NY’s Bravest

Here’s one the things I love about New York:

Even when a building in your neighborhood suddenly up and decides to crumble into pieces . . .

And the authorities haven’t even figured out yet who’s in charge of making sure it doesn’t crumble more and kill a bunch of people . . .

And there’s firefighters climbing around inside this crumbling building, in the rain that’s making the crumbling rooftop heavier, tying the crumbling bits with, like, rope . . .

And the boss is there checking their work, all, “Yeah, that’s the way I would have tied that,” like it’s no big thang hanging out on a crumbling building . . .

And even with all this, there’s still some dudes carrying a couch underneath the building. The crumbling building. In the rain. Because carrying that couch was just what they’d planned on doing that day, I guess.

Yay, firefighting and couch-carrying New Yorkers. You make me glad that I live in NYC, that I have lots of windows, and that I have a new camera.

You are just all that cool.

68 thoughts on “NY’s Bravest

  1. I’m the first to comment on this.
    I wish I lived in New York, instead I’m stuck in Texas. bleh.

    I find it odd, that even with all of the destruction of that building the city still looks beautiful.

    Great pictures.

  2. I love this post! All it’s missing is a picture of a little kid picking his nose. 🙂

  3. That is nutso. So that’s what New York is really like. Hee.

    Awww, Hailey-wa, Texas isn’t that bad, is it?;)What part are you stuck in? The weather in San Antonio was actually kinda nice today and yesterday….not that I expect it to last. Blah blah.

    All those New Yorkers look pretty fashionably dressed. I don’t see a single fannypack or neon-colored oversize shirt. And I kinda want that one girl’s pink dress. It looks cute.

  4. i wish i lived in NYC i live in stupid north carolina where nothing i mean absolutly nothing happens. well it’s about 3 in the moring here and i can’t go to sleep im glad u posted this so i had something to do for awhile. thanks

  5. aw i want to go to new york! I’ve never been there.

    and sam-la, i think that dress is cute too :]

  6. i agree with you sam-la, NC is stupid 😛
    (Why oh why did i have to move here?) (I lived in not-boring CA)
    but i’d really like to see NYC again, i’ve been there once, but unfortunately no crumbling buildings or guys carrying couches.

  7. O wow… I’ve never been 2 New York, but I’d love 2 go!! I love the picture with the couch!!! lol

  8. that’s kool but was that building on the news? I love Ny as well. Who wouldn’t? i try to go there as much as i can since i live in Staten Island. God i love NY

  9. Lol, the couch guy. Made me laugh a ton! Great post!

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    or 3 months 10 days
    8,812,800 seconds or
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    14 weeks or
    I hope I can wait long enough!! (well, I gotta wait either way! lol)

  10. haha thats hilarious 🙂 i guess NY never stops for anything!! i would love to go there… and what happened to the building?

  11. HAH! New York cracks me up. I really hope I can visit NY someday. The farthest east I’ve ever gone from Kansas would be Florida…but I’ve never been to the NORTHeast.

    and YAY for posts with a whole bunch of pictures!! 😀

  12. i think it’s funny how in the middle of all this firefighters and trucks and stuff two guy said hey let’s move my couch outside.

  13. this post made me laugh!!! why would they carry a couch while a building is crumbling and it’s raining?

    these type of questions haunt me! LOL!!

  14. ok sam-la, i used to live in North Carolina, and i LOVED it!!! now i live in Georgia. the only reason why i like Georgia better is because i have more friends! North Carolina is awesome!!!

  15. Wow, so weird that you would mention firefighters… I don’t know if they put this on the news up there, but here in Charleston, SC, 9 firefighters were killed when the roof collapsed on the on-fire building they were trying to put out on monday. That’s what everyone’s talking about down here, about how it’s supposedly the biggest loss of firefighters since 9/11. It’s really sad, I heard the memorial service on the radio today.
    So yeah. Firefighters are really brave.

    And that’s pretty random about the couch.

  16. Correction, Al…most people so do NOT wear fanny packs in NY. That’s for, er, the elderly. Or the dorky. I’m just saying.

  17. That is so cool. I love New York. Once upon a time I lived there. Until I was about two years old. Sigh.

    Scott, you are a great photographer.

  18. wow nice pictures ive been to NY but not for very long i stayed on long island with my dad armyness liveing

  19. I wish I lived in New York. Instead, I’m in rainy, cold, green suburban in Oregon. But I love it for all of those things.

  20. love the pic even if there from a burning building. (You take cool pics scott) But the couch is so totally random.I’ve never been in NYC but my bro has. It’s true cool thing happen there, but nothing ever happend here in Arizona.(sad face)

    *Can’t wait for the first pg of EXTRAS*

  21. Huh. I like where I live more than I like NY. Seattle is full of all us artsy folks and little bands and such. And people say that Seattle is lame!
    Were any guitars dropped out of that building before it crumbled? Ha ha ha.

  22. OMG the picture with the couch made me laugh.:D Good old New Yorkers and their couches. I live in Florida where it would be interesting if I lived in Miami or Fort Lauderdale or even Jacksonville! But no, I’m stuck in a dinky little town where nothing happens… *sigh* Anyway cool pics Scott.

  23. Coolness, I live in Oregon too. Except for the deer chasing my cat around and the Beavers in the college world series, there’s nothing of interest. I’ve never seen anyone carrying a couch in the rain underneath a crumbling building.

  24. Hehe, New York is exciting.
    Why should they stop carrying the couch just becuase a building is about to crumble to the ground? Gosh.

  25. what’s even weirder (well, maybe not if youre far away with VERY good digital zoom on your camera) is that you’re just standing there, taking pictures, instead of, you know, running for your life, or helping the nearly-got-a-building-crumbled-on-them people.

    The building is ‘crumbly’ (Uglies/Pretties/Specials for old)

  26. *sigh* i wished i lived in any of your states, but of course i live in the smallest state RI and the smallest towm in it. im sooo moving when i go to college like to FL!! i love it there.

  27. Well i know this is off topic but….while i was in the process of cleaning my room i found my copy of specials on my night stand and of course i was bored because i had cleaned my room so there was nothing else to do so i re- read spots again. And it made me think….so David and Tally huh together in the wild for only you knows how long do they end up back together? Because the end of the book does lead you to believe that with all the silent flirting going on…i was just wondering.

  28. lol wow i love to visit new york but never live thier! to many ppl! when i go to new york i always yella at the ppl who honk thier horn! lol and sorry i havent been on in a while cuz i was gone in new york by buffalo and we didnt have enternet! lol but its all good hows everyones summer going?

  29. Kayla-wa, i used to live there! i dont really remember it because it was a long time ago.

    Chelsey, i was born in Jacksonville!

    (I’ve moved a lot!)

  30. HEY!!! That guy stole my couch!!!

    Not really. But no one has yet mentioned that, beyond the whole building wierdness and the randomness of the couch-carriers, that is a REALLY COOL COUCH!!!!

    I want one. It’s so beautiful. *tears up*

  31. Haha. That’s soo awesome. I love new york soo much!

    And… I guess that kinda thing is a pluss…?

  32. omg we had to go back and see that girls pink dress …………so cute anyways great pictures wish i lived there 🙂

  33. Sunday, December 23, 2012 is the school year i would graduate its also the mayan end of the world i wouldnt graduate 🙁

    just randomness for you

  34. I always wanted to live in NYC, but when I went there with my parents I was disappointed because I missed the tree line in the background. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (where the only tall building is the state capitol). Not much happens until hurricane season rolls around.

    But despite what everyone else says, it’s a nice state to live in! I NEVER get bored 🙂

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