Chapter One

News flash! There is currently no contest going on! There is no rush to comment!

Here’s why: I have a short story to write this week. Justine and I are both contributing to an anthology of five short stories called Love is Hell. It’s a sequel to Prom Nights from Hell, which featured Meg Cabot, Lauren Myracle, Michelle Jaffe, Kim Harrison, and Stephenie Meyer.

I’m not sure who’s in this one besides us yet—watch this space for news. But the stories are due soon. (And, um, mine’s going a little slowly.)

So I’m not going to post for a week or so. And when I do come back it will be with a calmer way to distribute samplers. So don’t kill yourself obsessively refreshing.

But how will you entertain yourselves? Well, for one thing you can go check out the Inside a Dog blog, where Justine and I will still be posting. It’s been really fun so far, with lots of writing questions asked and answered.

Of course, here you can while away the time doing something like . . . reading and discussing the first chapter of Extras:

611 thoughts on “Chapter One

  1. Um, why is it a diffent character than the first three? Why did u change the character???????????????????? WHY? It makes it soooooooo confusing!

  2. so if its 3 years later…then tally and david and the whole crew aren’t really going to be in it…thats BS!

  3. omg! this is majorly nerve-making.
    i cried when i read the review only cause you have no idea HOW exited i am!

    im always re-reading the uglies trilogy cause i love it so much.
    and omg im hoping more than life that tally comes up in these books.

    thank you so much for posting this. i LOVE you.

  4. tell me about it! E X T R A S what does it spell? EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am a little sad about Tally not being there because she shares my name! Well i spell it differently but still! I also thinks it soundsvery interesting and the book comes out one day before my birthday weird isn’t it?

  6. ok firsts of all kathy
    if you thinik tally and Zane are a better couple just because he is hotter and the make a bettter couple then you must not get the hole point of this serious i mean come on the piont of the serios is to that not everyones the same and that fine and the being pretty IS NOT better than being ugly

  7. i dunno who asked the question bout twilight but but that seires is AWSOME!!!! u should totally read it right now!!!! the other two books are new moon and eclipse! I really recomend this series! and thanks 4 the first chapter scott!!!!

  8. is anyone out there…??? neways, tally and david are 4 real the best couple!!!! who cares if david is ugly, u no he probably isnt really ugly. to us he would probably look normal. we are not ugly *(so dont be offended) but the pretties are surgically made pretty, its not natural! lol neways zane was sweet but david was her first love and she didnt mean to but she broke his heart!!!! They should get back together, to me it was like she was cheating on david with zane. david probably felt like that to. sad, ha , i guess i just fell in love with david like tally did!!!

  9. dont no. but i fully agree. i cant believe David still loves Tally after she called him ugly, said she loved Zane, and kissed Zane.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  10. OMG! I seriouslly cant wait to have this book! can you say midnight buyer!??! i just want to know what an extra is! thanks for posting the first chapter! you rock!

  11. now all i need to do is swing by borders and get me a copy of paperback specials. (which is kind of hard to do considering the nearest Borders is about an hour and a half away.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  12. Wow. That book is going to be good. I just hope i get hooked on the main character like i did with Tally. But, Scott Westerfields amazing and i totally trust him. It’s gonna be a hit. All my friends are jealous because im the only one that’s finished the series. So i get to start this one as soon as it comes out.
    as london on the suite life of zach and cody would say
    YAY MEE!


  13. okay so i think tally and zane are so much better. i love zane and i cant believe he died. he died so she could actually look at him. ahhhhhhhh i hate it. hes like one of my favorite leading guy roles hes up there with EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!! sorry but the twighlight series is my favorite series ever. its like my life. then uglies series then blue is for nightmares series

  14. omg. uglies/twilight whoever u r. i totally agree with almost everything!!!!!!!! i still think tally && david r way better than tally && zane… but twilight is my favorite series too. so is uglies && blue is for nightmars. u should sooo read a series called The Unseen. its awsomee.

  15. kool ill look for it, thanks
    why cant real men be like edward cullen? they should read the books and take a hint. lol

  16. OMG OMG OMG OMG i feel like a loser cuz i just found out about Extras like 2 days ago and spread the word all of my friends jumped like freaks and screamed!! well not to different form the others but i still loveeee these books gosh!!! is this the first chapter?? i think its the second cuz i was really confused

  17. I can’t believe there is another book!

    The names are a bit thumbs down.

    I cant wait to read it!

    Oh yeah, thanks for the chapter!

    Still loving Zane

  18. I loved the entire series and have read it like a million time. I just really hope that Tally and David and Shay and everyone else are still in this book.
    I feel really stupid though. I like just figured out that Extras was coming out and that it was a continuation of the Uglies Trilogy. When I found out, I was soooo excited and was jumping up and down!!!
    Thank You soooooo much for the chapter!!!!

  19. I love ur work Scott. You got me super hyper to continue reading ur series. I litterally screamed when I saw that there was another book coming out along the format of the Uglies trilogy. And to the people who like wanted a comment contest, I don’t really have a contest but I just thought thta it would be fun.
    TO THE FANS: I will put a question about the Uglies trilogy and the next person will have to answer it and put up a question and so on. SO here is the question.
    In the book Specials, how did Zane die?

  20. Love.These.Books.
    Me and my friend are so into them that we actually give everyone weird nicknames.Like im Tally,or tally-wa,my friend is Shay,or Shay-la,My best guy-friend’s name is Tachs(one of the cutters…),My other guyfriend is Fuasto,and we call our mean teacher Doctor Cable!!! lol,and only me and shay-la get the reference.All my other friends are totally missing!Anyway,I know,im totally nerd-making,but these books are just so Bubbly-making!

  21. interesting. he died from the lesions eating his brains, then the operation going wrong when trying to fix it.
    Qwestion:who is better. Zane or David?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  22. OMG his is so damn comfusing!!!!!

    What the hell is MOOGLE!!!

    ZANE is way better thats just my oppinon but

    Tally seemed to like David better before Zane


  23. so i have a question. is david and tally-wa even in the fourth book?the first chapter is new characters. scott,this isn’t very bubbly-making of you to do that.

  24. ive been wanting to email u 4 like ever. youre books r extremely addictive but i must admit, after reading that zane died in specials i called u a few bad names. i kept thinking hed wake up long enough 4 tally to say like goodbye. when he didnt i kinda called u a deranged psychopathic man with a dark, twisted mind. then i sorta threw the book in the gravel. oops.but 4 some odd reason i decided 2 read all your books (twice so far) and cant wait to read extras. even though all i could think about 4 a week was a different ending to specials. that made me sooooooo MAD! sorry, im done ranting now. bye!

    PS when my friend read that zane died she almost broke her toe kicking a wall and chewed up a pen cap then smashed a buch of holes into it. i was ROFLMHO (rolling on floor laughing my head off) while she vented her anger publicly. well thats all. bye!:-D

  25. Apparently Face Rank is like a meter that measures a person’s popularity. Therefore, if your Face Rank is too low, you’re considered unpopular; an outcast…an Extra.

    I wonder what the non-Extras are called? I guess that’ll be the title of the next book!

    In a way, this is like the opposite of what the world was like in the first books. In that era, everyone was trying to look more or less the same, but now people are trying to look as different from each other as possible. Interesting!

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