Norton Win + Paris!

No, not me. Justine just won the second annual Andre Norton Award for Magic or Madness!

We weren’t in NYC at the time, so thanks to Eloise Flood (dear friend and editor to us both) for picking it up, and to fellow nominee Maureen Johnson for being the first to text us.

Amusing Story 1: The actual Norton Award object was somehow melted in transit. They had to give Eloise an old Grandmaster Award as a stand-in.

Amusing Story 2: Holly Black won the first one last year for Valiant, which we’d bet her she would. So she had to take us out for a hugely expensive meal. Absurdly expensive, it turned out. But now we owe her one. (drat)

Speaking of good food, the reason I haven’t been posting is that we’ve been here:

Amusing Story 3: I was trying to get my cool new camera (b’day pressie from Justine) on the right setting to shoot the Eiffel Tower. And it turned out that the setting for Big Buildings was indicated by an icon of the Eiffel Tower!

Ah, Paris. What an iconic city.

We were there to do press for Uglies, which came out last week in French. My adult sf is much more popular in France than the US, so I had tons of big papers inteviewing me: L’Express, Le Monde, Figaro, and a bunch of teen weeklies and monthlies.

Apparently, I am the Jerry Lewis of sf.

French interviewers are different from their English-language counterparts. More . . . philosophical. My favorite example:

What utopia would you fight for?

Gotta love the French. I said something like, “A chaotic utopia, with a thousand voices in tumult.” Because that’s what happens when I’m jetlagged and philosophical in France.

Especially enjoyable was being translated for six of the eleven interviews. It worked like this: The interviewer would ask something in French, Christian (my translator) would repeat it to me in English. Then I would waffle for a while, and Christian would translate my waffling back to the interviewer in French.

How Christian did this without head explodage is beyond me. A lot of my answers (and some of the questions) were a couple of minutes long. I can’t even repeat something of that length back in the same language, much less another one.

But it was way cool listening to my answers in French, trying to catch recognizable words flashing by. Christian and I got to know each other in a really interesting way. (That is, he saw me answer the same questions six different ways in some cases. This is something only Justine normally gets to do.)

I have a lengthy video of the process, which I’ll try to cut into uploadable form soon.

All in all, Paris was awesome. Great food, perfect weather, bars named after me, and everyone was supremely wonderful to us. A jolly birthday. (I’m 44! Ancient!)

Thanks to Christian, all the journalistes, and my Pocket publicist Christine.

More photos, etc., to come.

P.S. You can buy the Norton Award-winning Magic or Madness in fine bookshops everywhere or here.

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  1. it is pretty late but i had a question for scott but just totaly forgot it

  2. oh and i was reading some of tehblogs from last yeaer adn it said that there migth be a midnighters movie… im fine with htat but the uglies trilogy/series is mine!!!
    if allowed that is lol

    btw scott do you have any thing against JK Rowling??

  3. ok first off, major congrats to Justine! that is amazing! secondly, im soo happy you had a good time in france, sounds tres amazing! thirdly, you dont look forty four so chill scott, you are amazingly awsome. and fourthly… im not sure.. i just really wanted to have a fourthly because i have never said that before… oh ive got one! w00t for le scott bar, that is crazy amazing! notice how all of my numbered comments and congrats had the word amazing all in different ways! haha. ok i think i am done. i am really happy you had a good trip, but please dont leave us again for that long, we missed you!

  4. i just read about the norton on justine’s blog…that’s fabby!! i loved the whole magic or madness trilogy…a few weeks ago i read the whole thing one after the other. and as soon as i finished i re-read the uglies trilogy one after the other. i just finished specials this morning….can’t wait for extras!!

    glad to hear you had a good time in paris. i was there the summer before i turned 16, with a whole group of my friends. one of them actually celebrated her 16th birthday in paris!! how fun is that??! anyway, now we’re living in germany, and paris is only about four hours away. my husband’s never been there, so i hope we can visit sometime soon. (not until after the baby though!! i’m due in less than 5 weeks…) we’re actually hoping to go to the paris airshow in summer 2009… 🙂

    okay, enough rambling. yay for awards and beautiful paris!!

  5. thats awsome i still need to buy her books, but my mom wont take me to the bookstore until school is out because she thinks it distracts me or something

  6. Happy belated birthday! Paris certainly seemed like a good way to celebrate.

    And the whole melted thing? There’s a story there, I just know it! Give your lovely wife a big hug from Libba and I.

  7. yeah for jutine! *does congratulatory happy dance* (>^^)> i tried to get magic’s child at borders yesterday but they didnt have it *tear* the first two were wicked awsome though.

  8. go jutine!!!! its your birthday not really hehe 🙂

    well anyway i posted a REALLY REALLY long comment on the last blog entry and i want every one to read it it is to long for me to re type it and i dont want to cuz it is really long but let me just say i have 2 blisters on my toes because of it!! 🙁 well anyway happy late b-day scott

    o and i was in the car driving and i saw this street sign and the name of the rode was scott lane.. i tryied ot get a pic but my camra wasnt working and we were holding up traffic!! 🙂

    happy mothers day for all the mothers out their!!!!! i love you all!!!

  9. That’s so fawesome!! Congrats to Justine for her award! I wanna go to Paris! I wanna go to Le Scott Bar!!!

  10. Yay Justine!!!! I read Magic or Madness about a month ago and it was awsome. I really need to read Magic Lessons. It sounds like you guys had fun. Next time pack me in your suitcase!

