Italian Uglies Covers

As I blogged earlier, the Italian cover for Uglies uses the same photo as the American, but flipped and with more of the model’s face on the front. But the cover for Pretties is totally different, and yet mysteriously the same.

And it’s just so . . . ciao.

Know what I mean?

But I love the translation of the title: “spotless ones,” “flawless ones.” Or, to follow the series style more closely, “perfects.”

UPDATE The tagline, Essere belli non basta, has been generally translated as “Being beautiful isn’t enough.”

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  1. Woo i got first comment!!! I like the pretties cover but doesnt zane have black hair? if that is him of course

  2. With what Italian I possess (several exes and fluency in all the other Latin languages), I’m guessing it’s “Being beautiful isn’t enough”.

    Actual Italians should feel free to gently correct me.

  3. Where is specials? I don’t really like these ones,
    the Pretties one looks to much like a Calvin Klein magazine ad.

  4. well, literally, it means something like ‘to be beautiful does not suffice’ but yeah, something like beauty is not enough.

  5. It means
    “Existing beautiful, not enough.”

    But that is a pretty awesome cover in my opinion.

    But, if the guy on the front is supose to be Zane… he doesn’t seem pretty enough.

  6. I love these covers!! I’ve always wanted 2 see the rest of the faces on my covers, for some reason I didn’t expect them 2 look like this, but I love them!!

  7. So we’ve seen German, Japanese, Polish, and now Italian Uglies (am I missing any?). Guess it’s popular (duh). How much time gernerally elapses between the release of an English version and a translated version with a new cover?

  8. huhhh i don’t really like these ones… the german ones give a better idea of the books even though the first is the same as the americans. but i like the face being split in half and the pretties one in america looks more futuristic that the italian one. and i don’t know any languages watsoever…don’t ask me. =)

  9. i don’t like the Pretties cover. It doesn’t show any superior beauty. In the book, it says that even the pictures of magazines showing celebrities could not compare to the beauty of the pretties and the cover doesn’t show that. And yeah, it does look like a Calvin Klein ad.

  10. You know, for some reason the first thought I had when I looked at the Pretties cover was “That looks sort of like Scott Westerfeld”. (The guy I mean). Which is really weird because it doesn’t really, but that’s just how my mind works =]

    And I’m not just saying that cause’ you’re my favorite author. ;]

  11. Hey that’s so cool!! Is that Zane on the cover…must be. When you wrote it though…didn’t it say that he had black hair? i think that I’m missing somthing

    106 days until extras
    or 9,158,400 seconds or
    152,640 minutes or
    2544 hours or
    15 weeks
    Can’t wait!!!

  12. I’ve looked all over the site and i couldn’t find the Uglies cover in Polish…I like the German ones the best. It gives you a good idea of what the Special’s tattoos looked like. And I think that they did a good job of making her look “Scary Beauteful.” (wow I am horrible at spelling. Sorry!)

    106 Days until Extras…or
    9,158,400 seconds or
    152,640 minutes or
    2544 hours
    I’m still counting! And I still can’t wait! EKKKKKK
    15 weeks

  13. Sorry, the 15 weeks at the end was a glitch. This is my last post. Does anyone else notice that some of the names are orange? That’s so cool! But am i missing somthing? Why are some of them orange?

    ~Kadie-Wa (you guys know how long it is until the Extras comes out by the third post, right?)

  14. The names are orange because they put a website in and you can click it.

    Try it.

    I think the covers are generaly the same as the american covers and I might even think about buying Itailan copies.

    I like Italy.

    But they’re still really cool.

  15. Some of them are orange because those people have websites or Myspace pages or whatever.

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t much like that cover. 1)Those people aren’t really that pretty and 2) (I think someone already said this) It looks like a Calvin Klein or Urban Planet ad.

  16. i never thought they would have facial hair and yep it does look like a Calvin Klein ad freaky

  17. I like these covers. Not quite as much as the US ones (because those are the ones I’ve actually read) or the German ones (true to the book, for the win), but they’re really cute. I love the model for Tally on Perfetti.

  18. OMG!!!! I love the covers it’s so bubbly-making especialy the pretties cover.
    I cant wait for you to post the first pg of EXTRAS!!!!

  19. I like how the american cover for Uglies only shows half of her face. The guy on the Pretties cover here doesn’t look like I imagined pretties though. His nose looks too big and his forehead too high like the way they describe David.

  20. The pretty guy does look very Italian. And I have to say I liked it better when the Ugly model was more close-up. It was like it focused more on the flaws of her face.

  21. Those are so cool! I love them! But shouldn’t the guy have black hair? I mean, isn’t it supposed to be Zane?

  22. the pretty Zane, doesn’t look pretty enough! i think it is cool that the uglies picture for the american cover and the italian cover are the same!

  23. i so0o0o0o0o0o0o like the american ones better. i just like the way the pictures are on the covers!

  24. of all the covers for this trilogy, here is the winner and loser (in my opinion).

    Winner: American version

    Loser: British version

  25. i am not sure waht to make of the covers but i like the style of the guys hair on the pretties cover… not the hair color it suposed to be black

  26. I like the American Uglies cover more. I like how the face is split in half. It makes the cover more interesting. However, I think I prefer this Pretties cover beacause it shows how close Tally and (I think that is Zane) are. Too bad the guy doesn;t really look like Zane to me. Maybe it’s David though…

  27. I dont quite like the Italian Pretties nor do I like the American Pretties cover. My favorite one so far is the German one.

  28. I like the Italian Pretties cover the best, it looks like the people on the front go together better than the people on the American one.

  29. i like the italian one but Zane isnt pretty enough. My favourite is the german ones. I hate the one i have have which is the british one

  30. out of the foreign ones, i like these and the german ones the best. this one, because it looks alot like ours(american), and the german because they just look flawsem! but the pretties, it DOES look like a Calvin Klein ad or something, and Zane just doesn’t look pretty enough. no i dont like those 2 besides ours because i happen to have german and italian in me also where’s specials in italian?

    cant wait for extras!!!!!!!!!!
    ~jackijie(-wa or -la?)

  31. no way, the guy on the cover is Zane, Paris isnt mentioned at all after, like, half way through pretties.

  32. your right maria… cuz he backed down from running away in the hot air balloon and he was never talked about again exept in specials… but it could possibly be david bit i highly doubt it

  33. No I don’t think it’s David, it talks about David having a big nose, and being kinda scratched up and rough looking. That guy doesn’t look like that.

  34. Is that supposed to be Zane on the “Perfetti” cover? He looks amazing…*ogles image* But he needs black hair. Hm.

    Do you have bigger versions of these images? Like sizes that could be used for wallpapers? I love these even more than the German covers and a ton more than the American covers by the way.

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