Stalking the Dead

After 28,000 miles of traveling we’re back in NYC, jet-lagged and getting ready for BEA. Lucky for 24-hour dry-cleaning, or we would be sartorially doomed for the next few days.

Of course, my posting is so far behind that there are still tales of Paris to tell . . .

Around the corner from our hotel was this graveyard. It was old and pictaresque, so I took the new camera over to shoot moody graveyard shots. Like this one:

Blah, blah, blah. Very artsy-fartsy.

But suddenly, I started finding famous dead people!

That’s the Baudelaire, the dude who translated Poe into French. And he was not alone; I was in the midst of a host of defunkt French celebs!

Without hesitation, I threw aside all pretensions of art, and became a paparazzo of the dead. This turned out to be much more fun than artsy photographs.

There were even honorary French people buried there, like American Man Ray, the guy who made the world safe for Dadaism.

Another yank there was Jean Seberg, aka the cute chick from Breathless.

Check out her birth and death dates. Drugs are bad for you.

But on the positive side, beautiful actresses get more flowers than philosophers. Even philosophers in pairs . . .

Hey, here’s one of my favorite playwrites:

I directed his play The Lesson in my senior year in high school. It was all about an etymology lesson, but I changed it to a tennis lesson. (Dude, I was so Dada, it still hurts.)

Okay, I think that’s all the good Paris photos. Singapore comes next.

And by the way, I just finished the copy edits for Extras. Yay!

Tired. But. Can’t. Sleep. Or. Jet-lag. Will eat me.

90 thoughts on “Stalking the Dead

  1. Yeeeaaaah first comment. I like the pics even if there from the graveyard your good at taking pics. OMG. You finished the copy edit for EXTRAS that is so cool.I cant wait for the Singapore pics!!!!


  2. that sounds so cool. cant wait to hear about singapore. finaly. Im the second person to blog. thats the best I ahave ever done!! good to have your blogging back scott:)

  3. Jean Seberg’s grave is awesome. When I die I want people to love me that much. And yay Extas is one step closer to being finished. Yes, yes, yes.(pumps arm like lifting wieghts happily) YAY!

  4. and ya, thats so icy that you have finished the copy edits of EXTRAS. Thats so cool!!!!

    ANA is right- those are sweet pics

  5. May I mention when I first started writing my first post there was only one comment. Looks like you’ll be getting lots of flowers when u die, Scott. Not that you’ll be dieing anytime soon…

    that would be bad.

  6. Wow–all those famous (dead) people were buried right next door to where you were staying? Way neat!

    Singapore pics, eh? Looking forward to those (and suspecting they looking nothing like the Singapore from the beginning of “Pirates III”)


  7. haha yeah i hope they dont look like the one in Pirates 3 too. that would be bad.

    if you wanted to make the pics more moody you could’ve used black and white. I took some of an old cemetary here and they were awesome. i love taking artsy-fartsy photos lol

  8. YAY! That means Extras is even closer to getting into our hands!!! I liked seeing all the pictures. Picture blogs are so much fun. 🙂

  9. Addie-Wa i think that was lost the show (i dont watch it so i dont realy no)

    o and dont let jet lag eat you scott

    agian dead bad

  10. Yay Extra’s is closer 2 being finished!! 🙂 Those were really cool pictures!! Grave yards creep me out though… I always feel like someones watching me!! Hope ur Jet lag goes away Scott!!

  11. Nice photos. You guys never stop moving, do you? 😛 Rar, I wish I was going to BEA. I’ve heard the free books there are awesome and come in vast quantities. !!!! I hope it’s fun! Which it will be. 😀 I am off to watch the Spurs kill the Jazz now….not to jinx it or anything. 8o

  12. wow, that’s odd…my little cousin believes in that whole holding your breath while passing a cemetary…lol…and my friend believes if you walk over a grave, you disturb the dead or w/e…

  13. To be fair, Jean Seberg had a rough life, and was relentlessly stalked by the government, and died under really weird circumstances.

    But that’s not why I came here! I came here to say WELCOME BACK SCOTT AND JUSTINE!

  14. Welcome back! Hope your jetlag goes away. I’ve never had really bad jetlag because I never go anywhere far, but some of my cousins live in Japan and whenever they visit we never get to hang out because all they want to do during the day is sleep.

  15. Sounds SO awesome! I wanna go to Paris. More importantly, I want to go to Paris with YOU!! gawd… so jelous…

  16. I’ve never had jet lag before… never even been on a plane!! We don’t go anywhere though, to busy. When we do go somewhere, we drive.

