Me Post Soon

We’re at Reading Matters in Melbourne, Australia, having a great time. And yes, my posting has been pretty bad on this trip. So far so behind that there are still tales of Paris to tell!

Not to mention Singapore and Sydney. My apologies, but accessing the internets from hotels is expensive and painful. I will do better this summer. Promise.

Please speak amongst yourselves till we get back to NYC on . . . Tuesday!

77 thoughts on “Me Post Soon

  1. yay first comment!!!
    but ill be waiting until tuesday….miss the posts. but people lets jus leave Scott alone for now.
    hope your having a good time in Australia!!!!

  2. wow i’m an early commenter today.
    but yes.
    woo singapore! sydney! paris!
    you better have a damn good story to tell 🙂

  3. Yay! More posts! You’ve got to tell us about the places you visited when you have time! But I do know that hotel Internet can be really expensive. Justine has ranted plenty about it on her blog. 😉 Hope you’re having fun!

  4. Its okay Scott! Just don’t forget about us little people. We’ll just sulk in the corner until our back (shakes off sadness). Have fun!!

  5. yey a NEW post!!! hehe 🙂 im looking forward to my trip to europe!! i cant wait but i have not a clue as to were in europe im going just following the plan that all!! should be fun tho!!!

    i just got my hair cut and its really short (well short for me at least) its just at my sholders!! its really cute tho i like it nice and short for summer…. something randome i lurned today from my hair dress your hair grows faster in the summer cuz you drink more water and are more active! hope everyone has a totally fawsome weeekend!!! 😛

  6. Sorry but hair cut to your shoulders isn’t short, I’m a girl and mine is about two inches long (so I look like a boy.)
    But I digress, how was long was your hair to begin with?

  7. Yay u posted!! And by the way.. even tho no ones asked this. im going to tell u anyway, the other Jess person thats been posting is not me… just thought id let u know that!! And by the way Scott, it’s okay that u haven’t been posting lately, we understand!!

  8. it was realy weird my librairian was doing a REALY crappy book talk and said all uglies lived undergroung but i dont think so and she also said the thired book(she didnt know the name wow) was coming out soon so i told her its been out and extras was coming out in oct. she did the book talk on pretties not uglies and she also said pretties where totaly into themselves wich is only kind of true

    oh and YAH 🙂 post

  9. She said the uglies lived UNDERGROUND? Has she, like, read the books?

    Sorry to be all snobby, but c’mon.

    On a more important note, thank you for more postage, Scott. Just don’t totally forget us.

  10. I find it interesting that the day you have posted is the day that Justine hasn’t.
    Or maybe you can only afford one comment per couple per day!
    My teacher (who is doing a cousre for being a teacher-librarian) went down to Melbourne and got a book signed (by you) for me! I am very happy right now! Yay!

  11. I can’t wait to hear all of the stories!! I’m waiting! Jk but I’m going to check Tuesday!

  12. You do realize I’m upset. I’m going to Texas and there won’t be any Scott Westerfeld!


  13. Hurry back Scott!! I checked the site everyday and today you actully had something written! lol I’ll awiat your return. Have fun and have a safe trip back to the states. 😀

  14. phiscokitty…. my new hair is short for me… befor it was like a little past my boobs so yea its short for me but i like it i like when ppl have short hiar well when girls have short hair and they like style it and it flips out in the back its really cute i love it.. but i could never pull it off 🙂

  15. my hair used to be halfway down my back…now its a little above my nunga-nungas….if u get wat i mean…lolol! i luv the Georgia Series…

  16. CAN NOT WAIT untill you come and start bloggong again! Everyday I’ve been like, “Where is Scott?! I need some funnies to read!”

  17. My hair used to be rele long 2!! It was like half way down my back… then I got 9 inches cut off!! Then I got it all layered and got slash bangs, and im getting it cut again 2morrow….. but yeah, im like that, not scared to experiment at all!! LOL Now it’s at my shoulders, and im happy with that!!