  11. Pack me in there too!!! (the suitcase i mean) ur gonna need a lot of suitcases for everyone who claims they’re your biggest fans…*coughcoughmecough* That sounds totally fawsome!!!! ^_^

  12. AHHHH!! i love pictures and cameras..i have i cool one but i would like like the $1000 ones haha yeah right..mine only cost $350…my landscape (big building) button is 2 mountains..haha just thought i should let you know that

    im happy your back! can’t wait for more pics!

  13. Yay for magic or madness. I finished reading it a week or so ago and I think it totally deserved whatever prize that was that I’ve never actually hear of before. Whatever. Awards are good.
    Congrats on French Uglies.

  14. Has anybody else noticed that on the Amazon French-Uglies profile, it claims to have been written by Scott WesterFIELD?

    Glad you had a good time in Paris. Oh, and congrats, Justine!

  15. Hi Scott,
    My sister (Aussie) married a French journo & their wedding speeches were much like your interviews. Except, the mc/translator (being journos most of them spoke 2-4 languages) was a little erm, imbued & well he forgot to switch languages at one point & was trying to ‘translate’ from French to French or English to English ….. so it can become fuddled.

    Funnily enough they are now in the process of moving across to NY (their mecca) him as a foreign correspondent/journo & her – well she’s currently holding the fort in Paris.

    Glad you had a good time over there. Will go & congratulate Justine 🙂


  16. Happy birthday! And congratulations to Justine. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, and I’m finally getting to go next summer (!!) but I hope you had a good time. I’m sure you did, what with the philosophical questions and bars named after you, but still…

  17. Hey glad you had a good time!! I’ve been trying to post forever… but my computer just comes up with this weird WARNING sign at the bottom, I hope this one works!! If any one knows y please tell me!!

  18. “i loved the whole magic or madness trilogy…a few weeks ago i read the whole thing one after the other. and as soon as i finished i re-read the uglies trilogy one after the other.”

    hehe. orangedragonfly, that’s one of my projects for this summer! gah, only five weeks to go. that’s so exciting. 😀 i hope all goes well for you!

    woohoo for morm winning the norton. MAGIC! MAGIC! MAGIC! OI! OI! OI!

    oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!! pfft, you’re not ancient, just ask my parents…. 😉

    i want a le rebecca bar. maybe i could open one. all the drinks would involve limes in some way. yes, that sounds like heaven.

  19. Yay! Super chouette for Justine! Well, super for both of you, I guess, seeing as how you got to go to France.
    Are those French kids playing soccer? They should be reading Uglies!

  20. Peyton-la or wa, way back from comment four, why would Scott have anything against JK Rowling?

  21. Congrats to both you and Justine! I think you both deserve the awesome time you’re having in Le Paris. Good luck with the rest of your interviews and safe travels!

  22. i still need to read the magic books. and paris is really cool. the last time i went there was to be an Exchange Student for a week.

    Actually,(for the Le Paris two comments up) its la Paris, hey, Paris-la (that would translate really badly into French, because Shay-la means ‘That person called Shay over there’, and not a cool suffix/nickname from the future.)

  23. lol, congrats to Justine! Hey, adn sicne someone else mentioned it, has the Midnighters movie progressed any?

  24. Is there going to be a midnighers movie? I haden’t heard that!! Thats really cool!!

  25. PAUSE AND JUST, REWIND!!! THERE’S GONNA BE A MIDNIGHTERS MOVIE???? BLIMEY ‘O RILEY’S TROUSERS! I’M SOOO GONNA SEE IT!!! *giggles with glee* *bounces in seat* *screams at top of lungs* I knoow…i’m crazeeee!

  26. Oh, and for anyone who cares….sory i think it was Capt. Cockteil… yes it was! You told me ’bout Cirque Du Freak! it’s amazing i got the first book 2day during fifth period! and got to pg 113!

  27. there’s gonna be a Midnighters movie????????

    *does happy dance then stops when i almost knock over ~uncontainable~unpredictable~wonderfulness~ because it is quite sharp*

  28. PEOPLE its not a movie its a T.V. series!! this was annoucned like 2 monthes ago 🙂

    “A few notes on genre “reveals” and on the TV option of Midnighters, all starting with a long digression.”
    (thats what scott said)

    you can find details on either march 16 or 18 i cant remember

  29. its was march 18th sorry: (from post)

    “This brings us to the Midnighters TV show.

    Last October, Scifi Wire brought us an interview with former Charmed producer Brad Kerns. He’s the man that the CW (formerly the WB and UPN) has hired to look into creating a Midnighters TV show.

    He is quoted saying:

    It’s a very intriguing world. It’s a very cinematically visual area. At this point I’m not yet convinced that we’ve figured out how to make it a series. We’d want to up the ages of the characters in the book from all teenagers in high school to probably in their middle to late 20s.

    Stomp. Twenty-six year olds who . . . stay up till midnight!”

  30. Yeah, it doesn’t sound as witching hour as it should. But still, having your work made into a T.V. series? How awesome!
    Congratulations for Justine!

  31. that is amazing that you got to go to France!!!!! i would kill t go to france. in fact i would love to go any where other than the U.S. (and any places that are totally war torn) BTW your not that old Scott. My dad is 48


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