix-up. I always thought that it was because of paris that she went over the river. 8-}

  18. Hillary Duff? Whoa. That’s kinda cool. You found something really good by looking up somebody really bad.

    I can’t stand Hillary Duff. If they make a Scott-book movie, she had better not be in it.

    Especially if she’s Jen. Hah. Just imagine her with dyed-black hair and a buzz cut.

  19. ok….you guys are talkin about Hillary Duff on a Scott site. Well at least every1 agrees she is a horrible singer!!! and if she starred in a Westerfeld movie it would be a disgrace and i wuld kill her.j/k

  20. Haha, Scott. Veeery funny, that joke you played. xD I’m just lucky I didn’t check the blog on that day, so I heard about the joke on this actual cover, really.

    I’m going to miss Tally as a narrator (Don’t even get me started on Zane, because I’m twitching in anticipation, wondering if my dearest Zane-la is coming back), but maybe it was about time for a change. With your writing, Aya should be every bit as captivating.

    By the way: Eyescreen? Totally icy-making, Scott.

  21. Thats so awsome. I love the cover for extras….and you probably heard that more than once!LOL. Anyway, so it is a series eh? thats what it said on the cover of extras.

    I just have one question; are Tally and David in extras?

  22. lol the cover is amazing!!!!!!!!!
    damn it when am i gona see the british cover?!?!
    its lyk wen i saw the difference between the british n american covers for specials n felt rather let down by the british 1!!
    o well i suppose its the story that counts
    –>but i still think that this cover is awesome!

  23. I love this cover, much much MUCH better! I’m so excited for Extras to come out! It’s gonna be so good!

  24. Wat is ‘Extras’ about? I love Specials. I can’t believe Zane-la dies,they shud hav sooo got togever

  25. hey scott love the cover but i think the tag line sucks u could do a lot better and i also know what u mean about wanting to hurterl the book across the room at the wall!! The first time i saw uglies was at my school book fair and i didnt read it for like 6 mounths then i read it and at first i thougth it was about these little people that were small enough to live in the grass and they were really addvanced in tecnolagey and all it was not until i read about to the II part that i relized they were normal and in the futuer!! Lol well the first day i read specials i was about in the 40th page and i was about to be picked up at school then i got pissed at tally and asked my simi-friend if i could chunk the book at her basket ball and she was like noooooo!!! and i was like but u dont understand i need to punish this book it is teaseing me!! waaaa waaaaa!!! (with out the crying) just kinda say waaaa waaaa! she finaly gave in and let me chunk it at her basket ball it gave me such releafe!!!! i cant wait till october it would be so cool if it came out on my birthday that would be awesome!!!!!!!

  26. i love david i wish all guys were so sweet !!!!!! if i could have a boyfriend like him i would love it and never let him go i never really like zane so thanks for killing hime scott and also every one knows that tally and david were ment for each other zane was just kinda a lession thing!! ya a lession thing thats it she only liked him at first when she was a bubblehead then when she thought her was out he had just grown on her !!

  27. There were too many Shelby’s and Shelby-wa’s on here, so I combined my first and middle name. Betchya can’t guess what it is!

    Well, anyway, with this whole Extras thing: I’m very confused. Are there going to be more books after extras to continue what happens in this book? And what can possibly happen in this book? How can there be a more rebelious teenager? What can this new girl DO? I suppose we’ll just have to read it. It’s going to bother me for weeks, though. Being a struggling writer* , I am completely fascinated by authors who can think of insane places and keep a story going for so long and still have more to tell. My characters cry a lot. That’s pretty much it. =(

    *I’m not really sure how you’d refer to someone like me.. Mentally incapable writer, perhaps?

  28. =]
    i cant wait for this to come out!
    but….i am confused. so this isnt about tally at all? if not, isnt doesnt that kind of suck though?
    ugh i really want it to be about tally tho! if not i still cant wait for it to come out.

  29. its a “companion novel” it fits in with the time and stuff going on in uglies/pretties/specials but it has all new characters. just like peeps and the last days. lace and cal make a small appearence near the end but they arent that big of characters in it. thats probably whats going to happen in extras… if tally and david show up at all in it.

  30. Totally happy-making!
    I can’t belive that there will be another Tally-wa story!
    This is totally icy/bubbly!
    Ohh yeah, what about Zane?
    And is it going to be a companion novel, like some people say it will be?


  32. omg! i agree. its so sad that the narrator changed. i became really close to tally-wa. zane is so coming back to life in my mind. and just somthing to throw out about shay: doesnt she seam kind of bi-polar? not saying i dont love her but still

  33. btw hally-wa, i agree. i probalbly wuldof passed out wen i read it was the last book, but i was so excited t read it that i didnt

  34. I am a fairly new reader to Scott’s books and I got totally hooked this Christmas after recieving Uglies for a present. I read it immediatly and then I had to go buy the 2nd and the 3rd. I was soooooo into this series and it really sucked to think Specials was the end. I am sooooooo happy that it wasn’t. PLEASE keep the series coming. I LOVE IT! I am about 1/2 way through with Peeps and loving that also but the Uglies series is still my favorite!

  35. well, i dont really know what to think. i got super close to tally and david and everybody. i just dont like the thought of a new protagonist. its totally exited-making that theres going to be a new book, though. im definatly going to be reading this one.

  36. if this is a “companion book” i bet you that tally and david will show up sooner or later but they wont be main characters. Since it says in the manifesto that tally and david will try to stop anything that gets out of hand, i think that maybe tally and david will be trying to stop the new main character in this book. well i dont know. its just a guess, im probably wrong.

  37. I love this cover it goes with the theme of the series.

    When I heard that the extras was coming out I got so excited.

    To tell you the truth the specials ending wasn’t what I expected I thought that everything was gonna get better and Tally and David were gonna fall more in love.

    But that’s what a good writer does, they fool you and then come out with something even better!

    I’m gonna be first in line at Barnes & Nobles to buy that book!

    You are awesome Scott!

    I hope there is a 5th book and more of the Midnighters Series because those were great :)!

  38. ARG! U SPOILERS! MY FRIEND READ UGLIES AND SHE SAW THE COMMENT WHERE YOU-KNOW-WHO..HATE TO SAY HIS NAME! MAKES ME SOOO SAD *SNIFF*! simply cannot wait! hated the other cover earlier..but it would be pretty sweet to have something like that..i’m getting into creepy stuff! lolol. but seriously Scott-la! cannot wait! *hugs self and friend and does happy dance and bounces around room while squeeling for joy!* yayayayay!

  39. Tori: it would be Tori-wa..cuz you have two syllabols in your name..i think thats how its done…

  40. ok..Jamie..sorry but..hun..Zane’s not comin’ back..he’s GONE! sooorry..i know..i became REALLY attached to all the characters and i was finishing Specials at 1:10 in the morn’ and when i found out Zane-la died..yeah…i threw my book acroos the room. i was soo fricken mad/sad cuz i got so attached to him. I think we just have to accept the fact that he’s you know…dead..and get on with life..cuz when Sam has to kill Sprout in Lireal..i read this part last night..that was soo sad..dumb Mogget! arg he made me soo mad..Mogget did

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