  18. (Shan he’s been out of Paris for a while now)

    Hey Singapore is in the new Pirate of the Carrabein 3! haha that movie rocked

  19. egh, I did not like the 3 pirates that much. Way too long 😛 . Everyones saying that theres going to be a 4th one but thats nut true because at the end of the credits it said Elizabeth had a little boy(9) and they went to the coast. The sunset flashed green and Will came back. THE END. So anyone who hasnt seen it yet stay for the extra bounus sceen at the end of the credits. The credits are super long.

  20. yeah my friend was like “there has to be another one!” i don’t think theres going to be another..theres not enough left of the story and someone said Johnny Depp quit because they wern’t paying him enough..but idk..i’m not that interested in having another one. Yeah it was WAY long they needed an intermission for it cuz i had to go to the bathroom really bad and i knew i would miss something..and I did haha

  21. I’m going to see Pirates tomorrow. It had better not be as bad as critics are saying. Isn’t this one the last? I thought it was.
    I have extremely short hair. It actually used to be REALLY long, but I cut it all off to donate. Twice.

  22. I want to see pirates. I just hope the graphics aren’t as cheesy as they were in pirates2. This hasn’t been Johnnys best acting.If you like him, rent secret window.It ROCKS!!!

  23. Ally – whoops sory…i dont read the whole thing, unless i have nothing better to do…lol
    PIRATES ROCKS! (for all u fans out there)
    They didnt give it bad ratings, did they?? if they did, I would pummel them to pieces! it was the best one yet! lol.

  24. well i thought that they were all good!!!! but POFC 1 wast the best then the 2 then the 3 so yea and yes this is the last one 🙁 but hey they were good 🙂

    and i totally hate my parents… i hope i can last 4 more years till i move out

  25. ya, a lot of ppl died…hey, WHO said that was the last one?? anyone watch till the end of the credits?!?! I DID! AND THERE probably WILL BE A FOURTH! CUS YA!

  26. ^ Scott doesn’t actually run Westerboard. And yeah, the spam is a problem. I know some efforts have been made to fix it, but so far, they’re not working. Hopefully something will work out.

    I saw Pirates 3 and I didn’t hate it, but my expectations were incredibly low. I didn’t like the 2nd one at all b/c it was so totally different from the first one. Completely weird in comparison, like they couldn’t further the plot unless they suddenly added all that stuff with Davy Jones, but eve that I could have dealt with. But in the end when *SPOILER ALERT* Barbosa suddenly just appeared and they don’t even explain sufficiently how he’s alive? Rawr. Grr. Hiss. Deus ex machina if I ever saw one. *grumble grumble* And then the whole going to bring Jack back from the dead. It just didn’t work for me. *END SPOILER ALERT*

    “anyone watch till the end of the credits?!?!”

    oh hell, no, they didn’t!! they did? argh, i even thought about this in the theater as i was leaving, but then i was like “nooooo, it’s the last one.” what was it? oh, i knew this was going to happen. please please tell? even though i didn’t especially like the movie, i can always sit through a few more hours of johnny depp in a pirate costume. 😀 😀

  27. Happy memorial day everybody!!!!

    I haven’t seen any of the new movies yet. but other than pirates, what’s good???

  28. oh happy momorial day to!!!! 🙂 lost of parties to go to and cook outs!!! lost of FOOD!!!!!! 🙂 so get ur grub on!!!! hehe wow cant belive i just said that

    i was just listening to that song and felt like typing it so yea

  29. As for the talking amoungst ourselves: Any of you guys ever hear of Peeps fans may like it, since its a mmorpg where you can play survivors or zombies in a post-zombie apocalypse city. You should check it out, it’s incredibly addicting.

  30. Yeah I like memorial day, well any holiday that involves lots of food is a favorite of mine!! LOL Happy Memorial Day!!

  31. Johnny Depp’s best acting was in 21 Jumpstreet. It is the funniest cop show ever. I’m not really a fan of him, but the show is hilarious.
    There are too many days left of school for me. I only have one final, though, which makes me happy.

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