Bionic Aya?

The Albany Times Union‘s book blog points out a mysterious similarity between a promo for the new version of The Bionic Woman and the cover of Extras.

Of course, as we 1970s kids already knew, the Bionic Woman’s right eye was bionical, whereas Aya’s eyescreen is on the left. So it’s totally different. Totally.

Still, this frame is kinda spooky:

Congratulations, you collectively managed about 2,500 page loads in under 20 minutes. Now return to your summers!

My next post will be between 7PM and 7:30PM on Saturday, US EST. (That’s 6PM Central, 4PM Pacific, and 9AM Sunday in Sydney.)

145 thoughts on “Bionic Aya?

  1. …I hate being dragged around to birthday parties when I could be having the most fun of my life obsessively refreshing [/sarcasm]

    But really, barzul!

  2. o my word. im still shaking. who knew obsesivly refreshing could give you such a shot of adrenaline. :-0

  3. ShellTheShark- i swear it’s karma. You can only win one contest in life. I won a grocery store contest.

  4. Well so far I’ve gotten third then second, oh well I can always try again on….Saturday!?! No, any day but Saturday. That is the one day of the week I have a life on.

  5. I think the only reason you’re having this contest is to get more hits on your site. And more comments. Not that I mind(or anyone else, probably).

  6. Emzie – in what sense? I am confused.

    Amber – well, if you get more hits and stuff I’d run one on my blog if I had anything to give away that people would be interested in! 😉 But yeah, that’s probably one reason

  7. Nooooo! I just realized I won’t be able to check for a week starting Saturday! Eeeeevil! …Waitaminute, his Saturday is my Friday. Maybe there is still hope?

  8. holy crap,
    there are 28 comments within one minute!!!!!!
    I should have gone straight home after volleyball but NOOOO we had to get icecream

  9. You know why I missed this? I was looking up ‘Scott Westerfeld’ on Google because my dad wanted to know if he was the only one. He is. That’s why I wasn’t hitting refresh enough to be closer than comment 30 back there.

  10. I’ve won a couple radio contests before.. like, A LOT… but the closest I got was 3rd… -crys- OHHHHHHHHHHHH DANGGGITTT. I’ll be babysitting during the time he posts next.

  11. wow… 28 people in one minute.
    that’s intense, man.
    this whole thing cracks me up really

    note to self – don’t multitask when trying to win contest…

    see you all on saturday!

  12. ahhhh man …. saturday!!! i work so i won’t be able to check till, like, hours later :[ pooo … oh well, until next time i guess ….

  13. Soo…I’ve never commented here and I’ll probably never win but whatever, I’m going to try starting now…or well, you know saturday.

  14. well that was stupid of me – i was sure yesterday was thursday, and so i was actually really confused when i spent about 3 minutes from 5:27 to 5:30 repeatedly refreshing and then..nothing. but i see i was mistaken about the date. i might as well give it up and buy extras in october. i’m still really excited for it though!!

  15. Congrats to the winner 😉 Better luck next time to me, I hope the rest of you fail. ha, kidding.. Maybe.

  16. well, i knew that i wouldn’t win this one b/c i was working at that time. but luckily i’m not working on saturday! i probably won’t win anyway, but maybe i’ll be close…

    Cat-kha: scott’s in New York now, so if you’re in the US/North America, then his saturday IS your saturday.

    and AWESOME! i live less than an hour away from albany! haha it’s cool living in the same state as scott!


  17. man this stinks. i was hoping that i would win today because its my birthday, but im as unlucky here as i am every where. ive never won a contest in my life!

  18. the reason i lost is because i was scrooling down when all of a sudden, it stopped for a second! i was mad

  19. Scott–on one of your next posts you should ask a question or two and the first one that has it right wins!!!! It needs to be more challenging and people need to actually read the post before commenting.

  20. Yeah when i saw the Bionic woman commercial, I thought that it looked soooo close to the cover. Maybe you shuold sue, Scott……..

  21. OK, I was coming home from volleyball practice that i didn’t get to check !!! Aghhhhhhh….i’ll have better luck on Saturday.

  22. um… wow? this competion is becoming kinda sad (no offense to the maker of course) it all comes down to lucky timing with the fastest computer… that really sucks. the bionic woman look alike thing is wierd in its similar way. o and wow just finished peeps last night and i was unsure about another “lame” vampire novel but i was like wow that rocked. i am now reading midnighters, i hav mentioned that scotts books rock!!!

  23. I was on a plane when Scott was posting and no one would lend me their lap-top. They were probably scared by the note of urgency in my voice. I’m so glad I got my mom hooked on the Uglies trilogy, she is too, because I forgot to pack Pretties for her to read on the plane ride back, and now she can read it. I also forgot Magic’s Child, which was one of the books I was going to read on the plane. Darn, but I’ll read it tomorrow. I think I’m rambling… G’night!

  24. Yea that is creepyness, and even though they look the same, there is almost no comparison behind the story of them and that’s what matters because people will always have the same ideas every once in a while.

    Heh today at work I thought I saw a guy that looked almost exactly like Scott and a woman who resembled Justine and I was just like O___O Heh I had to do a double-take just to make sure it wasn’t him xD

  25. ok, there is a spider in my room and i dont know how to get rid of it. i dont want to squish it because spiders eat bugs and i hate bugs, but it is in the coner above my bed. i cand capture it because like i said, its in a coner! please help. (its just a plain old spider, no venom)

  26. nbc has some weird commercials! when heroes first came out, i was like “no way”. but one night there was nothing else on, and i was hooked. yatta!!! (if u dont watch heroes, or speak japanese, u probable dont know what that means. yatta means “i did it!”)

  27. BOOKS IVE READ BY SCOTT:(in order)(if listed twice, i read it twice!)

    1 uglies
    2. pretties
    3. specials
    4. uglies
    5. pretties
    6. specials
    7. peeps


    1. midnighters 1

  28. have you ever noticed how a lot of scotts books are plural. ex. uglies, pretties, specials, extras, midnighters, peeps

    thats kind of weird (2 me)

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