Italian Uglies Covers

As I blogged earlier, the Italian cover for Uglies uses the same photo as the American, but flipped and with more of the model’s face on the front. But the cover for Pretties is totally different, and yet mysteriously the same.

And it’s just so . . . ciao.

Know what I mean?

But I love the translation of the title: “spotless ones,” “flawless ones.” Or, to follow the series style more closely, “perfects.”

UPDATE The tagline, Essere belli non basta, has been generally translated as “Being beautiful isn’t enough.”

78 thoughts on “Italian Uglies Covers

  1. i like this preties cover but i like the german specials cover(but i kinda like the american one too but its less wolf-like or scary) and the american uglies is kinda ok but i dont really remember the other uglies cover we’ve seen before these last few…

  2. 4 the specials I like the American one the best!! I always think of a Special 2 look that way!!

  3. Nice cover- but they messed up Zane!

    And what happened to flawless? That guy IS pretty hot but…

  4. As an actual italian… the translation is:
    Being beautiful is not enough.

    HOWEVER I think the translation of pretties into perfetti (perfect(s)) is a little erroneous. Indeed pretties are perfect (well, you know…), but belli would have been a closer fit. When teens in italy want to be different and better, they want to be belli not perfetti.

    Just my two cents. 😀

  5. i know this is random but im going to my crapy library soon and i want to know what i should check out i need help and ive read all of scotts books (some twice) and magic or madnessness

  6. I like the Italian Uglies cover better than the American one, though my favorite has to be the German covers. They seem to be more of how I picture Tally through the transformation.

  7. Perfetti.
    That is quite possibly the coolest word ever. It’s like a combonation of ‘perfect’ and ‘confetti’.

    Oh and the cover looks pretty cool too :]

  8. I love the Uglies cover. The Pretties one reminds me of the cover for The Last Days, in a good way. I’d still have to say the German covers are my favorites.

  9. These covers are nice, but I think I like the German covers better. What is the Italian version of Specials?? That would be good to see. I think, overall, the german covers are the best. But as seperate covers, I like the American Specials the best out of all the covers. That German pretties freaked the hell out of me.. Haha.

    And Lauren, confetti is what i thought as well!!

    When do we get the first page of Extras???

  10. When do we get to see the first page of Extra’s??? I hope it’s soon cause I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I just really want to say how great I think Scott is. You can really feel how well his books just.. flow when you read them. Also his voice sounds a lot like a dear cousin of mine that is more like a dear brother to me. Now this cousin is recently more consumed with other aspects of his big grown up life and has limited time to spend with his 14 year old cousin, but when I read Cal’s parasite explanations I can almost hear Andy rambling on in computer-speak. I know that’s totally random, but one thing I look for in books is a voice I can recognize. Obviously, by his popularity, Scott has been able to provide a voice in his books that many people are familar with. This is the mark of a truly terrific author in my eyes. Good Lord, why am I so emotional tonight? Perhaps it is because Scott has un-knowingly gotten me out of a semi-depression and back into writing. Nothing like a day in the sun with a diet coke and a terrific book to lift the spirits! Cheers to you, Scott. All the best.

  12. all these covers of the trilogy makes me want to read Extras more and more!!!

    when is the first page of Extras going to be posted? i NEED to know!

  13. I just feel bad for that poor model’s face getting constantly associated with “ugly.” 🙁 Gosh, I’d be scared to leave the house after that!

  14. yes that guys is pretty hot, but it makes it seem like that he is the main character?
    if you hadn’t read the book before.
    i like it anyway. 🙂
    HE’S SO PLAYBOY. haha

  15. I’m not exactly wild about their over for pretties…i don’t know they don’t look ridiculously “pretty” i mean they did pick good models i mean the guy is cute and all but when i think of a pretty i think of beauty thats flawless you know so perfect that it looks wrong. I don’t know…thats just my thoughts.

  16. the tagline translation is roughly, “two rebels, two heroins in a fight for liberty in a world where being beautiful is ‘law'”

  17. well after i finished reading the series i was amazed how the book affected me. i just wanted to say thank you for helping question things. i think scott’s uglies’ series was quite inspiring. when i first bought the book i thought why is the book called ugly and have a pretty girl on the cover. later on i understood why. the german cover for pretty does look quite mysterious. well love the series til later.

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