  17. this is my first time visting your blog but to be honest. i love your books. ok i admit, i’ve only read peeps,uglies trilogy, midnighters trilogy. but i have so yesterday and the last days on my bedside!

    great pictures of paris! (: i can’t wait to see what part of singapore you would post up. to be honest, i’m a singaporean! whee! that somewhat explains my uncommon name. a singaporean chinese i am!

    i’ve yet to watch pirates 3 but i doubt that it would look anything like it. (: oops, my comment is kinda long isn’t it?

  18. that is the reason that you sleep on the plane. are you really sleepy or can you not go to sleep. that was what happened when i went to boston they were ahead of us and i could not go to sleep because my mind was still on texas time.

  19. is every one else in school besides me or is every just alseep. i have friends who sleep until noon.

  20. sweet. I am in school, summer brake doesnt start till JUne 7th the officail last day of school :):)

  21. wow awesome pics!!! i really want to go there… and idk graves are kool to me. omg i cant wait until Extras comes out!!!!!!!!!! im so glad the copy edits are done 🙂 hope you sleep good now!!! cant wait for the Singapore pix. 3 more weeks of skool for me 🙁

  22. I was wondering why no one was posting yesterday!! But then I figured out everyone was still in school!!! Which stinks, cause I have nothing 2 do.

  23. Oooh, I like the graveyard. *is emo*
    The government stalked her? Seriously?
    *bounces up and down while waiting for Extras to come out*

  24. uhh why not??? its kinda old news but still……well excitement wears off!!! hey have any of u guys read Twilight?? im reading it now and i wanna kno if its good or not.

  25. Scott David Westerfeld, you still need to send me that copy of EXTRAS you PROMISED me.

    on the issue of drugs are bad:
    my school proudly hangs a poster that states that 72% of students choose not to smoke pot, what about that other 28%?

    yay for rocks on top of dead people!

    3 days, 1 hour left of school!

  26. most emos are westerfans in disguise:
    ::sad-Zane died(but he come back to life not as a zombie in EXTRAS)
    ::black hair-Zane had black hair
    ::ect, ect, ect.

  27. Kewl pictures. Can’t wait to see Singapore. On the Beaudelaire grave though, it says “CHARLES BEAUDELAIRE son beau-fils, mort à 46 ans blah blah blah”, which means “CHARLES BEAUDELAIRE his son-in-law, who died at 46 years old, blah blah”.
    What does that mean? Is Beaudelaire buried with his son-in-law? It doesn’t look like that though. Or is it his son-in-law, not the actual Charles Beaudelaire you saw?

  28. 1 MORE DAY!!! haha
    haha emo. i like that word. its fun to say. who came up with it cuz we use it in Arkansas too and haha most adults don’t know what it means. Emo people are very boring. One of my friends are emoish and they sit in a corner and don’t talk so I just leave her. It sounds mean but yeah

  29. oh wow they are way wrong. it says nothing about cutting yourself and being depressed and crap.

    lol i want to go to Emo, Ontario. And yes there is one 🙂

  30. Emo people at our school are always in ISS. The teachers try to get them 2 talk, and they wont… so they write them up!! And the guys get written up for not having their shirts tucked in with a belt, (stupid rule) but think about it, most of them wear girl pants, so how would they tuck their shirts in??? It’s really unfair, but thats why they are never where you can see them.

  31. ugh That is a reatarded rule. We don’t have to do that here. The High Schoolers in Cabot had to but I moved. Haha there was this one kid named Hunter, he’s not emo hes acctually very fun, and he wore girl pants and OMG it was so funny. They were his sister Silvers and they were WAY to tight. Like skin tight, and he kept pulling up and messing with them it was so funny.

  32. Sorry for the double post, but have any of you ever seen Charlie the Unicorn??? It’s like a little movie thing on YouTube, it’s really stupid, but everyone in my skool loves it, and it is kinda funny. But I was just wondering, and being bored…

  33. no i haventt…..but have you seen the kitty cat song?? we all crack up at that for some reason. but ya thats a stupid rule. and why are we talkin about emos?? me and my friend kno this one kid Eric and we all call him emo for some reason and hes not. ok that was kinda random since you guys dont know me….but im bored.

  34. i don’t know anybody on here either.. i’m going to youtube now to watch those videos. haha YouTube is like procratinator central

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